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Language Arts Requirement (ELED 3226)

Clinical Experience
Instructional Lesson
Grade: 2nd grade
Curriculum Area: Math

Observer: Ashley
Date: 3/17/16
Time: 1:00-2:00

What I notice

Thoughts, Questions, Connections to

Methods Classes

Students who are ahead dont have to

sit and listen to the lesson but rather
they are sitting at their desk doing a
more difficult worksheet or they are
working with another teacher who is
teaching them a more difficult lesson.

I think the students are doing a great

job at working hard to learn new
Some students are talking and speaking
out loud when the teacher is asking
them questions.

Students are doing a great job at sitting

still and following directions while the
teacher is teaching them a new

I liked how the teacher connected with

the students by using personal
examples to explain the math lesson.

Students are sitting at their seat quietly

doing a worksheet on what they have
just learned.

The teacher did a great job at

explaining and teaching the students
the lesson.

Students when finished with their

worksheet can read until everyone is

Student Interview

Do you like being in 2nd grade? Yes, I love second grade. I just
wish it wasnt so long and we had more recess.
What is your favorite subject? Math, because I do so good in it.
Tell me what its like to be a reader/writer in this classroom?
Student: Its fun. I like reading non fiction book.
Whats it like to be a mathematician/scientist/social scientist?
I love science and doing experiments. Math is my favorite
because I am so good at it.
How do you best learn as a student?
I learn by doing experiments and watching the teacher do
things on the smart board.
If you were the teacher in this classroom what would you do the
I would write on the smart board and do more experiments.
What would you do differently?
I would give no homework, more recess, and longer time to eat
What makes a good teacher?
A good teacher lets her students play outside for a long time
and doesnt give a lot of homework.
What makes a good learner?
A good learner is someone who listens and looks at the teacher
when she is talking and makes 100 on all of their worksheets
and homework.

Student Observation
Grade: 2nd
Curriculum Area: Reading

Observer: Ashley Hinton

Date: 3/16/16
Time: 2:30 p.m.

What I notice

Thoughts, Questions, Connections to

Methods Classes

-Student was answering questions with

-I also loved recess and lunch when I

full responses.

was little.

-Students really like recess and lunch.

-I always said that I wanted less

homework and less time of school
during the day.

-Students want to do their best to

please their teacher.
- Students love their teacher and
respect her.

-I enjoyed interviewing the student

because they reminded me of myself
when I was little and in school.

Reflection on classroom setup

I personally like the way my teacher has her classroom. I noticed she
does not have any type of desk, only filing cabinets and small group
tables. My teacher would rather walk around talking to her students
and making sure they understand everything they are learning and
doing rather than sitting at a desk. I like my teachers little library she
has of book, I also would like to have one like hers one day when I am
a teacher.

Document collection and Reflection

Type of Document: Teachers personal

lesson plans.
Date: 3/18/16

Time: 9:00 a.m.

What kind of document did you collect?

I collected the teachers lesson plans for the whole week.

What does this document show?

The document shows what the students will be learning for the whole week in Math,
Reading, Writing, Recess, and Science.
The lesson plans show how the teacher will guide the students, the activities the
students will be accomplishing, and how the students should do on their
assessments of what was just taught.

Reflection: What are your thoughts/opinions about this document?

I really like the way the teacher has typed out the lesson plan. It is very short and
straight to the point. The way the teacher has written it out makes everything
written as to what she will be accomplishing for the whole day. I could definitely see
myself using the same format lesson plan in my future career as a teacher.

Interview Protocol
Interviewer: Ashley Hinton

Interviewee: Mrs. Story

Date: 02/24/16
Time: 9:10-10:00 a.m.
(These are sample questions. Please add your own questions to learn more about
your specific classroom. This interview should take place in your initial meeting,
prior to the two week intensive).
Planning Questions:

How do you write a typical lesson plan?

-Shared planning, teacher points, and independent practices.

What types of materials do you need available when you plan lessons?
- Computer, Reading A-Z and Books.

In what ways do you plan to accommodate individual differences in the

- It depends on the students needs. There is the Tier 1, the one on one
progress monitoring, and move students around depending on what tier they
are in.
Instructional Questions:

What are some of your instructional challenges as a teacher?

Not enough help for the students and having to give students assessments
that dont match what we as teachers are teaching our students.

What have been some of your instructional successes as a teacher?

To do well on fluency and map co-assessments, and working with special
education students.

What do you consider essential characteristics for successful teaching?

-A teacher needs to be patient and kind no matter what happens.

How often do your students receive social studies/science instruction?

-Science for half the year and social studies half the year. I teach around 1530 minutes a day on one of the two.

Are you satisfied with the amount of time that you currently allot for social
studies/science instruction? Explain.
-NO, I am not satisfied. There is not enough time for me to teach as well as
we are not suppose to teach too much history or too much of science.

What social studies and science topics/units will be studied during the second
week of my clinical experience? What are possible goals/objectives I could
address for my lessons? Do you have any instructional resources that would
support these goals/objectives?
-There will not be any social studies but there will be science during my time
at the school. The science that will be taught is the life cycles on lady bugs
and worms.

What does reading instruction look like in your classroom (e.g. readers
workshop, basals, etc.)?Reading workshops model as well as close reading

What reading topics will be studied during the 2


week of my clinical

-Continued reading workshops model as well as close reading. What are
possible goals/objectives I could address for my reading lesson? Accurate
information, fluency, and comprehension reading.

Do you have any instructional resources that would support these

Interactive fiction and non fiction books as well as students comprehension
worksheets they have accomplished in the past few days.
Classroom Management Questions:

What motivation tactics do you use to ensure a desire to learn?

-Make it fun by planning lessons that can be interactive and work together.
Also moving students around helps them stay focus and have something

Tell me about the classroom community.

What are the class rules? How is

student behavior monitored? In what ways is positive behavior reinforced? In
what ways are negative behaviors prevented? Tell me about the
consequences for negative behavior.
-Hands to yourself, dont talk back to adults, use respect with others, be
honest, care about each other, and my most important rule is silent and
stand straight in line while in the hallway. Students must clip down if they
are disobeying the rules and students must clip up if I think they are doing
good a good job during the day. Negative behaviors are prevented by being
silent until the students are silent.

Tell me about the pacing of lessons and interaction in the classroom- use of
time- and other aspects of timewait time, and time using teacher talk and
student talk. What works well with your students?
- Time goes by fast, so my lesson are fast. My pace is I move from morning
work to teaching a lesson, to individual lessons.

Reflection on the teacher interview

I enjoyed my teachers responses. I definitely agree with some of her responses. For
example not having enough time to teach science and social studies as well as their
not being a push to teach social studies and science in the classroom is a very
accurate response in my opinion. I believe science and social studies is very
important for students to learn. I remember as a young student not having enough
science and social studies taught and because of that I now struggle in social
studies and in science because I was never taught it or not enough time was spent
on the subjects. I also think as a teacher that no matter what, teacher should
always be nice and kind to everyone. I enjoyed interviewing my teacher and
speaking with her about education and the importance of it.

Overall Clinical Reflection

My overall clinical experience was wonderful. I had a great time
learning from the teacher as well as connecting with the students. I am so
excited to have my own classroom one day. Having the opportunity to teach
my own lessons was also a great experience, because it showed me how I
want to run my own classroom one day. I struggled with the first two lessons,
thinking that I was overly prepared, but once I was teaching them I struggled
with keeping the students focused as well as not confused. The teacher gave
me some great feedback on my lesson plans and that really helped. Some of
her comments were to make sure to repeat the standard 2-3 times, to go
back over what was taught at the end of the lesson, and to remember the clip
up and clip down chart, which is their discipline and uplifting chart. Once I
taught my last 2 lessons I understood exactly what my teachers
feedback/comments were. I put those comments/feedback into practice and
that really helped me with keeping the students focused as well as
understanding what they were being taught. The students did such a great
job of helping me and making me feel like a great soon to be teacher. I
learned a lot these past few weeks and I am so excited to have the privilege
of having my own students one day.