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Fan Liu

Personal statement
Having obtained a M.S. degree in dental hygiene from University of
California San Francisco makes my dental school application seemingly
unusual at first glance. However, it is my reflection on life goals during
hygiene school that inspired me more to become a dentist and a dental
hygiene educator. I believe my dental hygiene clinical and research
experience will perfectly made me well prepared for pursuit a dental

Year 2015, I graduated from University of the Pacific with a bachelor in

science in dental hygiene. Driven by my keen interest in this field and
in order to scale to a higher intellectual height, I pursued my studies
towards a master degree in dental hygiene at the University of
California, San Francisco. Back the time; the year 2007 witnessed my
enrollment in Eastern Liaoning University, where I majored in oral
medicine. During the three years of my university studying, I was a
persistent student with a strong studying ability, firmly believed that
the period at the university was a golden time for me to acquire
knowledge and grow from a student to a social adult, which was also of
vital importance for the rest of my life. I kept myself well informed of
the latest developments in this field, and developed my abilities to
read and write English. I hope that I would be able to apply my ability
to use the treatment to reduce many problems. Meanwhile, upon the
specialized pursuits, I found that I am extremely interested in the field
of psychology and nutrition, which are branches of medicine. Hence I
also browsed extensively through the relative materials in order to
enhance my understanding of this field and past the psychological
doctor examination and also receiving my nutritionist certificate. Back
to 2014, I started my new journey of becoming a dental hygienist at
the University of the Pacific. At this school, not only do I learn how to
clean patients teeth, but also learned to be a qualified dental
teamwork cooperator. I love my career and I am deeply dedicated with
every single patient I have seen. My passion of becoming a qualified
registered dental hygienist pushed me to my goals smoothly, and now
it has paid off as I have received my license in my profession. Back in
the entry-level dental hygiene program at University of the Pacific, I
was active on all the volunteer opportunities. For example, I attended
both years on the event Give Kids a Smile. I enjoy the feeling of

Fan Liu
teaching and motivating kids and their parents on oral hygiene care.
One of my table clinic projects, I chose to focus on one of the
elementary school back in Stockton, which is one of the low-income
communities. Basically, my classmates and I held this oral hygiene
education after school with table presentation to teach some of the 3rd
and 4th grade students about how important of oral hygiene and
demonstrate the proper way of brushing and flossing. Last year I was
joining University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry as
an adjunct faculty where I worked with first year dental students in the
CSI section, which was clinical based practice about periodontal
Facing the fact that I feel there is still a lot of knowledge waiting for me
to pursuit, I do not want this dental journey to end this soon and this
makes me want to become a dentist even more. I am passionate for
exploration because I own great curiosity for unknown things, and I
believe there will be nothing that will block my pursuit of new theory
and knowledge. Without advanced knowledge, I cannot do anything
but wait.
During the clinic training I studied a lot of things in the clinic work. For
example, I did the entire clinic document collection and compare of the
results after the root planning therapy for my entire patient. I greatly
improved my personal ability of clinic documentation. Now, I still need
to learn a lot more things, the only way to keep the knowledge is to
continue studying without stopping. During the school time at
University of the Pacific, I volunteered many community events. For
example, I went to give kids a smile every year and I got to escort
patients throughout the clinic. I also had the chance to be the tooth
fairy and I got to make a lot of kids smile that day, which made me feel
very happy. I also had the chance to go to CDA Cares this year in
Fresno at had the opportunity to serve the community with the
knowledge and skills that I obtained at University of the Pacific Arthur
A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. I got to treat many patients at this event
and I was glad to see them with the satisfaction of knowing that they
had taken an important step in order to improve their oral health. At
University of California San Francisco, I have had this great opportunity
to further enhance my education by doing the Masters program in
Dental Hygiene. One of the courses in the curriculum is dental hygiene
leadership, which has told me how to organized a dental hygiene
program. This course gives me a solid foundation of leadership skills,

Fan Liu
which provide me a pathway to take this knowledge I gained from U.S.
back to China.

My study exercises at University of California San Francisco was greatly

increase my knowledge, improved my comprehensive capacity and
made an important place to realize my value in life. I feel a strong
sense of personal devotion to dentistry. My short-term goal is become
a general dentist, who can combine the dental and dental hygiene
knowledge in the clinic. My long-term goal is to return to my
motherland and pursue a suitable position as dental school faculty to
display my advantage to the fullest extent, perfectly combining what I
would have acquired in both dentistry and dental hygiene school
curriculum back to my country. I know become a dentist will be a long
journey, but I am fully motivated about it. I am now ready for the next
step-dental school-and I am determined to succeed.