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Alyssa Hoffman

December 14, 2015

Worldviews Exam
My Worldview
Going into this worldviews class I didnt know what to expect or what was going
to be taught. I learned a lot about different views of the world and others views of 8
major questions that basically shape who you are and what you believe. The first
question deals with ultimate reality and the nature of ultimate reality. The second
concerns our ability to know and determine truth. The nature of the universe is asked in
the third worldview question then the question of us, as humans, is asked. Ethical
behavior and what should be meaningful to human beings make up the fifth and sixth
questions. Then finally the last two questions ask about death and our ultimate
knowledge and belief of the savior Jesus. The last question is asked and thats the
question on Christianity and my thoughts on that religion.
Coming from a God based home I have always known the presence of God and
his abilities. I do believe there is a higher power and that higher power is the one and
only God himself. God can be perceived in many different lights by various individuals
but to me, God is a personal God. He is a loving and wonderful God who is always
there and watching over all. Many peoples image of God can be distorted by trails and
hard times in life and although I have been through a few trails, I still believe my God is
a loving and caring God. I dont believe it is ever Gods intention to make anyone stray
away from him, I believe that happens due to the imperfect nature of human beings. My
personal image of God comes from the reflections of the bible and from scripture. On
the other hand, many passages describe God as one to be feared and a jealous God. I

also believe those descriptions are true as well because God is all powerful and how
can we as mortals not fear His holiness.
Truth can be a hard concept to figure out especially when it concerns others
religions and sacred beliefs, but knowing and seeking absolute truth is a very important
thing to do and understand. Many believe that knowing something on a spiritual level
cannot be absolute and nothing dealing with unworldly concepts can be absolutely true,
but I differ with that. Absolute truth does exist, but how we can determine absolute truth
is a place in which I struggle. Religious absolute is another idea that is highly debated
but I also believe that there is one religion above the rest that is fully and completely
true. Other religions, besides Christianity, are incomplete and dont fully convey the
ideas and image of the true God. Going along with that Im not sure if there are religions
that are completely false, that is another area in which I find hard to determine.
Evolution can be seen as unchristian and some Christians say that believing in
evolution and believing in God cant go hand in hand but to me that is completely false.
The world was created through evolution, that doesnt mean God didnt have a part in
creation. I believe in evolution through God and I also believe Christians can still be
Christians and believe that evolution did occur. There is too much scientific evidence in
the world for evolution not to have happened; evolution was a process created by God
and finished by science. So I do believe that God created the world, just in an
evolutionary way. The state of the world is hard to be determined so I would say it is
Humans were not made to be perfect that title is only used when describing God
not us as mortal beings. We definitely are broken in many ways and we have also been

greatly influenced by the world around us. The world has corrupted the mind set and
morality of humans and I believe that is the way God wanted it to be. Although God
does want us to dwell in him and be a reflection of him, He doesnt want us to be him
because there is only one almighty being. Through our worldly influence and
brokenness I believe we get closer to God and we realize we need his sovereign hand
guiding us in life. The only way we can be saved in through the grace of God and
through being a disciple and spreading the good news of the Lord. We do not deserve
to be in the presence of God or even reach eternal life but thats why God sent his only
son to die for us and absolve over sins. We are saved through God himself and his
mercies he shows upon us humans.
Determining right and wrong can be a tricky thing but I do believe in the idea that
there are set moral facts that everyone should follow, but do we all come to terms with
those moral facts? I dont think we all do. I believe God placed right and wrong, morality,
into each and everyone's hearts and minds but its just determining whether you find
that or not. Yes, we have a freewill and we as human beings make decisions for
ourselves but that doesnt mean we dont have a helping hand from a higher being and I
believe those moral instincts are Gods hand trying to push us in the right direction.
From the beginning of this year I have been asking myself about ultimate
purpose and why we are on this earth, why I am on this earth; and frankly I dont really
know at the moment, but I do believe God will show me the answer to my question
whether its now or in a few years. One thing I do know about purpose is that everything
we do should be for God and should be to showcase his love and beautiful nature. We

as believers should be on this earth to glorify and bring others closer to God. On the
other hand I dont know ultimately our purpose but I trust God will show that to me.
As I am a Catholic, or at least that is the religion I have grown up in, they have
always taught about purgatory. After death I dont believe in the idea of a place where
we have to wait to be saved by the Lord or not saved by the Lord. God will save those
he knows have gave there life for him and those who havent will go to hell. There
definitely is hope, I 100% believe in that. God didnt place us on this earth to do his work
for nothing at the end, we have the promise of God to look forward to.
Jesus was sent down as a reminder and a symbol of Gods love for us. We are
sinful in nature and Jesus came to absolve each of us from our sins. I believe Jesus is a
very important part of Christianity and a very important part in understanding and
knowing who God is. God loved us so much that he sent his son to die for us so we may
live with him in heaven one day. Hearing those words is such an encouragement and I
greatly believe in Jesus. Jesus was not only a symbol but living proof of a loving and
gracious God and I cant fathom how people who read about Jesus dont immediately
give there life to Christ because of how wonderful he is.
Christianity can be seen by people in numerous different ways. Christianity is
meant to be a religion that reflects God and his teachings but I feel like it has been
twisted and corrupted by the world we live in. Religion shouldnt be the way to Christ I
feel like a relationship with someone and the Creator needs to be the bases to actually
learning about God because religion gets so distorted by things of this world. Not
everything about Christianity is twisted but I still do believe that things of this world have
effected it just like other religions. Religion has been a hard idea for me the battle with

thats why I have just begun working on my relationship with Christ before I try to find a
suitable religion that will help me grow in my faith. So ultimately I believe Christianity
can be a way to further connect with God but the foundation of that connection needs to
come through the relationship first.