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Career Development Program

Submitted by: Weslie L. Villejo

Benecar Manggas
Franchesca Lopez
Eimelyn Arguillon
Submitted to: Mr. Domingo Reyes Jr.

Answers for the Case Study

1. No, because the 1000 per day work plus the cost of living allowance is
the agreed pay for the employees and if it will be decreased, it will be a violation
of their right. However, if the company will need to reduce the salary in order for
the termination of employments to be minimal, then that will be a justifiable
reason for the decrease of salary.
2. Yes, because it is a stated in the law that every employees are entitled
to a 13th month pay equivalent of 1/12 of their basic salary for the calendar
3. Yes, because every employee is entitled to a holiday pay and unless the
employer employs less than 10 employees, the benefit still applies.
4. No, because there is an existing company rules that the employee is
aware of. And if the payment for the corned beef is part of the wage, it is
justifiable because the employee is a debtor to the company for the purchases
5. Yes, because the rule is existing and whether Juan conforms to it or not,
he is still liable for his breakages.
6. Yes, because Richard agreed to the conditions that is set by his
employer for his nightly stay in the factory premises. Richard owes the company
that amount because of his stay so he is liable to pay.
7. The maids and the family driver should be given extra compensation
for the services that they render out of their usual work. Although the maids and

the driver are employees of Mr. Loyola, the services they render for the business
is compensable.