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The artist is the origin of the work.

The work is the origin of the

artist. Neither is without the other. -Martin Heidegger
Within this project, I try to do a physical interpretation of what Heidegger suggested in
his article The Origin of the Work of Art. Whatever we make something creative, we, as
artists, are inevitably in the essence of that artwork. And similarly, the artwork is
something that is inevitably from ourselves. According to Heidegger, both parties, the
artist and the artwork, do not solely support each other and bring out a cycle but are
connected through a third thing: Art.
What about, then, the artistic process? When should we give the final touch to the
canvas? Let us not worry about this and accept what you see as an accumulation of
experiences, just as the condition of the old peasant shoes in that famous Van Gogh
painting. Whatever we paint will join to the previous picture and be a part of the whole,
our experience. Art will connect us to these lines/stains.
If it is all about the momentary experience, why does it not include YOURS, too? Please
feel free to participate to the project. Grab a colour and contribute to the scenery
around your reflection. Let us meet our origins through art.
A. Alper Demirci