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Lactase Persistence Activity LESSON PLAN (INQUIRY)

Teacher: Julie Koshy

Subject: Biology

S1.C3.PO1. Interpret data that show a variety of possible relationships between variables,
positive relationship
negative relationship
no relationship
S1.C3.PO2. Evaluate whether investigational data support or do not support the proposed
S4.C4.PO3. Describe how the continuing operation of natural selection underlies a populations
ability to adapt to changes in the environment and leads to biodiversity and the origin of new
Objective (Explicit):

Analyze data and graphs to support or not support the evolution of lactase persistence
though the human population.
Sub-objectives, SWBAT:
Watch the explanations of the images.
Read through the data analysis images.
Answer the analysis questions.
Evidence of Mastery:
Students will complete the lactase persistence handout with an accuracy of 28/35 to
show mastery.
Key vocabulary: natural selection, variation, adaptations,
overproduction, descent with modification, lactase, & lactose

Materials:computer with internet, projector, video

links, & lactase persistence handout


Engage/Set: Before we have gone over natural selection and how evolution can occur. Today you will be doing data
analysis that looks at lactase persistence mutation in human populations.
Teacher Will:
Student Will:
Pass out the lactase persistence handout.
Read through the handout.
Instruct students that a video will be shown that
Pay attention to the videos and ask questions if
explains the image, students will then work on
more clarification is needed.
answering the questions in pairs.
Work in pairs to analyze the images.
Guide students through each image explanation


Co-Teaching Configuration/Differentiation
ELL students can be given verbal directions as well as written to give more comprehensible input.

Teacher Will:
Provide clarification for some of the analysis
questions and guide the class to answers.

Student Will:
Listen to the additional clarification about
some of the questions.


Co-Teaching Configuration/Differentiation
Students who have difficulty writing may use a computer to make their tables and graph electronically.
Teacher Will:
Students will be asked to complete questions
that ask about natural selection of the lactase
persistence mutation.

Student Will:
Complete the lactase persistence handout

Co-Teaching Configuration/Differentiation
ELL students can be given another sheet that provides them with sentence starters so they know how to
frame their complete sentences.

Evaluate: The students will complete the lactase persistence handout, which will be used to gauge the students ability
to apply the concepts of natural selection and evolution to a given situation.