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Combs 2016 |

Teaching Portfolio Rationales

Part I: Describe a teaching artifact that represents the overall HTSB Standard
HTSB Overall Standard
Standard #5: Application of Content
The teacher understands how to connect concepts and use differing
perspectives to engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and
collaborative problem solving related to authentic local and global issues.
Teaching Artifact

Lesson PlanCareer Portfolio Self-Assessment (Attached)

Teaching Artifact Description

I taught a lesson within the Career Portfolio Unit. This lesson had students
do self-assessments to determine career choices.
Teaching Artifact Results
We started the lesson by having students consider reasons for doing selfassessments. We talked about what careers they thought they wanted to get
into. Then we went to do the assessments to see if the same career choices
showed. It was a learning experience on how we see ourselves and how
that may be different than what we really like and do not like.
Part II: Connect the teaching artifact to sub-standard and assess your proficiency
Sub Standard
Candidate Incorporates Real World Application
Does Candidate engage learners in applying content knowledge and skills
in authentic contexts? (5.2)
Connection to Artifact
I intentionally discussed my previous experience with having jobs that did
not really resonate with me. They seemed to really take this into account
when they did the assessments.
4-Candidate ALWAYS does this as a teacher.
3-Candidate MOSTLY does this as a teacher
2-Candidate SOMETIMES does this as a teacher
1-Candidate RARELY/NEVER does this as a teacher
NA-Candidate did not have the opportunity to do this

Evidence of Self-Assessment

NS-Question is confusing ambiguous, or difficult to rate

At the end of class they did a reflection to show how what they thought
they wanted to do compared with the choices from the assessment.

Combs 2016 |
Part III: Improve your proficiency for the HTSB Standard
Sub Standard to Improve
Candidate Develops Learner's Critical Thinking
Does Candidate engage learners in learning and applying the critical
thinking skills used in the content area(s)? Does s/he introduce them to
the kinds of problems or issues addressed by the content area(s) as well as
What to Improve?
Research at least 2 resources
on how to improve

Implementation of Findings

the local/global contexts for those issues?

Creating lesson plans where students look at things from more of a global
Dr. Sandi Combs, Kapaa High School, says one way in which to engage
students in global learning is to talk about how business works in different
countries. Students could look up how products are marketed differently in
other countries. For instance, some countries have a community based
economic system, where people trade each other for products and services.
Some countries are totally government controlled.
Dr. Sandi Combs, Kapaa High School teacher (2016)
This guide or article about incorporating global competencies in high
school was very informative. It had ideas by grade-level and subject. Over
all, the article makes that point that globally competent high school
students possess the attitudes, skills and knowledge for successful global
citizenship in an increasingly interconnected world. The guide described
these competencies for high school students as 1)Understanding, 2)
Investigating, and 3) Connecting, and Integrating.
I will create a lesson plan where students use technology to research how
different countries do trade and how they market products differently.