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Leadership Reflection

The occupational therapy program at Touro University has created a curriculum that has
fostered my development in leadership skills through various assignments, curricular activities,
and volunteer opportunities. As I reflect through my journey through occupational therapy
school, I have grown immensely in building relationships, communicating, and presenting. These
specific areas of growth have further encouraged taking on leadership positions in order to
enhance my leadership skills once I am an occupational therapist.
Specific leadership artifacts that I would like to highlight that demonstrates my growth in
leadership skills are my involvement as a student Ambassador and the Healthy Choices program.
Specifically, as one of the occupational therapy student ambassadors I was fortunate to have the
role of promoting our schools occupational therapy program to prospective students and the role
of educating other programs about the profession of occupational therapy. This specific
leadership opportunity helped develop my leadership skills by increasing my confidence when
conveying information and utilizing inspiration to help those seeking additional help and
guidance through their journey to occupational therapy school. As for the Healthy Choices
program, I was able to have the opportunity to teach young children about healthy foods and
expose them to new sports and activities. I utilized this leadership opportunity to enhance my
teaching and mentoring skills to help young students make healthy choices that will lead them to
better health and well-being.
While taking on leadership roles, my growth in communication, relationship building,
and organization are my strengths towards improving my leadership skills. Although these skills
are not perfect, each assignment and volunteer opportunity has provided me with the ability to
continue to practice these skills. In addition, through group work projects and involvement with
curricular activities I have also recognized areas of weakness in my leadership skills that I must
continue to practice. Therefore, specific areas of improvement that I have discovered throughout

the program are in the areas of improving my confidence with ideas or opinions that I have and
the ability to inspire others so that we could all work together towards one common goal.
Through increase awareness of my strengths and weaknesses in leadership skills, I can hone on
these skills and utilize them towards developing my leadership skills in practice. Specifically,
taking on leadership roles within the facility such as being a fieldwork educator or holding inservices to the rehabilitative team in order to continue to grow and develop my skills as a leader
in and outside of practice.