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Celsius 233

Takes place at the bottom of Page 44Montag! Montag, answer me! Mildreds voice pulled
Montag out of his thoughts like a freight train's whistle.
Are you okay? He could feel a cold breeze. Where was
he? Then he remembered. He looked up and saw the
moonlight seeping through the window. He wiggled a
little in his bed to get comfortable after the unsettling
Could this be real? Did she really die? Is she really
gone? He looked up at Mildred and felt moisture build
up in the corner of his eye. What is this? This strange
substance that was now running down his cheek. Was
this what feelings felt like? Was this what it was like to
feel pain from loss of others close to you? Is this what
all the women who lose their husbands in war fail to
I don't know,
He thought to himself.
Montag! She called again.
What are you thinking about dear? She said, tilting
her head a little bit to the right.

Clarisse he admitted. I'm thinking about Clarisse.

And what happened. Do you know what happened? When
it happened? How it happened? Why it happened?
Anything at all?
Well I heard from leader of the firemen that it was
a car accident. But then I overheard him talking to some
shady man about her, and it was the complete opposite.
Mildred said in a dim voice as if someone was near.
What were they saying? Asked Montag, almost
Mildred began to look around, suspicious that
someone was around. If I tell you, you can't go talking
about it to everyone. Speaking around. Telling stories.
Stories. No.
God, you act as if you don't trust me. Almost as if
you don't know me. I won't tell anyone, don't you trust
me? Montag stated, almost confident her death had to
do with Beatty and if it did, Beatty would have it. Montag
wasn't sure why he was making such a big deal. He only
knew her for a short while. But in that short while, he
felt as if Clarisse was his daughter. Like there was a
special connection. He thought back to drinking the rain,
her smell of apricots and strawberries. Maple and sugar.
Twilight and dawn. Love and What was it Happiness? Did

she act of happiness? Was she content with the world

today? Green blur, purple blur, red blur. Grass, flower,
rose. Everything she ever said to him. All the late night
talks. All the times he longed to talk to her. Everything
she was about. Happy and sad.
Darling, did you hear me? Mildreds voice once again
brought Montag out of his deep thoughts.
He shook his head. No, sorry. What did you say?
I said that I will tell you, but only because I love
you. Love? Did she even know what love is?
Okay Montag said, doubting her.
So I went to the supermarket. You know, the one
across the street from the bank. Well, I heard a familiar
voice and it turned out to be the captain. I know it's
wrong, but I just stood there and listened to them.
Frankly, it was their fault for talking about such
classified things in public. I was doing the right thing. I
should have reported them but I didn't. I just didn't want
to get in trouble for eavesdropping.
Okay? But what did they say? You don't have to
justify why you overheard them. Montag stated in a
stern voice. He wasn't happy. He wanted to find out what
happened to her and he was going to get vengeance. He
didn't know exactly why though.

Well, I heard them and they said that she didn't give
up the information they wanted. That they didn't know
where the book people were but she did. He said that
all the ideas of torture he had failed to get her to talk.
So he got mad and killed her. But he didn't really go into
detail. I wish I can tell you more but that is all I know.
Montag felt the liquid build up in his eye again.

This happened before?

Every time he thought about her
death he would have the strange thing occur.
Thank you, said Montag, holding back an urge to
make a strange sound he didn't know of. He then walked
to his room and laid on his bed. He was staring up at the
ceiling as the strange liquid ran over his temples. There
was no sound. Just silence. Not a sound of cars. No birds.
No talking. Nothing. Just his breathing. In. Out. In. Out. Then
he choked. What was this strange feeling? This
loneliness. This sadness. Is that what it was? Just one big
crashing wave of grief? Is this what Matthew Arnold was
talking about? Was this the eternal note of sadness?
Then, this sudden hate came to him. He yelled and
jumped off the bed and into the living room.
Why the hell would he do something like this!?
Why would he kill someone who wasn't even a threat
to them!? Why would he hurt someone for no reason at

all!? Montag screamed. Mildred sat there wide eyed. She

was staring at Montag in such surprise.
I-I don't know, cried Mildred as she ran to the
bedroom and slammed the door. This was the second
time he has ever yelled in his entire life of being married
to her.
He stood there, he was wondering what he had
What had he done?
He yelled at her when it isn't
even her fault. He had enough. He stomped away like a
child throwing a fit and slammed the door to his house
behind him.
He had been driving all night. Just wandering around
going 100 miles an hour. He couldn't take it anymore. He
headed for the fire station right once the clock hit 6:00

Beatty! Get your ass up right now! Beatty opened

his eyes to the sight of Montag above him with a
clenched fist.
Beatty looked up at Montag and said with a grin,
Why hello. I see you have now figured something out.
Which part did you figure out? The books? Pause. The
children? Pause. The project? Pause. Oh now I see. It's

about Clarisse isn't it? Beatty chuckled. Montags eyes

widened in anger.
I knew that was it. You should have protected your
daughter more thoroughly. You knew she was different.
She had that doom coming to her. She was just asking
for it. With her little pale face and smart remarks. Her
deep thoughts and fresh smells. She didn't deserve to
live on this perfect earth. She was useless. Just a
burden. Nothing at all.
Montag bellowed, Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up! I
don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear your damn
voice. I'm sick of it. The thought of it makes me sick! You
make me sick! I have strange feelings. I have dreams,
thoughts, urges. You don't even know the beginning of it.
All the pain. But you don't know what pain is do you? you
just think that the world is perfect. That the world
revolves around you. You don't know what it is like to
lose anyone. You don't know what it's like to love
someone. You don't know what it's like to be happy. You
know content but not true happiness. You are the one
that doesn't deserve to be here. You deserve to be the
one that died. You need to die and it's going to be by my
hands. I will feel true happiness the day my hands are
over your dead cold body! Montag was panting with

anger. He has never yelled so much in his life. Nor did he

want to, but this was what he felt like he needed to do.
Woah there human hound. You're starting to sound
like a murderer. Remember what law enforcement does
to people who murder. So I'd watch my mouth if I were
you. Beatty laughed, you can't do anything.You
wouldn't lay a finger on me. Not a single one. But I will
tell you this. Torturing Clarisse was one of the most
fun things I've ever done in my life. That
To bad I couldn't get what I wanted in the end. Beatty
said, again laughing hard like Santa clause in the old
I hate you. I hate your very existence Montag hisses
through his teeth.
Well hate is a strong word, but I don't think it is
strong enough to explain our relationship. Beatty
smiles. Montag wanted to jump across the table that
was separating them and punch him to death. But he
knew that would be too messy. He wanted to burn him.
going to burn him. He will get his revenge.
Aren't you at least curious as to what I did with her?
How I disposed of her? All the little techniques of how I
shoved her into insanity. Who ever said she was dead? I
think a father should know when his own daughter dies.

Do you feel her? Is she dead? Beatty said with a big grin
on his face
what is he talking about?
Daughter? Father?
What are you saying? Montag said, a little more
relaxed. Trying to not look at the mechanical hound
that was laying in the downstairs of the fire station.
You really are stupid aren't you?
No, no I'm not but you just say things that would
only be said by an insane person. That's what you are.
You're insane, that's all to be said.
I'm saying she is your daughter. Your little mistake.
Unplanned. Don't think you're so perfect and above the
law when you've been breaking it since the beginning.
My what? Mistake? What is he saying? That Clarisse
is my daughter? No, that can't be It just can't.
The alarm rang. Beatty ran to the cold metal poles
and slid down. Montag followed close behind, knowing
this conversation wasn't over. They hopped into the
giant red Phoenix. This alarm was more unsettling than
any of the others he has gone to. His unsettling
thought came to the surface and he looked up at the
house they were to burn. It was his own house.