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Engine Tribology

Assignment # 01

Submitted To:
Dr. Riaz A Mufti

Submitted By:
Imran Sajid Shahid Ghumman
(From HITEC University)


Given Data:

Oil under study has VI=92;

Density of Oil=895[kg/m3];
Ref Oil has V40 has VI=0;
Ref Oil 100= Oil under study 100;
40=253.89 [cS]




First find out the v100 of Oil being investigated.

ASTM D2270 provides Procedure A (under section-5) for calculating viscosity index
from v40 and v100. Following set of Eqns are taken from ASTM:

For description of each variable see ASTM D2270.

To convert from viscosity index and viscosity grade to viscosity at 100oC.
Above three eqns were solved explicitly for 100 to match VI of Oil. MATLAB program
was developed by using symbolic maths tool and solve them, as shown below. This
will calculate L, H, Y and extrapolate the viscosity curve of Oil being considered to 20oC
to calculate the 20.

% VI_40 = ((L - U)/(L - H)) * 100; % ASTM D2270 Eq(3)

% L = 0.8353*Y^2 + 14.67*Y - 216; % ASTM D2270 Eq(1)
% H = 0.1684*Y^2 + 11.85*Y - 97; % ASTM D2270 Eq(2)
clc;clear all;close all;
syms VI L H Y

U=253.89; VI=92;
G = solve(
0.8353*Y^2 + 14.67*Y - 216 -L == 0,...
0.1684*Y^2 + 11.85*Y - 97 -H == 0,...
(100*L-100*U)/(L-H) == VI,L,H,Y);
H_g=eval(G.H(1)); L_g=eval(G.L(1)); Y_g=eval(G.Y(1));
VI_i = ((G.L(1)-U)/(G.L(1)-G.H(1)))*100;
visc_ref100 = Y;
visc_ref40_VI0 = L;
visc_ref40_VI100 = H;
visc_ref40_VI92 = U;
% slope of oil to be investigated; m = y2-y1 / x2-x1
m = (Y_g-U) / (100-40);
% Extrapolate to find viscosity at 20deg C
visc20 = U-(m*(40-20));
% Plotting
plot(X(1:2),Y(1:2)); hold on;plot(X(3:4),Y(3:4)); hold on;
plot(X(5:6),Y(5:6)); hold on;plot(X(6:7),Y(6:7)); hold on;
plot(X40,Y40); hold on;
fprintf('Viscosity of
= U = %f \n',VI,U)
fprintf('Viscosity of
fprintf('Viscosity of
fprintf('Viscosity of
fprintf('Error squred
fprintf('Viscosity of

investigated Oil at 40 degC (VI=%d)

ref Oil at 40 degC (VI=0)

= L = %f

ref Oil at 40 degC (VI=100) = H = %f

ref Oil at 100 degC

= Y = %f

in VI(%d) value is %d
Oil being considered at 20degC %f

Output of this program shows calculated variables and plot:

Viscosity of investigated Oil at 40 degC (VI=92) = U =
Viscosity of ref Oil at 40 degC (VI=0)

= L = 481.497561

Viscosity of ref Oil at 40 degC (VI=100) = H = 234.098038

Viscosity of ref Oil at 100 degC

= Y = 21.420333

Error squred in VI(92) value is 1.292470e-26