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Social Media Guide

Assembled by Heather Bates 3.2016

Social Best Practices and Overview

Knowing your audience is key to social media success. Her-larity is primarily targeting
females ages 18-30 and secondarily targeting males 18-30.

78% of women & 69% of men use social media. Therefore, it is an excellent way to stay
in touch with your audience.
Stick with the three main platforms currently popular in 2016. These are: Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram. Of these platforms:
Facebook Users:
63% percent visit at least once a day
40% multiple times a day
Instagram Users:
57% visit once a day
35% multiple
Twitter Users:
46% daily, 29% multiple times per day.

Note: 42% of adults use multiple social networking platforms; however, if people use only one,
its typically Facebook. This should be your main focus if time is limited.


Always post with photos. Posts with photos increase likes by 53% and comments by
104%. Every time someone comments your post is recirculated.
Keep it short. Posts with 80 words or less report 66% more engagement than longer
Ask questions, question posts get 100% more comments than posts that do not ask
anything of readers.
Post on Facebook 2-3 times per day Monday Friday. Only post on the weekends if there
is an event being promoted.

When and how often to post

3pm, 8pm and 11pm are the best times to post on Facebook. These are peak activity
times, meaning more people are online looking at Facebook during these hours which
increases the likelihood that your posts will be seen.
1 2 posts a day get 40% more engagement. You can post up to 4 times a day which
will increase engagement by up to 71%. These tactics are especially good to apply in the
week or two weeks prior to an event.

Facebook Recommended Practices

Post twice a day minimum Monday Friday. People tend to pay attention to
social media less on weekends.
Schedule posts to run at 3pm, 8pm or 11pm everyday they run. Choose two of
these three times and schedule this to be done 5 days a week.
If there is a special holiday such as the birthday of a female comic or a female
comic is on tour etc., use this to promote Her-larity. Post fun facts about the comic
or fun facts about where she grew up in your posts. You can ask people for
example; Where do you think Amy Schumer go to middle school? if she is
promoting a movie etc.
Participate in Facebook trends such as #ThrowbackThursdays and post pics from
previous meetings of Her-larity members or of a show from the previous year.
Tag people who help with shows. Also tag members on their birthdays. This will
increase posts and interest in posts by adding variety to your platform.
If there is a trend such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, film or take a photo of Herlarity members participating and post this.
When a new member joins, post their picture and a fun fact about them that is offbeat and welcome them to the group. Such as; Meet new Her-larity member
Jamie Poltsworth, she has an 8-foot boa constrictor and her favorite food is
Keep it casual. Post like you would speak to your friends.

Instagram Recommended

Post pics that are self-explanatory. People tend not to read comments on
Instagram and it is best to include what you want people to know in the
actual picture. You can accomplish this by holding a sign containing
information within the photo.
#ThrowbackThursdays are huge on Instagram, take advantage of it.
#FlashbackFridays are a thing.
Post on Instagram 2-3 times per day Monday Friday. Feel free to post on
Instagram on weekends, it is traditionally a less formal platform. However,
be sure to post to Instagram just before and even during events. These
posts are common on this platform.
Maintain posting at the 3pm, 8pm and 11pm times.
Instagram trends should be followed just like Facebook trends.

Twitter Recommended

This platform is used by a lot of businesses to promote upcoming events.

Keep posts to under 115 characters. Twitter allows for more however,
readership will increase when posts are kept short. Also, this leaves room
for any webpages the post may link to.
Use hashtags.
This is a great platform for short jokes that readers can then retell to their
friends. The club name will come up in conversation when the person is
asked where they heard the joke.
Post on Twitter 1-2 times per day Monday Friday. On this platform it is
best to retweet from a well-liked celebrity such as Tina Fey or tell a short
joke that followers can retell to their coworkers.
Twitter doesnt have a good weekend following for entertainment so only
post on a weekend if you are promoting an event.
Maintain posting at the 3pm, 8pm and 11pm times.
Twitter trends should be followed just like Facebook and Instagram.


Never use profanity of any kind when posting to social media.

Never defame or put down any person regardless of offense.
Never ask readers to repost or comment or like your posts. Social
media software is designed to detect these sort of posts and will
automatically reduce the reach of organizations or people who do so.
Allow your readers to comment by offering them a reason to do so.


Do blackout in the event of a national or local tragedy. First, post with a

comment on tragedy appropriately by offering condolences then
immediately stop sending promotional posts for 24 hours.
Do praise local comedians of all gender identities.
Do reply to comments in a positive manner, never negative. Ignore
negative posts or delete them.

Example Posts

Facebook: Last year at this time, Her-larity had our first show! Here are
pics of comics Miranda Jones, Tina Lafonza and Summer Storholt
showing their stuff in Old Main Theatre #ThrowbackThursday
{Insert Picture}

Instagram: Each week post a picture from your weekly meeting. Take 3-5
pics you can post at each meeting, one for that week and 2-3 for the
following week. They can be similar, but make sure people are smiling or
acting in the pictures to show off Herlaritys positive vibe.

Twitter: Dont climb a Redwood, that counts as high treesin. Herlarity.