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Interest Inventory

AP European History: 2015

Mr. Steven Kucklick
Welcome to AP European History! I am excited to spend this
year with you learning and growing as students. One of my many
goals this year is to get to know who you are as a person and as a
student, as well as building a strong community within the
classroom. To help facilitate this I have put together an Interest
Inventory which contains twenty five questions that ask things
about you. These questions may seem to be random, but I have
carefully selected them so that I can better get to know you. Your
responses are 100% confidential, I will be the only one looking at
them. Do not be afraid to speak truthfully when answering these
questions, I want to know the real you so that I can form my class
to fit your needs as a learner. If you have any questions feel free
to email me and I will get back to you. You will have a full week to
complete this survey from the time it is assigned, so please take
your time. I look forward to reading over all of these.
Mr. K


Grade (please circle): Freshmen
Sophomore Junior Senior
1. What music is currently living in your CD player right now, or
what are you listening to on your iPod right now?

2. Do you play any musical instruments? Have you ever? Is

there an instrument that you want to play?

3. Do you play any sports? Have you ever played any sports? If
so, which ones?

4. Do you participate in any other extracurricular activities in

school or in the community? Which ones? Is there a club or
group for an extracurricular that you would like to see

5. One important part of studying history is learning and

celebrating where you and your family comes from. Where
do you come from? Where does your family come from? Give
as much detail as you can or feel comfortable giving.

6. Do you speak any language other than English? If so, what

language and how did you learn it?

7. What is your favorite subject in school and why?

8. Do you generally like history? (Please be honest, I promise I

wont get offended) If no, why?

9. Do you have a favorite part of history? If so what is it and


If you could sit down and have lunch with any historical
figure from the past, who would it be and why? You can
choose anyone here; politicians, musicians, actors, ect.

You have a plane ticket to anywhere in the world.
Where would you go? Why would you chose this place?

Where have you traveled that has been significant to
you? It can be to another town in South Carolina, or another
country. Explain why this was significant.

Its a Saturday at 2 p.m., where could I find you? Where
would you want to be?

If you could get one thing for your birthday this year,
no matter what the cost, what would it be?

You are asked to write a book about anything you want.
What would you write about and why?

Its Friday night and I run into you at the movie theater.
Which genre of movie would you be likely going to see?

Youre applying for a job and on the application it asks
what sort of skills you would bring to the table. What would
you write down?

You are given the opportunity to go to college
anywhere in the United States for free. Where would you go?

Do you know what you are planning to study in
college? (It is okay to not know yet. One of the best parts
about high school and college is figuring out what you love
and are passionate about)

If you could teach one class at the local community
center, what would you teach?

How do you think you learn best? Do you benefit more
from lecture style class sessions or would prefer class
discussion? Do you think you are a more auditory learner or
a visual learner?

Do you think you would do better on a multiple choice
and short answer exam, or an essay style exam with only a
few questions?

Because this is an AP course there is a heavy emphasis
on writing. How comfortable do you feel as a writer? Is there
anything you want to improve on with your writing?

What are your expectations of this class and of me,
your teacher?


Are there any other questions that you have for me?