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1 What condition is essential for galvanic (bimetallic) corrosion to occur?

2 How do we recognize turbulence corrosion?

3 When we use the term degraphitation of cast iron, what kind of corrosion do we refer to?

4 Degrphitation is a special form of bimetallic corrosion and either iron or the steel is consumed through
dissolution. Which of the two substances will go to dissolution?

5 Most of coatings function by the barrier principal. Against what is the coating barrier?

6 Does a coating heavily pigmented with zinc phosphate provide corrosion protection by the galvanic

7 Why is a surface profile important to adhesion of a coating system?

8 How do we check surfaces for the possible presence of water-soluble substance?

9 Will blasting steel surfaces to a metal cleanliness of Sa3 ensure that all soluble substances are removed
from the surface?

10 What must be done to the steel surface before grinding?

11 Why is a steel surface, which has been burnished trough rotary wire, brushing not a very good surface to
apply paint on?

12 What is the function of a moisture separator () on a compressor?

13 What is the effect of increasing the distance from the blast nozzle to the surface?

14 Which angle (the blasting nozzle to surface) should you select when blasting off most parts of thick, which
is well adhesion epoxy mastic system?

15 What problem connected to the paint systems service life can you get if you use an inhibitor () in
connecting with water jetting?

16 Is water jetting suited for primary surface preparation? If you thick so, please state why? If you think not,
please state why?

17 If, after blast cleaning, flash rust appears rather more quickly than usual, what could indicate?

18 What is the lowest liquid pressure according to the joint SSPC/NACE standard that is designated water

19 What is laitance?

20 Where can you find information such as the pot life of a coating?

21 When paints are stored for long periods of time, what component settles to the bottom?

22 How can you get rid () of air that has been mixed into liquid paint before application?

23 What effects do the temperature has on the pot life of paint?

24 When would you use a moisture/oil trap between an air compressor and the pressure pot in an air spray

25 Why does paint wrap around to the sides and the back of an object during electrostatic spray

26 What degree of metal cleanliness is required for thermal spraying of a metallic coating, and what should
the surface profile be?

27 Which metals are the ones most commonly used in thermal spray application?

28 What is induction () time?

29 What effect will hot weather have on the pot life of a chemical curing coating?

30 What is pot life?

31 What is a water borne coating?

32 What effect will low temperature and high humidity have on the drying/curing of water borne coating?

33 Water borne coating does not contain any solvent at all, Is this a correct statement

34 What effect will increasing the solids content of a coating have on the VOC level of the same coating?

35 What effect will thinning have on the film building properties of a coating?

36 What does SSPC-SP 10 designate?

37 On a work site you find that the wind is blowing steadily () at apace of 15 miles per hour. Will this
affect airless spray application of zinc ethyl silicate?

38 Why should the steel temperature during blasting or paint application be at least 3C above the dew point?

39 How do we determine if a blasted steel surface has the required metal cleanliness or not?

40 What does P Sa3 designate? And P St2?

41 What is the difference between a specification and procedure?

42 Reporting is demanded to make life difficult for coating advisers and ensure that they do not go to bars
and loose women is this statement correct? Please justify your viewpoint regardless of whether or not you
agree with statement?

43 Why is it necessary to remove grease from a surface prior to blast cleaning?

44 When you have removed lead containing paint from surface though grinding should you then take you
work clothes home and wash them by hands?

45 What is the flash point?

46 How do we check the surface profile achieved on a cleaned surface?

47 How long shall you twirl () a sling psychrometer () in order to determine the wet and dry

48 If you use a worn nozzle on an airless spray gun, how will this affect the thickness of the wet film
deposited on the surface as compared to an identical but unused nozzle?

49 What should you do if your receive a shipment of coatings which have exceed their pot life?

50 What do we mean by theoretical coverage?

51 Why do we specify a certain dry film thickness for a coat of paint?

52 What check would you be likely to make to find the cause of fish eyes in a paint film?

53 What is the (main) cause of the below paint film defects?

Orange peel
Dry spray

54 Where do you find the requirements for personal protection gear for spray application of a polyurethane

55 If somebody on the job accidentally swallows () paints, what do you do then?

56 What do we mean with the term TLV?

57 Why does you cigarette taste so strange when you are smoking in an atmosphere which contains solvent

58 What is the maximum size of dust particles, which may enter your lungs () if you do not use a filer

59 Inside a confined space, where do solvent vapors collect?

60 What protective gear will you use when entering a tank, which cannot be tested for oxygen level or
presence of toxic gases?

61 Which three factors are essential for general corrosion to take place?

62 What is the formula for calculating the DFT when you know the wet film thickness and the volume solids
of paint?

63 Please name three function pigment may have in a paint formulation.

64 Please list three advantages and three disadvantages connected to airless spray application?

65 Please give two reasons for applying passive fire protection to a steel stricture.

66 Why is it impossible to measure the DFT of a coat of prefabrication primer on steel plates that have been

67 a). What is the adhesive failure? b). Please list reason for adhesive failure? c). What is cohesive failure?
d). Please list reason for cohesive failure? e). What method do we have for testing the adhesive and cohesive
propertied of paint system?

68 Please explain how the standard ISO 8501 1 is organized.

69 What do we call that property which prevents high build coating from sagging?

70 Please name the two most important pigments used in prefabrication primer.

71 What do we mean by the term dry to touch?

73. Please name on chemically curing, inorganic one-component paint.

74. Why do we not in general use magnesium anodes to protect the underwater hull of ships?

75. How many square meters will a liter of 100% solids paint applied to a DFT of 1 um cover theoretically?

76. What is electrolyte?

77. Are electrons emitted from the anode or from the cathode in a galvanic circuit?

78. Are iron ions positively () or negatively () changed?

79. What is thinner?

80. What do we mean by a generic type?

81. What is the function of a concrete sealer coat?

82. Please explain what we mean by PH-scale.

83. Please name three abrasives used for centrifugal blast cleaning of steel.

84. Please name the three principles for drying/curing paint.

85. Please name one example of a generic type of paint form each of the three groups you have listed above

86. What do we mean by functionality () in the resin of a chemical curing paint?

87. Please name three main components in a paint formulation.

88. What is osmotic blistering and why does it occur?

89. Why is vital to move the spray gun parallel to the substrate when applying paint by spray?

90. What problems with the paint film can be expected when you hold the spray gun 80cm away from the
work piece?

91. In which standard can we find information about and classification of corrosive environment?

92. How do we check if a two component epoxy coating has cured sufficiently for coercoating with a
polyurethane topcoat?

93. Please name the three principles by which paints protect steel from corrosion.

94. When a specification demand a metal cleanliness of minimum Sa 2.5 what does this mean? At what time
shall the metal have this cleanliness?

95. What does the standard ISO 8502 9 cover?

96. After having carried out an adhesion test by pull-off method you find both the dolly and the pulled off
area on the steel to be covered with a pink primer. What kind of break does this signify?

97. You spill some epoxy thinner on the deck of a ship and you observe that the existing coating system
becomes wrinkle on the surface. What can this tell you about the exiting coating system?

98. How will solvent affects you brain (acute affect)?

99. What contamination can you reveal on the surface by lighting it up by means of an ultraviolet light bulb?