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Jon Robson CV
Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham
Nottingham, UK, NG7 2RD

Areas of Research Specialization: Aesthetics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion.

Areas of Research Competence: Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind.

Teaching Associate, University of Nottingham, 2012-present.
Postdoctoral Fellow for AHRC funded project Method in Philosophical Aesthetics:
the Challenge from the Sciences, University of Nottingham, 2010-2012.
Visiting Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion, University of Birmingham, 2009-2010.
Teaching Assistant, University of Leeds, 2004-2010.

PhD Philosophy (supervised by Robin Le Poidevin) University of Leeds, 2005-9.
MA Philosophy (Distinction), University of Leeds, 2004-5.
BA Philosophy (1st class honours), University of Leeds, 2001-4.

Papers in Journals and Edited Volumes

(Forthcoming) An Absolutist Theory of Faultless Disagreement. Pacific Philosophical
Quarterly (with Carl Baker).
(Forthcoming) Videogames as Self-Referential Interactive Fictions. Journal of
Aesthetics and Art Criticism (with Aaron Meskin).
(Forthcoming) Comics and Ethics. In F. Bramlett, R. T. Cook & A. Meskin (eds.)
Routledge Companion to Comics.

(Forthcoming) I Dont Have Time for that Trash: on Neglecting Popular Art.
(2016) Does Absence Make Atheistic Belief Grow Stronger? International Journal for
Philosophy of Religion 79.1, pp. 49-68 (with Sarah Adams).
(2015) Aesthetic Testimony and the Norms of Belief Formation. European Journal of
Philosophy 23.3, pp.750-63.
(2015) Norms of Belief and Norms of Assertion in Aesthetics. Philosophers Imprint
15.6, pp.1-19.
(2015) Religious Fictionalism and the Problem of Evil. Religious Studies 51.3: 353-60.
(2015) Taste and Acquaintance. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 73.2, pp.127-39
(with Aaron Meskin).
(2014) A Social Epistemology of Aesthetics. Synthese 191.11, pp.2513-28.
(2014) Aesthetic Autonomy and Self-aggrandisement. In G. Currie, M. Kieran, A.
Meskin & M. Moore (eds.) Philosophical Aesthetics and the Sciences of Art? Cambridge
University Press, pp.2-28.
(2014) A-Time to Die: A Growing Block Defence of the Evil of Death. Philosophia 42.4,
pp. 911-25.
(2014) Heidegger and Analytic Philosophy: Together at Last? International Journal of
Philosophical Studies 22.3, pp. 482-7.
(2013) Appreciating the Acquaintance Principle: a reply to Konigsberg. British Journal
of Aesthetics 53.2, pp. 237-45.
(2012) Do Possible Worlds Compromise Gods Beauty? A reply to Mark Ian Thomas
Robson. Religious Studies 48.4, pp. 515-32.
(2012) Aesthetic Testimony. Philosophy Compass 7.1, pp. 1-10.
(2012) Fiction and Fictional Worlds in Videogames. In J. R. Sageng, T. M. Larsen & H.
Fossheim (eds.) The Philosophy of Computer Games, Springer Press pp.201-18 (with
Aaron Meskin).
(2012) Videogames and the First Person. In G. Currie, P. Kotako & M. Pokorny (eds.)
Mimesis: Metaphysics, Cognition, Pragmatics, College Publications (with Aaron Meskin).

(2010) Videogames and the Moving Image (with Aaron Meskin), Revue Internationale
de Philosophie 64.4, pp.547-64.
(2007) A Mereological Challenge to Endurantism. Australasian Journal of Philosophy
85.4, pp.633-40 (with Nikk Effingham).

(2016) A Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics of Time. Bloomsbury Publishing (with
Ben Curtis).
(2014) Co-editor of Aesthetics and the Sciences of Mind. Oxford University Press.

Other Publications
(Forthcoming) You know the Rules! Whats Wrong with the Man Upstairs? In
Sondra Bacharach and Roy T. Cook (eds.) Lego and Philosophy.
(2014) Does Veronica Trust Anyone? In George Dunn and James South (eds.)
Veronica Mars and Philosophy, Wiley Blackwell, pp.109-22.
Review of The Art of Comics a Philosophical Approach (British Journal of Aesthetics).
Review of Artworld Metaphysics (Mind).
Review of The Fall and Hypertime (European Journal for Philosophy of Religion).

Works Invited and Under Submission

Aesthetics and Cognitive Science. Invited co-authored submission for WIREs
Cognitive Science.
Against Aesthetic Exceptionalism. Under review as part of an edited collection on art
and the nature of belief with Oxford University Press.
Aesthetic Testimony and the Test of Time. Revised version in preparation to be
resubmitted to Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
Talking about Taste: A Social Epistemology of Aesthetics. Proposed monograph under

review at OUP.

Videogames (Invited co-authored submission for The Palgrave Handbook for the
Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures).

Representative Recent Presentations

Whats so Bad about Bad Art? Departmental seminar, Nottingham Trent University.
Aesthetic Testimony and the Test of Time. Aesthetic Normativity, University of Kent
Aesthetic Testimony and the Test of Time. European Society of Aesthetics (2015).
Computer Games as Fictions. Philosophy of Computer Games, University of Oslo
Aesthetic Testimony and the Test of Time. Aesthetic Normativity, Uppsala University
The Problem of Evil and More Varieties of Atheism. Religious Studies @50, University
of Leeds (2014).
Videogames as Narcissistic-fictions. European Society of Aesthetics, University of
Amsterdam (2014).
Absence and Atheistic Belief. Religious Experience Workshop, University of
Nottingham (2014).
Against Aesthetic Exceptionalism. Art and the Nature of Belief, University of York
Norms of Belief and Norms of Assertion in Aesthetics. Aesthetics and Naturalism,
UNAM (2013).

Postgraduate Teaching
Module convenor for: Aesthetics 1, Aesthetics 2, Epistemology (University of

Undergraduate Teaching

Module convenor for: Environmental Ethics, Epistemology, Issues in Feminist
Philosophy, Knowledge and Justification, Normative Ethics Philosophy of Art,
Reasoning and Argument, Self, Mind and Body (University of Nottingham).
Philosophy of Religion (University of Birmingham).
Seminar leader for: Aesthetics, Being, Philosophy and Literature, Environmental Ethics,
Epistemology, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Religion,
Introduction to Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Philosophy of
Religion, Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Reason and
Argument (University of Leeds). Issues in Informed Consent, Personal and
Professional Development, 2 Personal and Professional Development 4, the Ethics of
Resource (University of Leeds, School of Dentistry). Scientific Integrity, Ownership
and Confidentiality (University of Leeds, School of Biomedical Sciences).

Teaching Qualifications and Recognition

HEA accredited Associate Teachers Programme qualification University of
Nottingham (2013).
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2015).

Acted as referee for: Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Publishing, British Journal of
Aesthetics, Erkenntnis, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Journal of Aesthetics
and Art Criticism, Journal of Aesthetic Education, Journal of Applied Philosophy, Logique et
Analyse, Philosophy and Information, Philosophical Papers, Philosophical Quarterly,
Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics, Religious Studies and Southern Journal of Philosophy.

Administrative and Pastoral Duties

Peer Mentoring Co-ordinator, University of Nottingham (April 2015-present).
Deputy Admissions Officer, University of Nottingham (August 2014-present).
Philosophy Society Liaison, University of Nottingham (August 2014-present).
Web Officer, University of Nottingham (September 2013-August 2014).

Organiser Royal Institute of Philosophy seminar series, University of Nottingham
(September 2012-August 2013).
Conference officer, University of Nottingham (September 2012-August 2013).
Personal tutor, University of Nottingham (September 2010-present).

Conferences and Workshops Organised

Nottingham Postgraduate Philosophy Workshop (11th July 2013) University of Nottingham.
Nottingham Undergraduate Philosophy Conference (7th-8th May 2013) University of
Royal Institute of Philosophy Conference: Aesthetics and the Sciences of Art? (28th-30th June
2012) University of Leeds/University of Nottingham.
Graduate and Early Career Workshop in Aesthetics (26th June 2012) University of
Leeds/University of Nottingham.
Testimony, Aesthetic and Otherwise (11th May 2012) University of Nottingham.
Workshop on Philosophical Methods (14th Feb 2012) University of Nottingham.
Challenges to Humanism: Character, Appreciation and Value (21st-22nd June 2011)
University of Leeds/University of Nottingham.
Art, Aesthetics and the Science Graduate Conference (16th May 2011) University of
Leeds/University of Nottingham.
Annual CMM Graduate Conferences (2006-9) University of Leeds.

Public Engagement
Organised public event Science, Art and the Sacred (27th June 2012) Leeds Art Gallery.

Grants Received
AHRC funding obtained for MA and PhD study. Conference funding received from
Analysis Trust, the Aristotelian Society and the British Society of Aesthetics.