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Pupil A : Hey boys and girls, we are to perform for our choral speaking competition. Lets
choose a script!
Pupil B : Haaa.. I have an idea! Why not we do Thumbelina?
Pupil C : No shes too tiny!
Pupil D : What about Bawang Putih Bawang Merah?
Choral : Haaaaa thats a good idea!
Pupil E : But we dont have the script!
Pupil A : Oh no Lets do on Little Red Riding Hood. Agree?
Choral : Agreed
Choral : We. ___________ would proudly present, Little Red Riding Hood.
Choral: Once upon a time, there was a very pretty little girl who had a red cloak and a red
hood over her head. She was called Little Red Riding Hood. One day, her mother said.
Mother : Here are some cakes for your grandmother. Take them to her, but be very
careful. You know what I mean.
Choral : Red Riding Hoods grandmother lived in another village, so she had to walk through
a dark wood to get there. She was scared because in this dark wood, there lived a Big Bad
Wolf. As she skipped along the path in the wood, fluently she said
There was an old woman,
Who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children,
She didnt know what to do.
But they all were so handsome,
And clever, Im told,dont trade one,
For diamonds or gold.

Wolf : Wolf! Wolf! Grr and where are you going little girl, may I ask?
Choral : And do you know who it was? Oh! How unlucky! It was it was the.. the.. it
was the Big bad wolf!!!. Red riding hood was very frightened that she trembled
and answered.
R.R.Hood : Im going to take these cakes to my grandmother. Err thats if you dont
mind, Mr Wolf.
Wolf : No, No.
Choral : Said the wicked wolf.
Choral : He knew that in the wood close by, there were men who were chopping down trees.
Those men had sharp axes. He knew them by this sound
Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!
Tongue twister
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck,
If a woodchuck could chuck wood,
And chuck as much as a woodchuck would,
If a woodchuck could chuck wood.
Choral : The Big Bad Wolf was afraid of them. He wanted to jump on Red Riding Hood and
gobble her up right there. But, he knew he couldnt. Not yet zzzzassssssss as
fast as lightning, he rushed to grandmothers house. He was smiling all the way. Because he
knew he could reach there before Red Riding Hood.
Soon.. he reached the house.
Knock, knock! Whos there?
Its Big! Big. Big who?
Big Bad! Big Bad Bad who?
Bad wolf! Wolf. Wolf who?
Wolf : Grr..Big Bad Wolf Thats who!
Choral : Hey! It sounds very familiar. Isnt it our favourite T.V programme? Oh yes! Its

Big Bad Bettle Borg (2x)

Pupil G : Stop that! Will you
Choral : Opps sorry. Back to the story.
Then In went the wolf. Grandmother saw that it was really Mr. Wolf and she hid in the
cupboard. Dum!! She locked herself inside.
The wolf put on grandmothers nightgown and got into bed. Yulk! Eeeeekkkk..It didnt look
cute at all! Soon, theres a knock at the dooragain.
Knock! Knock!. Whos there?
Its little! Little who?
Little Red! Red who?
Red Riding! Riding who?
Riding Hood! Hood who?
R.R.Hood : Oh Grandma! Its me your beloved Little Red Riding Hood! Dont you
recognize me?
Choral : In went the girl, and sat beside her..
R.R.Hood : Grandma dear, what big eyes you have!
Choral : Said Red Riding Hood.
Wolf : All the better to see you with.
Choral : said the wicked wolf.
R.R.Hood : Grandma dear, what big long tail you have!
Choral : Ha? Long tail? Its wrong! We dont have anything like that in the script. Its
.Grandma, what big ears you have! Now, say it!
R.R.Hood : Opps..sorry.. Grandma dear, what big ears you have!
Choral : Yesthats better.
Wolf : All the better to hear you with.
Choral : said the wicked wolf. Little red riding hood was still frightened. But, she didnt
know why.. and again she said.
R.R.Hood : Grandma dear, what big and sharp teeth you have!!

Wolf : All the better to eat you with!!! Grrrrr..

Choral : The wolf jumped up.. and tried to spring her! Haaaaah (7x) Red Riding Hood
ran and ran breathlessly, as she cried.
R.R.Hood : Help! Help! Somebody please help me! Help! Help!
Choral : Bang! Bang! Bang! Down fell. the wold. Its weak! Its dead!..... ya hooits
At last, red riding hood was safe. Ha! What a day! It was her own father, who actually shot
down the wolf. Then, they went to grandmas home. Helped her out of the cupboard before
they went home, they had tea together and ate the cakes that red riding hood brought
Emmmmm.. yummy the cakes were fluffy, sweet and delicious. Emmmmm.yumyum
yum her mother was sure a good cook.
Soon. Its time for red riding hood and her father go home.
R.R.Hood : Goodbye grandma. Dont forget to lock the door. I love you!
Choral : Well friends. From that day onwards, Grandma was never alone again. She had
stayed with Red Riding Hood and her family. Red Riding Hood too, never again walked alone
in the wood.
Thats all about Little Red Riding Hood. And we really hope you have enjoyed our show.
Thank you.

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