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Dr. Richard Tan seminar Dr.

Tan - chicago day 1

Notes taken by Dr. Sam Shay, DC, DACNB, FACFN, PGDip(Acu).
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Day 1 of Dr. Tans notes: July, 2015 Chicago.
1. Stand under Pole, see Shadow. See the shadow immediately.
1. immediate eect
2. Dont put needle on local point.
3. Dont treat a patient for 2 hours.
1. no need to do tuina
2. no need for pancake style - flip over both sides.
4. 4 tables, not 1 table.
5. not once a week, do 3x/week minimum. 5-20 tx.
6. only need 1-2 private room.
7. let needle work for 30min-1hour.
8. you are not there 30min-1 hour, leave needl and patient alone, let them fall
alseep. its healing.
2. When doesnt work:
1. anatomical structure too far o damaged or too degenerated (trauma or
1. example: Bone on bone knee. Might not be able to help, unless 3x/day. in
this country, that is almost impossible in this country.
2. vertebra disc missing or very damaged. rupture.
3. can even help them diagnose - if doesnt go away, then we say, there is
something wrong, go get x-ray, cat scan, MRI. can discover tumor or very
2. Continuous aggravation 1. carpal tunnel syndrome, then they go back to do the same thing, e.g.
hammering 500-5000 times a day.
1. its a pendulum.
2. only can help if they change their job or profession.

3. Can thread Lu 5, PC 3 to do whole knee.

1. If patient say, thats it? I say, what the hell you want from me? Is your
pain gone? that is what matters. dont need acupuncturist to babysit you
and convince you it works.
4. Dont need to go try to figure out a lot of things anymore.
5. Do you have a logical procedure to follow to make patient immediately better? yes. Or
do you believe just in emprical points?
1. Traditional Point function point.
6. 1,2,3 diagnosis
1. Step 1: Diagnosis
1. in acupuncture way
2. Identify the Aected meridian (the sick meridian)
2. Step 2: Balance
1. choose the meridians to needle to balance (treat) the diagnosed
meridian. from step 1.
2. most acupuncture schools skip step 2, they just find sick meridian and
then go to step 3
3. Step 3: Points
1. choose the points to needle along the balancing meridians from Step 2.
7. Point selection
1. Mirror
1. mapping reflex in between limb and limbs
2. Not one to one relationship, nipple point varies on each channel.
3. Measurement of proportion is most important.
1. Upper shoulder: Where is GB 21 hurt,
1. not one on one point relationship
2. SJ look for point
3. HT look for point.
8. Demo, knee paitent
1. no shame or guilt taking money from patient
2. look them in the eyes and say $50 after you take their pain away
3. see them 3x/week, 5-20x.
9. Yin/yang
1. What did you learn?
1. Yin: Solid, female,
2. Yang: Energetic, male
2. What is real definition? Get definition, than can go logical, step by step
1. Two symbols
1. YangYao = solid bar: _____
2. Yin Yao = broken bar: __ __
2. Denotes dierence in outcome of comparison
1. in vs out
2. soft vs hard
3. material vs energy
4. etc.
3. nothing absolute Yin or absolute yang
4. Zhang organ = solid = Yin



1. Heart, Pc, Lu, Lv, Sp, K

5. Fu organ = hollow = yang
1. SI, SJ, LI, GB, St, UB
2. function = storage or transporting
Yang = exposed to sun more (comparison to Yin)
1. darker color, exposed to sun more
2. yang
Yin = exposure to the sun less (comparison to Yang)
1. exposed to sun less
2. front of body
If compare 2 things, can have 4 possibilities (2 squared.
1. Yang-yang - taiyang (major Yang)
1. _______
2. _______
2. Yin - Yang- shao yang (teenager Yang)
1. _______
2. ___ ___
3. Yin - Yin - Tai-yin (Major yin)
1. ___ ___
2. ___ ___
4. Yang - yin - Shao yin (teenager Yin)
1. ___ ___
2. _______
compare 3 things - ba Gua
1. pull the root down, then add the yin and yang on top.

3. Used for medicine, astrology, forecasting, Feng Shui
7. How to understand? Youre at a part looking for a romantic partner.
1. 1st thing: Male vs. Female
2. 2nd thing: ring or no ring
1. Single bar = single
2. double bar = taken, in a pair.
3. 3rd: age.
1. yang = younger = under 45
2. Yin = older - top bar = over 45
4. 8 type of people
1. male vs. female
2. Single vs. married
3. Young vs. old


1. ba qua - 4,000 years ago

1. all yang = Heavan - unreachable 2. all yin = earth stable, heavy, down.
3. 2nd from left = Lake
1. yin on top = cool energy on top,,
2. yang 2 of them. - active underneath
4. 3rd from left = fire
1. yin in middle, yang on top and bottom
2. outside heat release. Two yang outside.
3. in middle, = something to burn - wood
1. Substance in middle.
5. 4th = thunder/lightening
1. 1 yang under. Release energy below
2. 2 yin on top
1. cool, dark, p tair.
2. thunder/lightening
6. 5th = wind
1. 2 yang on top: energy on top, flow on top.
2. yin below. Yin is ground.
7. 6th - opposite of fire. = water
1. Yin on top and bottom
2. yin = cool, gentle outside, soft.
3. middle = very active and powerful = water yang
4. below - cool.
5. Women are like water: outside is gentle and soft, inside very
strong, so dont mess with them.
8. 7th: Mountain
1. top is yang,
2. mountain 3. compare to earth. When earth has layers.
4. Bottom two is yin.
9. 8th = earth
1. most yin
9. 2,000 years ago was meridian system - matured and well-developed
1. People tried to put meridian into the ba qua.
2. Where do the 8 extra meridian come from? because 12 are all vertical
allocation. nothing horizontal connection.
1. develop 8 extra meridian to weave to gather and make these
horizontal connection.
1. need them to communication.
2. two of them have their own points.
3. extra meridians share there

3. Which GUA is for the Du channel - Most yang (next to Bladder).

1. Du channel is most exposed to Sun. - top of head to tail.
1. when arch over, the top of the roof exposed to the sun.
2. Top of fish is Du channel - they are more extreme. Ren on
3. Top of fish is dark line,
4. bottom of fish is white line
5. Du and ren are unique, they are not symmetrical
2. when human die, they flip. When fish die, they flip.
3. hand meridian closer to the heaven
4. Food meridian closer to earth

11. Du = Heavan
1. Hand closer to heavan
2. outside in
12. Lake = 2nd: = Lung/LI
13. FIre = 3rd = Ht/SI = learn 3rd
14. thunder =4h = Learn P/SJ = thunder
15. Wood = 5th = GB/Lv
16. 6th = water = UB/K = learn 4th
17. 7th = Stomach/Sp: Learn this next
18. Ren = Earth
1. Foot closer to earth
2. 3 gua closer to earth
19. Which meridian do you learn first? Lung
1. Lung/LI > St/Sp > H/SI > UB/K > P/SJ > GB/Lv


1. Notice balance, like a balance on a scale. Equal distant and also the ba
Qua also balances each other: Heavan/Earth, Lake/Mountain, Fire/Water,

2. Chinese anatomical name means you dont have to memorise
3. located in similar position, one in hand and one in foot.
21. What do the names mean?
1. Yangming - (LI/ST) foot and hand treat each other. if you stand in normal
position, where is hand yangming?
1. large intestine - dark skin,
1. front yang.
2. Foot yangming = in leg on the front.
3. yangming = front and dark.
2. Taiyang = SI/BL
1. yang = back
2. tai = posterior (in the back)
3. back of arm = SI
4. Back of leg = Bl
3. Shaoyang = SJ/GB = lateral yang, or side yang'
1. shao = in between
1. SJ, GB - on the side!
4. Taiyin = Sp/Lu
1. Front
2. white.
5. Shaoyin = Ht/K = back and in
1. yin,
2. shao = in between
6. Jueyin - in between front and back =
1. spleen and liver switch in leg, because we stand up. we arent
22. Dont turn patients away because you only treat constitution or the spirit.
1. How is knee kidney chi deficiency? or spleen chi deficiency? How many
meridians in knee. know 6.
2. Ask a simple question: How many meridians go through the knee.
1. If the other party is an acupuncturist, and they pause, just hang up.
They arent practicing acupuncture, they are doing herbal or
something yet.
3. acupuncture diagnosis for system 1
1. Step 1:
1. Yang Ming of the foot/stomach position stomach 35
2. dont do zhang fu shit.
1. I am expert in zhang fu, not come from place of
2. Step 2: Balance
1. find meridian to get rid of pain.
2. Hand yangming = LI
3. Step 3: Find point
1. Mirror, and image
2. Knee is the elbow on the mirror.
1. Mirror = toe for finger, hand for foot, elbow for knee.

3. LI 11 = point for elbow

4. points will fall out from elbow.
5. How to penetrate LI 11?
4. play see saw - needle opposite side.
4. If patient say they are the same after putting in needle, dont believe them.
It must work, because the key and universal law how acupuncture work.
1. NEVER ASK THE PATIENT:, 'are you better?'
3. rediagnose if the pain moves, even if still on the same channel. It
didnt necessarily move, it was there before.
4. measure by proportion: when pain move down on the knee, you
move down on the elbow.

After lunch - day 1

1. Meridians do not exist, they are man made anatomical markers, like a GPS on the
earth. Earth has no lines, but GPS does to help you mark the exact way to get to a
location and to find a point.
2. Is there a meridian in between the meridians? If that the case, 99% of human body are
no chi.
3. 90% of problems not on the meridians. That is the reality. Acupuncture is a business of
1. Acupuncture is about Accuracy. If not precise, it doesnt work.
4. Foot balance hand



UB Foot Taiyang = hand Yaiyin Lu

GB foot Shaoyang = hand Shaoyin H
Sp Foot Yangming = hand jueyin P
Sp Foot Yaiyin = hand taiyang SI
K foot Shaoyin = hand shaoyang SJ
Lv Foot Jueyin = hand Yangming LI

5. Headache
1. GB HA on temple, balance with
1. System 1: Hand SJ Shaoyang
2. System 2: Hand Heart: Ht 8 for side headache. made Dr. Tan famous
6. Neck/shoulder pain: million dollars
7. Low back: Million dollars
1. Along Quadratus Lumborum and sides of spine: sore after standing long time.
2. use lung (Taiyin) to balance UB (taiyang)
3. use IMAGE:
1. puppet show: hand is head, elbow is L2
2. put needles in that area, ashi points
3. treat until they can stand freely for quite a while.
4. another complicated version that includes gallbladder.
1. Pain on the spine: also complicated.
8. Headache: system 1 - opposite side.
1. SJ1-3= head
2. SJ 4 = neck
3. SJ 5 = shoulder
9. pain along palm into middle finger
1. System 1
1. Diagnosis: Hand jueyin PC
2. System 1: Liver: food jueyin.
3. Step 3: do mirror.
2. System 2
1. Hand Juein PC
2. System 2: use Stomach Yangming
10. Nipple pain
1. Why more nipple pain, especially young women. More breastfeeding,
2. Acupuncture good for this, they dont need to take drugs or herbs.
1. very popular.
3. System 1
1. Diagnosis: FOot yangming Stomach
2. System 1: Hand yangming LI
3. point: Ashi point on LI - middle of forearm
1. about halfway between umbillicus and neck - proportion
4. System 2
1. Diagnosis: Foot yangming Stomach
2. System 2: hand Jueying PC
3. Point: ashi point midway along liver on forearm.

Break: System 3
1. Fu Xi Gwa - 4000 years ago. Really smart.
2. Always assume you are sitting at the centre of the circle of ba qua and you are looking
out. That is how you read each gwa.

3. Inner most line is the bottom line of each gwa.

4. how to make yin-yang. Tai Ji
1. circle
2. divide into 4 quadrants
3. make arch with upper R quadrant with peak of arch gon from west to east
4. reverse on bottom.
5. Tai Ji
1. what happened billions of years ago
2. when things had comparison
3. then things got defined, then universe and material substance age started.
4. Big Bang Theory - Yin/Yang started to separated.
5. Dynamic balance
1. Opposite gwa balance each other (fire-water, heavan-earth)
2. All bars add up to nine in opposite (heavan has 3, earth has 6)
3. 9 is magic number.
1. Tonify 9 times.
2. Chinese started decimal system, 9 is maximum number
3. 0-9: then start over: 10.
1. 10 = 1 rotation and start again at 0.
2. 20 = 2 rotations and start again at 0
4. lower right quadrant: yin, because bottom two lines are yin

6. If come to diculty: look at opposite side and solution may be there. Balance
from opposite side.
1. step back and turn around.

7. Ying-yang vs. Yang Yao (bar)

8. each gwa = you count the number of the bars. if odd numer of total = yang qwa.
1. Even number = Yin gua.
1. Yin = 2
2. Yang = 1
2. Even: Heavan = 3,
1. note: the numbers of bars, dont have aways a clear association to
what its bar positions are.
1. e.g. Fire gua has 4 bars, so its yin according to this
numbering system.
2. e.g. water gwa is 5 bars, so its a yang according.
1. By definition of gwa, water is yang.
2. By definition of Gwa, fire is yin.
1. This is by COMPARISON, not absolute. That is
why there is yang in yin, and yin in yang.
6. chinese invented printing, used square symbols because easier to carve and print.
1. Sun and Moon: they take charge of night and day.
2. Bian Yi = Change
1. Easiest to change self, rather than others.
2. Belief > Action (Behavior) > Results
1. If result is wrong, the belief is wrong.
2. Dont just try try again if you fail.
3. Bu Yi: No change
1. Things change by timing
1. 150 years ago it was a crime for unmarried couple to live together,
now its accepted.
2. Change by location
1. drive on dierent sides of road based on location
3. change by people
1. dierent cultures have dierent rules.
4. Jian Yi: Simplicity
1. simplicity is wisdom
2. dont do herbal medicine if acupucnture can do the job.