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flexible dome connectors by EFFALO - Thingiverse

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flexible dome connectors by EFFALO

he re 's a DIY m e thod of m ak ing che ap, fle x ible dom e conne ctors!
whe n i saw W illiam AAdam s' sim ple te trahe dron thingive rse .com /thing:8306 it
re m inde d m e of the tubing conne ctors i saw in the gre at dom e book 2 scribd.com /doc
/37419493/Dom e book-2
the advantage of a fle x ible conne ctor is that it doe sn't re quire absolute pre cision in
strut le ngths. this m ake s for e asie r dom e raising and allows the structure to e qualize
grace fully.
sim ilar
sim plydiffe re ntly.org/Ge ode sic_Dom e _Note s?page =17




se e :

you'll ne e d som e vinyl tubing and som e nuts, bolts, and washe rs in addition to dowe ls
or pole s cut to the appropriate le ngths. the se instructions are adapte d from
W illiam AAdam s' e xce lle nt docum e ntation.

1) de cide on the type of struts you'll be using. we use d 3/8" dowe ls be cause we had a
lot of scrap laying around.
2) ge t a large quantity of tubing that will snugly fit ove r the e nds of the struts. the
dom e picture d he re re quire d alm ost 20 fe e t of tubing.
3) cut the tubing into 2-3" long le ngths.
4) drill a hole in the ce nte r of e ach pie ce of tubing.
5) thre ad a washe r and thre e le ngths of tubing on a bolt, the n cap it with anothe r
washe r and a nut. spre ad the tubing le ngths out to form a he x agonal shape , the n
tighte n the whole asse m bly.
6) asse m ble your dom e or sphe re by sliding the struts into the tubing. whe ne ve r a
pe ntagon is ne e de d, sim ply le ave one of the tube s e m pty.
a 2V icosahe dron will re quire 26 conne ctors. che ckout de se rtdom e s.com
sim plydiffe re ntly.org for dom e asse m bly diagram s and strut calculators.

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flexible dome connectors by EFFALO - Thingiverse

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