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26 MY FOOLISH HEART ‘Young/Washington 1950 Bba7? = Bba7 D-7 G7 C-7 C-7Bb Alas AT The night’ is like a —love- ly tune, be - ware my fool-ish hear. How Her Tips are much too close to mine, be - ware my fool-ish heart, but p79 G-7 Db ikea C-75 RTS D-7 white the ev- er con- stant moon, take care. my _fool~ ish heart. There's should our eag-er lips com - bine’ then F7 Bb79 Eba7 ABS D7 Bba7 line be-tween love and fas-ci- na- tion that's hard to see on an ev-en- ing such as this, for they G7 D7 G7 CT C7 GH C7 FT both give the ve- ry Samesen- sa - tion when you're lost in the magic of a kiss. Her 207 -7Bb A759 G7 Eb? Ab7 ket the fi- re star, For this time it. is- n't fas-ci - nation, or a Bba7 Bba7 Ab? G7. G-7:_ _G7. C13 C#7 Fist F7 Bba7 ream that will fade and fall a- part, it’s love, this time it’s love, my fool - ish hear_____ SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME al George/Ira Gershwin 1926 EB Sued Ak BG Ge G-UF ET There’s a some-bo- dy I'm long-ing to see, I hope that he, tums out 10 be, Tm a lit tle lamb who's Jost in the wood, I know I could, al-ways be good, Won't you tell him please to put on some speed, ffol-low my lead, Oh how I need, F-7 FVA_BbAb G+ C9 F7 BB |*ED Ab eb Bb7 [BI ab ababab some-one who'll watch over me.——___ me” _—Al-though he may not be the to one who'll watch ov-er some-one 10 watch ov-er me. Av Eb/B>b GB C-7 A-75 D7 G7 co F9 B79 DC. al 2nd End Fie) man some girls think of as hand-some, to my heart he car-ries the key. Se 7 2. RLS: SEC: CSE SETS ERE SEL 2R ee