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Bible Standard ‘Devoted tothe Exposition of Scrstare respecting Conditional Immortality, Regerretion, the "Return and Rin of Christ and the Pinal Desttction ot all Hv, Eom wy GEO. A. BROWN. Tri Tp Gn Dh bt toh GO Real Tif righ Toa iia wot To No Vou AUCKLAND, NZ, JUNE, 1881 Puc, 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS. immoral ths a atonement nt commend to th ‘he Aon Ci okies atre; andi sce dean, incase of iy etl sa ‘He ney al temv imei “ame eng, am stomeent moat coeiond w with demand : ene he ditty of sein how hiss sfxngs and dh cold mate »mficion or sone fo moe ach "The ws theo iden i sat Ct wed and ‘Tse ied rial” ta i By esti en tho oom pares td stead ofthe Gane, orate ayo tela” ‘But the gieion arcs, How eoald this if teal ute Inge the ue dense or sn? 11 sree tat Chit ig bo a and ‘THE ATONEMENT BY CHRIS. vig el ciate pant al Moc bas been aid abd itn om the sbject of the | wc war xl in va to the ene wo ote ns ‘one. Lik ll ote hole die the rot | rear tthe question retary Ho el th be ees? of ts eles popesty hat ben alos: ocho mfeed? For the om pre isnot te Tooke, The dest ents chien se iow a| ended hat Hive atere sured, mt Coda is rmomand te mage ino demande of ust: sp. dichangee and natal to aoe sad each eens Tanger vate et I¢sth the noting che bury ‘Me, Lannie work on te Tame tesa | Chat aed and dd sod the Fl Condon of the Wickes, In Tome tis diel, td by ome tha ms {ove ofthe yeslty of the Disney = he dot ncaa #0 oh stone ht theme poly oe ‘lure of Goya he oat that sae penalty |b ended oat these sooo ing bold be {oe fron he reso rind fat, nes V.— inion the avo irr axa eto he ane. Tage 969. Again be sayns "The pen he law | Heres oo iy site, Ta ar anne f mein ‘eat ments fom he sot ef pan! fe and hap can sie for the ence of Janey aed jee cam be Pinay 4 taking wp ofall bony between God ad the | sed wit tan tra sing, ten why demand ‘ntra” Page aon. Coma these teeta withthe such a penly oe sinner? And ie ot soch demand fling: Our bested Redsene anf he oly of nat atin? And ence, would oc be eid a he nw for ie pople”™ Page 262 Fiwice fie pnaay of mck a cnr? The Thur Chiat died apn death cme under the | qetioncartinly demand steno in ing Whats & igdeare of Gass ll. armory wt Gol! Bnd aiution and what the tone! mal toi ec pals ad ccmacad sch awk and | Another cla oppose Chit to sullen Bis dlvbe tel gr Ae Lani a nd Chis oa enouiation | mt; ba they manana ls day wat that of the ‘nde great clips to hit by binging ou this ne | Son of God, aed no the nena) Godbeat—and tat He tek and int ipa nll he chuchen'1"" [nim His ine nature a erated belg—"the ator of “The gen ides an stoner tof tftion| very etre" As mc they santa, He tok om Hin ‘Theis atte ths tt such a ttuhtion a use| ore, and ther repr he fred is ene bing righty deaanis, an, when giv, juifi, oe Yidiates| or ompoud mtre suing and death fran stare man, frmed of teat of te ound, tas super This esone pon a ii igh at bees; bat dle ity lel he sa so ates iat they ma incr on oe em a ‘THE BIBLE, ating shor is ntl he se dias in “Biking miedo toe frevaus theory; i tas not the dune eter sasing in naranequaleo; Iewoald fam therfore, xan bea meetin to vin joi ‘rede divine jnice lined more tan was abo Sect f these "Another ln bling in view of te vin of Cries atthe ein of jtice on tener ‘Sent ethene ing and bold that Cis, Thing vine and humans am equalent by vu Ma whole composed rate bag fvaved in Dat gv tis iw ean maybe weed Chis i Sor rain erally ander dex nh “compeynd ars” and it right be ted Row then His dex Noe ae smeafimtt0 be? "How can it be wid to bom a "sticton t,o a ineaton of juice, hen te death nil shore of elma? Mf Chit Tred i his ine sates, tht doesnot mest he cea Tenia cssey nay tat Chet wan bora oder the ure of he ddomie Lo tht He mar eset vcean ftom Hs baong besa barn of ronan who wae bose de enh nse Thi iy oar indy etl hae nth cai of Chit bing the Redeewe, om th {hes eat i He mas boc 4 ered ld der he mne La tin and death 2 the noe of the Adamie race at hen {Efllow tht He coud ot of Bal stan for fy, erng ht Ee Hinge cme Uy the sane awe ssh i every som and suger ofan wich comes Ino the worl Teta be remembered that te Tater of {hs bey child war the Eternal God three the cl Fecemer ented tthe ight which the Father imel ajo, None il cm that the Father wae det th Two death terete ld oad ot be. qie tec ht he was nae de he am Dut ie wa he tae ef Mosca ich sine aw Bt ke an thar obtained the righteores ot the hwy wbich same rites rpc fo eey obedient believer inthe rn Lord and Deter Soeha yew of Chit cannot lar ap te di fie wich fave exited onthe bec of te Atonement ts vel show in he es of oar ears Neat akin to thee cing tons ir tat of m0 onennt ech tht which every sn makes by Hs ovo (Ging or anletinge oll then ws be hi founds Ah erin ae Me of what anor of at Jtce GemondaTshll no eamine ny of them ober fer pesntd Gey il ner dren fm minds at eaioa to embrace wath; 1 do ot expect t rach ‘ers, Nan, aconing 1 the Spare scoot of crenton faunits"fomed ofthe dito the wound” made aie tthe threat of Iie” produig the ceuatan of the hood ich i te Wo the fe an, er cated nd des ving creas” mos placed ont noe STANDARD a Perea ie ent in se ba wos within eh ed ngh at hand. I be develops Mel tf tony Gui tacen bet dnt farmed he skal ly That ne rei wht bin demande in ee aftanagrnions Kou e Wefan tat ie wich be fesse! tm anna beng in commas with a other Eats wih ae Ear God ade ot of he dato he {Goon Al ha commen git man ad oted Kim higher decay, be would Jarmo ith his Caecon ehcrvite e ns tol under te Tot wick anil beings wee vabecr—ve, decay and Jah od ive sastcin fr tamgrenion rau the Wj or the ial ace oes an fora of “te wiloow exnine for tet on she pot, by hich me bop ot Heh onthe lng comizoeted and Ferlned quero of tnement ‘God penned the exing of blo, “Fox” aid Jenova, See yt (he mete ss) of the is ite loud sos Thor gen toy ep he arto take tn cote! fo yout Cr ts hod tat teh an achnent the onthe ahh He Tite—*No woul tyes sal et ood neler hall a7 Sanger et jac anoog you ce nod™ “he fete" (he mph the so thet: three T i cote chien of fal, Ye sal et the lo of So namer osha of he Both the Hood thre wien eth sal bea "levies sry rs34) ‘Hl the materi wate, beyond omsoveny at Justice demands oa sit nd whet cepa an oe Rie Meno Hy or bmg. The wages of i fru Life othe Dlood™—iich te sine hing nt aks aoooment.No ames of fray ater iy orgie eistion tthe hin of Joe Joie nds the ite lod and that eli eamat be set ie witha tic eng sonore eterno lok th ow elaing to making sone nent bythe high pi (Exolid eety tio) Aker ching the a, lo etd foows ==" Thon Sha pt Sete thew tht by he ak f the Yt fon. Bebe the mevey ant st f ovr the enon, here Leitner hte “amd Aarons make mente tn oe of ccs Jy he othe sin arn of soem; oe a Ya al Jee eee pn oni pe et "Fw een Bnd Gat makes soem. ot sin 1A compe a pre ih at ee ae eon "Now wen hv ng wet that ‘2'taing om a mort delopment and bi fare desig | ried opis went aay in the fis beac ‘Past be dace necoringy. IC that dercopioent shoul |sccouplstng the service of God; Dat ina he sond ein eraony withthe wll obs Cazaron hte worth | went the high it alone once every eat not wiout ‘ood wich he oft or ie and forthe err: ofthe Peoies = iat Cis being came,» High Pit of {uo tings cote, bya peter aod moe pt tober hele oot made with andy that tos, oot of ths ‘ing nether by the bot of gon and calves, ut by is om Mood, entered nonce ino the holy pe, ving obtained tera eden for ux" he wages of inf Gath” That & what Jstice demande Tis de is mate, neat es Hy tao, wih no ober eet of He parted to hin Tesitheces this sin The mtre of the case De tit pts bplesy erik or be bought to oot Sich bving the crs he needs sod must Inve a) eon cone who can Dring hin tack fot da dominion, or olin the rigs t alver in fom ondage” To wake euch prea, he eo Blond of an Siocon am shh nolan must be given fn bein ee pully, or the Adaiaisrater of ne could tote an an re he sine. Tray"On beta the gut.” donot mean ia ern end leo” of the gui; ba ei geen 2 a8 ‘ktonttpment by Him who stomps oder te gully ah is feng of His own ood bad en reused Telyecanttep! tv delver the tangresor fom dest bnew made, it woul nf ave been to al ia ‘orton the asic of he pena of death Yat by dying ‘Benge death do i on Hin re ras odzts IR Eoal sow the Vadcator of ir it ge He Bt the dead toss uakoowleged the diver esis boon; or ebay somertl on he pe, TeestBetbie tote taty One of Hie pce and m= rh toh he asi frou aes Became pos, te Sve tough ho poverty ight be made ih Teton se ratte language of Sept Ty ft tothe Moo ef Chet, fotion to ourredepsan, | pet nach ays kay tal ve eaten ‘wih compte things alle abd Bl, fom year vs ‘Svcotnreatved by tndion fm jour ther; bt Sy ths praone Dood of Christ ar of = lamb wit Mont itt at” (Fee 48,19) “Asin Gren of sian scntng to te Hebee of iv ace Gym ps Cok vg) Alo Ree.» speaking tthe fedcenck wh lida belre the Lath when be nd ac fg bon to oon te see tee And they sng a | ew ods ming Tho st worthy tae the book, and to ton the sel there: for Thou wat in and bat. ta sto Guy Thy Bod tof eer Minded, ad tongue, and poole, abd maton” ‘Once mre. Pl nid 9 the Ber ofthe Church ef peso Take bec ato yore, and tall be teks oer whch the Hay Ghost hath made you overs toveed the Church af God, which He hath porelae wit Bison Hood” (Aces 8) Tupi i made satiety evident th the ie or ood ef Chis” it the radon prise pa fr the ih THE BIBLE STANDARD. cy dae mn én dnd i mney yf Sn oes dn aby eh [et netstat sod eco re Soman tng pert ee me end ater Tpcthae talaga mal wc 1 eta dena Ser aa eee SNS a ns eo ba oma se ina rks ay mle sce hs besos cow a aon reece note mde yar pte teh Cie nat Febrero epee erry ema tincy ans Sc Oot tare lathe ano sure apr Mes sayy fy aha Guu lod ath ne lew terme cpere anc aan toad aby mts dn stom ee eth yt ese a a eee tom lata ed pre ey sa neh eed a nt pepe ace cea oh JC ot terete sue ma nocopton 2 eee aes Celine ns dh eerie cee a hc ota toca he eels curs eet eens pes ee reais ceed ai bps ln pater eat tie Sat" manna ot Pe anager cay is Bocas ni aes alkanes ee bone aera ai cung ene sear ae eet as i oy nae i ge net ad ow et Son ee Cane ae mem i a ee ; ‘By His “one offering for sin "of His onn blood, Chris otter paces eae ited the Taw in it ain 0 a jc stands ea penal ia ing the feed an yt intrpones 0 oat the erp of ery sch as ble in J and rey on im re lo the end the Spt of oo ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. (Go, ich dv in Hi wien masa eden” La that ea Chet Jus" ‘May Goin Hie mesey enable bth th wader se rier a be mide paler of ths seemtin, ta we say come i the fist rurction, fron rch the sna ath sal hare 20 ower Act, ‘THE MEANING OF THE ORIGINAL TERNS! TRANSLATED "ETERNAL," “EVERTASTING, ETC. ‘Berons we can give a der expsiion of few text and set the objeciaes othe Unive onthe one hand Sh the vepated Orie on the oer, sl vest | The we mening of the Words tard ema fe tre work” and sche 2 re found te common ‘etn. "We wil examine the word in he O Tesament En befre we sep othe New. We are by o teams spendet upon te word Gr the eooplteentblaanent ferry pin te atept ogre we could spre them fil and yet Inve « sypenbundanceof rok ‘hese bteres gino opposer ‘Weare sine wit the eon of thse werd giro Beh ea tr ng ace reyeentnes of the Heber snd Grek ms We ‘reat tat the uasied 2 cet Inge, bog eon of sou gmetad hving bere wal te ge whee any rnd cot tb een pane tess comptt tude mesng och Word a Gre in gla ofr ao ‘othe lteter We belive thet the Hebtcy word oximetry means an a2, whos at all desing the tn of he ain; aad that it ainays eso «dine pido ag; Having © legining nl on ed, exceping When i ‘lar to the age” emp (f Chists penal gn ‘xpesions wil be eating Sormore Gol can now De fas, and the Justine of inn belveh ip Jras” nto tea fe”; Be ich ao tn ver had by astral genet; oa Tea lo ae coac gee oosest fo reat fo athe would have stained ty wit he Interven of dey fad be hoon obedient ba sn fteed and desh followed; std ander daninon tan frinpe to sree rrr when once dad. Chi sone [Four if; by toring na obeying Hi ar asc, ne recive the Benet of His atonement or sins ting I Sah sebie frien ta dxth cant eterpone to pee | GER TE ene? scseterl Eye Date thee there page contd is ewe words tat reese Star chins = ticig “ereting isc” al show the Seine eof thes wordes aod we sal ot ly sured in honing thee texte withthe cizet teaching ofthe Bible nt hal Heise snced in tring is; mean the ae ore whieh we es fe ote “The Outon of he age eee oy the word oto may bovry sor ec very lon, a oul yo EA frome fe dunion Ie sonetins exec ah a singe dyn fy ges eben of sven yrs & ie rnsiig fo Htne tm a peed peg; the ee of the covenant of camchion the age of the Tecucy of te Monlc lw) the age of te Aarne fresbod the age or dation of «fi the period of th coninann oni ing; the age fom Adam fo Nerh; the ge or Noah to Abas the ag fom haan ost eae om he ft abst of Chit te he send tthe menial age to the ag taken ‘epmntely sueseding ant enphaealy 40 "the ope of ‘om occas in the Hebiew Sorpares xy a a un} the advil form "freon andthe adlecve crpfing when it bid an tndosbed veeeee 19 tbe tee or Hngdom ef the Blush; which we lem fom | cle race il are 0s, Ontm ccs i ane of Te foma mon tha hee handed tne nthe Oud Tet Inet and nore then te bundsed aud Gy case the cpg have tnd ty the Gros word aoa; in inepvo ces they have ied the adjective alnor at Peng aptiie to tn thee ninety-two caer wl ecorly dit ofthe English em rating, bat oly eeu hey sce othe age ofthe Beak nthe oer aces tey eri the momnsne; te Leia state Peso! tery coven; lndmarts; wate placa, icy so thatthe monsoon soe Meet math wo ong i hemscvs; sb se efeing to the whole eid ‘cna inthe, hey wl only Bear sac eoosracton ‘She they er to an age Sch we etna in UE Tipsy wl eer be ahead and even hen wll Beart be mere connety anol se pring tO itcege of the Mensa" which parphnse’ ir tendered econ, beaut nike the ance Hebrews have 2 tin txpeie et mening An inteliget mer, sc deprectng the “untae grace” ofthe tndaoe in ending the tes am td lenny hy Bare suc s0 many peer acre, Most fly may Te gnted thet nthe spose mat The git of God is ‘eal one] le the i nla ie, 8 Neer feng existence But our persona hit st ok be me to Binge on the mnt dependent ace ofthe tajectv sor] tee employed ba apn 8 eink intenon of the mer, esate bd conte yaar thea!" Tha the tml the Sept oat dtd the ers ai ao aio a comprehending inte drain eeridnt ffm the mamsr In which ey hare expesed pra goad what was embraced in thet tema, Examgles: Exon, 18, "The Lond sll ‘gn (leolum we) forever” lo expel in Greek bY "oe Lan alec on ane) of lo fm ge to age and fare” Tt maybe qustined whether be eto shoud ot be ated foe he age and ear” s 4 Thus demonetrating ta the “forever” ply a Sein tals te ana, ate) reg the tees oul fore” Michael iy We nil wale fo he ‘ame of the Lond our God (oa) for ener and ee ‘he Sunn ante tongh the age and bond ‘Tas Liman Use oF Oviow Eewop fram the ire Site ons, 6, The eanh wih her brs wat about te Gena) Fo zen, alton his "fr ever” oly embraced « potod fie dye abd three ngh, ot extends Sowphoat he ‘whole of that period, There was 0 part of the age| {Specie in rich "the eth ih he ara” were not sou Joosh. Exodes ty 15 Abd thou sat anoint thet Fer anining sal sry bean everng patho’, hep the eens” ens Whee [STDS oF wren Mea of Ovi Tay “Coermuat” Bre Gaesis vt sie 4 Raoden Fon any bbl 1 ive ato (Pins covenat of pence iretgneeal Gaeta eet ee eal ee eee eter acl eee eles etre eee rire al Joos; foros ike on fH tage the creat Ty protnig Ss Goa ct of thi aly an tren the mse’ to the hose of Thamat. Wil the reader nat» Sasa oryand 2 Wea iy 814, pros # ings, 27, 35°” No pr of the Auone pest rnd maz denied to be perpetual though alle oul; tie (Hebrews Se, 2) wet inpaee on theta OTT. the fine of seomation” "See alo. Hews iy 1528 Desiconany e175 Exod a, 6: OF hema tt loved ts mate scree and refed to Tere 8, Te sa tho ake an ans rt gh Bi et into the door and e sll be thy seran (elo) er tier” Conpare Pipi "Fe dated fa eon {Bat hou alt ee him fain) freer” wih Job iis ag. oth thre “frees? men the age Prod a ring him the may suet buloe the Lord ad thre bis (fa) Ae Arn eel eee re Joc a Aah esha bo et ee Lard” Al he dae of Bis 2 Kings, "'The pron of Naaman sal eave onto | 0 ‘hewn te thy seed (ood) Jor ur 1 Kings iy 3 fre eee etree tees tentiine Ee easdreee Re sey mine tee (eum) for eran my eyes andy ‘ett shall be thre ttl Aoyomar) ll the aye” Yet fo ttt om dared ag cana Jr PS "TT yl ene he to serve thie eoees i the ld wich thot knowet ot onl frye Bare idle In Ya s5 "Theft and ter sl be ne (leon) fr $ ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. ta ere joy of wld aes & parte of fs, ox the ‘un doesnot ile the ea of evelasting ration. pct be poe pon us mon hgh andthe idence Danie ny 5, They tht ta sia 10 rgheotnes |b arta Bld Tae the free sly Bosnded (Ghat kine then aan rene and eer? the | by acer pro | ote raping to he age of the Biwi "Unto seh ebm, aot ara aon sen evrernnent stall be upon he shoaldes; and hie name Couns, te high Go, Se Father of olom, the Prince of Pee” Toe Sep Ines he Fate, Author or Orgor of he” Age—by The Faber o te Coming Age? nly bea th geo eign othe Meat wil bave 90 Eo, od wt thea fh words mate 5 wl 34 303 3.8; ee 35 35 48 1 eh 81415, 295 a vo li 46; arte 2p. Joon te 72 3 Rings pt 553 85 55h ss 10) se ss 25 fitsés 38527 ‘Lg; 8 74 7 ws 8; Pisin i ¢j aah 263 ie 3, 8; asin §; boas 15; ‘s Hecesiates 6. Tinh it 20 Jena gy vk 73 rk 251 ‘Thar oso than one handed nd ninety xa tine anger wich sal! bar (eolon) free” Yt| of the finan of for er {Belin preiced wa ony eeveny yey in which ime | Gated sigan, in so many casey can weer me ‘God tri thes back other own lod. Tanah xa br sr” a the ese of wen. (ote continu) ‘Aor ht mut ae 66 ‘THE BIBLE, "THE TRANSFIGURATION. “a came ey ie noe Gent We a hover ose ny ou oppo old Seetiseent fo sch arp flr he lowing estos Thue oot nl mrs tou the mera x dhanbotie "site or sais of Moses, Chi ot Hine "the Taniguaton id sot tke pace to pore ths deri 1 Yeu Chit cet Pm For iis writen ins! jln ng them, sing Tel hes To no {Bal he So of man ere fom the wd” 1 ess having ny a th he asinine veal oto show hat mar is, Js ba ot to em fhe dea sit bad He been powder the lon pened 6 owes bd ben ded fore andes of yous: ‘hector cond on ave bn there ls he Bd esa >. The Transgaron prota ow a ble flo rola tanra hen Chat an Hie Charch sal be ont tgeer” Els being 4 ype ofthe trulated Ferion ofthe Chrch and Morera te fh rected fe aod Ch the Cee gem of eae rn th in We gy inthis Pangan ene wich He Wl Init Nines nih His ain tthe word when He Chant se rer) The Grek word Aram is tated “vison” in sumer omige bees tone i gusto An ex onto ofthe pags wil ay ea oot nthe Toning eotencot Tia the esigenon scene at 8 trol cae predic upon the mds ofthe dies by the Spe of Gt hereto we ar safe saying at he oy st of Cot calling 8 eer groves he Tal peuncs of Moves ands han arin, Toth scoot of Pals enverion meted (At sa) hn * Pl had eon ion fa anaes ‘ing in and pag his bend oni that be igh ecco gh” Ths paalyshos that what Paul eo edon peak plc; xt as ll fst ther esas been a mall ple phstogaphed spn hi tnd byt Sp of Tard "Wehr ever expe of wat is meant bya hin ine psec of Per. We sl et tne be thon fos tan ee eso heen ope and a cen Troe daceoing to har rhad bern « gra sheet Tita the fe coe, ad owe tothe ct et feral mane of fete baa of the cart and ts and eceping things ad fos te ae” Canty be suppose ok per? as ot thee {nena cate imped upon he mind of Petr et STANDARD, {0 esuac him af to Ws duty im gard to the Gentes? Ta show ta the Aponte Peer didnot lok yon ison sea nea actanl occurence, hating taken pice, we tele Joutothctine when be wat slsying between the oO folder bound wih ein atd i pron. "The angel of "he Lond ce spon i, and a Ut shined in. the ps | soi be sncte Peer onthe side a8 eo in up 9, Aatibe angal sh to Bin, Cast hy garments abowt thoy ad low tse" Ande wet ox and florea snd it ot owe ve ich ras oot by te get et thong be a 3 tn What doe Puce mean by he expreton “at he ist ot hte mara (ore ceeding of al), Tc thaght he sew itn” The oly reply i that er old tat tee that war ay mote than & | neat! ingteson—anapion and nots rel angle We give another example in Pal epeience jst fore hi jouey lito Macedon" vs append 0 Daal inthe aight thre sad oma of csonin and jd hm, saying, Come oer a help ws” |r seni we refer oar ee to Da, vik Daniel is stoen the vion fhe aan the Begost Ta the th acl te vere ben Te lence wll fle prove ar font tt when the Sears pil Gare » vont have ben pte, me oe den 1 understand tae te thing en waa meta Ssion and nota ey. "The tne Grek mon i lin evry rate to which we bare ald sour attention (ot hina age roy hie ntl hotgrphy to eval tobi ogc and pole coming evens He 1s gen von af coing Jodgment ar wll sr sions of ning ly an lesfaes: The Tssguaton fone Jer the Isiee Join when on the Isle of Paumos, wa abled to eighth eas the ne heavens he or a eh yp the dae rein the womb of ho frre Tat te alin Ge ing nd He ow ie ine ne vividly drawn ot upon the ids of is evans a pice for and thy hare ies ou jo ey Have ected ito Cod th i roc: "Yu wil perhaps andentand the wie ile paner it we mention the Bet tht mam can impress ought ‘pun the nd othe Seow widow een ging wernce Tn mesneram we kaon tat the object ee by the | remene inde esi cial ae at el je, preset tthe ne, bu ony exit abe dof the ope Forint, nan is der be mere ence of anode "The opentor fas is aft under complete oie (he apes the pits i hove ind tome scene ie ged of sea which at nce ie Fred oj the tnd ofthe one who ie ander themes Tec pom, and be cn then serie with exatoene TE ‘Banca cnt he dof low soa to potopapb Say vse be Uhes ep Bi sbjec you wl atone see tow God, Who lows th ed om he Bn, hs ced upon the minds of ie serra (ihe prophets) ‘osc pcre so benalydevcibedby Joba ad thers {B the Saipan of rath. Tho posoor sd thing so eed only te ia the mind ofthe opera, and the mabe tile tea i they were a the ine nestnce Sth {he the ors paen of ia Sate God the Gre Oper nd. He as fom tine to ine pat Hinsel no ‘emaunstion wth Hi vera ad abe then tgs | tic arto cme to pte. Sich abo ithe Transguation For Jens, in Matt. 3h 90M the tree ho wee the Dviege’ ons oa tat etasng, tl the sas to 2 ‘San antl the Son of Blan soul be nfm the dead” W. Penna would veny be consent 19 Gaal pate by the ston of the Ele witht ne reeence to two bic panmges of Spe which etn o spot te vie tre hive been locating, Having dose hr we wil Jrocted ete conndcrain othe opening ofthe sas hpi ve On the soning ofthe veenth tamper (x, 1) ye ar the breoing of the Sr ses we Sade ‘ido sll seated bre Gods and on he pian of the al of he Lingle of the nol ad of he becoming ‘he Kingdoms of our Lord and’ of His Chi” the owe ad worhip God, syng, "We gre thee thanks © ind Go Aisitey ‘nd the tne of te den Uist they sould be juiged, and Wat tho Wald sre revesd unto thy vents epg ad #0 the a Sod he that ee thy an, sland ea.” ere we tt rence whatever ote pot siation, oto Soed waned robes oF anything whatever that. could Fede their olompion sacha we mest with in rending ofthe "it fe” im caper sry oF of the “get Akita” or are slats of ebper vi, But we do ta {hat thee Elders of the sans of od fn the thd [non morcoer hy spe f them a bag sur escande sall and. ret” Thin crily der ct Tonka ey hed tec andy seerded ore tx yensand reigning ovr the matons 10 may. years belo ‘rene egos ofthe werd ad beso" he Hage (tour eed abd of Hs Cie” Fe ered cies eet vith he mighty Alesis of the whole doomed Cre TTA station, and gly, and Honou, spd. power no the Led ove God and agin ey sd ‘Misia Dt he trent for Hider andthe four Ling reste fil doen and wonp Go, sing only “Anes, ‘linia "And now i eondasion on ths mate, tex fiat noice a vey veable fact whieh, probly ively oveockodEvervber, ia eke eration, Shoe we ead of th Hien we Bod they rotate thet Selves Bette the throne in rendering tee praises 0 the ‘nigh. And eerybern the Revlon were we end tfradetned men nthe presence of Gore nee teed ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. or (Charch of Cris, wii ling don apo the fee forcibly nceatine of deveted series ery” The foe ng vents wil seen tet othe corecness of ths 161 xin, 4; andthe followeg respexing he gid ‘Aer the marge ofthe La, cape sc, Wend 90 tre ofthe Elders The Church is omphant And the spec servos of the Elda in conection with the retonn ofthe Chir te ta end and wit fer ee ered cere ony oes eae Pot ror ong fot, we Bave 0 dl oly with wbat erevse, sed wehig i vevelea concaning thes set on than the ne ofthe mariage she Lam We wll ow poe to caper vi and endesvou to ‘nesta the renin of te sess wi cont we ndestanding ofthe seal wil necesaly be fal 2 fone comptebenson of be genen pope. 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The Lamb opens the ave no rekence whatever tothe Tt ison ofthe feces aie oa eee ieegt ects Mr pong eaacter to pit merely ote ody eres othe Char isan, And besides, tere sat covet ‘he adgetpsiod while the present e+ dipeston a ce Ve hs at eal ees jgrrt han 4 Heng fsspreent power The Her ba 4 bow, Bit Gate is Jeeps" reling tomgnt "ery malo oa Endre Sed tongue ond poole and isyechanm wit he ange reaching of Chniles v6 "TRr wl Bea eo te 68 ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. por ay fat rnartatle oligo eval he wold wl eer fave owes compare wih nich al pres rsa wl ar ecan ardops in bcke, Weng the oncome of the ordinary grace an logscfeing of God previons 10 His pouring oat the wth af Heaven pon a goles: and esfening word, The bore elngwhity deoty of tout ihe igteouest ofthe proceeding a8 in Cho- bile sey in gheonme he doth ee, and make tra And the ow” scama torrent the “eeastng {Sitieupon the enh tat hey sboald wo mre be oy (deteojet (Genes 48) Tho longasayed Day of Sfgwen saved, and Gad patience can wait 50 Tonge Hei abot cone another wicked age in wet, ‘athe wll nt swe ay the whole hina race a eee, The wat iste bung rove’ oe among the Ting nin, God il yet exerci set ery I the feonenion of at mide aon cath tat who mt vy py he peal fir ate conreron with thi Ther under the scberqeet gn of unesimpad tenor They wil be cemaly vd, bot ell be 2 stato throu he mest ody and Bey ordeal the Clowes of {Be Lamb sal ever have expetced; 40 such 20 Tat for ht sk the dye sail by shotened, ahere 90 fish coud be saved” "Conquering and congue” "That trap tee shall be now at ths tine and ‘ea dng the prio’ when he judgments of he “Lard are sad inthe cat, ut he what Che bog ‘eumplant Cit cmc th wih he ay idem Fs ead (ht) wo he al wiry, cconpanil by His Spat ies andthe ioe hear deta and ete Iebnton ofall he ations ofthe worth ood ‘onde miles wong indepth Yo the Bore ils (Gi), The chance, thay af te pied covered By the est pence aooghfrhoding eine; and | {i ine Wpetably the the nateoe shall wr the odie ey of peace pac tobe imei follows | Epis “audden detain” wich comer of unezampled ted ret Clty, Chincha DOES NATTHLRW X, 38, PROVE THE SOUL INDESTRUCTIBLE. "rn panne fred od his: Pea ot hem wich lee ody tare nt ale to Khe soul; Wot tate fear Him whichis able ty Dasttor sore Sov. aN ‘Booy in bal” (Compae also Lake ai, 9). rom hie Serge ison deed that te sal i Sedatractibn Te W Landis in his Inmoraly of Soul op 79-81, tae exes thi opinion har —" Toe Sovurs segamicit iy. Kaor, err, shat ye pene bet ar mijat tothe power of God sane” Ad he ‘oles "Thien, hettre, mst coi tstand Ihe tetany ofthe on of God in four of the sa | Trio, and His solena condemnation of the sou ‘ning enor of anaiaon and Seddeena dose” ‘We yin ely ha ore asserted i i ee by ber in ata morality tha the Saviour sere, for tat an be daeed ftom the words wed THe Siow sid in anbtnor (The soul Ye detocHe aa Him who eit desmoy 8.” Bot He cold not destoy Rife wreidesevsibie? (1) Man camet do it Tt fe ule fr eee dracon of tis cnr Hae i mot an berate immoral expres ony & ative "It plain teretare eat the soil can be estat nd tht Gears the spot ted at at the pee oft detuctin "Ts eno bomen fhe opal intergeaton i more arly appar when ne ing xp. am ilistated ol Soppee gld should sy to ser “Do oot be nid ater whch may cle, Dt exmot harm you bn var fanaa wich can dive ya hat yo val rans who wold infer at aie i adele — mori ofthe al on the mage Heese Jesus sid A-HEDREW CHRISTIANS ADDRESS My dese tote and Sends ofthe House of Tae Lang tha een boned year ag the istry of the [Now Corant makes no mention of Jesh Chestin agen or btberiond,atbough the sume story fists of grat numberof plow fifa and tba eer oy, evn mate forthe sake of ther Mes Je of Nacieth who wae of ea nation, ews ide Tend take too mich tine, and be beyond oar sbi, ate or ome eee Jer ho are menoned in sated story aod write ate Book of Lie. T may ony, treo, make. the following few tomate, (0 Sncorge your beats apd to lve You Joy inthe Lard se pote ‘About te yor of our Mesiah 190 a cetin man nae Mat war elated ae Babop of Ala (hs was the Mane of the renewed iy of Jeruam der be 2cgn of the Bmpeee Hadeaa) That Maran” mye Boon ot Comes, mas th Sint sop of Geoile bith Ne heen pedeccaore were ll othe Heri tice resided a Tersalem, and ep the Kaowodge of Cha pare aod Uhduteied toy preached the gpl of the Kingdom of Goa Jos Miah inl and his Apanle reached 27 beet, opines the same sutor, ie. whole Char of tle ware fl Heleews, fom te tne ofthe Aponte ul he war wi Srey under he rn [Atlan The panes of thae Geen overseas ot stop were ‘Tabs, Pine Joss Zalaus, Tobi Bena Joka, Maths, Pippi, Seen, uss the Secon Ler pur Jue ud Yet the coure in in the engl Passer 10 the Centers nd inthe same menue atthe Chore of the Mesh fncaed. by aeceson om the Gentle, the. Jen Christan sepped move and mor tached, atl Chey ae ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. smh ay tan ee Gar of Jt |i etl Jum penn ch re Sn sila |e caine a eg a we Eoin Tain Fa eae eee a er ‘Seep | Sitter uant Tc ay sn ta eee ot ee pre a Senn) Msp heron steel ob | on Cee om Cth ga Sg ue eSogy tl dtm. suet Roce, Ofewns| sonar i Cig, Dou ot Rae Son arp orr eed ereetteetemer i 4 epee engi Peerage nS 4 ris sn Hc a aon ta Seca tne. hp eel th Ht aac cpt geet novo aes (Eo ee ee a recat te wat wer beeen hms aes eens te cae eee ts cay |te'ge a ology eet See cd Lr Sereno de lar deo Sn gy ae ce Sate | Ena ail ay te murte tea ee en eo aa ere Bae toad ome Maas erie res hae ea Magi Sst aes as eee ee cel ete oee oe k feo eed erred eta ed eee ep peer | ee ona aaa tiemecrd lon Fo ea four ra | doris wei ie fre cake bare set tne neers =e [ant ants na Oa" Ane ese cs eee ae peniere Pa ee arte elena eed me A sas Dom, Te ot Ta Sees Wo fon of he lt ni oe? a era ee ines Se a ate Shs cca ernst cn | sa og enced gy we] Avo io luce dan ot iy oe ee cee PS [ato mrt bt eon By tat oa crea alent res [ene cacls Wien yoshi Lr Pipelerpege pipe eneeraen baleeraterenreeag aera fendi ccecncdo candy tantl bp tech ene ce mf en Fe ee ee on pein aoa me (ap clorreareende teas bean gieerpege—cetrceeey Seana cece ee ct ae lactic pan Hy Oh THE BIBLE STANDARD. toon Trmcnes wo Hoshi to Goby dine command) ced and what ok? vipa in 12h oe Thane (2 ing ail 8) of Goad ying to Naxmany to pc ver tad amet; or Jere oncoting es Sept the dens of Naot, tae bee shan might | Tots voeyrd fora Hlebenguden ot the aposate Mineiec, who tit tht tongue 2 spetk ley and ea sheets fo coma ngiy (Jeremiah i 3) (Ee yews srhing fle wise toe agaist Chis 2nd Accomplish is onetzow 5 the pists nd ruler, who red the sald oy and deny bis seston; o te fee apes who tanderouly reported tha Pas was Ging! to do en tat god might came of ky or the eta aie ated have slanderedand Shaigned Boer wh tfc old to thee sy oF he ‘Gace accom plan wh, by ebod, pall owe ‘utr and esi Gemagogens or tieky etry wh eek ‘tinder to binder thew and adance hemstres aly tansy who up 9 be secon tafe! the i cme of thon ty ave wronged and defn; | Iie and ers who aris her papece ih ies ad Tike terion: of imestintng commits who wit ‘SES thrown gation and kash everydy ce; or Tae accutane who sander thoee who wl nt allow in ‘het lea or bigots who ele man who cling tthe ord of Gol aed il ot abandon i to adopt thei ‘pine; or lncmpetet co fades, who, ora of fer pope des sep shel pssins by mantic et commiting elec fy mirpresetng and Tg to cu hve wh re ying 0 expe he crooked Tae esnretclqus and combinant asl honest | [ed pen neared men with ferns, wot he ie ‘Bice ith whisqeedlsthond; o Bop ho sek fo iit the neighbors ar epuable ag Semstres; ‘Ete oc andes, to iteandinjre howe wo SeOSSL hem of fale betrn Jo the Church and “ine, who woe what ey dete not speak 2nd ins Behe are aud to set AUl these sem to ‘ecto upn be undentanding that schod isa legiate PSron fad tat fee east way fo ge Hid of persons Mom they dle 9 Le Them Dove ‘Such pons do getly em ets oe ofthe hes ‘hing in tbe wosld—to es man dowaas man isthe ‘ortnaship the Alighy; ie ste worknamaip Taint Aven ie God's cid; saith dts oo, Motte he bereft A ie bt a beth andi has ‘ating bebe tt i, wBoze ben i is cy Sad whovualest he ripe doomed to the lake of fe, ‘Fun ho os Til bald pom eral fe ino 1 be ae ty mater how sooo or play ty tert whether by one man or Dy on en. 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HLH GENEALOGY OF THe CHRIST roving, iby A Cian,” hasbeen comme ite the Rock Ow mag Ot a = = Ss jee . es So eaee jist fin ak etn Joni tn, dha, le aa he roy In en Ron tv scr oto tran les, nt ee gh oa Jeli po ge ee ea MY Os Bg oy oS a Ty and ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. n THE SEPTUAGINT ON JOB XIV, 1015. WHAT A PENNY WILL DO, ‘tert y singh ech he ee ee trang Sorte ee CEST erate rc Oe by ng ey oe STA ty hyn cm ae “WANTED | ier counts ie oeeteg ‘Wn at lag tr ec: ‘CORRESPONDENCE, Shuto on da ge wet Sas gyi flan Te ttn een ¢ Seta nna be at an ‘hegnitnown ne "Toegua ho ip we te ato Eling oc ly alton gm “rece ts eon wn ee Cadre ne ate i ge Sy ts eget hc Gm yl [State As'we all nt te nied Seng ou we by S"R SMa Sg erent clan or pn wea iS fami of ee ae eee ee Sage a rate ee eae eh a eee ee! caivnon News oy cote sl it yea ore i ign tees let hawee ls aaa meter eee Pes oceiae eset oa Sartore eee, cgi" feg ie a eal pears Sa Simm Seema EReScaae TS Sm” See toa Schputeti ieiead ie yt reg Sam Oe oo pe io Sr Iara a ss earetaees ceettstetic ese mt ‘Simul. 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