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LEA Rep notes

Ensure FAPE appropriate is not best available need to balance the
needs of the one with the needs of the many
Authority to commit resources with Pams approval call re:
leadership/FCC, aide time, any alternative setting, going to Logan,
parent brings an advocate, etc.
Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
How the childs disability affects their education include specific
examples of academic and behavioral difficulties that a child
experiences include enough details so that a baseline can be
established for the goals
Should provide sufficient justification for a more restrictive placement
Goals should be a response to whats in the present level
Medical information (including mental health) should only be placed in
the parent concerns section elsewhere it is best to describe, but not
label, the behavior
If parents disagree with anything, the parent concerns section is a
great place to document that
Remember to distinguish between the what (curriculum) and the where
(environment) when answering the participate in regular curriculum
Special Factors
Focus on school related behavior and positive, preventative strategies,
not discipline
FBAs are highly recommended to help develop behavior plans
If PBIS is working for the student, it should be listed in the related
services section?
Make sure the goals are clear and free from ambiguous language
stranger test
Identify the problem, the present level, and then the desired
measurable outcome
Must also include procedure for measuring progress and provide
parents with progress towards annual goals throughout the year
Include only educational goals must be something that can be
accomplished in the school setting
Any behavior goals must relate to education
Match goals with info in the Present Levels section

Special Education, Related Services, and Supplementary Aids and Services

Statements of services must be clear so that anyone can clearly
understand the districts commitment of resources
Be as specific as possible when services are as needed clearly
define under what circumstances and who is to make the decision
A child who only needs related services look into 504
Dont put methodology in services section (eg. Read 180) also, if
parent requests a specific method, dont say no or cant afford it,
ask why, get more info, and talk to SpEd director
Related services something required for the child to benefit from their
special education instruction
Never make decisions based upon staff availability or amount of
funding should always be about student need and whether any other
appropriate means of meeting those needs exists similarly, dont do
something just because a parent requests it must always go back to
student need
Participation in extracurricular activities students always have access
to participate in anything outside of the school day
Mid-year placement changes IEP review/revision
If making a change in placement mid-IEP year, must update and justify
Amend Special Factors, Goals, and Services as needed too
Ok for early childhood, district-wide programming (eg. No EBD program
in home school), CD students, MTU bus pass?
Must have an exemption from DPI for reg. ed siblings to ride SpEd
Parents role/When Parents disagree
Parents must be afforded the opportunity to participate, but not to
direct the results of an IEP team meeting
School staff has the job to define the appropriate program based upon,
among other things, parent input, but dont have to have parent
It is the LEAs role to define these roles if necessary
When rejecting Parent requests do your homework, call for a brief
break to make a phone call or reconvene at a later date, follow up in
writing, document in options considered and rejected on placement

Work to reach consensus, but the public agency has the ultimate
responsibility to ensure that the IEP includes the services necessary to
provide FAPE it is not appropriate to hold a majority vote
Make sure everyone has had the opportunity to voice their opinion
Consensus among staff members, parents disagree - Explain that it is
the districts responsibility to provide FAPE and therefore must move

Seclusions or restraints document in present level and supplementary
aids and services, as well as dictating when they are needed
LEA rep must stay for the entire meeting if LEA rep leaves, IEP is over
otherwise LEA rep is personally liable for what takes place after they