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Bob Jones

72 y.o.

Yesterday, one of your patients was admitted to the hospital to have his
While undergoing the operation, the patient had a heart attack.
He is now recovering from his operation (which went well) but his heart situation
calls for more investigation so an angiogram is to be performed tomorrow.
Ask the patient how he is feeling.
Ask the patient if he had experienced chest pains before coming to hospital for
the prostatectomy.
Advise him what needs to be done next - an angiogram.
Explain the procedure to the patient.
Advise the patient you will be calling in to see him after his angiogram tomorrow
to discuss the results.

PATIENT - Bob Jones

Hospital, Adelaide

Recovering from a prostatectomy -

St Johns

Your prostate operation was 12 hours ago and you are feeling very weak and
The nurse told you about your heart attack while on the operating table. (You
had been having chest pains and shortness of breath before the operation but
didnt tell the medical team because you were frightened they would have
cancelled your prostate operation).
Ask lots of questions about this angiogram procedure that the Doctor is talking
about: why do you need to fast before the procedure? [You are feeling weak
fasting will make you weaker];

Do you need to stay in bed for a long period of time after the angiogram? How
long is it going to take to get back on your feet back to normal you like bike
riding with your friends.