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Racket Sports: Net and Wall Games

PHED- Module 4: High School
Dr. Mangano
Springfield College

Table of Contents
Page 3- Table Tennis
Page 5- Volleyball
Page 8- Volleyball
Page 10- Badminton

Page 12- Tennis

Modified Game Number 1

Sport: Table Tennis
Name of game: Around the World Race
Number of players per team: There will be two teams of 10 players on
each team.
How teams are selected: The teams will be randomly split up by giving
each student an index card when they get to class and that color will be
their team.
Facility: The facility would need to be inside preferably in a gym with space
in it so the tables are not right next to each other and are spread out. A gym
that is as wide as a regular basketball court would work and we could
spread the tables out throughout the gym.
Equipment needed: 20 paddles and 2 ping pong balls
Outcomes of the game: The objective of this game is to focus on a certain
type of shot while having the students moving so they arent just standing in
one spot the whole class.
Another objective of this activity is to work on strategies and teamwork so
your team can have a higher score than the other team.
Rules and regulations:

Ball can only bounce on each side

Can only use the penhold grip
Your team scores a point every time the ping pong ball hits the correct side
and is hit by a teammate
If the ping pong ball hits twice or goes off the table you will restart your
Each round will be 5 minutes long.
If your team restarts you lose all points.
Safety Tips: All students once they hit the ping pong ball will run around to
the right to avoid running into each other.
When going to pick up the ping pong ball they will not hit the ball across the
gym because it could hit someone in the eye or somewhere else and could
break the equipment.



Extend up: For an extension
S up we will decrease the number of people on
a team. I will add an extra team so it makes the students go faster and
work on where they are hitting the ping pong ball so their team can get it.
Extend down: I will have the students stay on the same side of the table
they are on and just go to the back of their line. If they are struggling with
the activity because they cannot do the shot I will move them to a different
table with a partner or two and work on the key points of the type of shot
we are doing that day.

Modified Game Number 2

Sport: Volleyball
Name of game: 4 Court Volleyball
Number of players per team: 5 players per team. There will be two
people in the front row and three people in the back row for each team.
How teams are selected: Teams will be predetermined based on skill of
the students in the class. This shouldnt be done without reviewing skills
before hand.

Facility: This is to be done inside a gym and can be done on half of a

basketball court or the length and width of two volleyball nets.
Equipment needed: 4 Volleyball nets and 1 volleyball
Outcomes of the game: This activity will focus on the bump set and spike
performance. The student now has 3 courts to hit the ball to instead of just
having to hit it back where it came from 1 side.
This activity will also focus on teamwork because each group of 5 students
has to count on each other to perform the skill correctly to increase the rate
of success for that team.

Rules and regulations:

3 types of hits allowed, bump, set and spike
3 hits on each side just like regular volleyball
When serving, must serve to the court that is diagonal across from you.
After the serve all courts are in play
If your team just let the ball bounce in your court or hit it out of bounds it is
your teams serve.
Each time the ball hits in your court or you hit it out of bounds or more than
three times your team gets a point
Team with the least number of points at the end of the activity is the winner.
Safety Tips: Make sure before each serve you check with each team to
make sure they are ready so no one gets hit with the ball when not paying
Take out all of your jewelry because it could be caught in the net and would
be very painful.

Team 1

Team 2


Extend up: For an extension up I will require the students to do the bump
set spike, to the best of their ability on spike.
Extend down: I will lower the nets to increase the success rate of the
students being able to successful play the game.
High School Physical Education Class

Modified Game Number 3

Sport: Volleyball
Name of game: Blind Man Volleyball
Number of players per team: 5
How teams are selected: Teams will be selected randomly by counting off
1 through 4.

Facility: This should be done inside a gym with space for two games to be
set up in the gym. The games should be played with wise of the gym so
that the games should not interfere with each other.
Equipment needed: 2 Volleyball nets, 2 Volleyball balls, and 4 sheets to
be able to cover each net so you cannot see the other team.
Outcomes of the game: This focuses on technique of the skills. The
students wont be able to see the product but they can focus on the
process which is what is very important.
Another outcome is learning about strategy and how you would play in a
real game. This gives you a chance to do what you would in a game
without having to worry about another team because you are unable to see

Rules and regulations:

The ball can bounce up to 2 times on each side
Must use the bump, set and spike
Serve can be overhand or underhand
Team who has the ball last when it goes out of bounds will serve
Boundaries will be marked by cones of 4 on each side
Each time there is a ball that hits the ground on your side the other team
gets a point
There are no spikes allowed
Safety Tips: Announce when you are serving because the other team
cannot see you so announce the score and that you are serving we dont
want anyone getting hurt.
Use a trainer volleyball rather than a regular one so that if someone does
get hit it wont hurt as bad.

Team 2

Team 1

Extend up: Add the rule of the first person to touch the ball when it comes
over the net can not touch the ball the next time it comes back over so it
makes everyone involved and increases the strategy.
Extend down: The ball can bounce as many times as needed when it
comes over the net before you have to hit it. It can be hit still before it
bounces or after it only bounces once.
References: http://mrgym.com/SportsGames/BMV.htm

Modified Game Number 4

Sport: Badminton
Name of game: Badminton Four-square
Number of players per team: 2 players per team
How teams are selected: Students for this activity will be able to choose
their own partner.
Facility: This is to be done indoors where there is a full basketball court
Equipment needed: 8 Badminton nets, 20 rackets and 2 shuttlecocks
Outcomes of the game: One outcome of this game is to work on strategy.
The students need to know where they are going to hit it so that another
team cant return the shot to them and get them out.


Another outcome of the game is to work on the skill. The students will
improve their skills with more chance for success because there is more
than 1 court they can hit the shuttlecock to.

Rules and regulations:

Each court is assigned a number, top left is 1, top right is 2, bottom left is 3
and bottom right is 4.
Team in court 1 will serve and can serve in any court
If a team hits it out of bounds or it lands in their area they will go out and
each team will move up a number. Example team that is at number 2 gets
out than team that is at three now goes to court 2 and court 4 team moves
to court 3.
The team that is not in will be the refs and decide any close calls.
Play until teacher says to stop.
Safety Tips: Call out who is going to hit it on your team so you dont both
try and swing and you could hit each other.
If someone is standing right at the net do not spike the shuttlecock because
it could hit them or you could hit them with you racket.


students reffing

Court 3

Court 2
Court 4

Court 1

Extend up: I will add another shuttle into the game. It will be served from
court number 4 and we will play the game with two shuttles it increases
OTR and makes students put more strategy into the game.
Extend down: I will change the object to a slightly bigger object, such as a
stress ball, so that the chance of success will increase for the students.
References: http://www.pecentral.com/lessonideas/ViewLesson.asp?


Modified Game Number 5

Sport: Tennis
Name of game: The bucket game
Number of players per team: 10 players per team
How teams are selected: Teams will be selected based on level they are
in school. Freshmen and seniors on one team and sophomores and juniors
on the other. It may need to be switched up based on number of students.
Facility: This could be done indoors or outdoors but preferably outdoors. It
should be done on the size of a tennis court.
Equipment needed: 2 nets, 20 tennis balls, 20 buckets
Outcomes of the game: This will work on the accuracy of a tennis shot
because they are trying to get the tennis ball into the bucket.
This will also focus on teamwork because you want to get the most points
as a team not just by yourself.

Rules and regulations:

Only forehand and backhands are allowed
The ball may bounce as many times as you want to get into bucket
5 players on each side of the net for your team
Each team is on their own court
Will be a set time limit
If a ball goes in the bucket leave it there and we will check which team has
more in the buckets after 5 minutes or until all the tennis balls are gone.


Safety Tips: Do not try to crush the ball at your teammates you are trying
to get into the bucket not hit your teammates.
Once we start make sure you are always paying attention because a ball
could still come pretty hard at you and you dont want to get hit by one.
circles are buckets

Extend up: Allow the ball not to bounce when trying to get it into the

Extend down: Instead of just getting a point for getting it into the bucket
you can also give them a point if it hits the bucket.
References: http://www.optimumtennis.net/tennis-games-forbeginners.htm a version of activity 1