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Join WAAST's Jumaa Prayer Group!

We invite you to join WAAST students, alumni, professors, and many other intercessors within and outside of Africa as
we pray on behalf of Muslims, Muslim-background believers, and workers among them. You can pray individually or
form an intercessory prayer group. The weekly prayer bulletin Jumaa Prayer: for the Muslims of Africa and beyond is a
guide to help you agree in prayer with us.
On the WAAST campus, students meet every Friday from 1 to 2 p.m. GMTthe same time local
Muslims are going to the mosques to pray. You may of course pray anytime, or choose to pray at this
hours (check the time difference).*
If you have a group of intercessors, here is a possible format to follow:
Begin with a prayer and worship time. Quiet your hearts and prepare yourselves for the important ministry of
intercession. Consider the Scripture at the top of the bulletin and its implications for those who are seeking God.
Read the first prayer request and ask a member or members of the group to lead out in prayer for this need, or pray


Continue with the requests from students and alumni, agreeing together for each in the format you choose. You
will be praying with us for people and situations close to their hearts, and it is a great encouragement to them to
know that others are interceding with them!
Continue to pray for each subject. The links that are provided with some requests will offer further information to
help you to pray more knowledgeably.
Share and pray together for needs that those in your group have on their hearts, These may concern
- missionaries working among Muslims
- Muslim converts
- persecuted Christians
- Muslim women
- Muslim children
- world events and world leaders, especially Islamic leaders
- specific countries
- Muslims in your community, including friends and acquaintances of prayer group members

Adapted with permission from Global Initiative's Connect (globalinitiativeinfo.com/get-involved/jumaaprayer/#tabs-16-0-3 ). For more information about praying for Muslims, and to access the bi-monthly Intercede
publication and other helpful resources, visit http://globalinitiativeinfo.com/.