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THE DOMINION TANK POLICE Character Sheet ieee Breen eed Player Name Body Stat Character Name. Mind Stat Character Rank Soul Stat, Age/Birth Date Health Points, Height Energy Points| Hobbies Attack Combat Value Strengths Defense Combat Value, Weaknesses Combat Value Notes Mecha Owned/Operated Physical Description Skill Points Background Points Awarded. Total Character Points Unused Advancement Points| Character Attributes and Skill Character Level Poi Point Attribute Notes/Skill Notes Attribute or Skill Per Level Cost Cree Bonus Points Defect and Notes Bonus Points Defect and Notes ‘DOMINION TANK POLICE Orginal Jpanteveron © 1989 Maman Shiron/aksensha Agent 21/Toiba Video Sotwate Ine. English veson © 1992 Cental Park Mo CCorpoiontsand Wohl Conmnanteaios Lid. Pulsed under lense by Cental Pak Meda Copraion. Aliph Reserved. This set maybe repoice or pars sal LRAlAmtl THE DOMINION TANK POL Tank and Mecha Design Sheet ‘Tank/Mecha Name: DriversOwners: Manufacturer: Model Number: Model Year: Point Total: ‘Armour Value: Health Points Description: Structural Sub-Attributes Mobility Sub-Attributes 1 Anmour Level__(__ Points) Fright Level ___ Point) 1 Accessories Level__(__Poins) Notes: Notes: Notes: Extra Arms Level (Points) Ground Speed Level —(_—Poinis) (ECM Level (Points) Notes ia Notes: St Notes: - Extra Capacity Level — (Points) 1 jumping Level — C—Poins) Lite Suppor Level — (Poin) Notes: Nats: a Notes: Extra Endurance Lavel_— Poin) |} | “OQ Manoeuvre Bonus Level Poinis)] | Sensors Level (Points) Notes: Notes: Notes: a Super Stent Level — (Poin) 2 Tunneling Level (Points) Special Equipment Level — Points oes: 2 Notes: Notes: pom Toughness Lavel__ (Points) 1 Water Speed Level __ Points) Stealth Level (Pons) Notes: Notes: Notes _ 1S Points) | | ev coerce Points) Notes: Notes: Noes: - Weapon Abilities and Defects ‘Weapon 1 Name: Level Points: Dama Notes: - a =e =a Weapon 2 Name — Level: Points: Damage Notes: - = = Weapon 3 Name: Level: Points Damage: es Notes: io “i = Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Weapon 3 © Accurate 1 Exposed —- ‘s D Arcot G Fhe = D Awo-Pre 1 Inaceurte = 3 Concelie Ui Se a = Berm Low Penetation O hae ® D Mckee =e G Homing D Not = G nie re G Shor Range - 1 Long Range D Siow = 3 Pencinting D Siac Spreading = G Stopabe = Stun 0 toe = O Tanate Unique Deter ——— = o tap = © Unrtians ai a Tank and Mecha Defects ye Level__(__MBP) Crew Requirement Level _(___ MBP) {Q Exposed Occupants Level MBP) Hangar Queen Level (MBP) Less Armour Level __(__ MBP) 1D Limited Endurance Level (MBP) Q Mutual Damage Level (MBP) Noisy Level __(__ MBP) Not So Tough Level _(__ MBP) One AmvNo Arm Level MBP) Partial Armour Level __(__ MBP) {D Poor Manocuvrability Level (_ MBP) 1 Reduced Capacity Level (MBP) Restricted Ground Move Level _(_ MBP) Restricted Flight Level _(_ MBP) Restricted Path Level (MBP) Start-Up Time Level _(_ MBP) 1 Unique Defect Level MBP) 1 Volatile Level MBP) 1D Weak Point Level __(__ MBP) oS Level (__ MBP) DOMINION TANK POLICE Orginal apace version © 1989 Mame Showaansh Agent 2/Totta Vio Softwares ne, English version © 1992 Cena ak Meda ‘Corporates Word Conmuncatons Li Dubs unr hens by Cena Pak Mea Corpo NI Rigs Rested. Ths est may beeps fi ena ey