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Lesson Plan

Topic: Writing Words

Standards: W.K.3 draw, dictate and write about 1 event and reaction
Objective: Students will be able to write three sight words and number how
many sounds are in each word using their blending skills with 80% accuracy.
DOK: Level 3
Assessment Plan: Students will be able to write three sights words and
their sounds by finishing words on a white board. Students will use their
decoding skills to finish the words while walking around the room and writing
them on their white board. The students will line up and tell each other and
me the words that they completed. I will use this to evaluate individual
understanding of the assignment and to help guide further instruction.
Total Participation Techniques: Think pair share, line up
Materials Needed: chairs, word cards, Heidis songs.
Gain Attention: Heidis Songs, Have, Go, See
Recall Prior Knowledge: We will review words that they already know. We
will go over how to sounds out different words. We will also review counting
sounds and how there are silent letters. I will ask them if they can count how
many sounds are in the word There. Go over the vowels in the alphabet
Input and Modeling: I will have cards all up around the room. I will model
how to fill in the blanks, and let them try to fill one out with me. There are
going to me a lot more options to finish the words than one, and explain this
to them. I will go over how to listen to the sounds and how to count the
sounds. I also want the room to be quiet On the cards there will be different
words, but they will be missing vowels and consonants. The children will walk
around the room with white boards and markers and they will write the
words down that they saw and they will fill in the vowels and consonants on
the boards. They will write as many as they can on their board.
Differentiation: some children are just going to be able to write down the
letters, while other children can write the whole word down. Some of the
children are going to need help sounding out the letters and they are going
to need options to help
Guided Practice (Direct Instruction), Group Organization
(Cooperative Learning), Discovery Procedure (Discovery/Inquiry):
Cooperative Learning
How do sounds blend together?
Why do we have letters in words? What is their purpose?
Closure: To review learning we will be writing Mrs. Clements a get well card
using all of the sight words that we have learned and the simple words. They

will write one sentence and then draw a picture for her. Or we will get
together as a group get in 2 lines and the students will share their words with
the students next to them.
Transition: They will clean their white boards, put the caps on their markers
and put it away, as soon as they put away the markers they will be dismissed
to go to centers.