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Bible Standard ‘Devoted to the Bxpciton of Scripture repeating Gonltionsl Immoraity, Resuretion, the “Suzsra eal Higa of Chia aad the Dial Destuotion ofall Epp ny GEO, A. BROW! atte ih of Gok Bional Lije eoh Teme Oe Vou 2 AUCKLAND, Th Wags Gf in Dah (nti ee in hese ssi Se. pe ae cele Seca caer ‘Tux Milensitnisn of Angotu Topas nym fo 2 Dene ty cere tealen,Topaly wa tings Cais inte ie Sito a Brie Wage tad Jon Fletcher Fcher was a wo Seed iene, hugh an Arion oi i 1 Ear Spot at thee dpacd plate Ely decided al wee he hen foe eo pee ver a Chie” Tsar ff Wee See Wegt Jena bet i sped ot ey oar (hv e8) vol gpm. 706, 727 and vb 6 0.743. Whee] THs again, he clerates the estorasion of the Heal Sea Tear tan ns Shae | as Sw : Henered a Tesinony to the Doce of the Hlawed ae ee ta DMilnnim>—s book wholy and osvely Milena Ga tet we fed meat Gr the defence ofthe Dilenran doctines, ‘a a i Soar Me Siew Sheth aso ie ‘New Testamem ate also thoroughly Milenarian Tega icon se an To ene | nr ew ety a (eo eee meee. pase ee ae eS as ee pa ae are cael (On Ki st, he represent the Sri a rocainig| Pai nee Si Gas hatte ad th settng up oF a fare King| "yy i tn Ty doe, omy hs: ‘Tach he ans? wh th ome a Jot 0 b= are Apia: ; arate pee ay gy a a oi paren i il nom ei ‘Wis platy nt spt eign lone, Bata pron on, peste ty th temic fhe jet oly, which be ere spats athe loving ls dows: et es Frcs, ‘tn why nage in font ay we, Pept ey ce “The tame isemraced oie byron om Nala whe he ‘ibe urs belt tht jh yt to reappear on he arth fo lyin the Bring God sei evince ome Tp wi gly come ee ati come ‘We hn Tha we eget ae aoe sna ln ant angie — upc em, Bo the ana sid leans of wixe Welles ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. {nd Fister tink ar te dbvout and ale wee ‘hoger in err 90 tenets? Ave hey prepared 16 tsk ue with the own grant autores ond lenders? We find man) of out Method and. Ween con femporaee vey siogly advewe © Mller doc ine and wowing evento eel the uber forex Sinaen Wal thy pve ell swat thy think of he ates nies aie! Wl they bse with wn quoting forthe the aionion ofthe popet = Sand ye ine fend ean for fhe at pls and ell hei Sodje al ad ea fot your sat” APPEAL, 70 EVANGELISTS Dy Sarees Morrow, Med Lane Mixarran or Barow ‘Grune, ‘eare! Sans, Loston nw aro Baars, —Presch “Lie aod Immoral ong it by the Gospel and 9 Be found In. Chiat. sone or God pd for manlsate dono encorge peng er in Kt dlsive. ream of Boer me foaraly It wales to war tom tat ume they pent, wil be 0 them morality of wretcbolnese They neither can nr aught Dl hat Gad of pert Jeg, 0 my nshng fifa love, wl ii pon the teres of is snd exe hat oad Sk cretion to escent, and bla ee apna fever itn being so wa in any ear a yorakerof he Divine Nate. [They acer can, nr onght t Beleve that He who i of puree eyes duh to bold ng” wl elt the lal eset of maa vif Hea ply pu a end oi Thay wl egy sacha your walneal Sdnivon that they ate indetactile beings cape of Sadsing anything hat even Omnigtenas ean ley spon hem, and who thecoe mit necmanly ve for re Tet ht be pot nd th ral tinct which God be nln i thee ret wil ere Sen he some oF ltr in ce way or other, they sn be restored to Hs frou, Thuy el how thay may not beable wo Yow tha all wh he or ener ma tintly lve io Goa! that He mt bal im al” and unwoken. aren reign tinoghou His bunds empire Osly amare than tt tiny wil hen be lie ond eign tha br, nthe btn bears ht hey il be ede on ie role contin fal ing ‘Oita your vie ike wang el de wal of ain anger dein fl dome St ee the pl stra feuh of Godt word Set the wages of win ie dats sud tat the Say Smpelon wil De deoyed that E hey "Jodge themaevee aaworhy of earl i” ty. neleting teaser of Ie mace wo them ia te Goel sere rennet a0 more weir for a bat ean eral looking runt and ey ndigoton ih al dewor e versa” ‘With wt pone woul the Gospel mezge hen come, eng dred fe tall aac wiling Wo acept at the lof God ugh Jee Ce eur Lor fing ly end Rona a ny” oll who wi sak room Ee "yy pant contin fa welding” Ie ening Ask, wheter such gar ress do flo, in the ev f the fe who preach ths th What ean Be expected when tach aces drowned y 2 hundred ther, ing that ic a doom impor hat they al have immo oul” and tat event boli thogph satrap mat, ‘wlhreaterpaton inno whereby btn dys so ‘Nl be sone an exten at laning 2 tht of te Creston inset? Bat what might ot be expose, the ue ‘ok ofthe whale church wore toy loud, ele and oly athe Mile doe" Lie and Death reset Blore yo thet bot ifr why wil ye die? "end ofall pore snd might case Thy brit beans of Ugh upon Thy Chuck. Ral nay ths heey lad hat Sar solonydutaned ber mind oppeeed er ea 1 aaa ed kr gate ‘Thy gloss mame! Only Thou eae do he mighty war Bat iti with Thee to sare by many orbs few. Use of ap athe tre farrents he ls nly He Thy Spit eth wel fom the eyes af Ty serra Speak, and itwllbe dove. Sy, Let thre e ih and the will belight. Aen, A THOUGHT FoR INFIDELS. “No ead are ap the Seige palin ‘eny bstvere good thee maybe i ot Arca ‘atone proc of Cina Seil lem ean he dey {hat the td fares wich ae woking forthe vation and pifcation of oor sce are sy Chistian. Th lnmene enero the Chrtian Chueh, sas by a love tht inks fom mo onl ae ll bt owas i get sin of nivel retin. Toate lions of Semone and exboratons hich a a constant power fe fed thee coos payers and songs of pao on nc | Ae hearin It their bets shoe the tempaton snd th ons ofthe worl tal the poe a thin Jak (Chis. “Tht which ies protcton by day and by igh | io delings we te ie, the closes we wet, the In| ‘sittns of soil ord alee ae tbe det tigting (Cissy. All that” singiber oan the Papen ‘oral hn makes ws what wo ar, al hat aes ‘inthe tak of making ourselves beter thin we ae—is ‘Chinn. Aba Jess Cit sth vey onan ead of eveything tat dese ad jeakewety in or lation a his cin i te Gomer of ie Hi mais enced ts nob hl grandes lads of ‘salen ishighvater mit, Dough he infscce of i si ‘And ifthe te own by ifn, what ean Ye si gait the ts wick br ach ft these? We hal be tod that great erations and ite gee gen inthe mie of oor ew lao ut thse lui | verenatimroaced by Chitty, —thngh they ay have campeiod in ntodacon. When the sone of God Geis frtet fhemstvs bere Whe Loe, Stan slp ‘ames ih thm. The igri digaeeas-led over jt paged oat They are wo ofthe Bah te ts f hat ete which in a8 dy ody twat huni rang ponte te gts of Pade, The ine which recharged pon Chis aed whch ce pepsitedeeder te name of Crssn ita tt emai in dc deface of ohty pic the gn All ht bss pet in buna ino, pings om Cincy bat Cisisity vad ably ada igs nee sujet othe domino ofa otal oe, ow oon te dest would sejoice a0 boston a he ron, how oon the waits se of aur eon wold be ble ‘py bow ova te ak and ful and tga pose a vice sd sin wold be did, and days of Basing would come ack a0 ths carh as never soon He whe aprenie Chsanity adaoss he great moral snout hat the ‘ead hs korn; he who seater he word of Cy ts Tring, hing ome, sows the eed fo the more tous harvest that earth ever bong, sed ll ipa rei Frage ia tegen day o ngshrng LEARN NOT TO 3x DISAPOINTED, "Exams not to be dposint waste avig reualy sire noo esting the fae f hops ed pan Tit say depended wly on the manne of paving iia prt, on te wast be employed fe te akinveen Tit io be accomplished by enrting ice, tibet etalos,toup one usr many neler ange Ba sizogh ons st inthe Heavenly Fuhr proidst ote ofall is erexte, and aided co this a rane onthe sutement Al things mod toga or pdt them hat lore Gai” one sien sper #0 spine, then is fre. And ti she pilege of erey one of Galt iden. Why shoul "ne dstst? Tough all the soooyaces of ijt 8 wal neous heit roring oer o have Tn eet sows we ly cogs hs and, bt in the spl sd apd rentonrof hie wetnd tore dite And yesh te soe olernng nt be dapat, ies nthe bait of abun everyting hat comes tos enought, whether of goat oil fy erat, oa ivne band; td of acping i with «cide condense tat sat once the oping ois knee sine ove. "Not my wil bat thing” was fhe Secrets inthe dest hou of if and ach the it slower, boa es toca We liso machot sveeness and jor, ofa rest qlanesy by fetsng ad exotg insta of ity accepting. Wego hin ad biter otenimes onde the very ipa tt sold make se ge nd tener Bese 1 sts is gen one of te moet precio womises ofthe Bible Azjer se” pene ht ie ene aove the ar an dicords of Kein sachan atmo phere accent nd feedom tet i hemes posible ab ever bers, to ace the tr ration thing ep ‘Gustin clition se the remnants of od Bestia eo hing tral owe the its poses, whether oe ot fooy othe gration sreape, sed 10 obey hegre jean,“ Reje eremore” ‘STRIFE OF TONGUES. How many pueden of the power of die tongue Someins « tole tong i he ter of weibtaed,eing fete pepe fn ana fee "Ne om toe win he Yoh ff tare Mo, wom and clin ae Lae toe asa da dered any xed 37 the fay of te dvaing Ainge The ngun bu re whch os and devotee ‘the tongs eno man me” ‘the peel at age has been called the age of slander, and the ngre fable sad cet compre ihe ‘Mibontoced pros, wich cts tosund swe a2 edn goin cold tll one, aa sett them fn 2 ‘onan’ rss ke hse dwn re irene "Teeter Chine wer onary choo snc De ie psn het Ens cy ad walk nina free Landy 0 5 Rey ood! much of fhe repo sol tite tat (wicrase ony cme "No egg fr alg” {Steep nctn sd Mich tbe Aen Nh ti bewen" dt note ilng sont” een ie the Pine of Dats We my ot by xml and fen god fey lenge or Be tha Tove Me and se good day sos sla ee fom et and ir ip om seg ple And i the ‘hte cabot we un take the hil Gra fr ow dsnces the "deel tose Stodh isc ke a Bow ttn esha 20¥% fren ier noch” if thy amie ca of per" wih oe ond long ng ee mat Tene in Godan sy wih the Past at he ‘ing Ope te fl eee, wich apse gros tins eta ant cnc ai he vor: Ob Kor peasy goudney wfc th mt i wp te ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. conan me Tike ele of ray ot ge we Ht wih is Sone Thr ely tah nie ad cient mm tt he the agent of ste ich a tage ts nbured to eal «aeartl clas ro Src tc amen of sty sf to sew thee ove SErntcmen vt ad pore, hay ight cash Transeo ibeey tongs he WoO. ‘Wey ns chino l lg commen eam equally flights ey he ght of any Ct tc acho foc mone regex The ate in the Glse headed "a Gree and Ales iva and "is Graces Cote” innate in tant evn Heng otto Potent mere, bu © fey lige ted of di and gin Hey. He Sing peed fo HL te Piceof Waen at a vee hao tela of te gm the nance of i atten Wig he et at fr oer tro Yeu an oman Cah plas hat Yon eset 8 ich at core, Such an fone as fr ot eet peed Col ansing or een Cat ova an fie dak Nok premier ke ad bey Stra Bote ths peg ae, Bye een ‘Sried gue en st Boga Pac bet gy te Dash ies and noe ar gare of te Roma Extn chai sling Se Se rte procnion sn Engl paper omstel a te tne ow teen Senn ita to be oped yay foul ented ecu f ote Sins he day of" Cod Queen Bethe cow des cote er bog su ecatn Bas bee lly Tin evig toe atong avenon tothe Ronan pup, and war meting em forthe cout iar fot is race na ack sone, pple stockings ad wea ng'on is cown «pope mcrhala or sal cay and town auc gd chai wih dependant Tho fren rs pacar cough 4 pease dh the tomy tho dye soe teed prvi #0 2 pratiaton a rand alow o ig leon te shores ste Ae ee ae Ladera en to EF ae roe ce cata a ape irme ope hwpem yc oeyie seimtnt| (sheen tame ye yiyp el {Rewer ety premee fom te pile of man: That | eng upusal fat hep that soy na pton fem eh sre of tongue in e120 Chron OS. “ereith aan appends tot unsul poceding me crea ee offre gta Go aulhene sources Wich rove tat Rowen Colca, o pope in i eset ‘AN ARCHBISHOPS TOUR AND TTS LESSONS] outa the came sow as it asin the Gk ages; and ‘FOR THE COMMON PEOPLE, ‘Tax etlovng ace fom the Zivot» Ward Camas Ags oh 182 — itiongh holdin shack by the cof the ct power in ptt cutny prepared 0 cu dl and vlgoue Theny shooghot the ond, wheneee it ohtlae the ‘ck of wit calle Chinn out da tas lat veo pore the four of Chest ad Hie apostles Theis wa email sin, ace epaton fom te mp and yoy O he wel ad expecially epi ey alone withthe powers tht gore. he ear (Chris ttineny being, =DIy Kagom i not of thi Tet rey intaliget Send of ue endo ponder his ri of jected nes again saclay under the mask of ie religion of Css TRUTH, To ive the bile fo the Init ca pears bere Sort” ‘refer hs basso the prominence given | seine —Carnal Hoss The Geo the ate proenngsof te B.C. Aish "Phre nooteremody forte oi bat oper Tryoeh ccpying more han clan of that oa as| co dexthalamie, ‘THE BIBLE “Th iy have ojurcon nd power oer tbe clog “Coun of Constance. at hep schoa stom goto whee team from the devi reemars Journal ‘We hat potntnton; we dau I with oot whole tenant ssl —Catle Vitor eri wrong to celte the Spe inte ge tongae—Artihop Ximene We ae not advocates of reous Geodon, and we eet te not—Sepherd ofthe Vale "Rls ery ismtely eared onl che opps (So be cad le est ny Game Gods tbat and the pope’ baal are the sme AM ofr powers at his subjects Moseorins ‘We wl ae this omni (he Uaied Stats) and bl ou isons oer the gave of pots. —Prist Hecker ‘Thue one, to be ete gon i thi cout, | nd tat sate tego is 1o be Roman Cathe —Peet ‘Thee cum be wo reglon without te_ingion, see ewe designed forte promoin ote re “The extn of cli pros ar Ben ited, ye onlnationo€ God and by coal ato —| hose of Tere 7 wold son ada the aeramens to dog 5 tw Cather who wend the cient the pc schoo "The pope ar edema the clergy fa the obeiens et rncr; therfore Rng ano re the pes We told edvaon to be x faci of he church and ‘ot ofthe state; abd nour ene we do ace the te sr evesor— Now York Tabet, ‘We declare slem, dee and pronounce i mec tomlsion every human eer t9 be subj fo he ‘Roman pone —Cardinal Maing “Acree those very ery and deceit led Bite oct, wih th the Wl into ane ot lwipiecnd youth Pope Por 1 ‘As the couch commande the spinal pt of man inci, she terre commands te whale men at al tbat depends op man Cate Cato, ‘The pope ha the ght © prontance sentence af ‘eposion sai sny sovereign wien requ ye good ‘Al hse who tke om the Chreh of Rome an frm ‘he ste of St Pete, one of the oo sod and alow ely {he situa ae bande for Bereta, ike Catholics ever guin—which they srl wl do ‘ough at» dean dyn mince numerea pei, selgou feadom sa spend —Arcbing oft Louie, ert shisosti,and belt thei led aa pe ris frenid seco Iwi the wit oy STANDARD. ‘Win Father Walker nye uly wat bs bow wld hy th shop all ovr the wel rtd ne ain a {See pani, swe aly cane "Now Yo 1 dareomee and ows ny agence tf any tet ie pes ot msl Tonto bal er to sy of tek not agit or fice eri freseSnose eo nsec’ of caste ecole he mast be spate of sone of te en who Sed owe fn ery 1Vaten atin No tbe shall bold red exc by te_No til aa bei boat cy cng ane pas tod ene ot mor sn atin ob ae a sword sr the ext-~Connc of Treat. Norevey we cof sed enw he decree ected bore ad dare omer tines by poe sen nxn te pectin dart, rng nd pone ston ofthe Hat Sepia te tale fengue—Poge Gregory E07 quiet rowEK. A are fren ote ily. Toe ih he fa inion, cece ie graten moa fowen all fr en. Ont acs get dries get se ton oe the scone rear ur nyo woe ey” Solin pe hing Cad Hay Spi wos ity oig wos 0 poorly. tel voce iis ls vic unbeatd by te cxf ey hat wakes oe sping sats athe dnd en le Tak atte st oo, ej coir wi tama eli hey move Sad bod he ena, Gre’ men we the cmon mone Bae not poe Sst es eT et oc die eu chen. Tender ay fie, bt Ue ihing All gen sels of fg cin es ose a grat congruent ands slat ta you eaten an cena mo sth dc ting oe ra, The hue he te mil thee; where hee & tan and ete nl nigh sd a Net gh nr rower by my Si sth the Land” MALEVOLENT caimieisi, fr was rato the Mar tos dcp,“ Wag si you when all men all se wil ef you Tay ree isin hemor tech be gph and He tne yt ha they 8 he dye i reed vould meet wih oponion "Fo be wink hs woud be pot ht hey Bt he anid acy and cpa ey hel spc wl of Shoo row e euvaet ong tht they Se doce Scraper ster devine conan ‘The nme thing Uae todey. Ihsman occa over perce and wage war wth —Hishog’ Oath = puble potion, and especially ithe ls woitng it as ‘THE BIBLE STANDARD. ‘Ghars Ib fmpose for im to 2p wobis obligations Gout encoutesing hoy. Men wil diegee with Fane ay wil dois acvely stem and bine. He Title reveals, and subjected to all Kind of creek earacer and amount of ofe lading the SEEELI‘ RS elty and efits The tongue of ‘RGSaa il not sf in to go toaced, bt ondod Sah tooth ant hamied wth pert, he wl ese: bow savagely Stan Wil eset al et tht it ‘alte feu fhe Kingdoms of Chris, and in oppoion BNE Sv Nox indent that everyone whois abused 8 (Boann But the oly aid at exceptions is tat be Seo re and hl, comendiog fr the fh aod TBlowing te Mater wbithemoerer De gost asst sufi Dut what of ie? 1 Bat one of th thing 2 be apes by Chats sspresentaive, If He, wflred SEEGER anna they Lat them or Biss bear Tera. The witate with too man 6 tha dey Bo Patel by hand permitng tenses to become 3G ‘rc upto ok th anal oagt to be pnb, {hop eoc pon pln of explanafon and inicio, sd ty dens sed cote sacs sok to show ther oa scene and the moe of their ene But thi is vaeeejcr cacois dei. Soong st they ae unooice, TEREST ir aoe with comtempe at lest wih ales, Be Sit be gud doe nm mote fry, but ic sch Berns wear on bemused does no har o those Sind vhom ie nected Thee are hundede of seed of tis kind wich ate Hed in a disincton by Enc moa comrrery dat ee career dos ot ott and har cold bare bon peveated by a ile of “Cauay and vspenion may apd ought tobe sel to tee nh are vised by them 3¢ they wil Tet them Guts tobe mare on thi per st fd ont he (eo aoid ste hat they mar ie the enemy m0 $ictigenes aod concen, they wl be prompted. 10 ‘Mire oseptnest in personal devon and Cin ‘Gath wil be the teane of tice, and the ad a ove gate rather tan a WALL BUILDING. cane ae some penne who spend «Ie potion of ‘Bak ine a tlding prion walt] vie and separate fhe people of God frgtig tat the divine ‘Marte Werden the middle yarn bermeen the Jens NGG he Gentes otal Br loners ato = coamon ‘Potntbood, and payed fore pope that they all may Getting all ee a there ace peson wo pent hc nein ptcying sinter than io ng ‘Site nin seking in rw aay dipler ar them ‘Gal nd eotising the fock of God, The gst rooromee mt Tigh and srong and when he eto ten they el 1h somthing aco ‘We bead ot aera Connect, who once tre ut otal alo the papore of ening atch of Found, He took is oven wih im, and abr the eae worked tthe wal ti st he ad the sai fletow of eingtcmple He bad walled inte land oo iad and moder could set ton its bat whe fhe works dome fo the St te the fc aed upon snd hat be hdl Alin with on and is texm at lent suse tere el he wall wa tom hes Acorn e ened od te cn ting ha tuck fora seaman to oj he ple doa spat of Ti villo te Amal and i wot. Poobly some other awh are sy tlding wal 0 Kesp oot intaders et ane th eect pein, wilt as aake ee Seats ofthe acta in ening ote people ot (2st eer tenes in and are ot only pected or iene H ‘Criss leno pound” or a rion, They ho tatoy the Gon Stephen ae ha p fri, bu Sey pln anton aod tnd past.” The Shped who onan for sks pte fat i om hee 0 tee em, andthe eesp ol ig.” WD an ertame tccomes = eon, cetes fo be fold; and the aa hc Conte sheep make he may on ofthe ett ei te en INFIDEL WIVES AND MOTHERS. We have al heat of the exelenie of Chitin wie ee ewe tence eased by Chan others ese ont ding the young aod toler years TOK Seton day atte whatever of snc end eettcSty may hve attended them to the intonce of ere ioas morbem, Who ever heard a sen with ing voi eal the prota conse Bi gnon seit hie goles or his grames 0 the etc which had been ins ito Bis mind Uy ese Sie idee God aod tj ie word? Wee ae ne tie mother ote cen se op and call hem Tieed? And where ate thee iver of to-day whone ae te god se and ckvowedge bythe sons? Tosa ea govt thing in 9am, why oot na worn? tei good og in a usb wBy ota wile? IE i god hing fahren god in acer? any Chien women. A an imelfnay be a diol usp bat a looking fr = wl, be tects 8 penn UEPiteese chaacer Who ae the inl whos fat an oabsed to ain wp wes for cee? etn woo al iher know s0 care for God or Bt Sots "We ve never herd o sac ians in ek re dube whe acics woul take Kindly ote Ta ngghil sec of Jug J. Coy de ‘iio thon to Dall all TE ust be get and inn Ore, Judge 8. Moore vets that fa ey ) | | goromeh et ____— tie Gary tough slgiomiy ought wp, ad Boome i a Tcomequrne of a gst t cram ext nd fmcann soos Chriins, He wed eer ye sling ekeunsance which Ie toa change Sa Terai pinion — Eee tice gh be cated acai, Haron at ‘Nishos noble wholetotled wan, whos Tevet oi wacetr ba Chri wl, ba was Kael 0 com ‘ele Bean soo fod me ot and as not ow in cerrcarg to lito my od Us aoGons, le ‘igo bowever att et his wit know tate wt QeR raha wos seca aed why and be = SERSCUIT atonal mary aban time I would my a ee aid ity? He rein 10 abe | Sr ke berate wea betes ate, # beter om ate ocho he pot, aes easter mah peice aad ide 1 ae ea emer vs Be dese fo maze com Fe ne come fo iy he 8 wel os You nL tat Pic ares eons nun es Deter of Tae hitb tnw of ay ote ested with eNom His wy mene an 0 aT BEARER we canine ce mjc or mye Ad Z SEEPS tack a at choestin as oe ofthe eet eat ines of wy ie To ts conven 1 serie ny Gexmuionton rel he le ctl 2d MERE tevin oth Css gia mp seen sata srsnng, Demons il weld tes poreramentios ropecible hose, And» ld et emcnnies pout be of «aie wo eed ee dl em tae te oa ai Feet yon yncna, othe ene of er ee se rye ane cet enero 6 ack se Pics las come anda mates nest aye _SEIE PRAYER. Sisley mde nn oor bros tke ‘What parcel gia rbesh ar wih shower Irie and a son ems oes Pieroni snny outing, brave and Slat We kneh ho ewe i bow allo power Wigs ter stow we do ones CS wrong, Devinn awe ar ot nas O06 ‘Tha we ae ger vebore wh That we sould ever weak ot ents be, “Roos x wouble—wben ih = ayer ‘boy and strength and courage ave wh ee? eG. Tastes sg ete en STANDARD. 15 QUESTIONS ON TINORTALITY, AND ANSWERS, A Tso os Hort or ras Chex oF GD" wr J 8. Dass. ots the New Temes! tack the dogma of intnor fay ofa ool? eid eps oat covitin, that the ime: tay fn sol as no soc inthe Gos at comes, ees, Fo te Pons jand tat 8 wa fst oa seg af Chit was dei in te char, et epan coe ot ak of tht the acing f the, “Sat ec hs geome wnregenats? Tolerable to dcourse shou omar; te Metin dation And why? Deca in vie of Sh muta oe sok he may cx Hele can SOG cyt cha an ae Wich the ae ya he col man ca sl camnct the Sea of sate inthe body ba when the leading uh is si af ody a nt the imei he Dal ets impaeney Deomes gang” (P27) ‘How simmriy taine? ir fob] girs, Het whom He wil; to thei sos a ee shard tothe boon We sal be es teas we se sendy quicken our eos” (PP ena isthe object of Chit’ appearing ree appnting of Chit wl tine take ace eis heey be ir the stincion othe wicked” ms) De bts wen they got ony? hc cna Yo Kaw tte erection of the ju vil he eonsmsinton of ter. opines thay ing ot say He wil gv ile ou odie od site he ao teen formal the le Tee ee nd ot God ot lriod sis but lays of ested boda (P 33) scxpricis AND SUICIDE fore utd f manag whch ain the rn of erate cru an rien Dd p00 es ina eta docs of lly ncn of ts who ence hen. 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"To the Chinon mind death a | {ett whch eign over len man Ram. v4 2 he ges jen of Chr nearatin mas Good fant him tat fad the power of dehy tha the dv ih Sug Crt came nite werd Yo bol det and ring and immorality to ihe 2 Tih, 36 Hence he inovreteiod a ths ingen No panos ever deg in hr greens; diese vasa a hs aproch yan the ded weskne st hi cll He was nightie thn he ing often and be Bok id and rose and revved agin tha he might be Toe bth of he dead std of he ing” Rom 3 9 ‘Cooney dat in Sapa ws never represent asthe mesenger of joy end pas, bu a ee Sas, "lingo the at hoe hough sents of destin, and red followed by Hades wish ings the vine Sth ii” Rev'd) Whe bet ecards xmplete ue the een, whe her King hee lowe op death a vicar and wip aay hes fom, fal faces Cor 26,543 In sy ‘Tey who eld sachs th ath ons fe ein, nd death calamity ands ease; and hi ath eines wih the operat. instinct of ‘univer moi "Hence, wiyre thie doctrine wis und, snd br ie ws regsrdad ay a Meni and death he age ofsia among people pou in sth a ih, sie r= paca unmen 7 hu as wen have dpeted um God, and gone afer he yain theres and notion of hats hoy, sd eve songt uno ilar epi, and wards a cp 2d rte, they Bave Boon cajle bythe dv ito the ea ‘her the end cold rev his word sod mingle ih ‘ent; ad thoy of rom rearing sth 0 snd coe, they hae rade ea Ding ad end and ov the brite red of and rat adn eo "tbe sackets of darkness" Hoc, wheter sepsis and inelty ad le seni of ft ese ae prevalent the sles ae aot ily to aco "The whole fbi of Chisel Sai pon eich hare ad in Chin anges shown Al i eft etre es "ho ghetin Ie le yors ving?" 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Tenet on Sore ee fndwesead: The fandng ores wee ae deed ie vague colours and comps oto scion” Tooter te yet tld th sofa ch {el ames the lade bbls, ei vig fata tedtling snd ce alge” Sl’ Sr sasoremore nae of fac bade Oy Sexuing te porns of “ope” pore by {Sly ce "Dor and Coe” (ved nt condemn hese cnc se snes above avalon oy hppa tt thi Sone sp alr we made» ne ove point thane | Aig fv ft upton We ute oe bea Soccniy ec nds e denn whch een SF Tanning Wee ery sue hat ra wna deo We ofcourse, do at nea hat sacity ot of lace ip eoanecton ith & church, On the coty, we ‘esata the rereneis tue Bu here ceri ome ‘hinge wich ei se oo te ety otf lace in ‘romecton ih any chreh omen | We do not set fw ny church can ook far the Dvn Being upon Lhte—and wie a th earch a eter ok STANDARD. uz ] matads how fr diet mas thaw epee which are oenionleor monet Wey many of or earch ned ‘ge lin of Chistian enaseionres in he Po ions fr th feanil soporte And he mst bon the put ofthe iy, The Chinn pst, asa rule mes Eksp wth the Smancal ati of be ehach Hy intereney ven with at i Boowes ad fe De oesonbl sveseted. Chistian men sed wen mst cznowlege that their conection with the ehch il en hem oti and must minke hone poison for ie nccemry expendre, Tien tee wil aoe be ned forthe mucous devices for raising tone tat ag alt hme erp and wih in aes not few come roo ne incasng the Savor condemns, 267 Presa be lle the house of paper; bt havea ea dn of ivesCriion Wey, U.S Ami. A SHILLING HEART 1 i ae thatthe growth of ones fone keep pe veh the gro of ante aaae When pease area Frid wth thot of xning ming er enjoying eat, ey lone the incnasan Shag od gt MAOH, "Aid wi ey sl nome wt tate fr ‘he beri fer gi to aos odjcs Se at gh bucame hi to sng propery ad its pte that het eonsibtons began toll of Her of wer salle ‘SE engloye sch woe fan gence expedient |namount fan when fhe wes por and gel ae 2s lancing pre 0 heal poermaoees to eens is tewuye And maker copoly ile rence thatthe citeraiancats yee ct iret nthe cach tdisce” ‘Therrien the acne of Ses hat is Es 1 Je hough eck icaieodes ax thee we bar sot ht theese en Deeg into the leg of the war Where the deen the world at," betwen sd profane Christan? We Nc good they” And whee ix thee any saver to {question dei of hi sen? {At fhe very bast that cn be sid of them, seh eos hese ae merely expels. "There a more ost 2 yay upon ws ee Divine Blning canbe (Sted; co tctaot upon te rerdy and Jketing, 403 tre il to see why ie any moe ey fr ve to gir Tiough th i, eagle than I oie ot an tout tbe my igiven those, Decne the objec ‘Ealgeed one the ger cat are the happy eoniciouren tints deat uno the Lar blessing comes to Bsn th the ies," But th mooey gos rong he edi | Geach a, or any other x penny angen, ut of Wis of tocety veo! on is pasge ito te ‘uch cneny,” Inada wiling get, pou area ease, bo (eng) gts the woth of Ab noney id yon recive only de ction of he Lars ahr thon fe becca ofthe beneoleo “A thie of what may be deemed lente fe next to thing all Once when splint by het stor o bly cae to which, hantle camino, Piebid aap coptated ui, se presented ely a ig > and the good nie could not ep call seria to the change tat a ome ow ee. "Ah se al,“ when day by ay T ook to Gad army ed Thal eough ad to eat; ow Lave Fook 1 wy atop ocean I aml the tine hed rh the fear of oi id coming 19 ast Tad te Dien Suet when Thad the ig men; now Taye ‘he gine mean so he lig be” DESTINY OF THE WICKED, ra tnguage espoyed in the sabjoted toe ie matt einiey expose of he etn of the aly tape 1 Semel kg" They sal be set darken” Jobo go "They sal efor dation” Palin wi 9 "They sal be devon. Palen sav Patna 0 Pan They shal be ct of" They tal ot be! SR "They sal oe a ed” “They tal be onan" They sha be tr es” Pl sg “They al ein” Pal eo They sal be ote ot” ‘THE BIBLE il. a5 They ball eno moe Pas ee 90; They shall be dese” ‘rover a, “They sal be ved." emis x 24 “They shal bo noting” aah a. 22 Toy all be wo owe sel wis "They sal da” ‘adi 6, * They bl be thong they had nat ben Mahe i 20 "They sale hewn down Math i, 3, * Thay shal be burned. ‘Mathew st 44, "They shal be grand to ponder” ake vi 35,26. “They sh lee Ue or sul ‘Romans vi, 3. They shal ser dst" Galatians v3. “They eal ee eration” Hebovs wh 8. “They shal be bao Revetinas 415. Phay sa fr he scond dest Oh, toni! exchins the protsed believer in per Petal ferment “Ansation) that ie too au to. be Baler. Now be candi, dear rede, if you bare been taught belie ht docing whieh, Tague, weld be thesmst oh ia yoorcale dabente Judgment Could you sea chia ret «boty st hen, ote or fiend withing, posning, weeping, xaning, eying ‘ou fr bp fr one moment frei the mit of he ‘mos exciting agony and suring, without any poet or praabliy of welt fom auch amp but by det (oni you dee tht exience in hatte? Wend pot your spats find ree 8 them teint thle Sling by det Ye, rey. Now rend the desciption ofthe ering of the amd ne 5 gen by Present Blwane nd Pole vor Fis. resent Bd says -— “he woes of sinners in ell wl mat bea case of sf tothe ans inhseen—tatofsencng. This ree ing wil be thet ofan ane spon, and = pet elie an conform to Chi. At the fadgmen! pou ‘ay be edy to fy to some gy nd, but yo wl ee them anconered for you, wits joy eon to mest. the {ord and not lem oy the ora in which ty sos you.” When 7H5Y ian you onous and sow and oes ‘oon rem tee tng wilt ore them a alto py you, fer yn pulpal hace sn oe i a ‘alia fry or ae rn dy ad ge weil ‘ut ayn py you thee Thy lp Ol ta i nce wpe i te ety ofr iy, ‘The tormenta hil be tneanbly reser han Being in ow Peter Fane say — "Dh urmet il daly fre We ae ournader to decide sick ofthe two views ls the sestawi. Lets now appar nea Thor ‘can monte, who fr vation a sone is la ‘he inficion of pishneatupen the olden, cues ‘hem in dongcon; tte apd foment them in every STANDARD. ‘ocronen | eoneciale way hi ingeoy can lvent—by scorching fying ad bang, 0d pera the ete ade so wrk is incensed fry and vengesce pom. theta nea of weminting ther exc woud Jom eld ooo te the rath, wold ay oow baler 300 Jou all i Jas ec and opty? Nap wry in, adh You could not” Nether wold anyone believe yo i ya i The pin Me wath tbe risked shal be tamed | bake ds and acne nang hgh hy ad md De detain of Holy Wis" 2h many of Oo nde re and Git sina God der hts not or tide of bi word stall iy il al be accompli They thee wil ped ae, in Gad pedterined pupocs, whe ll tse who steno repartee the Engdoe of Go, wil be "set in dathnesant ot oated sp—come o 49 ehl-deoured dead barat spar maught—perol-aetbe—conmed— ey conmmed—derayed a aes dr fot 0) oh thy hd mr” "Then pain sow, suring nd death are come 0 sn cad, Aa Ded praye, the wicked of the wicked Sune Terarmscr — We ste toching ou flow: bins onal siden. "They are aid fn gd fr evi what we are, y wht ke say and do, evn by what me ak apd fe ‘Map.dowet a the pror bret le france trogh he atosphor Weare ech ota sett xtseting the atnosphare aboot withthe mle cms af our charter Inthe fay bees ad beyond a the teaching the diy ie ofeach pret and eid myticaly mais the Lie of erry pr in te Bowehla, The se frces ons wider veo gag om though thecomsuniy- Nasoan let a Masel and tuun dich to himeel. "Ofer arb up and tiene by ur snonsiosdeoda; sed ther may te wre eat et thie peer aod irom down. yout anconeoot asucne~ Cnr Remeber that each day you at iting a eligo ning shadow. Noman vet to hel lee There maybe ome poo woul back you epg long i Kar and ening sd he expense poor id sod hetrokem You canot go croep wih kin You cnnot pope anid the dene nd dere with Bim Sr you can done thing you emit wp yous yl tc sng ome sony of bly contdenes, same whine ma of ru and God il Boat he sods ck to tat hag ou) and he wil becheeed ad sengthened apse by sour. Tad goodness and besgnisy of spit elt a censin scien and are up te very countenance and sake it amiable and lvl ii the soa wth bie roltion and cour fd make ie capable of ncging and eft the highs tings THE BIBLE ‘CHURGH Ewe a coe Z ra al Sats le Ten STANDARD, 19 met Se sy oe i ta alec eae cee el Ao Cheha Smtr thing oping be Om ieee a ap crete (i how wo eeape by EAH, Tap, CEA mal ts i ih a i i Aap tt in Sees ee wher nl taney sn ee a) es ‘ai Bers ca Pi Wp Ieiort “Tg wt css ome te Manas ra ah Seite ee a ot CURRENT EVENTS, “Tonge m5 Jew The Ft Isp fe ch of hr heme ee Meoptal a lg,b Jv en fon Rai a a st Cun i Nea eh pe aly oie Be tem stich gga he tl leat wo -ongpg en dae ut sl ath ig mo teri oo supe, 19 shes RecA tae a Hea ona i ae, Ea ‘Gis Hee Alii Deny fe Wed he in he van 120 MONTHLY CATALOGUE OF BOOKS Dia es masters? Oe anpgh House, VINCENT STREET AUERLAD. ra mig, un Se ‘A CRITICAL GREBK AND ENGLISH CONCORD.’ Seg SDN Bites Nahe Sal ied by whe Him ck Coc lr ‘ean yaas oho aya, in he aio Ge | PAULINE, THEOLOGY Ter hi beac piel re haa a By MILES GRANT, semgruazsea OAVEILED, spin: “Hasyn hteeity Sein ites SPIRIT IN MAN, What sit? Pic 60 THE SOUL: eile View ots mening Prce ra at Bue ez o8 1H RESTITUTION, OF ALL, THINGS—The a hg ec ngn tonn ab sup nce AD THE CHURCH, B,D Hetero hee HCUSSIONSON EXTINGTION, ‘wee Dini gmapticeriraaaadnecante “ais ‘by GHORGE A BROWN. oxcorren eis cree a Age By J, 5. HOBBS. sp, ou, GUEREON 28 TPR Pari a eee ‘By L PORSTE, Hoa singoqe rCHGiOGe, tigre Pu cise mate tis Oe P| LADS eg Te ntermetine Sate lin 8 rg, DOCTRINE OF, INMMORTALLTY. By H, CONSTABLE, MA, (ne Brn of Ch nd) DURATION AND NATURE OF FUTURE PUNISH wor taheone ah Mary ae = up Pleat a ee ieee ae ‘by J. H. WHITMORE. Suge oy te, Gustin Dosing iar ea apie as chat Seal Ein Pie “Sth | pa(rrit SET FREE ton_A cone iew of he Sp wermmstipe needa buagt rato be the Work |THE VOICH OF THE CHURCH, "By DT. Tay, spd aa ew rior ns | TERPRETING, CONCORDANCE, QE TENE ETN CONC inn ote Gk Wor Pr Fea ile PAULINE THEOLOGY. By. H. L Hanes vino mans oi Es SS fae Eee eee Liwcuereen™ BOUND VOLUMES are ving few ete of the Bun Saxon boon in Shoe who wold ke copy fr pesenaton Styles send usin th oder at once. The pice Ti be ay post ral Sea Gat SI Ai os vr SE Sect te et ote fiat — pensctiee 1 if agi Sees eee ee ae ae 1A) eae Po Ma EOE enti $ DMRS Ta wr ter eink a ¥, Rel’ ei a Se pear lg Ble Tee, cote teeerstais ee, «| ESAS Ray amet meee ee se he SG Si ny ina 38 Ser Bao 5 ts BEC cen inn a