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UWRT 1102-010

Debra Jizi
Kristel Hicinbothem
28 March 2016
Annotated Bibliography
Winkle, Melissa, Terry K. Crowe, and Ingrid Hendrix. "Service Dogs and People with
Physical Disabilities Partnerships: A Systematic Review." Occup. Ther. Int.
Occupational Therapy International 19.1 (2011): 54-66. Web.
The purpose of this article is to inform people on service dogs and to talk about
the benefits of owning one. There are many different types of service dogs for
people with different types of disabilities, but this article mainly focuses on people
with mobility related physical disabilities. Service dogs help out their partner in
many ways. Not only can they physically help their owner, but they can also help
them emotionally. Service dogs tend to brighten up people and help make situations
more positive. I learned that people in wheelchairs have more people come up and
talk to them, rather than avoid them, when a service dog accompanies them. Also,
the research from this article showed that people with disabilities who have service
dogs tend to be more happy and positive.
This article is relevant to my topic because it shows how dogs or more than just
pets. I have known of the importance of service dogs before this article but I didnt
know quite what they could do. I went to high school with this girl who had a service
dog everywhere she went. She seemed completely normal and didnt look like
anything was wrong with her but it was because she had diabetes. When her blood

sugar would get low the dog was able to sense something wrong and was able to
get help that way. Every time they were around it seemed like everyone was in a
good mood. Basically this is all that I knew about service dogs, nothing too specific.
I am pretty positive that this is a credible source. It is a peer-reviewed article and
it has several references. The article has lots of data collected with authority which
helps make it more credible. The information given is definitely at high level. The
article provides the authors and the date of publication. The date of publication was
August 19th, 2011. That wasnt too long ago so the information should still be good
to use and definitely credible.

"National Service Dogs Advanced Training." YouTube. YouTube. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.
My second source was a video on service dogs, for people with autism, in
training. This video showed how dogs are trained to become a service dog and for
how long they train. It also explained what the service dogs can do for people with
autism and how they can help them. The dogs are mostly trained in public places to
get them used to focusing while a bunch of different things are going on around
them. They will train them to run after balls going by them or to eat random food.
The puppies start training when they are 7 weeks old. Once they are 18 months old,
they go into advanced training. Dogs arent given to a family until they are 2 years
old. The dogs that this video talked about were service dogs for kids with autism.
The dogs act as anchors and can calm their owner when they are having meltdowns. Another important thing from this source was that all trainers are volunteers
and people need to volunteer more in order to help give more people with
disabilities service dogs.

This source helps show why dogs are so important and how helpful they can
be. Kids with autism can look to their dog as their friend and can be calmed by their
dog when no one else can calm them down. It is crazy to think that a dog can do
this and even can stop them from darting out in the road. I did not know that kids
with autism could have or even needed service dogs but now I can see how
important and helpful having one would be.
This video seems to be a credible source. It was published on May 10 th 2013,
which shows that the information is pretty much up to date. Vicki Zettler talks about
the service dogs, shows ways to train them, and talks about how they help people
with autism. She is a trainer for national service dogs and this helps show that this
source is credible. This video includes really good information and I learned a lot
from it. The video was also taken for talk local which is another source of credibility.

Modlin, Susan. "From Puppy to Service Dog: Raising Service Dogs for the
Rehabilitation Team." Rehabilitation Nursing 26.1 (2001): 12-17. Web.
More and more people are starting to be able to get service dogs. It used to
be only certain disabilities were able to have them or only if the person had a
disability for a long time. This article showed that not only did the person with the
disability become emotionally better, but even their health improved when it was
said to not improve. Puppies from the age of 8 weeks to about 16 months, stay in a
loving home with a trainer and are taken to obedient classes. Once they are around
this age they are taken to see if they are eligible to become a service dog. Some
dogs are just not focused enough to become one and would only be good
sometimes versus all the time, which is not a good characteristic for a service dog.

There are long waits for people who want a service dog, and not all people that
apply to get actually receive one. Before someone is given their dog they are placed
in a 2 week training session with other service dogs to see how they react together.
If everything goes well then, they are given their own service dog to take home.
I dont like that most people have to wait 1 to 3 years until they even know if
they will get a service dogs. It is good that more people are able to get them now
than they could before. I didnt know that dogs trained for so long and some of them
are not even able to become a service dog. It is crazy how well trained service dogs
are compared to some dogs that wont listen at all.
This article was peer-reviewed and was published in 2012, which is a good
article and not out of date. The information is very good and at a high level; the
article has references and cited data. This shows that the information has been
researched and reviewed and is a good credible source. This article is good for my
topic in helping to show the importance of service dogs.

"Therapy Dogs International Discriminates Against the Disabled." Types of Working

Dogs. Web. 30 Mar. 2016.
The purpose of this website is to show that there are a lot of different types of
service dogs. There are service dogs for different types of disabilities, there are
therapy dogs, and there are emotional support animals. Service dogs are trained
specifically for an individual with a certain disability. Therapy dogs are pets that are
trained to help out their owners. Emotional support animals give therapeutic
support to the disabled or elderly and are mostly there for positive attitude. There

are many types of service dogs for different disabilities such as: guide dogs, hearing
dogs, mobility dogs, seizure alert dogs, psychiatric dogs, and even autism dogs.
Each of the dogs are trained differently for each disability, and the types of dogs are
important as well.
I didnt know there were so many different types of service dogs. Its crazy to
think a dog can predict a seizure before it even happens and can save a person
from becoming injured or dead. Dogs are so important to me and after all of this
research it has made me appreciate them even more.
This website has many credible characteristics. The URL ends in .org, which is
more dependable than .com. At the bottom of the website it has a copyright giving
all rights reserved to Service Dog Centralthe website. There are many articles
about service dogs with references. The only information posted on the website
from people outside of the website publishers, are people who sign up to post in
forums on the website.

Grace, Kea. "Federal Service Dog Lawn in Plain English." Anything Pawsable. Web.
03 Apr. 2016.
There are many laws that are placed for service dogs. There are laws stating
that people with service dogs must be accessed service to public places. There are
also laws for providing air traveling to all with service dogs. Some main laws are
Code of Federal Regulations, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing
Amendments Act, and Air Carrier Access Act.

I think these are super important because they give people with disabilities
and their dogs the right to things that everyone else has access to. I think that if
these laws werent enforced, people would completely deny access to anyone who
had a service dog for no reason. I wasnt aware of any of these laws before I saw
this website. I have become a lot more informed about service dogs and the laws
about service dog because of this research project.
This website seems to be credible. This website is an online magazine, and
there is a copy right on the website. The information on this website was very
helpful and relevant to my topic. The information seemed true and I dont believe
anything was just made up. There are references and authors/publishers posted at
the bottom of the page.