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Alyssa Sedor

111 North Hills Road, Barto, PA 19504

(610) 463-4119

A teaching position working with children at the elementary level or with students with visual


Ability to prepare lesson plans and provide individualized attention to students

Dependable, flexible, and personable
Excellent classroom management skills
Monitors progress and assesses the performance of others
Excellent knowledge of Braille reading and writing
Strong knowledge of the teaching methods to be adopted for visually impaired students

BS.ED. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Kutztown, PA
Special Education, Visual Impairments and Elementary Education, PreK-4 May 2016
GPA: 3.53

Kutztown University Deans List
Reitnauer Scholarship

Fall 2013-Fall 2015

Fall 2012-Spring 2016

Professional Development
Literacy Conference
NSTA Sci Pack
Penn-Del AER Vision Conference
Abacus 101

Fall 2015
Spring 2015
Spring 2014,Spring 2015
Spring 2014

Teaching Experience
Blue Mountain East Elementary School
Orwigsburg, PA
Student Teaching and Professional Semester
Fall 2015-Spring 2016
Taught in a third grade classroom
Developed and implemented developmentally-appropriate lessons
Led classroom monitoring, behavior management, and related tasks
Evaluated the performance of students and guided them to develop their listening and social skills

Alyssa Sedor
111 North Hills Road, Barto, PA 19504
(610) 463-4119
Boyertown Area School District
Boyertown, PA
Professional Semester
Fall 2015
Performed functional vision and learning media assessments on students with visual impairments
Participated in IEP meeting with vision itinerant, classroom teacher, support staff, and parents
Prepared lesson plans based on students individualized capabilities
Taught students with visual impairments, provided feedback about their performance

Related Experience
Summer Academy
State College, PA
Resident Assistant, Penn State University
July 2015-Present
Comforted and encouraged students when they faced personal challenges
Advocated for students with blindness and visual impairments
Educated students of State College about blindness and visual impairments
Provided one-on-one attention to students, while maintaining overall focus on the entire group
Taught daily living skills such as navigating with a cane, using laundromat, and cooking meals
Assistant Group Supervisor, Freedom Valley, Boyertown Branch
Cared for children three months to six years old
Planned activities to promote fine and gross motor skills
Encouraged students to complete tasks independently
Provided guidance on childrens behavior and social development

Gilbertsville, PA
June 2012-Present

Abilities in Motion
Provided care for an individual with special needs

Reading, PA
Feb. 2012-Sept. 2013

Campus Leadership and Involvement

Dinner in the Dark
Braille Tutor
Braille Bears, Founder and President
Best Buddies, Member

Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2014-Present
Fall 2012-Present