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Home-Based Business & Opportunity Magazine APRIL 2010

Special Profit-Generating Issue

25 Business-Building
Ways to Double your
Profits in 2010 — Pg. 14


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Contents Magazine
The Home-Based Entrepreneur’s Magazine

March/April 2010
25+ Secrets to Double Your Profits In 2010. 30 Seven Publicity Myths
14 Spend an hour reviewing these profit-building recommendations and
that Can Hurt Your
mapping out a plan to achieve them.
Separate the PR facts from the fiction.
25+ Best Retirement
20 Businesses.
34 Forget Facebook and

Courtesy of Armando Montelongo

Savvy business start-ups for 55+ individuals. For B2B, it’s all about LinkedIn.

Interview with Armando

26 Montelongo. Generate PR: Before you can get your business the publicity it deserves,
learn about the most common publicity myths and the truths behind them.
Celebrity Entrepreneur and Host of “Flip
This House” on A & E.

50 Top Three Green
Savers that are Free.
Here are ways for small businesses to save
money without spending.

50 Become More Energy

Help your bottom line and reduce your
Double Your Profits in 2010: Income After Retiring: Many 55+ personal impact on the environment.
Discover 25+ profit-building secrets and persons are becoming entrepreneurs and are
apply them to your home business. successfully starting their own businesses to
support themselves or to supplement their Go Green and Save: The perception is that going
current job earnings or retirement incomes. “green” costs money, but that just is not true.


44 Financing in a Cash
Crunch. 36 How to Build a Service-Based Business
Through Partners.
Accounts receivable financing is a route Zero in on profitable partners.
you may want to consider.
Forget the Economy. 40 Build Your Business by Helping a Charity.
44 Getting involved with a local charity can benefit society and
Boost your profits now. your business.

44 62 Home Business Directory Listings

62 Network Marketing Contact Listings

Financing in a Growing by Leaps: Partners can take their combined services into new
Cash Crunch: 63-65 Classified Ads
markets, acquire bigger projects and customers, or leapfrog over competitors.
Consider accounts
receivable financing,
a form of short-term
42 Helping Patients Stay on their Diets.
Father and son business creates a hunger-controlling cookie.

NEWS AND REVIEWS Pediatric/Neonatal Nursing Background and

43 Passion Support Business Goals.
Letter from Publisher
10 Woman brings awareness to the dangers of poor infant positioning in infant seat products.

12 Letters to the Editor 54 54 Partnering Leads to Merger

for Bigger Opportunities.
28 Newsstand
Survey shows small business employee
Former corporate leaders create a unique publishing
business and redefine an industry.
Bringing Awareness
to Danger:
preferences on medical advice… Is From her home, Beth Rumack
multi-tasking hurting small business?...
Nation’s women-owned firms carry
55 Foreclosing on Success.
Chance phone call leads to a lucrative foreclosure
runs BGR Juvenile Products,
LLC — educating about
water… Franchise trends are strong. cleanout business.
the importance of infant
positioning in infant seat
62 Notice to readers Merging Companies: Michele Smith and Michelle Gamble-Risley are
partners of M Communications.
products and promoting her
Snuggin Go® products.

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®


HOME BUSINESS Yes, You Can Double


Magazine Profits in 2010
Volume 17 Issue 2, March/April 2010
Identify Tracks in Your Business
www.homebusinessmag.com that Must Change if You Want to
Generate Increased Net Income
The Home Business Team ®

Publisher Richard Henderson Home-based entrepreneurs face serious

United Marketing & challenges in trying to generate more profits.
Research Company, Inc. They get myopic in focusing on two or
Editor-in-Chief Stacy Ann Henderson three things to pursue increased net income.
Managing Editor Sandy Larson For example, cutting the cost of one or two
Home Office Editor Gregory Grabowski, PE
Feature Interviewer Deborah J. Sergeant
major expenditures, or increasing sales of your main product or services.
Feature Writer Priscilla Y. Huff But a focus on increased profitability has to move beyond cutting major
Graphic Services Tory Hobson, Slice, Inc. expenses and generating more sales. In a recession, it may not be possible to
Production Manager Jon Auld generate more sales, and you may
Art Direction Richard Rabil have already cut major costs to the We have brainstormed
Advertising Sales Shannon Needham
Michelle Dellner
bone. So what do you do now?
Our cover story this issue

across the spectrum to identify
Sales Assistant Reagan Nilsson
meets this challenge. We have
25 steps you can take in the
Distribution Manager Richard Trummer, Curtis
Customer Service Monique Alponte brainstormed across the spectrum next 30 days to generate more
to identify 25 steps you can take in profits.
Call 1-800-734-7042, 9 am to 5 pm PST.
email: customerservice@homebusinessmag.com
Circulation Manager Mark Janusz
the next 30 days to generate more ”
profits. Study our recommendations. This is a good time to dust off your
Subscriptions National Subscription Fulfillment
Call (714) 693-1866 business plans and marketing strategies and update these for 2010 by linking
www.homebusinessmag.com them to the ideas in our cover story.
Click on “Subscribe” to Order or Make At a more fundamental level, our cover story will help you break out of
Address Change a psychological business rut that often plagues home-based entrepreneurs.
Subscription Manager Steve Schley We tend to work more independently than other business owners, with less
Print Manager Tina Valdez, R.R. Donnelley
personal interactions. This can cause some of us to get myopic, lost in a
Reprints For high-quality article reprints, any quantity, email
Betsy White, The Reprint Outsource, day-to-day struggle of business procedures. By stopping what you’re doing,
bwhite@reprintoutsource.com and taking time to study the recommendations in our cover story, you will
Mailing Lists www.homebusinessmag.com identify tracks in your business that need to change. You start your own
(Click on “Mailing Lists” to order.) customized business brainstorming that will lead to identifying additional
Mailing List Manager Danny Grubert (914) 925-2400
ways to double profits in 2010.
Digital Media Manager Jim Pappadeas, Epsilon Digital Media
Internet Marketing Manager Shawn Himmelberger, Himmelberger Design
As I finish this letter, the U.S. Senate just increased the Federal debt level
Website Development David Blankenship, Infoswell Media to $14 trillion and the President proposed a budget with an incomprehensible
Internet Manager TonyQ – Webmaster $1.3 trillion deficit. I will hammer on this issue — and each magazine issue
— until something is seriously done about the fiscal insanity. This level of
Editorial debt is not sustainable and is pushing the country into a depression.
Christopher Bachler, Nora Caley, I have received criticism about focusing on this problem without offering
Deborah Jeanne Sergeant, and many others.
a constructive solution. The solution, however, is simple. We have to impose
Distribution enormous spending cuts and tax increases, with specific goals such as eliminating
Curtis Circulation Company the deficit within 5 years and the national debt within 15 years. It’s a generational
730 River Road New Milford, NJ 07646
Tel: (201) 634-7400 Fax: (201) 634-7499 challenge with enormous pain and suffering that cannot be avoided.
But our politics have become so polarized and dysfunctional that solving
Print Advertising the problem is likely impossible. One side of the political aisle refuses
Home-Based Business Display Advertising:
Shannon Needham: (949) 218-8729 to seriously cut spending. The other side of the aisle says it wants to cut
Michelle Dellner: (949)-240-7529 spending but then advocates for policies that increase spending, and offers
Advertising Main Office: (800) 734-7042; fax (714) 388-3883
Email: advertise@homebusinessmag.com little more than “cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes.”
Classified Ads/Directory Listings: See pages in back of magazine. How “cut taxes” ever became economic policy shows the political
For complete Advertising Information, visit the
dysfunction and economic ignorance that has thrown so much debt onto the
“Advertise” section of www.homebusinessmag.com. backs of our children. If the governing process was functional, both sides of
E-mail: advertise@homebusinessmag.com the aisle would FIRST make the tough political choices about how much to
Online Advertising spend on government, and then, SECOND, make the tough choices about
Advertise on the Internet at how to raise the tax revenue to pay for it. If you want to cut taxes, that’s fine,
HBM Online
Visit the “Advertise” section of www.homebusinessmag.com.
but start with off-set spending cuts first. The average person lacks these basic
understandings of economics and governance, and politicians continue to
Home Business® Magazine cravenly exploit the ignorance with false promises.
Home Business Magazine (ISSN 1092-4779)
is published bi-monthly by So we’re stuck with a dangerous combination of dysfunctional
United Marketing and Research Company, Inc., governance and a polarized and ignorant voting public. These factors will
20664 Jutland Place, Lakeville, MN 55044.
One Year Subscription Rates: Domestic $19.
prevent the tough solutions that will keep the country from falling into a
Canadian $39. Foreign $59. For Subscriptions: 714-693-1866, M–F debt-fueled depression.
Periodicals Postage Paid at Lakeville, Minnesota,
and at additional mailing offices.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Home Business® Magazine,
20664 Jutland Place, Lakeville, MN 55044.
Printed in the United States
Publisher, Home Business® Magazine
10 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Connect with Customers in a Slow Economy

Once-thriving businesses are struggling to survive in today’s slow economy. Many

are making spending decisions based on “What can I afford?” rather than “Where
can I invest my money to make my business grow?” When payroll and other expenses
take priority, the advertising and marketing budget is the first to go. Lacking the
resources of large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses find it particularly
challenging to keep their heads above water. In addition, they are struggling with
lower-than-average sales, difficulty getting loans, rising interest rates, and the ever-
present threat of increased taxes and government regulation. Most business owners
know that the key to success in any economy, good or bad, is the ability to connect
with customers. Businesses that are firmly established in the community will be in a
good position to weather economic storms and will excel when the economy recovers.
CherryPlanet - www.cherryplanet.com

From the Editor: By connecting with your customers, your company gains repeat
customers and repeat business.

Everybody Likes to Buy Things, But yourself, your ideas, your value, and your From the Editor: For ideas on cutting
No One Likes to Be Sold ability. To position yourself for promotion, your operating costs in 2010, read this issue’s
learn what it takes to sell yourself and your article on the “Top Three Green Savers that
The expression, “Everybody likes to
ideas to senior management. are FREE: Ways for Small Businesses to Save
buy things but no one likes to be sold,”
is nothing new, but what does it mean? It Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE Money Without Spending.”
shows the delicate balance in how people www.Fripp.com, (415) 753-6556,
want to feel like they are making their own PFripp@Fripp.com Hostile Takeover of Your Own
buying decisions, yet at the same time enjoy Company
having an expert who will help them make As you walk into the office you
From the Editor: Enroll in educational and
an educated choice. As a salesperson, it can can feel the Monday-morning blues
be difficult to accomplish this. Using the training courses — offered by your city, a
from your staff sitting around the
antiquated selling techniques of persuasion local college, or a networking organization
table. There’s no doubt most have not
doesn’t result in more sales. Neither does (such as www.toastmasters.org) — to prepared for the week. Some have left
a passive “information dump” that gives a improve or maintain your public speaking their creativity at home this morning.
customer control. The key to sales is using and communication skills. Others have only prepared to cover
“influential selling skills,” a strategy where their rears. The victim and the judge
the salesperson better understands the both are represented at the table.
customer with likeability, trust, and influence. Cutting Operating Costs in 2010
Here’s a thought… Fire them. Fire
Nathan Jamail, president of the Jamail These days, any company that isn’t looking them all. Initiate a hostile takeover.
for ways to cut costs is looking for trouble. Extreme? Of course it is. But so is
Development Group author of “The Sales
Although the recession has made every COO the job market today. Extreme is the
Leaders Playbook” aware of the importance of saving money, it is competition. Extreme is the economic
surprising how often companies can overlook state of the union. With a double-digit
From the Editor: Your customers need to simple ways of improving their financial unemployment level that continues to
know you have a sincere interest in them and challenges. Attention, small businesses: It’s rise, a credit crunch that suffocates
easier than you think to cut costs. Whether the biggest and best, and a cash flow
their needs and that the product or service
it’s the kitchen supplies in your home office or drain that can paralyze even the most
you are selling is a solution for them. the toner cartridges inside your laser printers, efficient…it’s no wonder extreme
there is an effective cost solution for nearly measures are required...
Selling Yourself and Your Ideas to every expense out there.
Senior Management Jim Fannin
Chuck Mache American TonerServ, author, educator, platform speaker, life
It’s no secret…the higher up the corporate chuck@americantonerserv.com strategist and sports & business consultant
ladder you go, the more important your
public speaking and communications skills
become. And the faster you develop and We appreciate your feedback and work-from-home success
hone your skills, the faster you’ll climb. stories for review and consideration. Please send both
If you have your sights set on increased via e-mail to: editor@homebusinessmag.com, or via
responsibility and the job title and salary postal mail to: HOME BUSINESS® Magazine,
that go with them, you will need to position 20664 Jutland Place,
yourself ahead of the crowd…in advance. Lakeville, MN 55044.
At all stages of your career you need to sell

12 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Make Money Now
If you have 30 minutes of your time, then you have
everything you need to start making thousands of
dollars each month , and you can be set up and
making it in 2 hours or less.

No Phone Calls To Make

No Network Marketing system that works!
No Online Surveys
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No Answering Questions make all your dreams come true then
be sure to visit my website today!
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I will make you an

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Check out my website and Use my
information as directed for the next 90 days.
If you're not seeing shocking results by then,
We will refund every penny . No questions asked.
25+ Secrets To
Your Profits
In 2010
Spend an Hour Reviewing these Profit-

Building Recommendations and Mapping You might find that materials, licensing fees, franchise fees,
out a Plan to Achieve Them the cost of buying an existing business, even marketing and
advertising costs are lower than what they would be when the
By Home Business Magazine
economy is booming.

hen you think about how (RSS Feeds) to pipe content to your up for RSS feeds, or updates, which they
to increase, even double the website. For more information, visit read from an RSS aggregator or through
profits from your business, try http://homebusinessmag.com/mobile- email on their mobile device.
not to think of it as one overwhelming device-website-advertising. You can send RSS feed advertising
task. Think of it as a series of things through text link ads and RSS banners.
you need to do. Whether you plan to 3. Launch a Mobile Website This is a form of advertising that is well
start a home-based business in 2010 Advertising Campaign below saturation levels, so you can obtain
or you already own one, we at Home The sweeping use of mobile devices good ad value and response from a wide
Business® Magazine offer you these 25 creates a marketing challenge for your open market. New marketing prospects,
profit-building recommendations. business. You have to reach a younger, more relatively untouched by marketing
technically proficient demographic segment messages, offer a high-probability way to
1. Decrease Business Start-Up Costs that does not read magazines, newspapers, increase profits in 2010.
Here’s some good news about the or direct mail. These days they don’t spend
recession: Start-up costs tend to be reduced significant time surfing websites, except 5. Co-Op Advertising
in a soft economy. Certain expenses end for their pages on Facebook and other Cooperative advertising is a technique
up being lower due to reduced demand. social media. This group communicates that businesses have used for decades.
You might find that materials, licensing with handheld devices. Traditionally, the term referred to when
fees, franchise fees, the cost of buying You can reach this target market by two businesses would share the expenses
an existing business, even marketing and advertising at content-based mobile of an ad. Today, co-op advertising is
advertising costs are lower than what they sites. Link the ads back to your mobile more high tech. Now it entails pooling
would be when the economy is booming. device website for your own abbreviated resources to get a single advertising
Many companies that serve business start- marketing presentation. Try running a message distributed through multiple
ups are willing to reduce their fees and costs custom banner ad, sponsoring a mobile media channels. The platforms include
without negotiation. Negotiate anyway, site, or advertising on an RSS feed going traditional print and Internet, email,
and push those costs down even further. to the mobile site. You can achieve a huge mobile devices, RSS feeds, digital editions
To maximize start-up cost reduction, profit return on your ad investment, as of magazines or television, and other
create a spreadsheet of all anticipated costs. these are new advertising media and the media. This is driving advertising towards
Keep track of each expenditure. Analyze prices are often low. packages that group together multi-
each cost and look for opportunities to platform advertising. Leverage your
further negotiate these to a lower amount.

2. Create a Mobile Website

You have to reach a younger,
technically proficient
limited budget to expand your marketing
reach — and profits — by seeking co-op
opportunities with other business owners
According to the Cambridge, Mass.- demographic segment that does in your industry.
based Forrester Research, Inc., four in
five U.S. households now have a mobile not read magazines, newspapers, 6. Get Positioned with “E-Ink”
phone, and eight percent of consumers
own a smartphone such as a Blackberry
or Apple iPhone. These numbers will only
or direct mail.
” Electronic ink, or E-Ink is book, magazine
and periodical content delivered to
electronic readers (ERs) such as Amazon’s
increase in the next few years, so make 4. RSS Feed Advertising Kindle or Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Amazon
sure your business’s website can be viewed Over the last year, the syndication of announced that on Christmas Day 2009,
on these mobile devices. The traditionally website content through RSS feeds has really more customers purchased e-books than
configured website is not enough any more. taken off. Savvy Internet surfers no longer printed books. Other companies will soon
Your mobile device configured website waste time clicking through websites to see launch their own versions of these small
could be a simple landing page. Or you what interests them. Instead, they visit touch screen gadgets. This is a profit-
can configure Really Simple Syndication websites with content they want, and sign building medium that you cannot ignore.
Continued on page 16

14 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Recovery Business
Business isis Hot
and Demand.Here’s
andininDemand. Here’show
how to
to start
start your
your own...

HH aveaveyou
Judy or
people sue
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other for
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for unpaid
unpaid rent
her gavel
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rent or
and barks
ordersatatthe thedefendant
defendanttotopay payup,up, but
but here's
here's aa little
little known
known fact:
fact: the
doesnot notenforce
enforcethat thatjudgment.
judgment.And And that that goes
goes for for non-televised
casestoo. too.
because aa judgejudge orders
orders someone
someone to to pay
pay aa debt
doesn'tmeanmeanthat thatperson
goingtoto do
do it.it. Imagine
Imagine ifif someone
someone owed owed
youa afewfewthousand
decided not
not to to pay
pay you,
you, regardless
regardless of
whata acourt
Wouldyou youknow
knowwhat what to to do?
do? Most
Most people
debtto tobebepaid.
founder ofof Sierra
Sierra Judgment
Judgment Recovery Recovery and and self-
opportunity junkie,
junkie, learned
learned how
how to to profit
profit fromfrom this
this little
little Christina Smiley
unpaiddebt debtbybyhelping
judgment holders holders collect.
collect. She
explainedthere therewaswasvirtually
virtuallynono one
one who
who was was providing
providing this this service.

And that that onceonce peoplepeople had had beenbeen service
service isis there's
there's no no up-front
up-front cost to how to contact
contact judgment
judgment holdersholders
awarded these these judgments...
judgments... 80 80 her
her customers.
customers. Any Any filing
filing fees or to get their
their business,
business, the the steps
steps to to
percentofofthem themwere werenever
paid.” costs
costs incurred
incurred by by Christina
Christina are tracking down
down aa debtor
debtor and andsorting
couldn’thave havecome come reimbursed
reimbursed to to herher out out of the through the the paperwork
paperwork from from the the
atata abetter
bettertime; time; Christina
Christina and and herher judgment
judgment once once it'sit's collected.
collected. The court.
husbandTerry Terrywere werepart partowners
ownersofofaa customers
customers don't don't have have to pay Christina's
Christina's motivation
motivation for
carpet store store and and had had amassed
amassed aa anything
anythingout out ofof their
their own
own pocket.
pocket. sharing this
this business
business opportunity
amountofofdebt. debt. From
From what what she she says,says, this is with others
others isn’t
isn’t to
to get
get money
moneyfrom from
Theyhad hadthreethreesmallsmallchildren
childrenand and primarily
primarily behind-the-scenes
behind-the-scenes work, sales of the the course
course (a (a one-time
thoughtthat thatbybyowning
owningaastore storethey'd
they'd which
which makes
makes itit an an entirely
entirely non- flat fee of of $185.00,
$185.00, she she only only
havemore moremoney moneyand andtimetimefor fortheir
their confrontational
confrontational business.
business. She She does makes enough
enough to to cover
cover thethecostcostof of
Initiallyit itwas
wasan anexciting
excitingtime time everything
everything through
through the the court
court system producing
producing course
course materials):
materials): she she
forfor them,
them, but but thatthat dream
dream quickly quickly from
from seizing
seizing debtor
debtor bank bank accounts,
accounts, wants to continue
continue to to develop
develop the the
turnedinto intoa anightmare
nightmareofofdebt debt andand garnishing
garnishing wages wages and and other
other income, National Network
Network of of judgment
endlesshours hoursatatwork, work,as as Christina
Christina to
placingliensliens onon property.
property. recovery specialists.
remembers, "We "We accumulated
accumulated One
One year year afterafter starting
starting the Anyone
Anyone interested
interested in in aa home-
monstrousdebt. debt.We Wewere weretruly
onlyaa judgment
judgment recovery
recovery business,
business, based business
business who who really
really likes
likesto to
few paychecks
paychecks away away from from being being Christina
Christina and and TerryTerry closedclosed the do research
research couldcould benefit
benefit from from
homeless." carpet
carpet store.
store. Finally
Finally theythey could
could work this training
training course,
course, according
according to to
Andthen thenshe shelearned
learned about about the the at
at home
home and and havehave money
money left over Christina.
Christina. "This
"This business
business isisfilling
moneyininsmall smallclaims.
Christina at
at the
the end
end of of the
the month.
month. They've true niche.
niche. ItIt provides
provides steady,steady,
focusedononlearning learninghow how toto recover
recover been
been running
running Sierra Sierra Judgment
Judgment predictable
predictable home-based
home-based income income
judgmentsfor forpeople.
people. She She says, says, "It
"It Recovery
Recovery for for over
over 10 10 years
years and are of $5,000
$5,000 -- $8,000
$8,000 per per month
month on on
anderrorerrorfor forsix
monthstotoaa bringing
bringing in in aa five-figure
five-figure paycheck
paycheck average. ThereThere is is no no lacklack of of
year.I buried
I buriedmy mynosenoseinincivil
codes.” each
month. And And thethe most
most important
important customers
customers and and no no foreseeable
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aspect isis they've
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more time for decrease
decrease at at any
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businessesininher herarea
areatotosee seeifif their
their kids.
kids. “I“I can
can attend
attend theirtheir events future," says
says Christina.
coulduse useher herservices,
services,and andas asitit and
and mymy husband
husband gets gets to to go
go on field
turnedout, out,there
therewas wasplenty
plentyofofwork work trips
trips now
now -- he'she's usually
usually the the only dad If you’d
you’d like
like information
information on on
forfor her.her. "These "These people people were were on
them.” starting your
your own
own home-based
overjoyedtotogive giveus usallallofoftheir
cases But
But the
the story
story doesn't
doesn't end end there. judgment
judgment recovery
recovery business,
collectand andwere weremore morethanthanwilling
willing Christina
Christina wants wants to to share
share her register for
for their
their free
free guide
guide at
toto letlet me me keep keep 50% 50% ofof what what I I knowledge
knowledge with with others
others across
across the www.recoverycourse.com.
www.recoverycourse.com. You You
collectedfor forthem,"
them,"she shesays.
says. country
country as as aa home-based
home-based business may also
also contact
contact SierraSierra
cases,they theyhadhadfiledfiledaway
away opportunity.
opportunity. Judgment
Judgment Recovery
Recovery directly
directly by
judgmentsaafew fewyears
with She
She hashas put put together
together aa judgment
judgment calling them
them at at (912)
(912) 882-8190
nonohopehopeofofever evercollecting
collectingon on them.
them. recovery
training course.
course. In In addition, or email
email Customer
Customer Support
Support at at
Christina's business,
business, Sierra
Sierra students
students have have access
access to to aa National Support@recoverycourse.com.
JudgmentRecovery,Recovery,gets getsthat
money Network,
Network, which which can can be be extremely
back. TheseThese people people figured
figured they'dthey'd helpful
helpful in in cases
cases wherewhere the the debtor
neversee seeany anyofofthat thatmoney
moneyagain, again, has
has moved
moved out out of of state.
state. Christina
they'remore morethan than happy
happy toto pay pay also
includes unlimited
unlimited support.
Christina'sfee. fee. The
The training
training coursecourse is is on a
attractive aspectaspect ofof this this home-study
home-study basis basis and and itit teaches
25+ Secrets to Double Profits
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Although many ERs do not have

display advertising, you can still deliver
messages through text. For example, a “When you’re trying to build profits, decreasing expenses and tax
magazine issue would not have display
advertisers, but it would have a list of
liabilities is as effective as increasing sales.

E-Ink sponsors and websites included 8. Unclaimed Home Office and business universe. The advantage of back-
in the electronic versions. It is still early Business Deductions end sales in the Internet world is that these
in this realm, and there are not a lot of Now that you have your legal business can be obtained at little or no cost beyond
E-Ink advertising opportunities yet, but structure intact, evaluate your business and the product cost of sales. Often the only
for those who discover them, the profit office expenses. Make a list of all of your expenditure is what is required to configure
building potential is enormous. regular expenses, particularly the recurring an ecommerce order from.

ones. Set up methods to document how Set aside some brainstorming time to
7. Home Business Legal Organization much of these expenses can be applied to review ways that you can grow or expand
Take a look at your legal business business. Don’t wait until the end of the your product line in ways that complement
organization. Is your business an LLC, year to look at your expenses, because it your core business. The resulting net
S-Type, DBA, or another structure? This may be too late to claim deductions. Expend income you generate will convert to almost
is critical for new start-ups. Most home- the effort now to establish a bookkeeping pure profit after taxes.
based businesses, particularly the micro- system to identify these business expenses
size of one or two persons, are loose DBAs and compile the documentation. You’ll 10. Diversify into a Related Business
(Doing Business As) or partnerships. These reduce your tax burden, increase your You can even go beyond back-end sales.
can put business owners’ assets at risk. profits, and potentially keep yourself IRS Look for ways to diversify your existing
The main reason to incorporate or form audit-proof. Seek professional accounting business into a new business. This entails
an LLC is to protect your assets. There and legal advice for tax matters. more risk, but it offers much greater
are also profit-building reasons to form potential for profit growth.
one of these structures. They offer greater 9. Back-End Sales Online Seek out businesses that are closely
credibility for claiming legitimate business Every business owner should diversify the related to your core business. For example,
write-offs and tax deductions. When business with back-end sales. This is easier if you operate a home exterior restoration
you’re trying to build profits, decreasing than ever in the digital age. A back-end sale business, you could start a solar panel
expenses and tax liabilities is as effective is a product or service that is closely related installation operation. The close relation
as increasing sales. to your core business. You market it to your between businesses makes it easier to

16 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
reduce marketing and selling costs, which a complete description of services, options so when someone has a question, they can
tend to be the largest variable costs in and answers to frequently asked questions. communicate with you real-time when you
a new business, with a direct impact on Most new business prospects want to are online, too.
profits. Another benefit is that you can use research products or services online only.
your existing customer base to springboard They don’t want to waste time going back 12. Restructure Short Term Loans
as a seed pool for the new business. and forth on the phone or email and waiting Increasing profitability also depends
for a response. upon getting your financial house in
11. Online Business Presentation & Chat You can increase long term profitability order. During the recession, few micro
Many business owners neglect to develop with a better, more comprehensive website business owners have been immune
an effective online sales presentation. This business presentation. Take this connection from having to expand credit. Some
includes not only your marketing pitch, but one step further by configuring online chat, credit lines, particularly more liquid
credit cards, will be at interest rates
that are higher than they were before,
“Every business owner should diversify the business with
back-end sales.
which can really cut into your profits.

” Look for ways to consolidate loans, to

reduce interest expenses, and to increase
profits. One option is to consider home
equity, not to increase your existing
“Going Green” to Increase Profits credit liability, but as a rollover value
for high interest debt you have already
Being environmentally responsible could get you a contract with a government agency incurred. Increase profits by shaving off
that is required to consider green attributes in their contract selection criteria. interest expenses.
On your website and online marketing presentations, highlight steps you’ve taken to go
green, such as that you bought wind power offsets, your company vehicle is a hybrid or 13. Get Mobile Device Ready
you saved trees by going paperless. The most overlooked factor in generating
more profits is time. The more time you
Put a green logo on your website. can free up to run a business, the greater
In the not too distant future, profits will correlate directly to your degree of greenness. will be your profits. This goes double for
the part-time business owner.
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Start Your Own Laser Engraving and
Cutting Business Today for Only $7,995!
An Epilog Laser system can personalize almost
anything, from creating and personalizing 3D
models, to engraving photos on keychains, to
marking high-tech gadgets, our laser systems
create the products you see here and more with
the touch of a button!

Laser Systems Starting at $7,995 

Visit epiloglaser.com/homebiz.htm for more information and
to receive your brochure kit with engraved and cut samples!

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®

25+ Secrets to Double Profits
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The best new way to increase your time 15. Take Time Each
available is to get “mobile device ready.” Day for Direct
Link your personal information manager Sales or Business
(PIM), such as Microsoft Outlook, and Development
email to a handheld device that is Internet- The day-to-
and phone-ready. This will help you take day of running
advantage of opportunities for “mini- a business can be
productivity” — responding to emails, overwhelming.
returning phone calls, etc. — while on the You might find
go. Instead of being overcome by emails yourself caught
and events, use a mobile device to get up in business

organized and plan your day. operations, and not You can increase long term profitability with a better, more
focus on business comprehensive website business presentation.
14. Calibrate Your Marketing Plan development. As a
A big hit on profitability is haphazard business owner, you also have to be 16. Account Expense Categorization Review
marketing, where you choose options a salesperson. Look at your to-do list An excellent way to reduce expenses
to advertise and promote without any that you loaded onto your mobile device and increase profits is to categorize your
real plan. This leads to inefficiencies, and PIM, and add one more task: working expenses. That means identifying expenses
inability to achieve economies of scale. on personal direct selling. Establishing a so they can be grouped under headings
A majority of small business owners daily sales routine will also create mental such as marketing, raw materials, phone
do not have a viable marketing plan. structure, making it easier as time goes bill, etc., so you can figure out which
Don’t make that mistake. A marketing on to go through the mental discipline of expenses to deduct from business income.
plan is easy to configure and can be making sales contacts. Learn to structure More importantly, you make it easier
created in a matter of hours. Research the times of the day to keep your prime time for your accountant to understand your
various media including online, digital, open for personal selling activities. There’s expenses and to maximize deductions when
direct marketing, publicity, advertising, no better way to increase profits. completing your annual business taxes.
telemarketing, email, etc. Create a rough Even if you’ve already started a business and
budget and timeline for different types of
ads. Make sure your plan is comprehensive,
“ Look for ways to consolidate set up a business checking account, you can
loans, to reduce interest expenses, still make these changes. If you use financial
and revisit it at least quarterly. and to increase profits.
” management software such as Quicken, that
will make the categorization even easier.

17. Credit Line Replenishment

Credit markets are loosening up.
Hopefully you don’t require additional
credit right now for your business, but if
you do, now is an opportune time to seek
out and apply for fresh lines of credit.
If you don’t need credit now, consider
applying for a line so you can lock in lower
rates. The best time to apply for credit is
when you don’t actually need it, when your
credit report and FICO score are at the
highest levels. Later, if you do need credit
and your credit background has taken a hit
due to late payments or other setbacks, you
might have to endure higher interest rates,
or, worse, a rejection from the lender.

18. Computer Productivity Increase

How is the old computer doing? The
center of just about any business today is
the computer. With most adequate desktop
computer models available for under
$2,000, the price is inexpensive in the big
scheme of things. A computer slows down
with time. If each keystroke takes a few
milliseconds longer than it should, these
bits of micro time add up to real time. If
a new computer gained you a half hour of
productivity each day, that would add up
to six or seven days of extra time each year
to build profits.
18 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
If you don’t think you need a new
computer, at least invest in a service that
will clean up the operating system to
minimize processing time.

19. Go Paperless Now

Now’s the time to fully make the transition
to a paperless office. If you still receive
invoices, statements, and business documents
for as little
as $99
by mail, get your bank and other parties
to email you these documents as PDF
documents. Don’t print these, and don’t
create a paper file. Instead, create a folder on
your computer or your email program.
If you do have paper items, scan them
into your computer, and create a “Scan File”
so you can store these items electronically.
Visit www.incorporate.com
Give the file a descriptive name so you can
later find it with a simple Windows search. or call 800-453-9594
You’ll free up more time that you can put
to better use selling and generating more
profits, not thumbing through paper files.

“If computer,
you don’t think you need a
at least invest in

a service that will clean up the

operating system to minimize
processing time.

“Proven Successful with over 1600

Battery Doctors Operators worldwide”
• Very easy to learn and operate
• Low Investment
• Huge income potential
• Immediate income potential
• Work from home or open your own store

“Batteries are in Everything”

“One of the Hottest business
opportunities in America today”
Recondition discarded batteries easily and quickly without
A mobile device will help you take taking them apart. Batteries for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Golf
advantage of opportunities for “mini- Carts, Fleet Vehicles, Fork Lifts, Construction, Agriculture,
productivity” — responding to emails, Hospitals, Telecommunications, Industry…
returning phone calls, etc. — while on
the go.

Continued on page 58
1-800-357-4003 www.batterydoctors.com
March/April 2010 | Home Business ®
25 Best

Savvy Business Start-Ups for 55+ Individuals

By Priscilla Y. Huff

hough it is illegal to discriminate conferences. Encourage Many 55-plus persons are becoming entrepreneurs and
in hiring individuals who are forty referrals from satisfied are successfully starting their own businesses to support
years or older, recent studies reveal clients; and utilize a web themselves or to supplement their current job earnings or
prospective employers have been reluctant site to reach regular and retirement incomes.
to hire older, jobless workers in these slow potential clients with
economic times because they believe they articles and e-newsletters.
will have to pay them higher wages, or Build residual income in offering CDs, 3. E-COMMERCE**
that they may lack updated job skills or ebooks, video presentations, and other With present online retail sales reaching
for other reasons. As a result, many jobless, products related to your profession and over 200 billion dollars and no signs of
55-plus persons have been compelled to consulting practice. slowing down, it is an ideal time to consider
become entrepreneurs and are successfully Suggested Resources selling a product or service using the
starting their own businesses to support *Association of Professional Consultants, http://www.consultapc.org/ Internet. Research your chosen e-commerce
themselves or to supplement their current *Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden, MCC **See the Home Business© business idea(s) to see what you can offer
job earnings or retirement incomes. If you Magazine article, “Getting Started as a Consultant” in the October that potential competitors cannot.
are an older adult who is looking for a 2009 issue. Success Tips: Test-market your products
needed income opportunity and/or to fulfill and services through online auctions and
an entrepreneurial dream, here are fifteen 2. CRAFTS-FINE ARTS other sites offering low-cost stores, before
business ideas (and an additional ten in the If you have handmade products you launching full-time into a full-service web
sidebar) for you to consider: would like to sell as a business venture, site with shopping cart software and credit
**Please note: Professional associations conduct a thorough market research and card capabilities. Stay connected to paying
are primarily networking organizations testing at wholesale and craft shows to customers through regular e-mails and
and generally do not provide start-up see if they have the profit potential that e-zines; and providing excellent customer
information. Include a business-sized, self- warrants your work and time. Subscribe service with follow-up satisfaction queries.
addressed, stamped envelope with any to professional arts and crafts publications Attract new customers with print and media
postal correspondence. and groups for business and production articles and ads.
tips. Refine your skills by enrolling in Suggested Resources
1. CONSULTING** courses at art or craft centers. *Start an Online Business, www.business.gov/start/online-business/
Professional consultants are individuals Success Tips: Research competitors **See the Home Business© Magazine article, “25+ E-Commerce
who have experience and expertise, and are to see how your designs can stand out Start-Ups” in the February 2010 issue.
recognized as authorities in their professions from theirs. Conduct trial sales on
or industries. They are in high demand in online auction and craft-selling sites to 4. FOOD SPECIALTIES
both good and slow economic times as they determine demand and pricing. Decide The popularity of television food-
offer clients advice to help solve problems if mass-production or creating one-of- preparation shows has spurred the interest
and expand their businesses or expertise; a-kind items is the best way to produce in learning how to cook foods of many
or they may work in temporary positions your items. Advertise in publications or local and ethnic cuisines. You may want
as needed by their clients. through your web site or others to reach to turn a dessert, condiment, or a special
Success Tips: Market your services in your best customers. family recipe into a commercial product.
specialty markets niches rather than as a Suggested Resources Success Tips: Previous cooking
generalist. Offer to talk to target groups *The Crafts Report, www.craftsreport.com - arts-crafts business print experience, especially in a commercial
and to conduct workshops at industry publication *The Crafts Business Answer Book by Barbara Brabec. kitchen is recommended. Produce your
product in your own licensed kitchen or
a rented one. Take time to learn all that
Consultants are in high demand in both good and
“slow economic times as they offer clients advice to
is involved in taking a food product to
market from other food entrepreneurs
and experts. Test-market your product at
help solve problems… farmers’ markets or specialty food stores

20 Home Business ®

| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
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Earn up to Be an
$55,000 Insurance
a year!* Claims Adjuster
Train at home
No classes to attend
Work in as little as 4 months
No schedules to keep
No experience needed
Train in the comfort of your own home for this exciting, high-income career. Be ready
to work in as little as four months! Investigate, research and negotiate settlements for
insurance claims due to injury, illness, fire, accident and severe weather. No previous
insurance experience or education is required.
This career offers a great income AND lots of flexibility. You can often set your own
schedule and work from home, with absolutely no start-up costs. Plus, insurance
companies generally provide all the necessary materials – including a laptop and a
company car!
Interested? Want to learn more? Get your free brochure on USCI’s accredited,
affordable and approved training for this great career. You’ll be glad you did!

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866-780-7944 Dept.
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YES! Rush me my free information package with complete details on training at home to be an Insurance Claims
Adjuster. I understand there is absolutely no cost and no obligation.
Name Age
Address Apt
City State Zip

*and more
with experience E-mail
25 Best Retirement Businesses:

Earn $300 - $400 a Day

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before making a large monetary investment. Exhibit at food

specialty shows to find distributors, or market and sell via
the Internet.
Suggested Resources
Golden *Food Entrepreneur Resources, http://foodsafety.psu.edu/processor/resources.htm *National

Opportunity Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc., www.SpecialtyFood.com *Sell Your Specialty Food…
by Stephen F. Hall.

Need money? Here is your solution!

You may want to turn a dessert,
Many people are taking advantage
of Gold prices going up... “
condiment, or a special family recipe into a

I I invite you to do the same. If you follow My system,

I will help you become a GOLD SCRAP BUYER. commercial product.
Buying GOLD is the most profitable business ever
and I believe you will make a lot of MONEY ...

These are my 3 Packages: Individuals, estate lawyers, non-profit organizations, and
1.- THE BASIC....$299 collectors often need their antiques and collections appraised for
their value for insurance coverage, to settle estates, or to price for
2.-THE DEALER’S CLUB...$699 selling. You can charge a fee for your written reports that evaluate
3.- THE PARTNERSHIP'S CLUB. $1200 your clients’ items’ true market worth, as well as provide the best
In every package deal you will receive selling avenues for them. You can choose to also be a consigner and
the tools and a booklet with instructions. sell clients’ items for a percentage of the sales.
Success Tips: Specialize in the items you prefer and have
Make Check or Money Order to: Arturo Cuenca. knowledge about. Join trade associations for further study,
and send it to 3533 Clayton RD, Concord, CA, 94519 credentials, and networking opportunities. Learning how to detect
Call or email me with your Questions...Email:grupro777@gmail.com imitations or fakes will add to your service’s marketability. Promote
(925) 719-6440 (888) 845-7602 your services at shows, to auction houses, through referrals, by
writing columns, and with a web site. Stay current with trends that
affect pricing and the demand for certain items.
Suggested Resources

Join the Wireless

*Appraisers Assn. of America, www.appraisersassoc.org/ *www.kovels.com/ - site of antique and
collector experts and authors.

If you are an expert in gardening, parenting, finances, or other
professions, you might consider hosting a radio show from your
own home studio. Many entrepreneurs are also broadcasting
a variety of programming with their own Web-based radio
as a Mobile Device Broker stations. Make money with advertisers and residual products of
& Liquidation Specialist books, CDs, and other related products.
t No experience necessary, we train!
t Earn $150K your first year
t 395 Million USA Wireless users
t $178 Billion Market

Locate-acquire valuable Mobile Devices from m ccorporate

orp t
off-lease, surplus, IT Dept asset disposals, excess inventory,
& secondary grey B2B marketplace, at very low cost, or on
a Broker-Advance for later resale at enormous profits.

Gain access to millions of valuable business Notebooks/

Blackberrys/PDAs/Smartphones/Tablet PCs/Netbooks/iPhones/
GPS Handsets/Laptops and other in-demand business Mobile
Devices that all businesses need.

www.Computer-Brokers-USA.com Corporations have bigger budgets than

e-mail computer.brokers.usa@gmail.com Stay current with antique and collecting trends that affect
small businesses or consumers, and they
Call now! 909 362-9562 pricing and the demand for certain
also tend to beitems.
pretty loyal.

22 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Experience a world of Independence
& Personal Achievement.
We invite you to join our team of Independent
Beauty Consultants. Sell high-end L’Bel skincare
and cosmetics and enjoy the benefits of working
If you are an expert in gardening, parenting, finances, or other from home, setting your own hours and earning
professions, you might consider hosting a radio show from up to 50% commission. Discover your inner
your own home studio. entrepreneur with L’Bel!
Success Tips: A background and/or experience in broadcasting
and communications, as well as the technological know-how
are essential. Increase your listening audience by offering to do
regular spots on other stations, local outlets, or web sites’ shows,
or at web conferences. Build your name recognition by writing
articles and books and by speaking in your profession and
industry until you can afford the equipment and funding to fully-
operate your own program.
Suggested Resources
*Creating Powerful Radio: Getting, Keeping and Growing Audiences News, Talk, Information & Personality
Broadcast, HD, Satellite & Internet by Valerie Geller *http://radio.about.com/index.htm - information,
Internet radio.
Start your Beauty Business now.
If you are well-organized, have good people skills, and have » Sign up today at:
an active network of other professionals with whom you can https://join.lbel.com/HomeBusiness
partner, consider starting a moving-specialty and coordinating or call 1-866-788-0445 to speak to someone now!
service. Potential customers might include seniors who are
downsizing; business executives and military families who are
moving across the country; and other individuals who do not
have the time to handle all the integrated tasks that moving
one’s household involves. You may also specialize in moving
livestock, boats, machinery, antiques, pianos, or fine art for
businesses and organizations.
Success Tips: Previous experience in the moving industry
or certain products is helpful. Have the necessary insurance
(liability, bonding) and any licenses and certifications needed.
Add services such as shipping items; contacting utility companies;
assisting with change of address notifications; taking items to
auctions; staging homes for sale; organizing new spaces, and the
coordination of arrangements that lead to a well-orchestrated
move for your clients. Attention to detail and having caring,
courteous help and consideration, will foster satisfied clients
and their referrals.
Suggested Resources
*American Moving and Storage Assn., www.moving.org *How to Survive A Move by Hundreds of
Heads (series).

If you enjoy speaking to groups and have a presentation
that will inspire, teach, or relay a compelling story or
events that appeal to your particular audience, you can
consider speaking on a professional basis. Most successful
speakers start part-time while working in their professions,
giving workshops and keynote speeches and perfecting their
presentations over several years until they earn enough to
become full-time professionals.
Success Tips: Join local or national chapters of speakers’
organizations to get feedback and tips from professional
speakers to improve your speaking and delivery skills.
Offer to speak at local organizations, colleges, and business
Continued on page 24

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®

25 Best Retirement Businesses:
Continued from page 23

groups and to get referrals for more

engagements. Concentrate on delivering
what your audience wants to hear and
caring about their interests.
Suggested Resources
*The National Speakers Assn., www.nsaspeaker.org/ *Toastmasters
International, www.toastmasters.org/.

Most successful

speakers start part-time

while working in their Market your (rent-a-grandparent) services through local family publications and referrals
from families or social organizations.
” Experience and/or education credentials and society is changing to one of recycling,
9. RENT-A-GRANDPARENT an understanding of the ages of the children and reusing by offering to repair quality
If you love children and being a with whom you are working are important specialty items from vintage clocks and
grandparent or wish to be one, you to be a success. Market your services through jewelry, to musical instruments, bicycles,
can advertise your services to baby- local family publications and referrals from old toys, and even designer shoes. Set-
sit children on special occasions; assist families or social organizations. up areas in a refurbished garage or
new mothers and fathers in caring for Suggested Resources outbuilding where customers can pick-up
newborns in their homes; attend special *www.Grandparents.com – resource site with activities, advice, product or drop-off items; or offer to pick up and
events or vacation with families; or reviews. *The Grandparent Guide…by Arthur Kornhaber, founder, deliver repaired items for them.
carry-out additional activities or tasks www.Grandparenting.org. Success Tips: Apprentice with
associated with being a grandparent. experts to gain additional skills.
Success Tips: Complete background 10. REPAIR SPECIALIST Conduct preliminary research to see if
checks and clearances that you may be Take advantage of the growing “Green” a potential, paying market exists for
required to have to work with children. movement as yesterday’s throw-away your services. Advertise in local classified

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24 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
ads newspapers or free, regional online
classified ad sites, and with your basic
web site. Place business cards in retail “Ifconsider
you like people and have a good driving record,
starting a specialty driving service.
stores selling these items, new or vintage.
Encourage customer referrals.

*www.Business.gov/ - U. S. business start-up information portal Multi-media specialists consult with Fear of food-related illnesses, toxic
*www.SCORE.org/online_workshops.html - online business business owners, agencies, organizations, chemicals from fertilizers and contaminated
development workshops. and professionals to create videos, CDs, water, and a demand for healthier meals, are
DVDs, audio tapes, and other related all creating a demand for natural foods and
11. SPECIALTY DRIVING SERVICE products for staff training, sales promotions, beverages. Organic and natural growers sell
If you like people and have a good presentations at seminars, trade shows, or to local consumers, eating establishments,
driving record, consider starting a specialty workshops; and also film for television, and institutions and through online and mail
driving service, focusing on transporting documentaries, and video for web and order venues, depending on the produce or
children to and from after-school activities; social marketing sites. Check with local products. Eating establishments and grocery
picking up and delivering people to colleges or technical schools for related stores are also looking for fresh foods and
public transportation centers and night- courses if you need additional skills. antibiotic-free eggs and meats.
time events; taking seniors to medical Success Tips: Experience and operating Success Tips: Research the potential
appointments; or even driving pets to knowledge of the latest computer and markets for your products, and test
groomers or veterinarians. equipment technology are required. When buyer responses at local farmers’
Success Tips: Fulfill all commercial starting out, lease or rent equipment to save markets and trade shows. Enroll in
licensing and insurance and business money, and determine what is the best for courses offered by agriculture colleges
regulations; as well as any required your project. Network with others in your and county extension offices. Join local
background security checks. Conduct surveys industry to find an open market niche in growers’ or farmers associations for tips
to determine what types of transportations this highly-competitive line of work. Partner and networking opportunities.
are needed most in your area. with other entrepreneurs to provide a total Suggested Resources
Suggested Resources package tailored to your clients’ needs. *Backyard Market Gardening by Andy, W. Lee, Patricia, L Foreman
*Starting a Driving Service For Pleasure and Profit (Business eBook Suggested Resources *USDA’s Extension Services, www.csrees.usda.gov/Extension/ - local
Reports) by Dana Carter. *Videomaker Magazine, www.videomaker.com *Web site: federal offices offering free or low-cost business counseling.
www.VideoUniversity.com/. Continued on page 48

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®


Courtesy of Armando Montelongo

Armando Montelongo — Real Estate Mogul and Host
of A&E’s “Flip This House” — Shares Secrets
for Turning Over a Quick Profit

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

According to Armando Montelongo, “All money
making is a head game, and not about the

rmando Montelongo wasn’t always spending all your time doing any one thing. circumstances around you.”
the brash, wildly successful real It is about balance. Eighty percent of your
estate mogul presented weekly on time needs to be about buying properties. everything. You get way too many people
A&E’s “Flip This House.” Five years ago, his HBM: What mistakes do most home-based who go out there and entertain themselves by
family’s unexpected medical problems left entrepreneurs make when it comes to making networking and being part of an association
him unemployed, broke, with poor credit, a quick profit? under the illusion that they’re going to make
and $50,000 in debt. They borrowed $1,000 AM: It goes back to thinking they know more money. Be very careful about that. I’m
to move from his in-law’s garage on a the answers, but the system has the answers. not big on associations, but spending time
cross country adventure to start over in San It is the answers. Also, never get greedy. I with people who have more money than I do.
Antonio. Within two months, he flipped his see this happen so much. People try to eke HBM: You practice Tae Kwon Do and as
first house and hasn’t looked back since. out every dime of payables or receivables. with any martial art, success depends upon a
Home Business® Magazine recently spoke Remember your overall strategy. Don’t be positive attitude and consistency. How do you
with Armando about his secrets for turning penny wise and pound foolish. apply those principles to business?
over a quick profit.
Home Business Magazine (HBM): What
are the top principles you’ve learned about
quick profitability that can apply to any
“Never get greedy… People try to eke out every dime of
payables or receivables.”– Armando Montelongo,
home-based business?
Armando Montelongo (AM): Without
much education, you’ll lose tons of money and

HBM: It’s currently a “buyer’s market” in AM: There are no problems, only
you won’t be successful. Find a mentor who’s real estate. How can entrepreneurs make challenges and you look forward to those
been incredibly successful. There are really a profit when their industry is stagnate or challenges. Most people won’t ever figure
multiple parts to any business. With real estate in decline? them out. It goes from “I’m going to have a
flipping, there’s buying at the right ratios, AM: If it’s a buyer’s market, there are positive attitude” to becoming who you are.
fixing them up, and making sure you’re not still people buying. At a time when it’s Some people have to fake being positive, and
a recession, the average person works 70 there’s nothing wrong with that as long as
percent less. If you work 30 percent smarter, you’re not deceiving people. It’s a habit you
you’ll do better than the competition. I have have to practice.
seen so many people just go and shut it down HBM: As their companies grow, how
Courtesy of Armando Montelongo

and throw their hands up and say, “Oh, can home business entrepreneurs effectively
I can’t do well.” They lose their focus. All delegate to employees and/or contractors?
money making is a head game, and not about AM: The control factor is hardest. No one
the circumstances around you. I’m so huge wants to lose control. Any successful person
on having mentors, because they’ve already will have a sense of control. I’ll slow my
been thru these circumstances. business down and make sure everyone is
HBM: After turning a profit —what’s next? properly trained, and then I feel comfortable
AM: It depends upon how big they want to in letting go. I’ve come to a point where I
About Armando go. For me, once it’s turning a profit, it’s about know what I’m good at. I’ve focused on my
Montelongo systemizing. We “whiteboard” our entire realty business that makes me the money.
business every six months. We see what we’d What makes money in this business is being
Armando Montelongo, his wife, Veronica,
and their son, Armando, 11, live in San change if we were restarting our business right creative. Everything else is leveraged out.
Antonio. The couple head Montelongo now. It keeps customers incredibly happy. We
House Buyers and star on “Flip This work on what we can do to make it more Deborah Jeanne Sergeant writes from her
House,” seen Saturdays at 11 a.m. (10 a.m. home office in Wolcott, N.Y., penning trade
profitable and keep our students happy. It and consumer articles and corporate marketing
CST) on A&E. Montelongo also presents
educational seminars on how to succeed works amazingly. Focus on the systems. materials. Her web site is www.skilledquill.net.
in real estate flipping, and he sells a home HBM: How important is networking when For more information visit
study course and e-book on the subject at it comes to making money? www.homebusinessmag.com
www.armandomontelongo.com. AM: Networking with productivity is and click the Newsstand >>
Interviews Channel.

26 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
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Survey Shows Small Business Is Multi-Tasking Hurting Small
Employee Preferences on Business?
Medical Advice Main Street Insights from SurePayroll
Saving on Medications Tops List

hen times are tough, small business owners face more

t’s no doubt that Americans are looking for ways to save on pressure to pick up the slack and find ways to do more
health care costs. CIGNA recently issued the results of a survey with less. According to a recent survey conducted by
of consumers across the country that found that employees online payroll provider SurePayroll, business owners are multi-
at small companies (250 or less employees) are more likely than tasking to address the challenges of the current economy, keep

those employed by larger companies (251 or more employees) customers happy, and keep their businesses running smoothly.
to look for ways to save money on prescription drugs. The same The survey found that 88 percent of small business owners
study found that 60 percent of consumers are willing to spend think multi-tasking is now a key component in running a
30 minutes on a site comparing health costs and services if it will successful business that business owners should embrace.
save them $100. Yet, only 40 percent say that they have actually Indeed, 56 percent of respondents indicated that they often
compared prices for their prescriptions, even though switching handle three or more tasks simultaneously. SurePayroll
from a brand name drug to a generic drug can save $200 per year attributes the increasing tendency to multi-task to current
on average per prescription. Additional survey findings include: economic conditions that force businesses to produce the same
output levels with fewer resources.
■ Employees of smaller companies are more likely than those employed Despite the widespread acceptance of multi-tasking, one in
by large employers to ask their doctor (65 percent) and pharmacist four small business owners report that multi-tasking in some
(61 percent) for ways to save money. way hinders their working ability. Multi-tasking skeptics cited
■ Compared to those employed by larger companies, people who work everything from decreased quality in work, tasks taking longer
at smaller companies are also more likely to ask their physician for than in the past, and becoming burned out more quickly:
the most cost-effective drug. According to SurePayroll President Michael Alter, business
■ Regardless of the size of their company, men are more likely (43 owners can avoid feeling overburdened with tasks by getting
percent) than women (30 percent) to take what their doctor tells organized and finding ways to eliminate unnecessary processes.
them to without asking questions about generic alternatives. Instead of going out alone and trying to be everywhere at once,
Alter suggests these methods for cutting down workload stress:
CIGNA offers several tools and tips to help people make better
and more informed health choices and save on health care. Visit ■ Make a prioritized list of tasks.
■ Outsource business operations to save time and money.
■ Take advantage of down time — relax and get recharged.
■ Let others help with the business’s daily operations.

SurePayroll’s service and team members are dedicated to providing an

easy, convenient online payroll service at a price small business owners
can afford. For more information, you can visit http://www.surepayroll.
com, call 877.954.7873 or follow us on http://twitter.com/SurePayroll.

Nation’s Women-Owned Firms

Carry Water
Contributing Nearly $3 Trillion to U.S. Economy

omen-owned businesses contribute nearly $3 trillion
to our national economy and create or maintain 23
million jobs according to new research conducted by
the Center for Women’s Business Research and funded by
the National Women’s Business Council and Walmart. This
report, “The Economic Impact of Women-Owned Businesses
in the United States,” adds to the current understanding of
the economic contributions of women-owned firms that to
date has relied only on number of firms, revenues and direct
employment. For the first time, this research provides a much
more comprehensive picture of the total economic impact of
women-owned firms, including the impact of the businesses’
purchases AND the purchasing power of their employees and
suppliers. Major findings include:

■ Approximately 8% of the total labor force work directly for a

A recent survey finds most small business owners are multi- woman-owned firm.
tasking more than ever, but some say it’s leading to lower ■ If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would
quality work.”

28 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Research provides a much more comprehensive picture of the total economic impact of women-owned firms.

have the 5th largest GDP in the world, Franchise Trends Strong Growth in the Baby Boomer Industries:
ahead of countries including France, the In-home senior care is doing very well.
United Kingdom, and Italy.
Future Projections for 2010 They are mostly under 100k, and they
■ If women-owned businesses were and Beyond have a product that many people need,
their own country, they would have a not just want. There is demand for this

greater GDP than Canada, India and est Performing Franchises of 2009: product, and the supply (number of
Vietnam COMBINED. Franchises that have an “all-in” cost concepts) has increased more than any
■ Industries where women-owned below $100k are far and away doing other industry that we have in the last two
businesses have the highest revenues the best. These concepts are less likely years. These, too, have increased their
include professional, scientific, to need financing and thus are more in spending with us. The best example is
technical services; retail, wholesale; demand. Businesses that can be run from Right at Home.
business services; communication, home and/or run as a second source of
media; and administrative, support, income are also doing very well. Vending By Garth Snider, President of FranchiseOpportunities. At
FranchiseOpportunities Network, we identify, create and distribute valu-
waste remediation. concepts are very popular right now as well able information regarding franchising and small business opportunities.
as they fit both of these profiles. Visit www.franchiseopportunities.com.
For more information on The National
Women’s Business Council, visit www.nwbc. Popularity vs. Profitability: There is still For more information visit
gov. For more information on The Center www.homebusinessmag.com and click the
a lot of interest in the food franchises, News Channel.
for Women’s Business Research, visit www.
womensbusinessresearch.org. but the entry point is prohibitive for many
given the credit crunch.

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®

7 Publicity Myths


Separate The PR Facts From The Fiction
By Pam Lontos

very business needs a cost-effective way
communications needs and
to keep their names, their products or
how they relate to competitors’
their services in front of their prospects
movements. Those elements help
and customers. For many business owners,
with the visualization of several
publicity is the key to such recognition
opportunities to convey messages
and awareness. When done correctly, at a reasonable cost, in very When done correctly, publicity develops your name
publicity develops your name recognition,
efficient ways. recognition, gives your business instant credibility, and
ultimately leads to increased sales.
gives your business instant credibility, and
Publicity can come from
ultimately leads to increased sales. And best
anywhere and in many different
of all, publicity is absolutely free.A thorough
forms. It can be as simple as having your splashed across the headlines of a magazine
internal and external assessment is a starting
product reviewed by a blogger, or as or newspaper. Unfortunately, because of
point, bringing together the company’s
dynamic as having your company’s name the many myths that shroud the concept
of publicity, many business owners fail to
seek it out.
Exploring the New Breed of Celebrity Before you can get your business the
publicity it deserves, you need to separate
By Marsha Friedman
the PR facts from the fiction. Below are
It used to be that the only way 4. Why am I the one to bring this the most common publicity myths and the
to be a celebrity was to be on TV, idea to them? truths behind them.
in the movies, or to do something 5. How can I make my points
completely lame. However, over the unique and different from what MYTH #1 – I NEED TO OWN A “BIG”
last decade, a new kind of celebrity has already been said on the BUSINESS TO GET THE MEDIA’S ATTENTION.
has emerged — the expert celebrity. topic by others? While it’s true that big business names
These are people who are absolutely are common in magazine and trade
You must “zero-in” on the one
at the top of their professions, and journal articles, the fact is big business
singular, unifying idea that excites
find a way to use the media to offer makes up only a small percentage of the
and energizes you — the one that
their expertise to the masses. American economy. Most readers know
urges you to get out of bed every
In today’s world of specialty the big business names, but they often
morning — the one that defines who
programming on TV and radio and can’t identify with them or their challenges.
you are and what you represent. This
with the explosion of web marketing, That’s why many magazines and trade
one central idea will be the driving
online media and social media journals are eager to hear the opinions
force behind every single work within
marketing — becoming a celebrity and perspectives from owners of small and
your book.
is no longer just for the A list of medium-sized businesses. So whether you’re
Success in today’s world requires
movie stars and recording artists we a solo entrepreneur, a franchise operator or
business leaders to market in
normally think of. If you’re in business a family business owner, find out what the
a way they may never have done
and are focused on expansion, there reporters want and then enthusiastically
before. They need to rise above their
is no better way than to become a give your slant on the topic.
competition, and become THE ‘go-
celebrity expert in your field.
to’ guy in their field, the recognized
The first step that many experts take MYTH #2 – MY BUSINESS WILL BE A
expert people want to deal with.
to establish their celebrity is to write HOUSEHOLD NAME FROM ONE BIG HIT.
The credibility that comes with this
a book about their area of expertise. Getting mentioned in or interviewed
recognition can build a business or
In order to be successful, experts by a major national publication with a
turn one around that’s failing.
should ask themselves five questions circulation of over one million readers
before putting pen to paper: Marsha Friedman is a prominent business woman who has run her is certainly impressive. But will such
1. What message am I enthusiastic
company successfully through prosperity and adversity, ironically having a stroke of luck make your business a
one of her best revenue years in the midst of 2008’s recession.
about that I want to convey? She is the author of Celebtritize Yourself from Warren Publishing household name? Not likely. To become
2. Who can benefit from it? (www.celebritizeyourself.com). As a radio personality and public speaker, a household name, you need to develop
Marsha can be heard every week on the nationally syndicated talk radio “top-of-mind awareness.” What is top of
3. How will it help them? show “The Family Roundtable” where problems that modern families
face are discussed. mind awareness? It’s when people think
Continued on page 32

30 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
7 Publicity Myths That Can Hurt Your Business
Continued from page 30

of you first to fulfill their product or service needs. It’s when

publications of all sizes quote you and publish your articles.
It’s when customers and prospects say, “I’ve seen your
company everywhere.” Most important, it’s when people
purchase your products or services because they know your
company’s name and they perceive you as the marketplace
leader. The only way to get top-of-mind awareness (to
become a household name) is through constant exposure in
a variety of publications, not just one big placement.


In most cases, the person interviewing you, as well as the
publication’s readers, are not as intimate with your industry as
you are. Therefore, they need the information you give them
to be understandable and at a layperson’s comprehension
level. The best approach is to avoid speaking with industry
jargon or using techno-terms. Instead, speak as if you were
explaining something for the first time. The simpler you can
make your information, the better your chances of being
quoted as the expert source.

…whether you’re a solo entrepreneur,

a franchise operator or a family business
owner, find out what the reporters want and
then enthusiastically give your slant on the

While you don’t want to rehash old news, there’s no need
to rack your brain for a totally new theory or perspective. The
RUN YOUR OWN best approach is to present your findings, opinions, or topic of
expertise in a new light — one that may be close to someone

ONLINE CITY GUIDE else’s, but that catches the reporter’s or editor’s interest. Perhaps
you have information that can refute a recent claim or shows
how a current business challenge is affecting the publication’s
Calling Everyone target readership. When you simply put a new spin on a
,W¶V6R6LPSOH current theory or insight that interests the publication’s readers,
who wants to
You sell ads on reporters will want to present your findings.
make MONEY!!!
your site and You
keep 100% of ALL
your income!

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Make yourself stand out as a reliable information source and you
or visit www.CityUSA.biz will get the media’s attention.

32 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Now, customized button
jobs are fast and easy with
our Starter Kit.
When you simply put a new spin on a current theory or insight For only $75.90 $29.95,
that interests the publication’s readers, reporters will want to our Starter Kit has every-
present your findings. thing you need to make
your first ten 2 1/4"
It’s common for small and medium-sized business owners to
feel intimidated by the big name publications. They envision Request your FREE
high-powered magazine editors schmoozing with big company catalog or order your
Starter Kit today! ✓ FREE Catalog ✓ FREE Shipping
CEOs and lining up interviews with well-known figureheads for
the next six months. In reality, editors scramble daily to find
people to interview who have knowledge on the latest trends
and topics. Realize, too, that editors must find new and exciting 800.223.4103 • www.badgeaminit.com
people to interview either weekly or monthly, so the more
knowledgeable people they can add to their database, the better. Badge-A-Minit, Dept. NHB310,
Make yourself stand out as a reliable information source and 345 N. Lewis Ave., Oglesby, IL 61348 ON
you will get the media’s attention. ❏ Please send me my FREE catalog. SALE
❏ Send me a Starter Kit for only $29.95 (IL residents Sav
add $1.95 tax). 60%!!
❏ Discover ❏ AMEX
Small publications are just as important as the big ones. Why? Card No. Exp. Date
Because you never know who reads them. You may think that a Name/Title
magazine with a 10,000-15,000 circulation could never get your Address
City State/Zip
business the kind of publicity you want, but what if half of those
FREE shipping on all UPS Ground orders.
readers were your target customers? Even better, what if your
interview or article in a small publication prompted an editor
from a large publication to call you? So target small publications
as well as the large ones. As long as your information is interesting
and accurate, you will gain more attention and get the publicity
you need. Digital and online circulation of print magazines can
greatly increase traditional print circulation.


Don’t assume that you can abandon traditional PR tools
just because you start having some success with social media
marketing. It’s a useful and inexpensive element of publicity,
but you also need the credibility and marketing from other
traditional tools, such as print publicity in newspapers and
magazines. In addition, some online reputation sites will give
you a lower ranking if you don’t have anything in the “real
world.” Just remember, you still need media exposure and a
physical presence, in addition to your online presence.

Getting publicity is the best way to promote your business.

And when you know the facts of the PR business, you can
attain the publicity you need easily and then use it to your
best advantage. With a constant stream of good publicity,
your business is destined to grow.
Pam Lontos is president of PR/PR, a public relations firm based in Orlando, Fla. She
is author of “I See Your Name Everywhere: Leverage the Power of the Media to Grow
Your Fame, Wealth and Success” and is a former vice president of sales for Disney’s
Shamrock Broadcasting. PR/PR has placed clients in publications such as USA Today,
Entrepreneur, Time, Reader’s Digest and Cosmopolitan. PR/PR works with established
businesses, as well as entrepreneurs who are just launching their company. For a free
publicity consultation, e-mail Pam@prpr.net or call 407-299-6128. To receive free pub-
licity tips, go to www.PRPR.net and register for the monthly e-newsletter, PR/PR Pulse!
For more information visit www.homebusinessmag.com and click
the Marketing >> Publicity Channel.

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®


and Twitter
For B2B, It’s All About LinkedIn
By Steve Fretzin, CEO of Sales Results

hen the ball dropped on 2010, experience, it’s a great
many people made resolutions way to re-connect with
to make this a year of financial people you’ve lost LinkedIn has a very unique tool that allows
success. Whether this means brokering touch with along the you to ask people you are connected with
new business relationships, increasing way and someone you to connect you with people they know in a
your current client base, or even reaching went to college with professional way.
a new demographic of clientele, your could now be your
resolution will no doubt require you to ideal business partner! a tutorial or explanation of LinkedIn to
network more efficiently. ■ You can use it to get quality introductions. be sure you save valuable time down the
However, networking has changed a LinkedIn has a very unique tool that road. You don’t want to realize too late
great deal in the last few years. Meeting allows you to ask people you are that the way you are using LinkedIn is just
up and “doing lunch” is still a beloved connected with to connect you with a waste of your time.
practice, but it has taken a back seat people they know in a professional
to other forms of communication, such way. A quality introduction like this is KNOW THE TRICKS
as online social networking. Through a great way to get your foot in the door There are three keys to being effective
online social networking, you can reach and gives you more credibility than a on LinkedIn. First, create a complete
hundreds, if not thousands, of potential cold call would. and sophisticated profile. Second, have a
contacts and clients, all with the click of strategy for building your network. Larger
a mouse. networks provide more contacts, but they
Indeed, thanks to online social networks
such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn,
networking has never been easier or more
“ LinkedIn not only
allows you to connect
may not get you in the door as well as
a tighter group. Third, use the advanced
search tool to target the industries or
efficient. However, choosing between these with people you know, companies that will get you the best
3 valuable sites can be complicated — but results in less time.
no one wants to waste valuable time and but it shows you the
energy trying to navigate all three. degree of separation In today’s information era, the Internet
For home business owners, LinkedIn is is a crucial part of every business success
generally the best bet. Here’s why:
between you and plan. If you don’t utilize the Internet and
others you are not yet online social networks, you are missing
It brings the separation gap from 6° to 2°. out on free, easy ways to expand your
connected to.

LinkedIn not only allows you to connect client base in as little as 30 minutes.
with people you know, but it shows you
the degree of separation between you If you are new to LinkedIn and Sales Results is an elite provider of sales
coaching and business networking all about
and others you are not yet connected to. aren’t sure where to start, consider the results. Their clients know that effective
This allows you to discover who your following pointers: coaching is the best investment they can
make in their careers, and Sales Results strives
connections are connected with, and to maximize that ROI (return on investment).
many times they’re just the people you MAKE A GAME PLAN They work with entrepreneurs, sales teams,
need to know! Understand what you are looking to and business professionals who aspire to the
highest standards and practices of business
■ It allows you to reach the white collar accomplish before beginning — many development in their chosen industries. They
crowd. When you’re using social people jump into using social media offer sales instruction and support as well as networking events and
networking to build your home business, without a plan. If you are looking for development workshops. Their experienced and supremely dedicated
sales coaches lead by example. All boast impressive track records in
LinkedIn is the best tool because it is more sales, be sure to create a large but sales, management, and business development and inject a great deal of
used by so many white collar workers. focused network within the LinkedIn site. humanity into the sales coaching process. For more information, please visit
This helps you not only reach a large Going in blind is never a good idea.
audience, but your target audience.
For more information visit www.
■ You can easily find people you know LEARN THE LAYOUT homebusinessmag.com and
through school and work. Because Take an hour to go through the LinkedIn
click the Marketing >> Internet
the profile includes an extensive area tutorials or attend a seminar — in less
Marketing Channel.
to profile your school and work than two hours, you should be able to find
34 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
How to Build

a Service-Based
Business through
Zeroing in on Profitable Partners
By Sue Anderson-Lenz, Marketing Lure, Inc.
Service-based partnerships can open up the door to bigger, better

here is an old saying in marketing and inclined to trust projects, and the return on investment can be phenomenal when
sales: People do business with people the new business, partners act as advertisers.
they know, like, and trust. That’s fine too. Business
for tangible products where customers can partnerships get your name in front of
As you progress up
“kick the tires” before buying, but what can
a service-based business do to gain the trust
of someone who really has no idea how the
a bigger audience of buyers. They help
expand your reach into new markets or
geographic regions. They can open up the

the partnership pyramid,
product will turn out?
Two ways to overcome the trust issue are
door to bigger, better projects, and the
return on investment can be phenomenal
the level of commitment
with guarantees and testimonials. But even when partners act as advertisers. increases in-line
then, you are asking prospective customers In general, partnerships can be divided
to trust unknown endorsers, and you, that into four categories. As you progress with the likelihood of
you will stay true to your word. A far
better way to break down the trust barrier
up the partnership pyramid, the level
of commitment increases in-line with
success and benefits
is through business partnerships. Look
around, and you will find many examples of
service-based partnerships in everyday life:
the likelihood of success and benefits
gained. Let’s briefly examine these four
partnerships in detail.

responsible for earning the customer’s
■ Airlines partner with hotels and car trust. Subcontractors in turn, must earn the
rental agencies; ASSOCIATIONS contractor’s trust.
■ Real estate agents routinely refer home Associations are relationships that you When the partnership works well, the
buyers to inspectors; develop through daily contacts. Minimally, subcontractor benefits from the contractor’s
■ Doctors and hospitals refer their associations serve as connection points that marketing efforts and good reputation.
patients to other doctors for specialty give your business greater exposure through Likewise, the contractor benefits from more
or follow-up care; the people that you know. The Chamber of projects, customers, and money.
■ Landscapers and tree trimmers work Commerce and trade associations are two The contractor, however, may want to
together on projects; and so forth. ways to connect with other businesses. Since protect their reputation by requiring that the
many groups publish their membership subcontractor work through them. If that’s
Service-based partnerships work because lists, they also help get your business name the case, there will be few opportunities to
the buyer trusts the business making the on the Internet. establish relationships with customers.
referral. As a result, customers are more Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Relying exclusively on subcontracted
Xing, and BizSugar also give you Internet partnerships can be risky, too. When business
exposure, and you can demonstrate your is slow, contracting partners may opt to do
Partnerships expertise through conversations with the work themselves rather than outsource,
Partnerships can be divided into other members. Or, you can join Business and if their jobs dry up, yours do, too.
four categories. As you progress up Matchmaking and meet actual buyers in
the partnership pyramid, the level regional, speed-dating-like events. REFERRAL NETWORKS
of commitment increases in-line In all cases, there is little investment, Referral-based partnerships eliminate
with the likelihood of success and trust, or commitment to get involved. It some of the baggage mentioned above. In
benefits gained. is likely that you will get more leads this type of arrangement, businesses refer
through your associations, but don’t count partners when one of their customers is in
Strategic Alliances
on personal endorsements. For this, you the market for a partner’s services. Partners
need to develop higher-level partnerships operate independently, which gives both
Referral Networks
with individual businesses. businesses the opportunity to establish
their own reputations.
Subcontracting Partnerships SUBCONTRACTING PARTNERSHIPS Customers initially trust the new business
Next in the pyramid, subcontracting because they trust the referral partner.
partnerships can be a great source of The referred business subsequently earns
steady work. In this type of relationship, the new customer’s trust and builds their
the contractor takes the lead and is reputation by the work they perform.
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36 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
How to Build a Service-Based Business

through Partners
Continued from page 36

Still with most referral networks, there is minimal incentive to

refer partners, and the relationship can become lopsided if one
partner does most of the referring.

At the top of the pyramid, strategic alliances can be the hardest
to achieve, but hold the greatest promise in terms of real business
growth. Ideal partnerships complement and leverage each other’s
core strengths. For the partnership to work, both must share a
common vision. What should be accomplished, what is valued or
of interest, and what is required or expected from the partnership
should be clear to both parties.
Customers win because the partnership creates a better product,
better customer experience, or increased value. Partners win because
together they can take their combined services into new markets,
acquire bigger projects and customers, or leapfrog over competitors.

“ Once you know what you want, what you

bring, and what your ideal partner looks like, it’s
time to start your search.

Recognized as “one of the smartest strategies for competing
in the government market,” Teaming USA is a relatively new
resource that helps small businesses forge strategic partnerships
to win government contracts. You don’t need an organization
like Teaming USA to form strategic alliances, but all successful
partnerships require a strategy.

In terms of partners, there is no one formula for success. You
can have any number of partners and types of partnerships
depending on your goals. However, the strongest partnerships

WARNING have three necessary ingredients:

■ The partnership is mutually beneficial for both parties;
■ Partners complement each other, that is, each partner brings
unique value and skills to the partnership; and
Do Not Order A Windshield Repair ■ Both partners work in the same industry or serve the

Kit Until You Go To This Website: same customers.



Scott Tyner

Partners win because together they can take their combined
7KHUHDUHTXDOLÀFDWLRQVWKDWPXVWEHPHWWRTXDOLI\IRUWKHIUHHFRXUVH services into new markets, acquire bigger projects and
customers, or leapfrog over competitors.

38 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Before you embark on a partnership search, first prioritize
your goals. For example, are you purely interested in more jobs,
Confessions of a Postcard Millionaire!
How an Under Paid, Over Worked MLM “Junkie”
wanting more leads, or wanting a partnership that will help you
from Small Town Texas Discovered the “Hidden
establish your own reputation? Next, list out what things (skills,
Code”, creates a Recruiting Machine, Builds A
values, and/or benefits) you will bring to the partnership. Second Income and Downline Over 11,317 in 18
Third, create a profile for your ideal partner. One way to do Months All By Mail! ood”
this is by figuring out where your services fit in the ecosystem. e Joe Does “G
Order Your “FREE”
Think about what’s going on in the customers’ lives at the time 24 Hour Cash Machine
when they need your services, and what customers typically do Info Pkt Today! Create
immediately before and after they hire you. Your Own Bail - Out
Plan Today!
If, for example, you own a dog kennel, chances are the first thing
24hr Recorded
your customers do after they pick up their dog is give it a bath. By
partnering with a groomer, you and your partner can make extra ys “Hi”
1-866-722-5363 Sgt the Rotti Sa
money doing something your customers would otherwise have to
do themselves. ĺ No Cold Calls!
ĺ No Chasing Folks! 5 Time MLM Loser
ĺ No Lotions, Potions or Pills! “Rings The Register”
LOOK BEYOND THE OBVIOUS ĺ Yes 2 - 3 Income Streams!
ĺ Yes 1-2-3 Automated Follow-up Letters!
To uncover richer partnership opportunities, think outside of the ĺ TURN OFF The Computer Finally Get PAID!
box. Using my own writing services as an example, my obvious ĺ Don’t Spend a Dime Until Your Downline is in Place!
ĺ National Magazine Co-op That Actually Works!
partners are marketing and public relation agencies. They can be
Voted #1 Mail Order Recruiting System in America!
great sources of work. However, since most marketers are willing
and able to create their own content, my value to them is limited. Optional FREE Gift - The “How To Get Rich with
Postcards” 72 pg Money Grabbing Report “The Money
Alternatively, I could partner with e-mail marketing vendors that
Flow”, Yours FREE Return Ad with $5 for Shipping.!
serve customers by distributing e-mails and managing their contact
www.mailpostcardsfromhome.com DBN ID#
lists. Normally these businesses do not assist with content creation,
Your FREE kit includes: Postcards, Leads and a Booklet! HBM
which creates a gap that a marketing writer like me can fill.
The partnership is a win-win because the e-mail vendors win with Call or Return to: DBN, PO Box 8147, Huntsville TX 77340
a way to attract customers that do not want to do it themselves, and
I win because the partnership gives me access to more customers.


Once you know what you want, what you bring, and what
your ideal partner looks like, it’s time to start your search.
Network with people you already know through your associa-
tions. If nobody fits your ideal partner profile, figure out where
ideal partners would hang out and get involved.
When talking with prospective partners, don’t just talk about or Form a
you. Highlight the benefits you’ll both gain by partnering, volun-
teer your services as a way to prove yourself, and suggest a few
small projects to test the partnership.
Limited Liability Company
If you stand to gain more from a proposed partnership, or just *Just pay the State Fees
want to “grease the wheels,” don’t be afraid to offer incentives.
Two simple ways to encourage partners are to give them money Personal Asset Protection
for their referrals, and to create special discounts that they can Additional Fringe Benefits
pass on to their customers. Added Tax Savings
Enhanced Credibility
Business partnerships have been around for centuries, and with Added Security
good reason: Partnerships are some of the best ways businesses Enhanced Retirement/Medical Plans
of any size can grow customers and revenue. Sites like Teaming
USA, business schools, and books are wonderful resources to tap Laughlin Associates, Inc. Your most trusted, experienced
for advice. Ultimately though, success hinges on two things: your corporation-formation company Since 1972
ability to find great partners, and to be a great partner.
© Copyright 2010 Marketing Lure, Inc. Software director turned high tech writer,
Sue Anderson-Lenz leverages her 23+ years as a marketing target to create
clear, credible marketing material and websites that drive people to act. Visit http://
www.marketinglure.com or call 630-230-1787 for a complimentary consultation.
For more information visit www.homebusinessmag.com
Laughlin Associates
the power of INC.
and click the Businesses or Start-a-Biz Channel. Expires: May. 28, 2010 Since 1972

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®


Getting Involved with a Local Charity Can
Benefit Society and Your Business
By Christopher J. Bachler
You make lots of useful contacts and make yourself better known by

esides running your home business, mediary contacts helping a charity, and you can also demonstrate your capabilities.
you need to reach outside your private through whom
enclave in order to promote yourself you might make many additional contacts. and be sure to keep your commitments.
and to make the many contacts you will need. You want to prove yourself to be a
Beyond making your business known, you CHARITY WORK’S PERSONAL DIMENSION dependable person who honors commit-
must also make yourself known. Since you There’s also a personal dimension to char- ments and performs competently.
are the business, your business success will ity work. Entrepreneurs are doers, and doers ■ Expect miracles. There’s no guarantee
ultimately rise or fall on your reputation. like to accomplish things. For them, achieve- that you will make useful contacts or
But that’s something you can’t very well ment is not just a good feeling, but a neces- even get favorable publicity. But even if
demonstrate through an ad. The best way to sity. Feeling useful and successful on any level by some chance you make no tangible
prove yourself if through your actual business is the psychological tonic that gives such business gains, remember two points: (1)
dealings. But how can you prove your mettle people the sense of peace and satisfaction You certainly won’t make useful contacts
to prospective customers before you get their that helps them through life’s difficulties. or generate publicity by sitting quietly at
business? One of the best ways is by partici- According to aptitude specialists, people home; and (2) No matter what your busi-
pating in charity work. Charities tend to draw need to use all their special aptitudes in ness gains may be, you can still make an
lots of important people and free publicity. order to feel healthy and happy. Failure important contribution to a good cause!
Not only can you make lots of useful contacts to do so causes frustration and unhappi- Thus, the payoff is guaranteed!
and make yourself better known, but you can ness. That’s one reason why entrepreneurs
also demonstrate your capabilities. should choose businesses in which they will FINDING CHARITIES
Through your participation you can: utilize their special gifts. But since it’s not Many groups advertise or post notices in
■ Help raise funds. likely that you will utilize all of your special churches or other public places. You’re also
■ Participate in promotional or educa- aptitudes in your work, it’s important that likely to hear or read about such groups
tional activities. you find other constructive outlets for those through the media. The Yellow Pages and
■ Render special services that might be pent-up abilities that are dying to be useful. the Internet are good places to begin your
needed. Charity work can give you that opportunity. hunt. Look under various listings such as
charities, health charities, or civic groups.
If your goal is to meet certain types of ■ Pick a charity you believe in. Not only ■ Charity Navigator –
people, some groups will be better than would it be disingenuous to work with a http://www.charitynavigator.org
others. You can’t know what sort of people charity to which you’re not attached, but ■ Better Business Bureau – www.bbb.org
you’ll meet until you join and see for your- you may lack the enthusiasm to make (check under “For Charities and Donors”)
self. But through most charitable causes, a really meaningful contribution to the ■ The American Institute of
you will meet movers and shakers and cause. Shop around for something that Philanthropy’s “Charity Watch” site –
many of the most prominent and ambitious excites you. http://www.charitywatch.org
businesspeople in your community. Indeed, ■ Avoid controversy. Controversial causes ■ The Charity Guide –
few charitable groups can make it without might offend other people—the last thing http://www.charity-charities.org
the help of such prominent civic leaders. you want to do! So choose something
Most charities’ local boards of directors are outside of political or controversial areas. Christopher J. Bachler is a 20+-year
veteran business writer and editor,
dominated by such folks. And many local Health-related or civic improvement based in Drexel Hill, PA.
business enterprises will also be involved in groups are usually safe bets.
any number of ways, such as:
■ Donating money or equipment DON’T...
■ Hosting special events on their premises ■ Over-commit yourself. Charitable par-
■ Actively participating in various fund rais- ticipation can be like stepping into a
ing, promotional or educational activities black hole—they’ll be happy to let you
do as much as possible, and they might For more information visit
Even if you don’t meet the people you call on you to do even more. So start www.homebusinessmag.com and click the
want, you can still make valuable inter- slowly, see how much you can handle, Business Growth Channel.

40 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Helping Patients Stay
on their Diets

Father and Son Business Creates a

Hunger-Controlling Cookie
By Priscilla Y. Huff

hirty years ago, Dr. Sanford Siegal, a private bakery Matthew says, “My father
young Miami physician, realized that personally mixes every batch of his propri-
Hunger Wrecks Diets™. He knew etary hunger-controlling protein formula.” Matthew Siegal and Dr. Sanford Siegal of
that if he could control his patients’ hunger Due to increased inquiries, the Siegals COOKIE DIET® say, “In recessions, deliver
necessities, not frivolous luxuries.”
he could help them stick to their diets and launched their web site, www.CookieDiet.com
lose weight. Drawing on his chemistry back- to take direct orders.” They also opened a break and water the lawn, then go back
ground and passion for cooking, he discov- seven kiosks and a Beverly Hills store, and inside and resume (business) work.”
ered that combining certain food substances began selling through retailers in the U. S., The Siegals believe the slow economy
in a particular way produces a mixture of Canada, and Latin America. With so much has helped their sales’ growth. “People need
proteins that offers unusual hunger control media attention, the Siegals do little paid to eat, and one reason why our business is
per calorie. Dr. Siegal used his discovery advertising. Referrals from satisfied dieters booming is that most of our customers find
to create an appetizing, hunger-controlling are their best promotional method. “One it costs less be on Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet
cookie to help his patients stay on their diets. woman who lost weight with our system, than not to be on it,” says Matthew.
Encouraged by his patients’ weight-loss suc- opened a mall kiosk and says she is selling With 80,000 existing web site members
cess, Dr. Siegal added shake mixes and soups over $100,000 a month worth of our cook- and growing by 10,000 more per month,
to his line of food products. ies,” Matthew says. the Siegals predict $15 to $18 million
Matthew Siegal, the son and now CEO He says working from home gives him dollars in sales this year alone with sweet
of Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET® weight-loss the opportunity to “bounce” between simul- (non-fattening) success. For more infor-
system, says their system has helped over taneous projects. “I may work on research- mation about the Siegal’s products, visit
500,000 customers lose weight. In their ing locations for future stores, then take www.CookieDiet.com.

42 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Pediatric/Neonatal Nursing
Background and Passion
Support Woman’s
Business Goal:
To Bring Awareness to the Dangers of Poor Infant
Positioning in Infant Seat Products
By Home Business Magazine
From her home, Beth Rumack runs BGR Juvenile Products, LLC

eth Rumack, creator of the Snuggin ented Snuggin Go® &
Go®, comes from a long line of entre- Snuggin Go Too® posi- and licenses her invented/patented Snuggin Go® & Snuggin Go
Too® positioners.
preneurs and was inspired to start tioners. She promotes her
her own company by her great grandfather. home-based business by educating about the and specializes in taking care of infants born
Beth’s great grandfather started a Hoy Shoe importance of infant positioning and using with Congenital Heart Disease. Beth spent
Company after WWII, still owned and oper- different media outlets to bring awareness over five years researching infant positioning
ated by her family, which makes the famous and to promote Snuggin Go® products. BGR and designing Snuggin Go®. It is her passion
Salt-Water Sandals for children. It is the Juvenile Products, LLC has a large follow- and goal to bring awareness to the dangers of
American dream to start your own business ing of online customers and is expanding its poor infant positioning in infant seat products
and to have the ability to run a business from presence in small boutiques and larger retail as well as put a quality product on the mar-
home, which allows Beth as a mother to have stores. According to Beth, Snuggin Go® and ket that works and that parents can trust to
the best of both worlds. It allows her the Snuggin Go Too® will be staple-must-have reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
flexibility of being with her young children, products in every family’s home in the next Beth is helping her home-based business
as well as having a career. “Taking an idea 3 to 5 years. grow by attending trade shows, market-
from a concept to a reality and having the Beth’s background, as a pediatric/neonatal ing to brick and mortar stores, making TV
opportunity for others to benefit from it is nurse for over 10 years and as a Neonatal appearances to discuss infant and car seat
truly amazing,” says Beth. Nurse Practitioner for 5 years, helped her safety, and reaching out to the media to
From her home, Beth runs BGR Juvenile develop the Snuggin Go® with her exper- share her innovative mom invention. She is
Products, LLC, a growing manufacturing tise in safe parenting products. She currently excited to embark on this new adventure in
company, which licenses her invented/pat- practices as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner her life.


John Reagan,
Lebanon Tennessee
“If your considering
Knockout Vending - It’s
a great investment!
Don’t waste time!
Act Now!”
Knockout Vending is proud to bring to you the very best in bill operated
boxing amusement machines, one of the easiest ways to make cash.
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machines are a sure knockout moneymaker!
Antonio Tumblin,
“Wherever you place
the machines you are
sure to make money!
Introductory Price Starting at

Knockout Vending is a
great company!”

Dan Salis,

Portland Oregon I recently bought 11 machines. They hook you up
“Anyone who wants to with a machine, a locator and you don’t have to fill
start their own them up with anything. Knockout Vending helps
business should you every step of the way.

” 1-877-KO2-VEND
entrust themselves in Rick Vichroski
Knockout Vending!” Boston Massachusetts. 562-8363

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®


Accounts Receivable Financing is a Route You May Want to
Consider Accounts Receivable Financing a form of short-
By Carla Maria Dummerauf term borrowing, where an advance is made to a
business as a loan or against the purchase of its
accounts receivables.

our cash is tied up, yet you are ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FINANCING
facing an opportunity you just can’t This is another route you may
pass up, a chance to expand into want to consider in order to be able jump you should go into your meet and greet
a new market or a capital investment you on that opportunity which has manifested with your institution of choice armed with
need in order to conduct your business itself to you. This is a form of short-term a fairly good understanding of where your
efficiently and effectively. But these are wild borrowing, where an advance is made to a portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses lie.
and crazy times. You can hear the snap of business as a loan or against the purchase It would help to understand the different
the leather as business belts are tightening; of its accounts receivables. It is prudent for avenues of financial institutions you can
banks and financial lenders being no you to know what you are heading into approach, and what type of product
different. Everyone is cracking down on in order to negotiate the best arrangement they offer in terms of purchase or loan
their extensions of credit, and tightening for you and your business. After all, this agreements. You have to weigh the cost
up on their lending windows. You wonder is a more expensive form of financing, of the missed opportunity against the cost
what alternative options are available to and borrowing against your receivables of this form of short term borrowing or
you to move forward with your plans. inevitably lowers your profit margin. Your relinquishing of your assets, so you can
Where can you turn before your golden best strategy would be to mitigate those make a decision of what best suits you and
opportunity slips through your fingers? losses the best you can. In order to do so, your vision.

Forget the Economy – 3 Ways to Boost

… you should go into your meet
greet with your institution
of choice armed with a fairly
Profits NOW
good understanding of where
By Nathan Jamail your portfolio’s strengths and
weaknesses lie.
Making 2010 the best year in profits is easier than you may think. Many companies
are not choosing to participate in the “recession.” They are choosing to take control of

their company’s economy. There are three areas to focus on in order to make your own
There are three options available to you,
and each one operates slightly different from
1. Fight the “Power of New”: Company leaders who are willing to do what they the other. You can approach Banks, Financial
know and fight the “power of new” will truly win by increasing profits. The “power of Service Agencies, or “The Receivables
new” is the event when the leaders implement a new program and after 60 days the Exchange.” Each one offers its pros and
newness of it has worn off and it starts to look like a lot of work. Fighting the “power cons in relation to the control and servicing
of new” takes a strong leader and commitment to keeping the team excited and of your receivable customers, the final
motivated. costs of the agreements, and the freedoms
allowed you in terms of re-investing your
2. Go Back to the Basics: In this recession, it’s going to take great leaders to
cash allocations, as well as how they would
get down to the basics: commitment to practicing; coaching the team; holding team
qualify you, and the receivable accounts you
members accountable to getting to the next level; and team building.
offer in trade.
3. Focus: While other organizations worry about how to hold out until this “economic A bank’s approach to Accounts
downturn” is over, the winning companies will focus on how to take advantage of the Receivable/Inventory Financing (ARIF) is
current economy and will implement their own “economic stimulus package.” either via: a simple single advance note
secured by a blanket lien on the receivables;
The economy can be the greatest excuse for failure or the greatest motivator to
or a fully followed assets-based loan
succeed. The choice is yours!
where the lender secures control over the
Nathan Jamail, president of the Jamail Development Group and author of “The Sales Leaders Playbook,” is a motivational borrower’s cash receipts and disbursements,
speaker, entrepreneur and corporate coach. As a former Executive Director for Sprint, and business owner of several small as well as the quality of collateral. Generally
businesses, Nathan travels the country helping individuals and organizations achieve maximum success. His clients include the borrower still manages the accounts
Radio Shack, Nationwide Insurance, Metro PCS, and Century 21. To book Nathan, visit www.NathanJamail.com or contact receivables, but is required to report to
972-377-0030. the lending institution regularly regarding
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44 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Do you think this mother really wants to leave her baby with a babysitter; not knowing for sure what’s really going on?
Do you think she’d be interested in a simple hidden camera system that would let her see if her baby was being abused or not?
Do You Want A Piece of the
Millions of Dollars Being Spent
On Hidden Cameras, Nanny
Cams and Surveillance
Systems Every Year?
These Are the Perfect Products for A Bad Economy! People Associate Bad
Economic Times With A Rise In Crime and Look For Ways to Protect
Themselves and Their Property. Now YOU Can Help People Protect
Their Homes, Businesses and Family…Plus Put 1,000’s of Dollars In Your
Pocket Every Month! Order Your FREE Wholesale Kit NOW!!!
In the past, surveillance equipment was only used by the government product, no inventory gathering dust, no employees to baby sit, no face to
and private investigators. But now more and more people are finding a face selling, no stress, no fuss, no bother. If you want big money but also
need for this specialized but easy to use equipment. lots of freedom, then you MUST turn your attention to Internet
Millions of people are using nanny cams to check on their babysitters, Marketing. Don’t worry, we will teach you how to sell on the Internet.
surveillance cameras to keep an eye on their homes and businesses and
hidden cameras to catch theft, abuse and infidelity. No other method can Fifth...Our reputation for fair-dealing, quality and service stands
give you the undeniable proof or evidence that a surveillance camera can. behind you. I started small, off a card-table in my house! Over these 20
In this business, you can take real pride in the fact that you protect years, I've seen a lot of "operators" come and go....sell cheap; imitation
property and lives for a living. That you provide peace of mind and real products that don't work right... then disappear. Safety Technology has
security. That you earn your money by helping people make their lives, been in business for over 20 years. We stand behind all our products and
homes and businesses safer.
fully guarantee them.
This is a very, very, very PROFITABLE business. In fact, I'm happy to
show you how to add a few thousand dollars a month of spare time Sixth...Exceptional Dealer Service and Support Our phone lines are
income, if that's what you want...or how to make $10,000.00 a month, manned 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, by people right
$20,000.00 a month, even $50,000.00 a month. Our top dealers enjoy here in my office, who are really knowledgeable about our products and
GIANT incomes --- with far less work, stress and investment than owners
of other kinds of businesses. who want to help you.
Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to…" as A Personal Message From Michael Gravette
soon as these products are put in front of them. A lot of our products are
"Impulse Items", purchased as soon as shown and explained. Like the “If you need to make extra money now,
Wrist Watch or Sunglasses Hidden Cameras or our many other these products are high impulse and easy
cameras hidden in everyday objects with built-in DVRs. to sell in so many different ways. If you
We also carry a full line of non-lethal self defense products, such as: Stun get them in front of people, you will sell
Master® Stun Guns, Pepper Shot® and Wildfire® Pepper Spray, the new them!”
C2 TASERS®, Mace®, Personal Alarms and more.
The current economy is not helping people feel more secure. Safety is on
peoples’ minds. There's a legendary marketing expert named Robert You came this far. You read this information; you demonstrated sincere
Collier who says that the secret to success in selling is to "enter the desire for success in a good, profitable business of your own. The
conversation already taking place in the customer's mind." Well, is there temptation is to procrastinate, to waffle, and to "think it over". But what
a day that crime isn't in the news? is there to think over? Do you want success or not? Act NOW!
Child abductions, nanny and babysitter abuse, theft, assaults, car- "Setting up an online business through Safety Technology was the best decision we
jackings, break-ins and home invasions. As soon as you bring up the ever made." Steve Thibeault, www.tbotech.com
subject of personal and home security, you tap into real concerns.
“If you are determined to succeed, and willing to follow Michael Gravette’s plan,
6 Reasons To Join Safety Technology then, you too can be successful at this business. I am thrilled to be part of Safety
Technology.” David Brackman, www.selfdefenseatl.com
First...Drop-Shipping This means we will ship to your customers with “I attribute much of my success both present and future, to the partnership I have
your name and address on the shipping label. You don’t have to stock with Safety Technology and the mentoring of Mike Gravette. It’s easier to succeed
anything. You are paid by your customer before you have to pay for any with good people helping you.” Chuck Dougherty, www.GetSelfProtection.com
product. You can sell hundreds of products without any upfront costs.
Second...Professional Catalogs We spend over $50,000 a year Please order our FREE Wholesale Kit Today. We will send you
designing and printing our two full-color, professional catalogs...one for our 24-page, self defense products color catalog plus our 28-page
personal and family self-defense products, the other for hidden cameras hidden camera, spy & surveillance systems color catalog plus a
and home and business security products. These catalogs are available to FREE report on 12 ways to sell our products plus a FREE report
you without our company name or identity on them. They give you on Selling on the Internet and our confidential Wholesale Prices.
instant credibility and a Giant Warehouse Source of over 500 products. REMEMBER…WE WILL DROP SHIP FOR YOU!!!
Third...Our Unbeatable Prices You get maximum profits from Safety 4 Ways to Order the FREE Wholesale Kit with Catalogs/Prices
Technology and true wholesale prices. Safety Technology manufactures 1. Call secure order line 24 hours a day: (800) 983-0289 EXT 1
many of the products and is also a major importer. So, you’re buying 2. Fax your name, address, and email address: 904-720-0651
directly from the source…and cutting out the middle man. 3. Mail your request with your name, address and email address
Fourth...at your option, a Complete "Web Site Super Stores" to: Safety Technology, 1867 Caravan Trail #105-B,
Business No other means of making big money lets you keep your Jacksonville, FL 32216
freedom. With my web site Super Stores, you are never chained to a store 4. Request online at our web site and while you’re there, check
counter, your time is your own, there's no handling or shipping of out all our products: www.tbdm.com
Financing in a Cash Crunch

The Tutoring Industry is HOT Continued from page 44

the status of the collateral for the term of

Even in our uncertain economy – parents now the agreement. The bank’s advance rates
more than ever are seeking tutoring for their kids are generally in between 70%–80% of the
receivables for what they define lower risk,

but this depends on their view of the quality

of the accounts. The rates can go down as
their view of quality goes down. The lower
advance rates are applied when the lender
perceives heightened risks of doing business
with your accounts receivable clientele.
They will look at the overall quality of your
customer base, taking into account whether
they are publicly-rated companies, small
privately owned companies, or individuals
as consumers. Finally this type of financing
t Own a Tutor Referral Service in Your Community is a loan; therefore, you will be structured
t Be a Home-Based TUTOR BROKER to pay back the principle + interest + any
t We Teach you how with our Complete Home Tutoring Business Package service fees accrued.
t All for a fraction of the cost of a franchise – no monthly fees or royalties
“ Safe to say the lower advance
rates are applied when the lender
Visit us today at perceives heightened risks of
doing business with your accounts
www.hometutoringbusiness.com receivable clientele.

Or call 1.888.847.0033 Financial Service Agencies (FSAs)
NEW Accounting Tools for Tutors now available at: use a technique called Factoring, which
www.AccountingToolsForTutors.com involves the direct purchase of certain
approved receivables altogether. They
purchase these accounts at a discounted

2010 TR
25+ E–
-Based PS
Spec ess &
ial “N

y Ma
ew D gazin
e” Issu

RY 201


Is Yo
Read ur Busine
What’y for ss
$19 s Com


Proce Feb10_Cove
ss Cyan
CyanP rV4.3.
roces indd
sss Mage
ss Yellow

Find Proce
ss Black
2995 the Fund
s to Sta
y Viable
19022 — Pg. 48

PM 12
9 2:14

Accounts Receivable/Inventory
For faster service, call (800) 734-7042 to subscribe or fax your order to 714-388-3883
$20 $40
Financing is a loan; therefore you will
be structured to pay back the principle
Order Online at www.homebusinessmag.com. Click on the "SUBSCRIBE" button. + interest + any service fees accrued.

46 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
price, say on average 80% of the face all look at your Cash Conversion Cycle.
value which it will pay to you the seller Even TRE will, when qualifying you in
minus their service fees. Unlike the the application process. (In its simplest
banks, the FSAs assume all credit risks terms, the cycle refers to the number of
for the purchased amounts, frequently days between when a business pays for its
performing all accounting functions in materials/inventory and when it receives
connection with the receivables, and cash for these goods. It represents the time
purchasers are notified to remit payments in which working capital is “tied up.”)
directly to the factors, (the FSAs). The institutions will not look at
The Receivables Exchange (TRE) is an delinquent receivables older than 90
online marketplace at receivablesexchange. days, and they would prefer to bargain
com, which houses under one roof all the with those sitting at 30 days. They will
accredited institutional lenders in the market look closely at delinquency trends within
for purchasing receivables. TRE is in the the receivables base. Rising delinquency
business of buying and selling receivables means increased risk, which may signal
through real time auctions. Sellers post one problems with the borrower and the
or more receivables, control the pricing capacity to collect. That is going to affect
parameters, and set the minimum amount your advance percentages, if not your
of advance they are willing to accept, as eligibility altogether.
well as the maximum fee they are willing The institutions will scrutinize your
to pay. They also determine the length that business and your industry’s performance
their receivables are open for bid (average in the current economic environment at
3–10 days.). There are entry requirements the time of the application, as well as your
you have to meet in the application process, position within the industry and your
like having your doors open for business customer base. They will check for
for a minimum of two years, as well as a lien searches. Some will even ask for a
minimum annual sales of no less than half a criminal records search, and they will
million dollars. be looking in particular for registrations
of “purchase money interests” and “tax
WHAT INFORMATION DO YOU NEED TO liens,” because these take legal priority
PROVIDE? over a lender’s lien, or an outright
You will be bringing with you your purchaser.
financial statements, recent tax returns, What would put a smile on everyone’s
and your “aged” accounts receivables face is if the receivables have a 3rd party
in the form of a report listing your guarantee or insurance. This reduces the
accounts and detailing the current status risks, and thereby justifiably supports
of delinquency of the balance owed. higher advance percentages. Some
Delinquency is commonly defined as 30, examples of these types of guarantees or
60, and 90 days overdue relative to the insurance are government-sponsored and
terms listed on the invoice. private insurance programs. No doubt
these can significantly influence eligibility

“ofYouthehave to weigh the cost

missed opportunity

Know what you hold in your accounts

against the cost of this form receivable portfolio. Even if you are not
of short term borrowing / at the moment considering Accounts
or relinquishing of your Receivable Financing, it may serve you
” well to look at some of the issues put forth
and tighten up on the areas that you feel
may currently not stack up in
HOW WILL YOUR ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES respect to these accounts. It
BE VALUED? can only improve your bottom
For you to effectively be able to negotiate line.
and decide if you are getting a fair deal,
understand what institutions are looking Carla M Dummerauf is the owner of
CHICKMELIONfreelance who offers a triple threat advantage for small
for as qualifications. If it is a loan that business such as writing, design and marketing services, ensuring you
you are looking to take out against your get the complete package. CHICKMELIONfreelance specializes in:
Article Marketing, Press Releases, Newsletters, E-brochures, Banner Ads,
receivables, then the banks will take into Squeeze pages and much much more at affordable prices.. It is Carla’s
consideration your purpose for the loan, belief that no business is too small for the best of services, and no budget
your anticipated source of repayment, and is too small for the best of solutions. Carla has held a Marketing Degree
for over 20 years and lives to watch small businesses grow. After all it is
the quality of the receivables you lay down. the backbone of our country, don’t you think? For more information catch
In fact, all of the institutions will give a up with Carla at http://chickmelionfreelance.blogspot.com.
close look at this. In addition, they will
March/April 2010 | Home Business ®
25 Best Retirement Businesses:
Continued from page 25
“youDecide what type of tours
want to lead and write
14. TOUR LEADER a business and marketing
Travel is no longer for wealthy
individuals. Competition and the recent
plan to reach potential
slow economic times have created
affordable prices that have made travel
a popular pastime for all ages. You can 15. VINTAGE REPRODUCTIONS OR RESTORATION
” Antique specialists, museums, and collectors
will also pay for the repair or restoration of
lead bike, bus, rail, ship, and/or flight Theatre, movie, and television companies; original items…
tours to local, state-, nation-, or worldwide collectors, and different mature age groups
destinations. You can subcontract your seek reproductions of vintage clothing, For more business start-up information,
services to local travel agencies, tourists jewelry, old toys, and other bygone visit web sites like the U. S. Small

bureaus, schools, volunteer agencies, and items for various purposes or for their Business Administration’s www.sba.
other organizations; or you can operate collections. Antique specialists, museums, gov/50plusentrepreneur/index.html; www.
your own tour business. and collectors will also pay for the repair SCORE.org; the Kauffman Foundation’s Fast-
Success Tips: Check to see what or restoration of original items ranging Trac business development programs, www.
licensing and business regulations you must from fountain pens, vehicles, telephones, fasttrac.org/; and local community resources.
follow. It is helpful to have a travel industry and countless other items. Research your idea, consult with experts, write
background; or enroll in courses for needed Success Tips: Enroll in old-world craft a business plan, and then launch into your own
certification. Decide what type of tours centers, or take private lessons to learn the home business. Start today and operate it the
you want to lead and write a business skills needed to reproduce or restore the rest of your life, if you choose, earning money
and marketing plan to reach potential items in which you plan to specialize. Test- while doing work you love!
customers. Advertise in travel publications, market your items, selling on online auction
radio and television ads, by writing articles, sites, as well as on craft and specialty Priscilla Y. Huff (www.PYHuff.com) welcomes
comments at Home Business Connect http://
and with a web site. Add additional income sites. Find new customers by writing and connect.homebusinessmag.com/; and on
with travel CDs and publications of tours; advertising in related trade publications and Twitter: http://Twitter.com/HerHisBizWriter.
and by offering to find the best deals and collectors’ sites.
packages for your clients. Suggested Resources For more information visit
Suggested Resources *http://AntiqueRestorers.com/ - information. *Vintage Indie™ www.homebusinessmag.
*The Business of Tour Operations, 3rd ed., by Pat Yale Magazine, http://vintageindie.typepad.com/vintage_indie/about_. com and click the Business
*www.itmitourtraining.com/ - Tour director training. html - vintage entrepreneurs. Start-Up Channel.

Cleanout Foreclosures
Turn a truck, some tools and some cleaning products into real money!

Everything You Need to Know Your book is phenomenal!

It contains all the important
info my partners & I were
Make good money cleaning out looking for. Your decision to
and maintaining foreclosures. share your years of experience
plet ,
Com Manual
with us will save our company
Step by step you’ll learn t u p e s s from making costly mistakes.
Star th Busin sional
how to: i es I like the way you’ve organized
CD w nd Prof erials the chapters to show what to
t Start your business regardless of age, sa Mat
gender, or race... Form rketing do from beginning to the end

Ma of the job. The sidebars are fun
t Begin using just basic tools you Just
$ & informative.
probably already have... – Linda M., Arizona
Start your own
t Build your income limited only by recession-proof
how hard you want to work!!! business today! The manual was a big help
in starting my business, as
of today I have my sixth job
Perfect Full Time, Part Time or Home Based Business! (work order) and two
www.cleanoutforeclosures.com • 800-685-9670 national clients.
Author J T Stewart shares the secrets of his start-up and 10 years of success. – Shawn T., Ohio

48 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
10 Additional Retirement Start-up Business Ideas
1. Green Consultant – Advise home and business 6. Mobile Business – Bring your services, tutoring,
owners how to save money and energy, and protect the grooming, hair styling, and car detailing directly to
environment in their lifestyles and operations. clients’ homes or offices.

2. Grandparents’ E-zine – Write an e-zine, blog, or 7. School Assembly Presentations – Schools, home-
column specializing in experiences and/or products, schooling organizations, and institutions seek educational
advice, or other topics that grandparents can share with and/or entertaining presentations featuring programs
their grandchildren. on animal, science, and other topics for their students,
clients, and patients.
3. Information Specialist – Sell clients reports in the
industry or profession in which you are experienced and 8. Teaching-Tutoring – Share your knowledge and
an expert. expertise with others instructing through online,
in-school, or private classes.
4. In-Home Care (Non-Medical) Services – Run
errands and assist seniors, home-bound individuals, 9. Technology Installer – Set-up, install, and provide
and others who have demanding work and/or travel basic operating instructions to buyers of televisions,
schedules with daily (non-medical) tasks. computers, and home entertainment and theatre systems.
5. Inventions/Innovations – Use your industry and/or 10. Travel Writer – Write informative pieces about travel
hobby training and experiences to create, patent, and destinations for local, national, and global web sites and
license new products. print publications.


Just cashing checks and money orders that came to my mailbox. The week before
I made $2,800, the week before that $3,900! I couldn’t stop getting paid if I wanted to!


While people everywhere are wasting money on impossible “Now I understand why you said this is the secret method big
internet programs old fashioned direct mail builds fast fortunes! companies have used to build a fortune for more than 50 years! It is
Now, for the first time ever, you can do what I do. low tech but it works and works and works.” Thomas, still employed
but hate my job, St. Paul, MN
“I spent thousands on internet programs over the years. What a
waste! Now I place a simple phone call and the checks, money Make $$$ like the pros! The work is done for you; If you can place a
orders and cash show up in my mail box every day!” Austin J, laid simple phone call all you have to do is open your mail box and collect
off contractor, San Antonio, TX the checks and money orders.

“I can’t write worth a darn or spell worth a lick so I’m glad all the Now, for the first time ever I will reveal the astonishing secret to a never
work is done for me. Received $800 today for mailings I didn’t ending river of cash in your mailbox but ONLY If you act immediately! I
even do! This is the best program ever!” Monique, single mom, will even give you my private phone number so I can personally help you
New Orleans, LA jump start your success! But I can’t help everyone, so act now.

SASE to L.W. Publications, Inc., 4535 W. Sahara Ave, Ste 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102

March/April 2010 | Home Business ®

Top Three
“Green” Savers

Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money

without Spending Money

The perception is that going green costs more money, but that

o you own a small business?
Are you strapped for cash? Do isn’t true.
you find it hard to pay your
vendors or employees? The economic 1) CORRECTLY SET THE THERMOSTAT
downturn is prompting business owners
to reexamine all costs to figure out where
“LEDs use less energy
and last 100 times
SAVE up to $230 each year... ROI = 200%

they can cut down. The perception is By pre-setting the temperature, you can
that going green costs more money, but
longer than incandescent increase your employees’ comfort, because
that isn’t true. The following are small bulbs and last 10 times the office can, in effect, “warm-up” in the
adjustments that any business can take longer than Compact winter or “cool-down” in the summer just
that will save a bundle — for free! before you come in to work. Programmable
• Correctly Set the Thermostat.
• Put a Paper Reduction Program
” Thermostats are one of the most cost-
effective ways to save money, and the
in Motion. The data is based on a “template” environment. Heating and Cooling accounts
• Replace typical tube bulbs with 10-person office with 2,500 sq. ft. so that for up to 40% of an office’s annual energy
LEDs and pay only when you see small business owners can scale the data costs. You can save up to 10% when
the savings! to match their business size. This would be you use a programmable thermostat to
equivalent to a larger home with a large adjust the temperature automatically at
See: http://www.greenandsave.com/greenoffice home office. night. You can save by keeping the office
substantially cooler at night in the winter
and substantially warmer at night in the
Become More Energy Efficient ENERGY STAR® is a joint program
By Eric Tyson, MBA of the U.S. Environmental Protection
Check out opportunities to make your home more energy efficient. Adding insu- Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy
lation and weather-stripping, installing water-saving devices, and reducing use of helping us all save money and protect
electrical appliances can pay for themselves in short order. Many utility companies the environment through energy efficient
will even do a free energy review or audit of your home and suggest money-saving products and practices. Results are already
ideas. adding up. In 2006, Americans, with the
help of ENERGY STAR®, saved up to
Thanks to tax law changes, you may also qualify for “Residential Energy Credits,” $14 billion on their utility bills, and saved
which reduce your tax bill. In fact, these energy credits, which were available in enough energy to avoid greenhouse gas
2007 but not in 2008, were recently improved under the American Recovery and emissions equivalent to those from 25
Reinvestment Act. Under the act, energy improvements — such as adding insulation, million cars.
installing energy-efficient windows and doors, installing solar panels, and so on — are ENERGY STAR® qualified
eligible for a credit rate of up to 30 percent of the cost up to a limit of $1,500 for all programmable thermostats offer savings,
qualifying improvements placed in service in 2009 and 2010. This is a great way to comfort and convenience. Set a “program”
save money, and the benefits will be two-fold. Not only will you be helping your bottom for your thermostat to follow based on
line, you’ll also be reducing your personal impact on the environment. your staff’s work hours on each different
work day and weekend, so you don’t have
Eric Tyson, MBA, is one of the nation’s best-selling personal finance book authors and has penned five national bestsellers. (He is also the to think about adjusting the temperature
only author to have four of his books simultaneously on BusinessWeek’s business book bestseller list,) His Personal Finance For Dummies
(Wiley) won the Benjamin Franklin Award for the Best Business Book of the Year. He is also the author of Investing For Dummies and manually. A programmable thermostat that
coauthor of Home Buying For Dummies and Real Estate Investing For Dummies, among other titles. Visit www.erictyson.com. you can set for multiple different days costs
up to $115. The ROI Calculation is based
Continued on page 52

50 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Do you want “a” business or “The Best” business?

Oprah Winfrey
“Child Shield, U.S.A. was started


to prevent children from becoming
missing and to help find them.”

1. Must fill an important “Need”, not a “Want”.

2. Low cost to customer.
3. Low start up - Under $300 with complete
marketing strategy. YES John Walsh
“Thanks for all your support.”

4. Big profit up front - Make $ now.

5. Ongoing residuals with no quotas.
6. 18+ years record of success. YES Ed McMahon
“America ‘s Most Respected
7. Exclusive service or product with benefits
not available anywhere else. YES and experienced provider
of missing child prevention.”

8. Better Business Bureau accredited. YES

9. Award winning service or product.
(Not just a good idea) YES The ONLY Child Safety Program to
receive TNPC Seal of Approval
10. Award winning opportunity.
(Not just a good idea) YES
OVERALL RATING 100% ? The ONLY Business to EVER
receive the JA Eagle Award

Voted: “Best Home Business in America.”

For more information on why “Child Shield U.S.A”

Voted BEST Home Business in America

was voted “Best Home Business in America” and
“Most Innovative Home Business in America” visit
our website at: www.childsafetybiz.com or call
1-800-488-2445 for free 20 page portfolio 24 Hrs.
“You Could Save a Child’s Life” The ONLY Child Safety Business
accredited by the BBB
Top Three ‘Green’ Savers That Are Free
Continued from page 50

on the average US employee generating an annual heating and cooling

of $238. The 10% annual savings per employee is over $23. So, for an
office of ten, including family in the home, the savings is over $230.

Payback Added Annual 5 Year Return on

Time in Cost: SAVINGS SAVINGS Investment
Years: (ROI):
0.5 $115 * $230 $1,150 200.0%

*This cost is included only if the business does not already have a Programmable Thermostat

“ The increases in office paper consumption have

surprised many of the research groups that expected
the “information technology” revolution to reduce
” Programmable Thermostats are one of the most cost-
effective ways to save money, and the environment.
SAVE up to $1,250 each year... ROI = 312.5%

If you take just a few steps to reduce paper consumption in your 3) REPLACE TYPICAL TUBE BULBS WITH LEDS AND PAY ONLY
office, you will receive one of the most cost-effective paybacks. On WHEN YOU SEE THE SAVINGS!
average, US office employees use 1.5 pounds of paper each work
day. Legal and Financial firms generate 2 pounds or more. Over 250 This is the newest weapon in the GREENandSAVE fight to
work days, the 1.5 pound level generates 375 lbs/year. At $.88/lb, reduce energy costs for small business owners and property
the cost of paper is $333 per employee or year. A 10-ream carton managers. Lighting accounts for about 21% of an office’s energy
of office paper weighs about 45 lbs with 500 sheets per ream and costs. A single bay or home office of four traditional fluorescent
5,000 sheets per carton. The average is 111 sheets per pound, and tubes can cost over $125 a year to operate. Just take a quick
the high average volume of daily paper use at over 150 sheets is due look around the ceiling and you can see the money leaving the
to factoring in everything that is ‘unseen’ by an individual employee building. You may have heard in “home energy” conversations
such as quarterly reports, human resource and medical files, sales that LEDs use less energy and last 100 times longer than
proposals, marketing letters, as well as emails, and even printing incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer than Compact
personal files like Internet map directions. Fluorescents. Now, the LEDs have come to the workplace. The
The increases in office paper consumption have surprised many new bulbs are like four foot crystalline tubes of efficiency, but
of the research groups that expected the “information technology” they can cost over $60 each. So, a retrofit for a 2,500 square
revolution to reduce demand. Experts initially believed that email foot office could cost $6,000 or more. However, for every $1.00
would specifically reduce our demand for paper, but the “cc” spent you can save $.40, that adds up to $400 for every $1,000.
factor and high speed printing have let many people along any Even though the payback comes in just over 2 years, the retrofit
given communications chain simply hit print out of convenience. up-front cost is still a deal buster for most business decision
Even in a digital e-business world, over the course of 250 business makers — especially in this recession.
days, average US employees and home office workers generate a Making small adjustments towards going green can save
staggering 375 lbs of paper per year. money for any business. This is all in an effort to start shifting
Time is money, so factor in four hours of administrative time at the wave of inertia and move America in the direction of Energy
an opportunity cost of $100 per hour. Naturally, this is an average Independence.
that may vary based on the value of time in any given business and
the efficiency of the program administrator to oversee and circulate
GREENandSAVE is one of America’s leading free “Green” home and office remodeling resources for
the policies provided in this resource. The ROI Calculation is based anyone that wants to save money and the environment as well as create a healthier property and
on reducing one of the average 1.5 lbs of paper produced by an overall lifestyle. Our team continues to research the data from a broad range of public and private
average employee per day, and the cost of a ream of paper at $40. sector reports as well as manufacturer specifications and actual user feedback. We offer compre-
hensive Return on Investment (ROI) ranking and Take Action recommendations on multiple ways to
At the average cost of $.88/lb, each employee uses $333 of paper. “Go Green.” For more information, visit GREENandSAVE.com.
Saving $125 per employee...simply starts to add up significantly. Charlie Szoradi is the President and Founder of GREENandSAVE. He brings multiple decades of hands
on experience to the culture of sustainable living and cost-savings for property design and remodel-
ing. He focuses on ‘high performance’ architecture, and in the early 90s, he wrote his Masters of
Payback Added Annual 5 Year Return on Architecture thesis on sustainable design, entitled “Eco-Humanism.” He has taken a leadership role
Time in Cost: SAVINGS SAVINGS Investment at the national and regional level. From the cover profile of Investors Digest Magazine to the Energy
Years: (ROI): Expert for US Magazine, Charlie has simply dedicated his career to green innovation.More: http://www.
0.3 $400 * $1,250 $6,250 312.5%

*This cost is just a factor for the administrative labor, so it could be ‘”free” if it’s time that is not spent For more information visit
generating money in a down a market. www.homebusinessmag.com and click the Home Office or
Go Green Channels.

52 Home Business ®
| March/April 2010 www.homebusinessmag.com
Partnering Leads to Merger
for Bigger Opportunities

Former Corporate Leaders Create a Unique Publishing

Business and Redefine an Industry
By Home Business Magazine

ichele Smith had her first child She supervised a staff of five
and was dealing with a 2-hour people to create marketing and
commute to and from work. Time public relations campaigns.
with her family was suffering, and she had to She also did a lot of business
make a change. She met Michelle Gamble- development and networking Michele Smith and Michelle Gamble-
Risley at a children’s birthday party before to help grow the business. Risley merged their companies into M
appearing on the Rachael Ray show last Fall. After a year of putting up with Communications.
Ironically, Michelle was trying to get a client demanding crazy bosses and learning how handle the requirements of the job with no
on the show. Michele offered to walk in her to run the office and attract new business, line-of-sight management. The publishing
client’s media kit into the producer’s office she decided to quit. Michele Smith’s last company also offers full-service publishing
and before she left, the two ladies had lunch corporate job was director of marketing for with national distribution into all of the
and hit it off. Michelle asked Michele why a high-end architecture firm in downtown major retail stores.
she was working for someone else, and she Sacramento, California. M Communications’s clients include
didn’t have a good answer. Michele read a “M Communications and its division 3L business2business and women entrepreneurs
copy of Michelle’s book, “Second Bloom” — Publishing have a distributed virtual team of and authors. M Communications has a
and she immediately quit her job afterward. skilled, talented professionals, from editors range of diverse clients, from technology
She launched M Communications. The ladies to graphics artists, and from marketing companies to green business—from
successfully started partnering up on projects to public relations experts,” says Michelle jewelry to skin care. Between the two of
and merged their companies. Gamble-Risley. Communication exchanges them, they have experience in so many
Michelle Gamble-Risley’s last take place in the e-mail, via phone, or and markets. Few clients show up that the two
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Foreclosing on
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Foreclosure Cleanout Business
By Home Business Magazine

hat started as a typical small-town over the next year, taking
eastern Ohio summer workday on more and more jobs. He
for JT Stewart of East Liverpool, worked from home using his
Ohio — renting dumpsters to businesses and own truck and additional JT Stewart runs a foreclosure cleanout business and
contractors from his small, spare bedroom- rentals when needed. “I finally teaches others to start this type of business.
sized home office — ended in anything but decided to work this lucrative
a typical day. A chance phone call changed foreclosure cleanout business full-time,” niche market.” Expanding upon a training
his business life forever. he said. Stewart actively promoted his manual he had written for new employees,
The call was from a local real estate business, and his customer base expanded he embarked on a two-year writing project
agent who sold foreclosed homes, asking to multiple brokers, large banks, lenders, and created a step-by-step manual on
if he knew anyone who could supply a and governmental agencies in the real starting and running a successful foreclosure
dumpster and also load it with debris from estate business. “Over the next ten years, property maintenance business. The manual
a foreclosed home she was selling. “I wasn’t my company grew from one employee to detailed how to clean out foreclosures
even sure where she got my number but, more than sixteen at times,” he said, “and and turned into a 184-page manual
being the consummate salesman, I told her I we performed thousands and thousands with a forms CD, aptly titled Cleanout
could do the job,” Stewart said. Using tools of cleanouts and other foreclosure-related Foreclosures: Make Money Cleaning Out
that he begged for and borrowed, Stewart maintenance services.” Today, the company and Maintaining Foreclosures. Sales of the
completed the project and made a $500.00 services customers in 24 counties in Ohio, manual have remained strong, Stewart says,
profit. “After doing a few more similar jobs, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. as foreclosures continue to climb nationwide
I quickly realized I was on to something and Stewart’s says his biggest achievement and the need for trained people in this
a new business was born,” he said. was “inspired by the large number of field increases. The manual is available at
Stewart worked the business part-time people asking me how to get into this www.cleanoutforeclosures.com.

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March/April 2010 | Home Business ®

25+ Secrets to Double Profits
Continued from page 19

20. Hire a Part-Time Assistant a rapidly growing influential consumer phone, you might have added mobile
One bright side to the recession is there group. Some environmental advocates Internet-connected handheld devices and
are plenty of unemployed or underemployed might not even do business with you if wireless plans.
workers who have office skills. Start with you’re not green. Remember that if you added on new
a local search, and you might find people accounts and features haphazardly, no
who have flexible schedules and want to 22. Negotiate With Vendors one from the communications company
work part-time. They might even work from Another benefit of tough times is that is going to notify you that you might
their own homes. Consider hiring a family vendors might be open to negotiating the be wasting money. They look at your
member, such as a college student willing cost of goods and services. But you have to confusion as a way to profit. So find
to work at minimal cost to gain experience. ask. Start with other small businesses from a local office for your communications
By hiring someone to handle clerical work, which you require services. Each dollar you company and go in for a face-to-face

you free up your time to generate income. save is a dollar added to your net income. visit. Have them pull up your account,
Make sure the cost of the employee or If you are uncomfortable with go over all the options, and ask them to
contractor is covered by the extra revenue negotiating, tell yourself the goal is not put together a consolidated plan that cuts
you generate while the person works for you. to squeeze more money for you, but to costs. You might have to upgrade some
Part-time arrangements are easy to set up, ensure your business survival. Approach equipment and extend the term of your
and can even be configured as outsourced your vendors and explain the tough services. Many home business owners
employees, to minimize your risk. circumstances that threaten your business, have cut over a hundred dollars per month
and ask if there is anything that can be on total wireless communications, money
done to reduce your costs. If you go out added to their profit bottom line.
“… roll all of your cost-cutting
and profit-building initiatives into
of business, they lose, too. If they decline,
consider moving to other vendors who 24. Re-Price Your Products and Services
your strategic plan.
” understand that expense reductions will
allow you to grow your business, and
Look at the current volume of your
business and the prices you charge for
as you grow they will share in increased a unit of product or services. Using a
21. Green Image Promotion future business from you. spreadsheet analysis, determine what price
The green revolution is sweeping the big will maximize your revenue in 2010.
business world. Now it’s small business’s 23. Consolidate Your Communication Billing That price may be below, or above, your
turn to invest in green technologies. Take As wireless communications grow, so current pricing. If you have only so much
easy steps now to “go green” in your do their expenses. Most business owners time you can devote to your business, and
business and gain a competitive advantage. have multiple devices and multiple users, increasing your fees will not drive enough
By using more efficient lights, recycling, particularly home-based business owners clients away so that you have downtime,
and reducing your carbon footprint, who have family members rolled into then you should increase your prices.
your business can build goodwill among their wireless plans. From your cell Consider also decreasing your prices, if it
means increasing the amount of work you
can do, and thus the revenues.

25. Strategic Plan Roll-Up

Finally, roll all of your cost-cutting
and profit-building initiatives into your
strategic plan. Every business, no matter
how small, should have one. A strategic
plan lays out the directions you want to
go, and the broad steps you will implement
over the year to reach those destinations.
Visit www.homebusinessmag.com for
more information on building a strategic
plan. It’s simple to create, and can be as
short as one page.
Obtain proper professional guidance,
especially for legal and accounting, because
this article should not be considered a
substitute for proper professional advice.

Each one of the above 25 recommendations

can generate 5 to 10 percent increases
in profitability. All of them can be easily
implemented within 30 days. Taken together,
you can double your profits by Spring 2010!
For more information, visit www.
By using more efficient lights, recycling, and reducing your carbon footprint, your business homebusinessmag.com and click the
can build goodwill among a rapidly growing influential consumer group “going green.” various content channels.

58 Home Business ®
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web site for free information without obligation. readers using this information do so at their own risk.
The publisher has not done a background check on listed
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people at all the companies. The publisher cannot assume
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the listed companies, and the publisher cannot guarantee the
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companies. HOME BUSINESS® Magazine is sold with the
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service. If medical, legal, or other expert advice and assistance

are required, the services of a competent qualified professional
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The publisher, United Marketing and Research Company,
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business. All correspondence regarding questions or problems
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Home-Based Businesses & Opportunities. arising therefrom. It is up to the user of this publication
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Search by Start-up Investment, Subject Category of Business, Type meets the user’s requirements. United Marketing and
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