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My topic for this speech is Self Control/Will power

Bakit madali mag papayat pero mahirap ito i mentain?
Bakit masipag ka kanina pero tamad kana ngayon?
from the book Will power instinct by Dr Kelly McGonigal
Chapter 4 of Will power instinct..
(License to sin)
Why being good gives us permission to be bad!
Do you remember the story of Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton. What do
they have in common? They are upstanding citizen, a politician, religious
leader, cop, teacher or athlete who shocks the world of with scandals or
will power failure.
It is tempting to interpret these stories in the light of limits of self
control. That they were under tremendous pressure, demands of
punishing professional schedule to the need to control his image 24
hours a day. But not every lapse of self-control reflects an actual loss of
self-control. Sometimes we made concsious choice to give in to
I. Moral Licensing- is when you did something good, you feel good about
yourself. This means more likely to trust your next actions or impulses
sometimes, someone doesnt really want to do bad, but because they let
the glow of your earlier behavior blind them to the harm of their
1) Shoppers who restrain themselves from buying something tempting
are more likely to go home and eat something tempting.
2) An employee who put extra time and effort MAY feel justified putting
personal espenses on the budget.
3) Someone whos exercise in the morning and drank softdrinks in the

Telling yourself you're "good" for working in an important project

and "bad" on procastinating, and you are more likely to procastinate in
the afternoon if you made a progress in the morning. TO SIMPLY PUT:
Whenever you have conflicting desire! being good gives us permission to
be a little bit bad.
When psychologist ask the people about their LICENSED
INDULGENCE, the indulgers report feeling in control of their choices, NOT
out of control. they also dont feel guilty. Instead they report feeling
proud of themselves for earning a reward. They offer the justification. "I
was sooo GOOD, I deserve a little treat"
This sense of entitlement too often becomes our downfall.
Because were too quick to view self indulgence as the best reward of
virtue, we forget our real goals and give in to temptation..
Summary: When we turn will power into measures of moral worth. Being
good gives us permission to be nad. For better self control, we must
forget virtues, and focus on goal and values.