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Updates DD Sept 14th 201

I and Nubtethutiptet visited on Saturday. He didnt have any restraints. It was a
better visit. He did say his Angio Edema is coming more frequent and
unpredictable. Dont be comfortable; continue to fight to free the master
Teacher. Last weeks as well as this week updates will be given.
Menstruation: In our culture a woman is never unclean, thats contrary to nature.
He compared it to having mucus in your nose. When a man has mucus in his nose
hes not unclean. When a woman has mucus in her nose she is not unclean. The
same with menstruation.
Sexual practices: No Vaginal intercourse when menstruating. after the birth we
have no sexual intercourse or intaking of any male fluids until the breast feeding
is completed so as not to mix in his body fluids with the natural chemicals that
nature has prepared in the mothers mammary that is the breast fluids of the
mothers mammary gland. He said for men not to push women away during post
The 7 days abstinence in childbirth, menstruation and circumcision that is to
protect their Gods. That has to do with them not us.
Birth: Theres nothing in nature to say a woman is unclean after birth. Thats their
Biblical and Quraanic laws.
Having that male counterpart is actually a protection for her when she has
He made a point in the Bible. What does Eve mean? Life. What does Adam
mean? Blood. So he said theres no life without blood. So Eve had to be before
Adam. He said what are the procedures after the baby leave the womb? Cut the
umbilical cord, and the cord is connected to the navel. So if the umbilical cord is
connected to the navel and eve gave birth to Cain where did Eve get her navel

from if she was taken out of the rib of Adam? And where did Adam get his navel
from. If you have a navel right now it had to be encoded in your DNA. Adam and
Eve have a navel since they came from a mother. And, if you say he is God son
that means that God had a navel as well. Things that confirm his existence. They
say he takes things from others, but you never hear of anyone speak of the
concept of the navel.
He spoke about people putting their foot down in the middle of the track and
getting hit by a train. Straddling the fence. You cannot be an Ansaar and
Nuwaupian at the same time.
The holy Tablets have been revised 7 times, but people still keep going back to
the old doctrine.
The fastest growing doctrine in the world is Wu-Nuwaupu.
Sugar is not really white, sugar is processed. You should not eat it.
Black leaders want to appear to be pro black for the black people in the struggle,
but when it gets to people who want to help African people like Paa Munzul they
back away. When people come to them wanting to help Africa how black are they
really? If they are on TV and being pushed they are working for the Heka Khasut
not us. Make them show and prove.
Racism: It is not racism its a choice. I dont hate them, they hate me. All I do is
speak love of our people. So he chose not to deal with them. Its a choice. I dont
hate lions, but Im not going to get in a cage with them. Like the Heka Khasut we
know the nature is to hang and kill us, so we stay away from them.
Paa Munzul says The longer they hold me in prison, the more powerful I
White supremacy is gone. How are you going to have an African American
President? So white supremacy is an illusion. Timothy McVeigh- Irish, are all Irish
bad? Jim Jones- A Christian, are all Christians bad? Just because someone is a
Muslim it doesnt mean all Muslims are bad. David Koresh in Waco. Do they group

all Christians or only group him? Its always a double standard when a black man
commits a crime you know hes black. But when white does something they dont
say white.

Baa Baa says everyone wants a most high. Paa Nazduru opens the gateway to all
of them; they want the most high but not the fact.
Dont sit back, get back at them. Dont let them just put a charge on you. Fight
America has no more value in Africa. Its over because of racism.
The women put the nation in order.
The subconscious mind responds to what you are really saying. Example, I love
Beyonce (said flat, clearly does not love Beyonce), my words are saying but my
mind is saying something else, as indicated by my tone.

When you are talking the subconscious reads whats really in your heart and in
your tones that will free the Master Teacher.
He said every place you find a war they are hiding something. Like the Gaza strip.
Mt. Sinai was not really where Abraham was. Mt Sinai means Mountain of Sin.
The voices of your genes: Everything about your aura and voices are read by a
code. Everything eaten, seen etc. All taints your genes and are being read by a
Noahs Ark: They had test tubes to extract the DNA and extract feline genes,
Bovine or foul or human gene no particular animal.

How easy it is to taint your genes through oral sex (intake of semen) like drinking
milk. The tongue has taste buds like file cabinets. It takes what it needs and
encodes it in your DNA. If you ever had semen orally it gets into your saliva and

gets encoded into your DNA. It disrupts the order of things. It starts taking over
her DNA and takes over all the men she has been with. They are waring against
each other, they are not thinking. Thats what you call being in love. You go to the
man for any advice. When you are reading The Actual Facts you are getting his
opinion even though you are reading. How do we fix this? The Master Teacher
says, in the past we were groomed to getting a male and female groomed for us,
so it didnt cause conflict. How do we fix it now? He said what do you think; you
want to know the purpose of a man? Man comes from above and females are
from here. Thats why they need you to get back to where they are from. Basically
men provide us with our soul and they become our soul provider. Men are really
depending on the female for survival. Women are more nature he doesnt
understand. The conquering is what disrupts the nature, because we are not
working together.
He spoke about when a female is a little girl. Most times that cant stand the boy,
but as she grows older then she falls in love with him and cant get away. We get
trapped in a relationship like the Titanic. The ship of relations. What changes? He
put his DNA inside her, she starts to think, and walk, talk and look like him. So
again we get to the point of how do we fix this and get back on the natural order
of things? He said When I saw the pictures of Paa Taraq, I saw on the female
face like OH!!!!!! They have their mouths open. Why do you think?
Mursultet Bastet responded: Because they are intaking the the Elixir of The Actual
Facts that will go into their DNA. The Master Teacher responded
thats why you are The Messenger. Thus you are swallowing the Elixir of the Paa
Taraq that the master is giving us.
Steven Hawking was on the Larry King Show saying there is no such thing a
God.Baa Baa says hes taking my doctrine and confirming it to the Heka Khasut.

You can only determine existence from the point of existence. He said how do you
know you exist if you are in the process of existing? Because you are not a
complete being. You are still growing. At the visit he said to one of the sisters,
touch this glass and she touched it, he said do you know this glass exists? She said

yes, because she touched it. He said this apple do you know it exists? She said if I
touched it I would know. Another example. For instance you were pregnant, shes
with child do you know that the baby exist in your womb? Yes. Now she asked
him. He said no I dont know, it could be a tumor. I dont know, only the female
carrying the baby would know the existence of the child.
Where do you think belief was created? The man. It originated with the man.
Thats where religion was created, because he never knew. He never experienced
childbirth, never carried a child.
The woman is the first to know about life.
If you are a Muslim do you believe in Allah? Of course. Have you ever met Jesus or
Allah? It all stems from belief. To make you believe in something.
Supreme math: math is a trick, take the # 9. If you say 9+9=18, or 2+9=18. Any
multiple of 9=9. Thats how we were supposed to learn math. 9+9=18+9=27.
2+7=9. We know the magic power of the # 9.Because you can take
10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 and come up with the #9. See how quickly it comes.
Thats how it is supposed to come. They teach our children and they taught us in
reverse order.
Here we are. Are we here? NO, only you are here.
Religion you cant confirm
We should stop reacting and just act. Reacting lowers our vibration. If we act on
our own and be originators. Thats what we need to do.

Homosexuality: two types (1) Born that way. (2) Those who are converted to it.
We do accept born that way. Not particularly converted that is for lust. When you
are born that way you take a life partner. Women in a male body and male in a
female body. Through conversion you may have been tainted through cohersion.
Even the word itself is a trick word. Homo it means male sexuality. We dont
judge, as Nuwaupians thats your choice.
Letters: rumors if he sends us letters. If you are given a passkey seal and he draws
it on your letter or he will send it to us so it can get to you faster. If you have
doctrine questions he may send it to us to add in The Actual Facts. But he doesnt
send us his personal letters/information. Only seals and doctrine questions.

The real terrorist is the gangs and they are not scared of killing cops.
Everything you watch on TV from the time you turn it on until you turn it off is
staged. Please know that. Its something they want you to see.
We are listening to our doctrine about the importance of the female. The males
are important too. So females dont do that, we know we are dealing with Paa
Nazdur who can take Genesis ch. 3 and explain it in many ways. We have to
remain feminine with quiet, dignity and grace. Dont become godless. To buck
your consort you are with now. Lets keep it real.
No drinking of male fluids from the first day of the 7th month of pregnancy until
the womb is back in place. Also, NO intercourse.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q: If the men are not from here, then where are they from?
A: I will ask.
Q: Do dematerialization have anything to do with him getting free?

Comment: The men came from the spiritual plane so they are spiritual beings.
Q: How long does it take for the womb to get back in place?
A: I will ask.
Q: It says men are from above. Where we (men) up there by ourselves or were
women there also?

A: Will ask
The Nazduru they rule everything.
Q: can you explain trapped in a relationship again?

A: Trapped in a relationship is like trapped in a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Your soul encompasses it and you dont even think anymore. Its the DNA you
have taken in over the years that has taken over and if you dont wait the proper
amount of time between relationships you have a war going on in your body.
Q: Was it staged; there were 3 different UFO sightings last night (Monday Sept
13th, 2010)?
A: No. They are coming for their food. He says they are going to be a lot more
Q: When you have a virgin getting married and they start having sexual relations,
does she become him?
A: The Actual Facts, Paa Taraq and if hes not having other sexual relations with
other women. So if she has only been with one man she is fine. Thats how it is
supposed to be.
Q: If the male is supposed to be more years older than the woman

A: If its done correctly, he has to be 25years old and she is 21 years old. They
should be righteous, but as adults its not realistic. It would not be any fault on
her or him for what he or she did not know. Also, all the answers are in PAA
TARAQ. If you come on Thursdays they can be answered.
Q: In some of the books Re Har Akhet is in the womb, and he has the head of a
Falcon. If it is him, is the baby in an egg?
A: Its inside a sack; it can be considered an egg.

Q: In the reading it says Re Har Akhet is in a crystal, is that like an egg?

A: I will ask.