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Gender Stereotypes: Ethics Lesson Plan

Name: Krista Goyens

Supervisor: D.Hatfield
October 16th, 2014
McGill University
Subject: GHC (geography, history & citizenship), specially focusing on Ethics and Religious
Grade Level: Secondary 2
Room: A145
Time: 7:35-9:00am.
Date: October 16th, 2014
Period Length: 75 minutes
Major Goals of Lesson:
The major goal of this lesson is to have students understand the ethical consequences of
stereotype the gender of their classmates, etc. This aims to have students become respectful
citizens in the future, who have open minds. We will also be testing their comprehension in the
form of written journals and notes.
Links to cross-curricular competencies:
Competency 4: Uses Creativity.
Competency 5: Uses Effective Work Methods.
* This class will use students listening, writing and discussion skills.
Subject Specific Competencies for ERC:
Competency 1: Reflects on ethical questions.
Competency 3: Engages in dialogue.
Lesson Topic:
In ethics, the lesson subject is gender identity and stereotypes. This lecture aims to highlight the
negative consequences of stereotyping other individuals due to their gender, or perceived gender.
A small section will also highlight the stereotypes made of gays and lesbians and the relation of
- PowerPoint presentation
- Smart Board
- Chalk Board
- Loose leaf paper

3 minutes: Greeting, and introduction of daily plan.
10 minutes: Video & Journal What are gender norms?
20 minutes: PowerPoint and discussion on male vs. female.
YOUR PERSONAL LIFE, ETC? Write a short five sentence paragraph on the back of your
journal sheet.
20 minutes: PowerPoint continuation on sexual orientation and gender stereotypes.
10 minutes: Discussion on So, what is the relationship between gender stereotypes and the way
we stereotype sexual orientation?. Students will be asked to raise their hands if they have
7 minutes: Students will answer:
On the loose leaf sheet handed out write ANONYMOUSLY:
- your opinion on this style of lecture
- your opinion on the content of this lecture
- any questions you may have for me regarding the subject matter.
*these will be answered next class
2 minutes: Collection of assignments, recap and dismissal.

Skill to be targeted:
The teacher skill I wish to be targeted during this lesson is catching inattention. This lesson, in
the discussion style, is great at seeing which students are actively paying attention. You can also
monitor who is not contributing to the greater conversation.