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Common Core Instruction and Nonfiction Workshop


To provide information and research on teaching nonfiction text as related to the Common Core
State Standards.
To explore the educational shift towards using strategies to teach nonfiction texts since the
implementation of Common Core.


Share strategies to teach nonfiction text.

Engage in professional discourse about teaching nonfiction text in the classroom across all grade

Timeframes and Purposes


Quick Write
- With common core, do you feel more or less empowered
as a teacher?
- Do you feel your instructional strategies for teaching
informational text have changed since the implementation
of common core? How have they changed?
- Participants move into small groups to discuss quick write

For teachers to reflect on the
practices used in their own
classroom related to the workshop


Discussion of Research Articles

- Watch Its Time for the Common Core State Standards
video National PTA
- Discuss answers to questions provided.
*See question sheet on back*
Research Study Findings
- According to Duke & Martin, does this study include the
elements of quality research?
- Would you consider this study trustworthy? Explain your

Reflection encourages multiple

perspectives on the topic.


Map of Terrain + Open Discussion

- Discuss Map of Terrain whole group.
- Open discussion about nonfiction resources available, as
well as resources participants use in their own classrooms.


Evaluation & Debrief

- Tabletop Blog: Participants will provide feedback on
post-it notes and leave them on chart paper.

Provides an overview of the topic

and important talking points
discussed throughout the workshop.
Provides nonfiction resources and
strategies for participants.
Provides an opportunity to
collaborate and share additional
Results will be analyzed and
feedback will be provided in the
Workshop Self Reflection.


Provides insight into the research

study and opportunities to evaluate
the elements of quality research as
defined as Duke & Martin.

Discussion Questions for Teaching Under Policy Cascades: Common Core and Literacy Instruction

Do you feel your professional knowledge base and beliefs have been eroded due to the
implementation of common core?
Do you agree or disagree that teachers are unaware that they are being significantly shaped by
individuals above them?

Discussion Questions for Authentic Literacy Activities for Developing Activities for Developing
Comprehension and Writing article

How do you integrate the content areas into your literacy (reading and writing) instruction?
What does authentic literacy mean to you? Do you incorporate authentic literacy in your

Discussion Questions for Implementing an Evidence-Based Instructional Routine to Enhance

Comprehension of Expository Text article

What are ways that you motivate and engage students with nonfiction texts?
According to the article students are not coming to high school prepared to engage with
expository text, what are some skills that elementary and middle school teachers can implement
to increase readiness?

After discussing all articles, what else stood out to you? What questions did these articles raise for you?
Are there any other ideas or connections you want to add to the discussion?