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Hitler is notorious for his use of political propaganda.

Why do you think he was so

successful at this?
Taylor Swan
Mr. Hawkins
Modern World History P-Period 6
18 March 2016
Inquiry question #1
Hitler was known for his persuasive speaking' and he used it to his advantage.
When he became chancellor in 1933 he assigned Joseph Goebbel to do all of the
brainwashing in Germany. He got people to listen to him by using censorship, repetition,
and intimidation.
Hitler and Goebbel used censorship to make people believe what they wanted. The two
would take things to the next level such as he made sure teachers and lecturers were teaching
what he had wanted them to teach the university students, otherwise they'd be dismissed
(LNG 1). He forced teachers to not say anything bad about the Nazi party. He also made sure
that they said bad things about Jews and other countries. Art was surprisingly censored too,
the ministry disapproved of any modern art, they preferred art works of heroic German folk
tales, or maybe portraits of Hitler and how great the Nazis were (LNG 1). The Nazis didnt
want any possibility of bad thing getting out about them or war. Instead they wanted a picture
of how glorious war was or how good the Nazis were. Music was also censored too, for
instance, Jazz was banned because of its "black" music and therefore below their level; music
by Mendelssohn, a famous classical musician, was also banned from performed, played,

practiced only because he was partly Jewish. (LNG 1). Music was also another form of
expression the workers party wanted to suppress. One of them being Jewish just gave them a
reason ban all of it. Not only was censorship used, but so was repetition.
The Nazi party used repetition to get people to believe what they were saying. If you
repeat something over and over, no matter how outrageous it may be, people will come to
believe there's some truth in it (Sourcewatch 1). At first the people mustve thought Hitler was
crazy, but after they heard it a lot it was the normal. He pounded it into their head that Jews
were bad and a lot of other things by using repetition. "The purpose of propaganda is not to
provide interesting distraction for blas young gentlemen, but to convince the masses. But
the masses are slow moving, and they always require a certain time before they are ready even
to notice a thing, and only after the simplest ideas are repeated thousands of times will the
masses finally remember them (Sourcewatch 1). This was a quote from Adolf Hitler. He
manipulated the crowds to believe what he wanted. Another way they persuaded was by
Intimidation was used to make people do things they didnt want to. Hitlers ability to
brainwash and make people scared of him made his power that much greater (Wordpress 1).
People had to support Hitler or else he would kill them. Nobody would go against him
politically because he was so feared. From then, he began forcing people into voting for him
by intimidating them with the help of the Nazis (Wordpress 1). Even if people didnt want
him to be elected; he made them with threats. He fear to make people work for him. After he
had support form the rest of the Germans, he used intimidation to get the rest of the Germans to
follow him (Wordpress 1). The rest of Germany probably thought he was insane and didnt
want to vote for him but he used his propaganda and fear tactics to convince them otherwise. A

lot of people were forced into something they didnt want to do. Altogether mad Hitler the best
at his propaganda.
Hitler and Goebbel manipulated people by using censorship, repetition, and