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Sex Trafficking
Jorge Betancourt
e3 Civic High



Sex trafficking is modern day slavery, inflicting a young lady to sexualy interact with someone
who is mostly an adult male. It is more common for this to happen to females, usually being
tegnagers at the age of twelfve to 14 years old, and most have been abused as children. Women
gettting a place in economical places is important so women can speak out and see what woman
can do economically wise. They can make good decisions to help the country by not being in war
and by maybe saving the U.S money. Women should get hired by economical jobs.


Sex Trafficking

Although every issue in the world is significantly important, sex trafficking can be
stopped if women get more economical power or by hiring women for economical jobs that will
allow women control the country.
Body 1: If more managers, business owners or CEO of any company that is important to
this country, hire more Women, sex trafficking's rate may decrease a significantly amount of
percent. A lot of woman as children get taught that men are more important to get educated,
therefore they think to themselves that they should not be educated. If woman can see that the
world is giving them a chance in jobs that help run the country, then more women will then get
encouraged. If that were to happen most of the women will be more interested in having a job
that is important to the country. Then woman is little kids will also see this interesting and from
there their parents can see that they want to do something when they get older and the parents
will obviously have to encourage them. Sex trafficking for females from then can decrease by
not being discouraged that men need the education and women dont.
Body 2: That can only happen if the country gives women opportunities for economical
jobs. Men have to see that woman can make a difference in their company, store, but mainly in
this country, thats why men mostly should give woman this opportunity. Because most people
dont know the capability that woman can do. There can be any woman out there with great ideas
to help that country and bringing peace but people mostly listen to men. One may not know what
kind of ideas woman have that have been in sex trackfing, about 2.5 million people have been in
this modern day slavery. Which most of them are women with maybe great ideas to help the
country. The country can use any kind of help at anytime. Ever since April 30, 1789 when

president George Washington became the first to be elected, most of the leaders in the country
and the world have been mostly men and that is why there aren't that many women leaders in the
U.S and in the world.
Body 3:Jobs like working for the government, or working for the president, or being the
mayor of a city can help this country. Most of the most powerful leaders in the world and in this
country are men, it may be time to let women have a chance so people can see what women can
do economically wise. Most people think that women are fragile and kind and a lot get offended
by it. It may a good thing because something that theyll want the most is peace since they are
kind and fragile. If it comes down to where woman decide to declare war or not, then theyll
choose peace unlike most if the male leaders who instead choose war. This will save the U.S a lot
of money and a lot of lives of military personels, and the fathers or millions of families.
Counter argument: People think that men are more powerful economical wise because
most of them have been educated and some women havent bause in their past they have been
taught that men are more important to be educated. You dont really see that much women
running for president or being the leader of something big so mostly everyone prefers to leave it
that way.
Conclusion: Women need to get hired by jobs that are important to this country, or that
help run this country. This way the country will get more help from woman that may have good
ideas and may not get into war which will help families in the world. Women will now see that
more female are getting involved and sex trafficking rate for women may significantly decrease.




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