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Vitamin Function Specific Function Deficiency/Toxicity good food other notes

Vit C Regulatory 1) helps in formination D: scurvy- swollen bleeding gums broccoli
of collagen loose teeth, painful joints,
2)increased Fe absorption fragile bones, hemorrhages
3)antioxidant under the skin, death.
Thiamin Regulatory Coenzyme in CHO and D-Beriberi-central nervous pork,
(Vit B1) energy metabolism system dysfunction, enriched
muscle fatigue, heart failure and whole

Niacin Regulatory Coenzyme in fat, CHO and D-Pellagra- Dermatitis, diarrhea, fish, grains, part of body's niacin
(Vit B3) protein metabolism delirium, death poultry can be made from the
legumes EAA tryptophan
Vit B12 Regulatory These function tog. in D- yeast product B12
& nucleic acid synthesis * folate-megaloblastic tofu *req. intrinsic factor for
Folate (making of cells) anemia, fortified milk absorption
B12 maintins covering *B12 pernicious anemia cobalt is a part of B12 structure
of nerve fibers *liver stores B12
*only found in animal
or fermented foods
Vit A Regulatory 1)vision Cycle (night vision) D- *Vit A-
2)Maintenance of epithelial *night blindness liver-where
tissue *Xeropthalmia*cornia falls out vitamins are
3)Bone growth *Bone growth stops stored-
*Keratinization- *beta-carotene
rough hard skin carrots
T- broccoli
Bone decalcification papaya
birth defects, death yams
Vit D Regulatory Calcium Homeostasis D-
Body can make vit D from *exposure to sunlight factor vitamin D
cholesterol but not enough *child-rickets fortified milk
*adult-bone soft/fragile fish , eggs
child: bone malformation

Vit E Regulatory Regulatory antioxidant D- vegetable oil

protects membrane fats *in newborns- hemolytic wheat germ
anemia whole grains
*fragile red blood cells