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I.S. No. 231547

versus -


Qualified Theft
Art. 310 Revised Penal


I, MARCUS E. TOLENTINO, of legal age, Filipino, an accountant,
with residence at No. 9 Cross Road St. Lores Subd. Antipolo City, after
having been sworn in accordance with law, hereby states:
1. I am filing a complaint under Article 308 of the Revised Penal Code for
Theft against Ms. MAILA O. TORRES, hereinafter referred to as
respondent, of legal age, and with residence at 76 B Brgy. Malabanan, M.L.
Quezon St. Antipolo City.
2. The respondent was referred to me by my acquaintance at work, Ms. Rose
B. Umali, after I mentioned that I needed the services of a maid and cook for
a duration of six months. The respondent was likewise informed that I
needed household help, and through Ms. Umali, we exchanged phone
numbers and agreed on a day in which the respondent will start with her
3. On May 6th, 2016, the respondent arrived at around 1PM. I oriented her to
her duties and showed her around my house in order to familiarize her with
the area,
4. The following day, she officially started her duties as a part of the
household help. I left home for work at 6am after giving her instructions on
what to do for the day. I arrived home from work at 9:30PM and checked if
all her tasks were accomplished. Everything was in order and I decided to
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retire for the day.

5. We followed the same routine for one week. On May 15, 2016, when
respondent was out on a day off, I was going through my clothes basket,
looking for a pair of Versace slacks. I was not able to find said item and
decided to ask respondent as to its whereabouts through a text message. She
replied that she had not seen the slacks but volunteered to look for it once
she returned. However, I had forgotten to inquire about it the following day.
6. Two weeks passed after that incident before I noticed that something was
amiss. On June 12, 2016, when respondent was having her customary day
off, I noticed that seven out of the twenty porcelain figurines I owned were
missing. I also could not find several designer shirts that I owned and my
pressure cooker was likewise missing. I also checked my drawers that day
and I discovered that my .45 caliber pistol, laptop and tablet had been taken
as well.
7. I decided to report the incident to the police that same day, but before I
left my house, my neighbor, Ms. Kimberly Reyes, approached me and said
that she kept seeing the respondent talking to a man by the gate and saw on
June 11th, 2016, between 10 to 11 AM, that said man was permitted to enter
the house by the respondent and later exited the premises while carrying the
respondent's belongings with the addition of a big brown bag.
8. I reported the incident on that same day and tried to contact the
respondent, but she could not be reached and never showed up for work
9. Her acts are clearly within the purview of the of Article 310 of the
Revised Penal Code, as she had taken personal belongings without consent
and without employing violence, intimidation and threat upon the rightful
owner, with grave abuse of confidence.
Wherefore premises considered, it is respectfully prayed after notice and
hearing that the respondent be:
1. Indicted with the violation of Article 310 of the Revised Penal Code
2. Such other remedies that may arise from the complaint

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SSS I.D. no. 1741789
SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me in Antipolo City this 18th day of
February 2016, affiant/complainant showing his official identification
document as stated above.


Assistant City Prosecutor

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