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2015-07-29(Wed) B08:49:41.

Does she need a Power Plant?
They tell me;
That girl?
Why she's full of uranium!
But, I would like to think,
I would love to believe,
She has a heart full of plutonium,
Just about ready to burst!
She has got the energy all pent up,
And I think she's decaying,
At the double the speed,
She lives only a half life at a time!
So while they pray,
That she don't explode,
I worry that some day,
That girl might end up;
As dead as lead!

Richard Salgado rarely talks in third person, however he does tend to day dream
often. Often you'll see him plotting to take over the world, though really he ha
s no such intention ( or we at least hope so?). He is often lost but will talk a
bout anything (or we think he will?)

Padding it to get it accepted !!!!

< 1kB threshold ????
Now its > 3 kB
Finite sensibilities vs infinite potentiality.
Some folks call me Rhetoric Thug.

Zero Multiplied by One

Enlightenment empower choir
Endarkenment plague empire
Armed past our teeth (post-idioms of the weak) with unique high quality weaponry
, deemed worthy through refined technique. Fellas who follow fellow craft are su
re to enhance their own defense. Seeds settle here, on Earth, sent from above. C
radled with love by an extra-dimensional care giving nurse. Seeds from which we
once slid, slimy sleuth procuring loot, an ootheca spread thick.
Three squared esquire
Minus three
Six thrice thee inverted verse
Terse rice wine three woe men quaff

Cyclopean side-shows mono-optic kaleidoscopic styles

Eye naught nigh naive
Secret keys jangle, deep in our occult jungle Pythagoras pygmy practice sacred g
eometry leading locals to believe
Fledgling sheep grieve
I conceive re-veiled counseled wisdom through esoteric belief
Speak all they wish thy meager means know only end
Try angling mage
Dangling angelic angles
Helios bee ye Demiurge demurring delicate delinquent
Technology is the new Sun of Man
Nuance nuisance when using you instead of O inbetween S & N
Baal & Pan eat lamb together
The labyrinth is a box
William Blake wears snake skin
Fabian Wolf prowls
All seeing owl dressed in Crowley cowl
Manly Hall walks alongside the tortoise
Rigor Mortis sets in for our Messiah
So low king fornicates
Hostess woven womb oven
Love for baking bread
Solemn man drew Salem's witch
Stitched from Sol's sentient seance
Coaxed crux, perfect pitch
Croaked toad, prince to be kissed
In chant Nero
Faber's forefathers faith
Nearly romances succubus
Succumb, hinder thy hindbrain
Caligula's calligraphy, passe Tao grain
Medulla oblongata belong to oblong pinata
Gong glows long vibrating dual hemispheres
Ear to ear duel
Ongoing, good sir come
Circumnavigate navel's gate
Down down down past sacral chakra
Antiquity's mantra
Hoodooed hen cackles
Layeth her cracked cosmic egg
Courting our own crown
Fish hooked to sink her
Heaving weaving wet dream
Beelzebub sinks to sea's rocky bottom

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