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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Grade Level/Subject: 2nd grade

Central Focus: To help students understand the purpose of
a text and how to explain and describe what occurred in
the text.
Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:

Identify the main purpose of a text, including what the author wants
to answer, explain, or describe.
Date submitted: 03/16/2016

Daily Lesson Objective:

Performance- Students will independently complete the Comprehension Worksheet on Harriet
Conditions- The students must complete the worksheet independently, allowed to look at the
paragraph that was read in class that is stated above the worksheet.
Criteria- The students will independently complete the worksheet and must receive at least 3 out
of 5 points to meet the objective.
21st Century Skills: Collaborating,
Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
socializing, computer skills, and
critical thinking.
Context, definitions, and reference materials.
Prior Knowledge: Students should be able to read accurately, with proper fluency, and
comprehension skills. Students should be able to look up difficult words in a dictionary as well as
distinguish between information given.

Description of Activities and Setting

Students will be reminded of ideas and
concepts that they have learned about
when comprehending a book or some sort
of reading material.
Students will be asked questions such as:
1. What is a way to remember
information read?
2. How can we understand what we
are reading?
Tell the students, Today class we will be reading the
article, Harriet Tubman by: SmarterStudents2015, we
will read this article to try and understand how to
comprehend, understand, and describe books and
articles that we have read or that you have personally
read on your own.
Teacher will read the article on Harriet Tubman by:


1. Focus and Review

2. Statement of
for Student
3. Teacher Input

3 min.

3 min.

4. Guided Practice

5. Independent

Teacher will read the first paragraph of the article.

Teacher will ask students to turn to a partner beside
them and try to explain to one another what just
happened in the first paragraph.
Teacher will then explain to the students what exactly
happened in the first paragraph.
Teacher will then read the next two paragraphs to the
Teacher will then ask the students to personally tell the
teacher about what happened in the two paragraphs.
Teacher will then read the rest of the article to the
Students will now be broken up into different small
groups with their own copy of Harriet Tubman.
The group will together talk amongst themselves and
summarize what they learned from the article. The
groups will also state the characteristics of Harriet
Tubman based off of the article and the feelings she
would have had during that time. Students will lastly
state how they believe Harriet Tubman would have felt
during the time of slavery as well when she was trying
to help free the other slaves.
Students will be allowed to use the computer if
necessary to look up words or phrases that may be
difficult to explain or understand from the article.
Students will be encouraged to look at the words and
context around to understand the meaning of a word.
Students will talk about what they are writing together.
Each student will write down the groups ideas.
Teacher should be walking around the classroom asking
questions such as:
1. Does anyone have any questions about Harriet
2. Does everyone understand what he or she
should be writing?
Students will record their summarization in their own
journals for teacher to look at later on.
Teacher will ask all students to go back to their seats
and pull out a pencil.
Teacher will give out the Harriet Tubman Worksheet.
Students will answer the questions at the bottom of the
Students may use the article above the questions to try
and remember what the answers where.
Teacher should be walking around the classroom asking

20 min.

20 min.

10 min.

6. Assessment
Methods of

7. Closure

8. Assessment
Results of

questions such as:

1. Does anyone have any questions about what
they are suppose to be writing down?
2. Does everyone understand the questions
about Harriet Tubman?
Teacher should make sure all students are following
directions closely and doing their work diligently and
At the end the teacher will encourage the students to
write a summarization in their journals based off of
when they read a novel or hear a novel read in class.

Teacher will collect all of the Harriet Tubman worksheets.

Students must get at least 3 points out of the 5 correct. Each
question will be 1 point each.

Teacher will allow students to talk in a small group

about different books they have read lately.
Teacher will summarize that when reading students
5 min.
should really be thinking and trying to understand what
they are reading.
The students Harriet Tubman worksheet should show that they
can read a passage or hear a passage and be able to answer the
questions. This shows that students comprehend what they are
reading as well as understand how to find answers as to what the
author is trying to say.

Targeted Students
Student/Small Group
For struggling readers students can read
Students can choose to work alone if they think
along with a partner. The guided practice is
they cannot get their guided practice done in a
accommodated for students who are
group. Teacher should also provide different levels
struggling readers. If students finish more
for students who are struggling during the guided
quickly then others then the students color
the picture of Harriet Tubman on the
Harriet Tubman Worksheet
A copy of the article, Harriet Tubman by: smarterstudents2016
Reflection on lesson:
In my opinion the lesson plan went great. The students really understood what they were being

taught as well as learned about Harriet Tubman. Students were very interested and engaged in
the lesson. Students did great on the assessment; their comprehension of the text was very
accurate. Some of the success of the lesson plan was that the students did such a great job on
their assessment but the challenges were students making themselves focus on reading the
article and answering the questions. Many of the students didnt want to read and answer the
questions but once they started reading it they were more excited and interested in the article.
Modifications I would make for future lesson plans when teaching this subject is have them read
in a group first, read a different article with a partner, and then read an article individually
answering questions after each. Overall I enjoyed teaching this lesson plan as well as seeing the
outcome of the students assessments. I am excited to have my own personal classroom to
constantly see great outcomes and growth of knowledge in my students.



Reading Comprehension
Created by Smarter Students 2015
Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was born around the year 1820 to slaves in Maryland. She had a
difficult life as a slave and was a victim of violence many times. Harriet escaped
slavery in 1849 after the death of her owner. She used a network called the
Underground Railroad to travel the 90 miles to Philadelphia. The Underground
Railroad was an elaborate secret network of safe houses organized to help
enslaved people reach freedom.
Harriet spent many years helping other people escape slavery through the
Underground Railroad. She helped friends and family make the journey north,
and eventually helped many travel all the way to Canada. She remained active
during the Civil War and worked for the Union Army as a cook and a nurse. She
led an expedition that freed more than 700 slaves in South Carolina.
Answer the questions below.

1. Where

and when was Harriet Tubman born?

2. Describe Tubmans life as a slave.
3. What was the Underground Railroad?
4. How far did Harriet Tubman have to travel to reach
5. How did Tubman fight slavery during the Civil War?