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Planets in various houses as per the kaal pursh.

PLANETS IN THE 1ST HOUSE The 1st house Ascendant is in many ways the most
important house of all because it reveals how a person is received by the world. It denotes
whether not one can gain fame and recognition as well as signifying a person's innate
confidence and self -esteem. Also seen from the 1st house is ones appearance, happiness,
well -being, health and the person general experience of early childhood. The 1st house is a
Kendra angular. Kendras are the most powerful house and they confer power and strength to
any occupying planet
The 1st house corresponds to a fire sign ARIES and is therefore a Dharma house, a house
relating to ones purpose and mission in life.
THE VEDIC 2ND HOUSE The 2nd house represents money education. Family life writing
speaking imagination and truthfulness. Unlike Western astrology where the 3rd house
governs writings communications and all intellectual functions, these significations are at
tribute to the 2nd house in Hindu astrology.
Poet's, writer's, lecturers and counsellor's are seen through the 2nd house. Another 2nd house
distinction is family life; malefic planets occupy the 2nd house of a Hindu horoscope the
person will experience friction with his family. Although the 1st house represents one general
appearance and the head it is the 2nd house that rules the face. The 2nd house corresponds to
an earth sign and is therefore an ARTHA house a house relating to wealth.
THE 3RD VEDIC HOUSE The 3rd house represents the fine art of music dance and drama
(painting and crafts are ruled by the 5th house). It has to do with ones voice and singing
ability. Actors and performers are seen from the (3rd house as opposed to the 5th house in
Western astrology). The 3rd house also governs all brothers and sister except the 11th house
rules (the eldest sibling).
The 3rd house signifies desires ones own efforts ambition and energy level if the 3rd house is

strong a person fulfils desires easily with little resistance from the world. A weak 3rd house
makes a person lazy lethargic and frustrated from an inability to fulfil daily desires (11th
house rules major desires).
The 3rd house governs courage firmness of personality and will power if the 3rd house is
strong the person can succeed at any endeavour because of his or her ability to focus
powerfully and persist until victory. Even if the rest of the birth chart is afflicted the person
can get what he or she wants through sheer will.
The 3rd house is an UPACHAYA or growing house, this means that planets in the 3rd house
grow stronger and more prominent as the year's goes by. It also means that malefic planets
(SUN, MARS, SATURN, RAHU, AND KETU) are well placed in the 3rd house and give
primarily good results. The 3rd house corresponds to an air sign GEMINI and is therefore a
KAMA house relates to desires.
THE 4TH HOUSE The 4th house governs home, land real estate, fixed assets and the
person's mother. It also represents happiness as well as the heat both physical and emotional
(in Western astrology the heat is ruled by the 5th house). Benefice planets occupying the 4th
house make a person happy and blissful no matter how objectively good or bad his or her
experiences of life may be. Malefic in the 4th house can make a person powerful and
successful since the planets are strengthened by the angularity of the 4th house.
However they ruin a persons happiness in a major way the only astrological influence that
can balance an afflicted 4th house is a benefice 5th house which gives the person an
optimistic mind to counteract the disturbances of the heart. The 4th house relates to academic
degrees (but not schooling which is a 2nd house matter).
A person may get education and knowledge but if the 4th house is week he or she may fail to
obtain a degree. The 4th house also governs endings of all matters. The 4th house is a
KENDRA or angular house and it therefore confers power and strength to occupying planets
it corresponds to water sign CANCER and is therefore a MOKSHA house a house of spiritual
enlightenment or final liberation.
THE VEDIC 5TH HOUSE The 5th house rules children, sports, and kingship POLITICS it
also governs mantras and spiritual techniques but not religion or higher knowledge which are
9th house affairs.
The 5th house represents morals and good deeds, and has much to do with a personas
character .If the 5th house is strong and well- aspect the person will exhibit the finer qualities
of life. He or she is likely to be honest humble and dignified rather than arrogant or pompous.
The 5th house rules the mind unlike in Western astrology, in which the 3rd house takes that
Intelligence peace of mind mental balance, depression or optimism are all seen through the
5th house also the highly important signification of POORVAPUNYA or past-life credit seen
through this house. While the entire horoscope results to some extent from past-life activities
the 5th house specifically shows effects that must occur in this life because of karma.
As another example if the ruler of the 10th house CAREER occupies the 5th house without
affliction then the person gets career success because of diligent professional work performed
in a past life. Even through the 3rd house is the most important house of art the 5th house
rules painting and crafts.
The 5th house and 9th houses are the best house in HINDU HOROSCOPE. Planets that are
associated with the 5th house in any way (by ruler ship or aspects etc flourish. The 5th house
corresponds to a fire LEO and is therefore a DHARMA house a house relating to one purpose
and mission in life.

THE VEDIC 6TH HOUSE The 6th house is a DUSTHANA or grief-producing house that
cause destruction to its occupants and associations. The 6TH and 12th house also
DUSTHANAS but the 6th house is slightly better than the 8th and 12th because it is an
UPACHAYA or growing house.
This means that planets in the 6th house through certainly harmed may improve in time if the
person is diligent in working with the energies involved. As an UPACHAYA the 6th house is
able to accommodate the influence of malefic planets (SUN, MARS, SATURN, RAHU, AND
KETU. and actually benefits by their presence benefice planets are harmed by the presence of
benefice planets.
The 6th house represents the ability to defeat enemy's competitors, jealous people and anyone
who stand in the person's way of success and fulfilments. It also signifies daily work health
self-improvement. Illnesses diseases, healing ability.
Nursing or medical works the restaurant and catering field service oriented work co-workers
bosses, maids and servants. Tendency to be charged in court cases detail work and the
person's appetite. In Hindu predictive astrology, the 6th house rules enemies and competitors.
THE VEDIC 7TH HOUSE The 7th house represents married life the spouse, sexual passions
and love partners. The 7th house is KENDRA or angular house conferring strength and power
and planets to any occupying planets. The 7th house is expansive in nature and therefore it
has some connection to success in business. Also if the 7th house is severely afflicted the
person will leave his or her birthplace and live in a foreign country.
The 7th house corresponds to air sign LIBRA and is therefore a KAMA house a house of
desires if the 7th house is strong the person fulfil his or her daily desires easily
THE VEDIC 8TH HOUSE The 8th house is a Dustan or grief-producing house that causes
destruction to its occupants and associations. Planets in the 8th house are harmed in a serious
way and do not improve much in time however the 8th house is also represents longevity
means of death joint finances, money from partners wills and inheritances money from
unearned means (insurance companies, lotteries, and so on) and alimony.
Sexual attractiveness but sexual enjoyment or sexual passion is seen from the 8th house sex
symbols. Also ruled by the 8th house are virility chronic illnesses the reproductive system
and secretive matters. The 8th house corresponds to a water sign SCORPIO and is therefore a
MOKSHA house a house of spiritual enlightenment and final liberation
THE VEDIC 9TH HOUSE The 9th house is the best most auspicious, house of a Hindu
horoscope. Planets occupying the 9th house are strengthen and their energies function
graceful and beneficially.
The 9th house represents luck fortune, travel, religion not spirituality or evolutionary growth
which are 12th house signification. Spiritual mentors and gurus higher knowledge and faith in
God ritual mentors and gurus, higher knowledge and faith in God. As the house of luck the
9th influences the person ability to at solutions throughout life these solutions often occur due
to the person strong sense of faith. In Southern Indian the 9th house is considered to represent
the father because a person father function somewhat as a guru to his children.
In Northern India the 10th house represents the father. In my experience, both houses have a
distinct bearing on the father. The 9th house corresponds to a fire sign Sagittarius and is there
fore house a house relating to ones purpose and mission in life.
THE VEDIC 10TH HOUSE The 10th house is a Kendra or angular house bestowing power
to any occupying planets it represents success in profession dharma life purpose honours

fame and deeds that benefit society. The 10th house relates to holy pilgrimages if spiritual
planets. JUPITER, KETU, ETC. Occupy the 10th house the person make plenty of spiritual
journeys also seen from the 10th house are government official authority figures and notable
The 10th house is an upachaya or growing house. This means that planets in the 10th house
grow stronger and more prominent as the year go by it also means that malefic planets SUN,
MARS, SATURN, RAHU AND KETU IN THE 10TH HOUSE give primarily good results.
THE VEDIC 11TH HOUSE The 11th house is the house of financial gain and profits through
side venture. Side ventures means interest that are distinctly separate from one daily work.
However real estate and speculation gambling or stock market involvement do not come
under 11th house signification as they are specifically ruler by the 4th and 5th house
respectively. The 11th house also ruled the eldest sibling not older sibling just the eldest
friend and groups. A person major goal and desire in life are seen through the 11th house is
also strongly connected to dancing. The 11th house is a upachaya or growing house. The
means that planets occupying the 11th house become stronger influences as time goes by it
also mean that malefic planets in the 11th house give primarily beneficial result. The 11th
house corresponds to an air AQUARIUS and is there fore a KAMA house a house relating to
THE VEDIC 12TH HOUSE The 12th house is a Dustan or grief-producing house causes
destruction to its occupants and associations. Planets occupying the 12th house are harmed in
a serious way and do not much improve in time. On the positive side however the 12th house
represent Mokhsa enlightenment or final liberation. Planets in the 12th house give an interest
in meditation and other evolutionary paths they also create a great deal of spiritual growth
throughout life. Despite the suffering the person undergoes due to the harm that the 12th
house causes to the occupying planets. The 12th house rules debts and expenses as well as
remote foreign countries. Also governed by the 12th house is everything that occurs in the
bedroom, sexual pleasure. Problems from thieves and robbers prisons and hospitals.
In the rules given below, Dr. Raman also talks about Kendradhipati Dosha, the blemish
acquired by a natural benefic by virtue of lordship of an angle 4th, 7th or 10th house. The
lord of Lagna does not get affected by this dosha.
Benefics for a lagna can be determined as:
1. First house lord, other than moon,
2. 9th and 5th lords (in that order)
3. 10th, 7th and 4th lords (in that order), when they are not natural benefics. This
isKendradhipati Dosha, which gets cancelled only when the aforesaid planet occupies
its own sign.
4. Natural malefics, when they become kendradhipatis.
The property of getting opposite traits to natural tendency is cancelled when the planet in
question occupies its own house.
Malefics are determined as:
1. Lords of 3rd, 6th and 11th houses, in the opposite order,
2. Any benefics that might be tainted with Kendradhipati Dosha.
Neutrals are:
1. Moon as lord of Lagna,

2. Lords of 8th and 12th house; although the chapter mentions only Sun and Moon as
having this property, but in principle it can be applied to each planet.
Based on the logic presented here, the list of benefics and malefic planet for each lagna can
be summarized as:

Beneficial Planets

Planets with evil streak

Aries (Mesha)

Jupiter, Sun, Mars

Saturn, Mercury, Venus

Taurus (Vrishabha) Saturn, Mercury, Mars,


Jupiter, Moon and Venus

Gemini (Mithuna)


Mars, Jupiter, Sun

Cancer (Karka)

Jupiter, Mars

Venus, Mercury

Leo (Simha)

Mars and Sun

Mercury and Venus

Virgo (Kanya)


Moon, Mars, Jupiter

Libra (Tula)

Saturn, Mercury and


Sun, Jupiter, Moon


Moon, Sun, Jupiter

Mercury, Venus

Sagittarius (Dhanu) Mars, Sun

Venus, Saturn, Mercury


Venus, Mercury, Saturn

Mars, Jupiter, Moon


Venus, Mars, Sun

Jupiter, Moon

Pisces (Meena)

Moon, Mars

Saturn, Sun, Venus,


Ninth house and Fortune.

In a Rasi chart, the Ninth house from the birth Sign or Lagna (Ascendant) is the indicator of
fate. The native will be lucky, if the Bhagyabhava-karaka (Jupiter or Venus) is well posited in
the 9th house. If the lord of the 9th house is located in Trine (5, 9) or in Quadrant (1, 4, 7 or
10) with sufficient strength, then there will be no doubt about his luck. A school of
astrologers pointed out that Venus or Jupiters location in the 5th house indicates bright
future. For example, a native born in Scorpio Lagna may be lucky, if the lord of the 9th,
Moon, is posited in Pisces (fifth house) and the lord of the fifth (Jupiter) is placed in
exaltation in the 9th house in Cancer. This is called Parivartana yoga or exchange of houses
between two planets. In some notable scripts, it is said to be Jeeva yoga. Rabindra Nath
Tagore, an eminent poet from Bengal, had Jeeva yoga or Parivartana yoga in his natal chart.
He was born in Pisces Sign and ascendant, along with Moon in the lagna and Jupiter in
exaltation in Cancer in the fifth house. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature.
If the 9th lord is posited in a dusthana (6, 8 or 12), then the fruitful results will be blocked.
Another ground may be noted for bad luck or ill fate, if Kalasarpa yoga is found in the Rasi

chart of the native. Kalasarpa yoga is nothing but blockage of the effects of other major seven
planets is one side of Rahu and Ketu in the Zodiac.
Devaguru Brihaspati or Jupiter is the chief governor of luck. Bhagya karta or lord of fate is
Venus. For Aries Lagna and Cancer lagna, good placement of Jupiter (the 9th lord) will
ensure good luck in life. Sometimes due to the aspect of benefic planets in the house 9 or 3,
malefic effects of unfavorable planets will be diminished instantaneously. The major, sub or
sub-sub periods of the 9th lord also brings luck. Favourable transits of the 9th lord also add to
the prospects.
Effects of various planets occupying the 9th house:
Sun Public honour, inheritance of paternal property
Venus Luck through women, comforts.
Moon Favoured by women folk, interest in luxury items.
Mercury Success in business
Mars Martial capacity
Rahu Help from foreign lands
Saturn (weak) Obstacles.

How To Read Horoscope?



P R E D I C T I O N -1 (A N A LYSI S


In Astrology it is understood that at any point of time nature is governed by a planet and the
position of that planet in the horoscope determines how the native will feel or behave. This
chapter details the calculation of the planet acting at any point of time and the period for
which the planet rules.
There are three basic parameters in a horoscope : 1. planet 2. house and 3. Rashi (sign).
Twelve rashis are spread over twelve houses; on an average one rashi occupies one house.
However, rashi is exactly 300, whereas a house may vary in size and the starting of house
may fall at any rashi at any point. It is equivalent to placing one circle over the other, both
having same dimensions, but any one point on circumference of one circle can be made to
align with any point on circumference of the other circle. The rest of the circle gets
automatically placed. Similarly in a horoscope we determine the Lagna (first house position)
and place the rashi circle over the rest of the twelve houses.
After fixing the signs over houses we place the planets in the various houses. Since there are
only nine planets and some planets combine together in a house, some houses are left empty.
The planets possess some intrinsic properties and when mixed with the color of sign and
house they occupy, they change their color, leading to different behavior, at different time of
births. Study of this change in behavior of the planets is basic astrology.
There are three basic reasons why planets behave differently, like
1. the house in which it is placed.

2. sign in which it is placed

3. other planets associated with it.
Once the planet's behavior is ascertained because of its placement, the results are changed
with time, depending upon Dasha operating at that time. Dasha tells us which planet is
effective to give results at what time.
To understand what the horoscope has in store for a native, let us study how the planets have
co-relation with life. We give below the basic nature of planets and houses and also what they
Signification of Planets
Sun : Sun is the king, soul, father, will power, life, glory, health, sovereignty and clothes. Its
colour is pink or red. It has anger but momentary. Its element is gold and gem ruby. East is
represented by Sun.
Moon : It is a cold, calm and quiet planet and represents mind, mother, motherland, money,
eyes, lungs, liquids and nurses. Its color is white, direction north-east, element is silver and
gem pearl.
Mars : Mars is a soldier and represents land, boldness, younger brothers and sisters, chemists,
fire, anger, surgery. It has anger which stays for a long time. Its element is copper and gem
coral. Its color is red and direction south.
Mercury : Mercury is talkative and tactful, but not harmful. It is a good trader,
mathematician, editor and publisher. It has excellent argumentative and analytical power. It
represents memory, throat, arms, maternal uncles and short journeys. Its element is bronze
and gem is emerald. color is green and direction north.
Jupiter : It is the heaviest and the most benefic planet and represents Guru. It is very polite
and religious and represents education, school, temples, oils, fats, sugar, long journeys,
judges, priests and scientists. It's color is yellow, metal platinum, gem yellow sapphire and
direction north - east.
Venus : Venus is a planet of sex, love and beauty. It is a poet, dancer, singer, wife, actor or
driver. It represents luxury, vehicles, kidney, silver, diamond, south-east direction and white
Saturn : It is the most malefic planet and very selfish and cunning. It represents death,
politics, gas, airplanes, poverty, servants, electronics and legs. Its color is blue, element iron,
gem blue sapphire and direction is west.
Rahu : Rahu is an expansionist planet and represents smoke, mental disturbance, loss, theft,
death of a family member. It also represents sudden gain through lottery, gambling or
speculation. Its color is black, element mixed metal and gem gored.
Ketu : It has tail but no head and represents broken relationships, changing events, accidents.
It represents electronics, brown color. gem is cat's eye.

Signification of House

1st house : 1st house or so called Lagna is the most important of all the houses and
determines the longevity, health, character and nature of the native. It specifically signifies
the head.
2nd house : This house is also called 'Dhan' house and deals with money matters, one's
deposits, income tax, customs, computers. It represents one's family and face, speech, food
habits and left eye.
3rd house : Called 'Bhratra' house, this is the house of brothers and sisters, signifies courage,
boldness, short journeys and throat. one is made singer by this house only.
4th house : 4th house represents mother, motherland, house, mental peace, vehicles and
education. It is also called 'Matra Bhava'. It represents chest, particularly lungs.
5th house : This house is also called as 'Putra Bhava' and represents children, intelligence,
speculation and love affairs. It indicates stomach and gives professions of teacher, principal
and gynecologists.
6th house : This house is called 'Ripu Bhava', that is house of enemies. It governs digestive
system, quarrels court and jobs done by hand, like typing.
7th house : Also called 'Kalatra Bhava', it represents wife, business partner, marriage,
business or employment in a private firm. It governs sexual organs and diseases thereof.
8thhouse: Called 'Ayusthan' it represents death, reasons of death, underground wealth,
historical things and monuments. It represents accidents, parental property, life insurance,
mining and anus.
9th house : Called house of luck and religion, it represents pilgrimage, higher studies like
doctorate, long journeys, languages like Sanskrit, Roman and Hebrew. It also indicates grand
parents and mental aptitude towards Yoga and sadhana. It represents hips.
10th house : This house is called 'Karma sthana' and represents the acts one does. It signifies
father, government, politics, management. It governs knees and defines the profession of a
11th house : 11th house is house of gains or 'Labha' and represents sources of income, elder
brothers and sisters, friend's circle and legs.
12 th house : The house of loss and expenses is called 'Vyaya sthana' and covers bad habits,
hospital, jail, long journeys and quests. It also indicates export and import, also feet.
Strength of Planets The planets gain strength at certain points and behave differently in
different signs and houses. They show different relationships with different planets.
Planets own certain signs. Sun and Moon own one sign and other planets own two signs each.
Rahu - ketu, being pseudo planets, do not own any sign. Planets get exalted or become

powerful at certain points and get debilitated exactly 1800 away. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and
Venus are benefic by nature and others are malefic as shown in the table below .
For any ascendant, some planets become Yogakaraka or maraka, depending upon the house
they own. This is one of the most important factor in prediction. A yogakaraka planet shows
good results in its dasha or antar Dasha. Stones are suggested only for a yogakaraka planet. if
a planet is benefic only then it is good to make it strong ; else it will harm the native. planets
which are yogakaraka for each ascendant is given in the table below.
Benefics - Lords of 1,5,9
Yogakaraka and lords of 4, 7, 10, if natural malefic.
Malefics - Lords of 3,6,
Maraka 11and lords of 4,7,10,if natural benefic
Neutral - Lord of 2,8, 12.















Planet Ownership Exaltation Debilitation Aspects Nature Sex Sun Leo Aries Libra 7 Malefic
Male Mon Cancer Taurus Scorpio 7 Benefic Female Mars Aries/
Scorpio Capricorn Cancer 4,7,10 Malefic Male Mercury Gemini/
Virgo Virgo Pisces 7 Benefic Female Jupiter Sagittaris/
Pisces Cancer Capricorn 5,7,9 Benefic Male Venus Taurus/
Libra Pisces Virgo 7 Benefic Female Saturn Capricorn/
Aquarius Libra Aries 3,7,10 Malefic Impotant
Rahu - Taurus Scorpio - Malefic Ketu - Scorpio Taurus - Malefic -

the next lesson we shall study how to use these data for predictions.

Art of Prediction -2 (housewise interpretation of horoscope)



P R E D I C T I O N -2 ( H O U SE W I SE


To predict horoscope, consider the houses one by one and see the planets placed in the house,
the planets expecting it, the placement of its lord and the planets expecting it, or associated
with the lord. Amalgamation of the effects of these units give, us the complete prediction
about the horoscope.
To explain the method of prediction, I start with the example of my own horoscope :
Dob : 13/12/1956TOB : 23:10POB : Delhi
Lagna is Leo. So the native can be identified by a lion. The lion is bold by nature and has
confidence to win over anyone. It is normally passive and becomes active only when
required. It does not harm until disturbed. It normally has a robust health. It is expected by
Saturn from 4th house, which makes the native hard working. The lord Sun is placed in 4th
house in Scorpio, a friend's house, but with Saturn and Rahu, which are its enemies. It gives
native health problems, like blood pressure.
Now consider 2nd house. Dhanasthan or house of wealth contains Jupiter, the Karaka for this
house. It indicates native will acquire wealth by own earnings. Jupiter in 2nd house also gives
soft and impressive voice. But there is aspect of Mars on 2nd house. So sometimes words are
lost while speaking. This aspect also gives a tendency that people misunderstand or
misinterpret his words. The lord Mercury is placed in 5th house, so the native is a
professional, who earns by his knowledge. Look at 3rd house. Venus is there in 3rd house - its
own house. Mars is having 8th aspect on 3rd house. Also Moon has 7th aspect on this house.
A benefic planet in 3rd house gives younger sister and good relationship with co-borns. Mars'
aspect disturbs writing power and Moon's aspect gives good throat and voice. It also gives lot
of short journeys in life.
4th house, the house of comforts, has three malefic planets - Rahu, Saturn and Sun, making
the native restless at home. This situation is further aggravated by the presence of 4th lord
Mars in 8th house. So many planets in 4th house ensures comforts at home, but the malefic
indicate one does not pay attention to home. It also indicates bad health of mother. Saturn and
Rahu indicate good education for the native.
5th house contains Mercury in the house owned by Jupiter. It is also in exchange Yoga with
Jupiter from 2nd house. This gives very good calculation power. It also ensures son to the
native. This also gives knowledge of astrology and computers to the native.
6th house is owned by Saturn and expected by Jupiter from 2nd house and Saturn from 4th
house. 3rd aspect of Saturn gives success over enemies and Jupiter ensures native has to do
some work by hand, like typing on computer.
7th house is not expected by any planet and its lord Saturn is placed in 4th house, which is
10th from 7th house. This gives native a working wife. Saturn gives a wife with fair
complexion belonging to an orthodox family. It also indicates business partnerships that will
not be smooth.
8th house, the house of longevity, contains Mars in the house of Jupiter, expected by Jupiter
itself. Presence of Mars indicates many accidents in one's life, but Jupiter saves from all such
accidents. He will also be benefited from insurance. He will get property from his parents.
Mars in 8th gives medium longevity, but Jupiter stretches it.

9th house contains Moon, expected by Venus, indicating good luck for the native. The benefic
planets in the house of religion also make the native religious. He also undertakes long travel
because of these two planets.
The Karmasthana 10th house is occupied by Ketu and has aspect of Jupiter from 2nd house
and Sun and Saturn from 4th house. Jupiter's aspect makes the native a businessman, Ketu
brings him into computers, Saturn associates him with industry and Sun ensures that he is at
the top of affairs in his business environment. 10th lord Venus in 3rd house, the house of
courage, further ensures business and indicates courageous steps in his line of action.
11th house, the house of gains, has aspect of Mercury and Mars. Since the house is ruled by
Mercury and its lord is in 5th house expecting it, the native earns by intellect, but aspect of
Mars from 8th house reduces profits into losses too. So the over all success is not at par with
the work done by the native.
12th house is owned by Moon and since its lord is placed in 9th house, it indicates that the
native gains from far off land. Export and import will give him gains. It also ensures many
foreign tours for the native.
This way we see that to analyze the horoscope we interpret the house one by one, or interpret
the house whose subject matter we want to know. First we see what are the planets posited in
that house. Then see the aspects over these planets, or this house and then see where the lord
of the concerned house is placed and which are the planets expecting it. Proper amalgamation
of the properties and a little practice of linking things together gives you the best of

The special effects in the horoscope can be seen by looking at the various Yogas formed in
the horoscope. The powerful Yogas take away the attention from other aspects and they
become more effective in life. For example, in this horoscope Jupiter and Mercury are in
exchange Yoga, that is, Jupiter is in the house of Mercury and Mercury in the house of
Jupiter. This exchange gives the native a strong liking for calculation and astrology, since the
exchange is between 2nd and 5th houses. It increases the intelligence level and gives him a
professional career. Similarly Moon is pressed between Mars and Ketu from both the sides,
forming Durdhura Yoga, which gives native wealth, fame and power.
Absence of any strong Dhana Yoga makes him a man of normal means.
Individually the Yogas sometimes reverse the effects of the planets completely. More and
more knowledge of Yogas makes a man better and better astrologer.
In the next lesson we shall see how to time the events in ones life by using Dasha and transits.
Art of Prediction -3 (timing of event on the basis of dasha and transit)
To time the events in ones life, we use Dasha and transits. Dasha tells which planet is
affecting the native at a particular time, whereas transit tells us which natal planet is vibrating
because of the transiting planet. A combined result of Dasha and transit gives us the behavior
of the native at a particular time.
We continue with the example cited in the last article : Date of Birth 13 :12: 1956, Time of
Birth 23 :10 at Delhi. Lagna Kundli is as given.

The native has the following Dashas :Balance of Dasha : Ketu 3 years 11 months 2 days Age

.......Ketu upto 15:11:1960 4 yrs.

.......Venus upto 15:11:1980 24 "
.......Sun upto 15:11:1986 30 "
.......Moon upto 15 :11:1996 40 "
.......Mars upto 15:11:2003 47 "
.......Rahu upto 15:11:2018 65 "
.......Jup upto 15:11:2034 81 "
Dasha in the very childhood basically affects health of the native and parents. During teenage
it affects education, in youth it affects mind, job and family and in old age it again affects
health and the children or the caretaker.
As we see the native went through Dasha of Ketu upto age of 4. Ketu is in the house of Venus
in Kendra in the house representing father. Hence it gave good health to native and progress
to father.
After the age of 4 upto age of 24 native went through Dasha of Venus. This was the age when
studies were important. Venus is in its own house in the house of writing. It also represents
artistic nature. the house of education, that is 4th house, has Sun, Saturn and Rahu placed
there. Rahu and Saturn have the nature of making the native introvert and thoughtful. Saturn
gives interest in science.
Mercury in 5th makes native calculative. So the period of Venus gave good education while
making the interest of the native in science and mathematics.
From the age of 24 to the age of 30 native underwent Dasha of Sun for 6 years. Sun in this
horoscope is Lagnesh in 4th house. This gave him start of his own business and gave a lot of
name and fame at the young age of 24 to 30. Moon which is lord of 12th is sitting in the
house of luck. It brought forward a great luck. He became quite successful in his business and
started an industry.
Moon is followed by Mars from the age of 40 to 47. Though Mars is yogakaraka but is placed
in 8th house. It gave a big set back and the industry was closed down.
Rahu, which is in debilitation but in Kendra in 4th house is expected to give good results;
somewhat similar to the period of Sun. Rahu can give health problem.
Jupiter being 5th lord in 2nd house its Dasha will start only at the age of 62, but it may be
best period of the life of the native. He may lead a serene life in this Dasha.
Transit : To study the transit, let us consider only Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu. other planets
move fast. Sun, Mercury and Venus rotate once every year. Mars takes two years to complete
one cycle and Moon takes only a month. Ketu is always opposite to Rahu. So for a full life
description of the transit, only three planets are sufficient. Saturn takes 30 years to complete
one cycle, Rahu 18 years and Jupiter 12 years.

Similarly we consider the effect of these slow moving planets over these planets only. Transit
gives significant results with respect to Moon. When Saturn crosses over Moon, we call it
Sade sati. Sade sati normally gives lots of tension invariably. It gives progress or loss,
depending upon the sign in which moon is. similarly Saturn crossing over 8th house from
Moon also gives tension and losses.
In this case Jupiter crossed over Rahu/Saturn at the age of 2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62 etc. Saturn
crossed over Jupiter at 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and over Rahu/Saturn at the age of 30 and 60. Rahu
crossed over Rahu/Sat at the age of 18, 36, 54, So if we put this age wise it is as per the table.
If we look at the transits we invariably find Jupiter transiting over 4th house over Rahu and
Saturn, has given a change of residence or has given a new property. Since Saturn is 7th lord,
transit of Jupiter over 7th house gave marriage and Saturn over Rahu or Saturn gave break in
business partnership.
Native went through sade sati of Saturn in 1968 and then in 1996. During the first one it gave
a drop in academic results and in 2nd it gave loss in business. Saturn crossed over 8th house
from Moon at the age of 30 in 1985-1988, when it gave break in partnership twice and
brought the income to the rock bottom level. It also gave bad health to mother and loss of life
of one of the close relatives.
In a nut shell transits seem to be showing their results very effectively; even more than
Dasha. Major transits bring major changes in the life of the native. Transit of Saturn from
Moon is very important. Jupiter and Rahu give equal results from lagna, as well as Moon. If
we superimpose the result of Dasha over that of the transit we can predict better.
Art of Prediction -4 (Impact of planetary yogas)


P R E D I C T I O N -4 (I M PAC T


We have seen how Dasha and transit determine the period of the happening. In this lesson, we
shall see how different yogas affect the life of the native.
We continue with the example cited in the last article : Date of Birth 13 :12: 1956, Time of
Birth 23 :10 at Delhi. Lagna Kundli is given as :

Smt. Indira Gandhi 19/11/1917

There are thousands of yogas mentioned in the text and it is not possible for an individual to
learn and apply all the yogas manually on a horoscope. Therefore we give few important
yogas, which one can check on a horoscope easily and can decide effectively.
Exchange yoga : This yoga is formed when two planets exchange their respective houses i.e.
planet A is in house of B and planet B is in house of A. exchange yoga is good if it occurs
between kendras and trikonas. The exchange makes the affected planets strong, either good or
bad, depending upon the house it represents.

In the given horoscope also, there is a exchange between mercury and Jupiter from 2nd to 5th
house, making the native good in calculations and astrology. This also gives the native
income from mental work.
There can be maximum three exchange Yogas in a horoscope involving six planets . In the
horoscope of Mrs. Indira Gandhi there were three exchanges.
There is an exchange between Moon and Saturn from Lagna to 7th house, exchange between
sun and Mars from 2nd and 5th house and Jupiter and Venus from 6th and 11th house. These
three exchange made her a very strong lady. However, she was killed in the dasha of SaturnMoon, because Saturn and Moon, both gave result of 7th house and became maraka for her.
Gaj Kesari Yoga : This yoga is formed when Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon . It gives wealth
and power to the native.
Chandra Mangal Yoga : When Moon and Mars are together, or there is nutural aspect
between them, this yoga is formed. Because of this yoga man is passionate.
Sunapha Yoga : When there are planets in 2nd house to Moon this yoga is formed. In this
yoga native will have good wealth.
Anapha Yoga : When there are planets in 12th house to Moon this yoga is formed. if natural
benefic planet is there, it gives name, fame, wealth and success, while natural malefic gives
Durudhara yoga : When there are planets both in the 2nd and 12th houses to Moon, benefits
give good result and malefic cause trouble. benefic and malefic combined give neutral
Kemadrum yoga : This yoga is formed when there are no planets on both sides of Moon .
Native is very poor in this case.
Vesi Yoga : When there are planet in 2nd house from Sun this yoga is formed. Natural benefic
planet give good result and malefic cause trouble.
Vasi Yoga : When there are planets in 12th from Sun this yoga is formed. Natural benefic
planets give good result and malefic cause trouble.
Ubhayachari yoga : When there are planets both in the 2nd and 12th house to Sun benefits
give good result and malefic cause trouble. Benefic and malefic combined give neutral
Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas : Following are the five yogas formed by five planets- Mars,
Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn :
(a) Ruchaka yoga : When Mars is in exaltation or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or
Moon, this yoga is formed . In this yoga native will have good health, wealth and get higher
position in defence or police.
(b) Hansa Yoga : When Jupiter is in exaltation sign or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or
Moon, this Yoga is formed . In this yoga native will have good personality and good moral

(c) Bhadra Yoga : This yoga is formed when Mercury is in its exaltation sign, own sign and is
in kendra to Moon and lagna. With this yoga person will have good proportional limbs and
strong body, with wealth and comforts.
(d) Malavya Yoga : When Venus is in its exaltation sign, own sign or is in kendra to lagna and
Moon, native will be wealthy, handsome, well built body and will be happy with his family.
He will have good comforts in life.
(e) Sasa Yoga : When Saturn is in its exaltation or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or
Moon, native will have many servants and also have good wealth and health.
Raj Yogas and Dhan Yoga: When more than three planets are in exaltation sign or own sign
and placed in Kendra, this yoga is formed. When Lord of 2nd, 9th, 5th, 11th or one of these
occupies kendra from lagna or Moon, this Yoga is formed. Three or four planets having
digbala. When Kendra lord and trikona lord make relationship between them, this yoga is
formed like :
(i) 9th lord is in Ist, 4th, 7th and 10th.(ii) 5th lord in is Ist, 4th 7th and 10th(iii) 1st lord is in
9th or 5th(iv) 4th lord is in 9th and 5th(v) 7th lord is in 9th and 5th(vi) 10th lord is in 9th and
5th(vii) Exchange of house between kendra and trikona.
All raj yoga and dhan yoga give name, fame, wealth, all kind of comforts and authority to the
Above yogas are few of the important yogas, which, when applied to the horoscope, give a
fair judgement of the strength of the horoscope.
"How to Judge Debilitated Planets
The classical texts/commentaries are in agreement that the debilitated planets result in losses,
delays, miseries, etc. on the native. Still some classical commentaries like Jataka-Parijata,
Phaladipika, etc. give combinations for cancellation of the state of debilitation of a particular
planet if its debilitation sign lord or the planet which has the sign in question as exaltation
sign, is in strength. These commentators further add that this cancellation of debilitation
creates rajayogas, though with delay and the native rises in life. Whenever, the sub-period of
a debilitated planet with debilitation cancelled, is in operation, it worries the native on
account of the general and particular significations ruled by it.
For judging the results of a planet, first we should see the functional nature of the planet for a
particular ascendant and then for finding out the extent we consider the strength of the planet
in question. If a planet is a functional malefic and is placed in its sign of debilitation it will
produce bad results as per nature of the house ruled by it and of the significations of the
house occupied by it in case it is located near the most effective point of the house of its
location. It will also harm the houses/planet aspected. If a planet is a functional benefic but is
debilitated it gives beneficial results to a very limited extent and fails to protect its
significations when afflicted by any functional malefic triple transit triggering influence.
When a debilitated planet is placed in a malefic house in a natal chart and its longitude is
transited by functional malefic planets irrespective of the sub-period being in operation, it
causes painful sufferings more severely to the native in comparison to a debilitated planet
placed in an angle or a trine. Before taking up illustrations, we would like to add that the
principles of neechbhanga rajayogas imply that while a planet or two might be in debilitation,
certain other planets including their dispositors and ucha (exaltation) lords possess strength.

The rajayoga is, in fact, caused during the ruling sub-periods of such strong planets and the
sub-periods of debilitated planets surely cause suffering to the native.
In general, debilitated Mars makes a person short tempered and prone to injuries and
accidents. The debilitated Jupiter makes a person selfish and divests the native of the power
to adhere to the social norms/morality. The debilitated Saturn gives unsuccessful struggle.
The debilitated and afflicted Mercury makes one vulnerable to nervousness and paralysis.
Venus, when debilitated, causes loss of comforts and sickness to spouse. The debilitated and
afflicted Sun, weakens the soul and puts the father, husband and the son to trouble. The
debilitated Moon creates worries on account of property and domestic peace as well as causes
harm to the mother and wife. Rahu occupying Scorpio makes the native very active to follow
materialistic pursuits leaving all social values and norms while Ketu occupying Taurus
reduces materialistic possession and causes physical miseries.
These are just general significations. The particular significations ruled by debilitated planets
are different for different ascending signs. The positional strength i.e. (that is) the location in
an angle/trine and aspect of strong Venus/Jupiter when functionally benefic, renders some
relief to the weakness of the debilitated planets. The debilitated planets under the close
influence of functional malefic planets become further afflicted and cause more sufferings.
Male born 5th October, 1947, 0435 Hrs. 31.06N 7710E TZ 5.30 Hrs., India.
The weak Venus, being lord of the third house, is occupying its sign of debilitation; is
combust and is placed in the house of status. The badly placed Mars ruling the house of
fortune is also debilitated in the nativity. As Venus is close to the most effective point of
the second house its impact in the matter of status/job became pertinent. The weak
Jupiter is suffering affliction due to the close influence of Ketu and Rahu. During the
sub-period of Venus in the main period of Jupiter, the initiatives of the native were such,
which brought him humiliation; he was superseded and was transferred outstation. The
sub-period of debilitated and combust Venus in the main period of Jupiter was very
tense for the native with regard to his job. The afflicted Jupiter lacked capacity/power
to promote and to protect its significations due to malefic transit influences.
Female born 14th November, 1954, 1015 Hrs. 26.29N 80.21E TZ 5.30 Hrs., India.
The Sun ruling the house of fortune is in old age and occupies its sign of debilitation.
The so called neechbhanga rajayoga would have been created as both Venus and exalted
Saturn are with the Sun in the same house. The most effective point of the seventh house
is under the exact malefic influence of the most malefic planet, the Moon. But the native
had to face most unfortunate events in life. The significator for husband is placed in the
eighth house while the secondary significator for husband, the Sun, is weak. She was
deserted and divorced during the sub-period of the Sun in the main period of combust
and weak Saturn. Though, there are other adverse combinations in the chart but the
operating planetary period was of a debilitated planet ruling the house of fortune and
being secondary karaka for husband.
Male born on 3rd December, 1937, 0030hrs. 32.35N 11.33E, TZ 5.30 Hrs., India.
The lord of the ascendant, the Sun, is just on the most effective point of the fourth house
and aspects the tenth house closely from there. The exalted Mars aspects the ninth
house. The native was a top ranking government officer in the armed forces. The
strength of Mars and its aspect to the ninth house, as also the strong influence of the
Sun gave him a long lived father. The debilitated Moon afflicted both the most effective
points of the house of its location and aspect as also the Sun. But in case the afflicted

houses/planets are not weak and the affliction is not exact the affliction causes only a
tension with regard to the significations of the afflicted houses/planets. The debilitation
of the Moon and the close nodal affliction to the same disturbed the mental peace of the
native, caused ill health to his wife, incurred losses in rental income and encroachment
on the properties during the sub-period of the Moon in the main period of the Moon.
The native suffered setbacks in career during the sub-period of Jupiter in the main
period of the Moon as both of these planets are in the state of debilitation in the natal
Male born on 14th Oct, 1962, 0519 Hrs. 28.37N 77.04E TZ 5.30 Hrs., India.
The planet Mars is in its sign of debilitation. Mars rules the house of marital tie and
inheritance. The most effective point of the eleventh house is under the exact affliction
of Rahu and Ketu axis. This turns Mars utterly weak. Venus ruling the house of family
in the nativity is weak due to infancy. Jupiter ruling the house of marital happiness and
domestic peace is placed in the house of conflicts and becomes weak. During the subperiod of Mars in the main period of the Sun, another functional malefic, the
engagement of the native was fixed and broken twice, and the native's father suffered
from a fire in his premises and a raid by the income tax authorities. During the subperiod of Mars in the main period of the badly placed Moon the native developed a fear
complex and became mentally sick. The functional malefic planets, Saturn and Mars,
not only mutually aspect each other involving the fifth house, the sign Cancer and the
lord of the house of disease but also suffer from the close nodal affliction, which is on
the most effective point of the houses of its location.