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Summer Internship Application Form


(NGO in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United

Council on Economic and Social Research

Summer 2016

102/A, Kalpanapuri, Adityapur Industrial Area, Jamshedpur 832109.

Tel: 91 657 210 1198, E-mail: knunesco@yahoo.com

Council on Economic and Social Research


Administrative instruction
Krityanand UNESCO Club, Jamshedpur welcomes applications from interns as part of its ongoing effort to offer
graduate and post-graduate students an opportunity to enhance their academic knowledge through practical
assignments. Volunteers are offered similar hands-on experience, but are not required to be enrolled in a fulltime programme of studies. In return for their contribution, Krityanand UNESCO Club benefits from the
assistance of talented and qualified interns/volunteers, specializing in a variety of professional and technical

Governed by an independent Board of Governing Council, the Krityanand UNESCO Club is a Registered NGO
under Societies Registration Act, 1860 with Government of Jharkhand and tax-exempt institution. At the 41st
plenary meeting, On July 23rd, 2012, Krityanand UNESCO Club Jamshedpur was officially granted special
consultative status as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the United Nations Economic and Social
Council (ECOSOC). The ECOSOC is one of 6 principal organs of the United Nations System established by
the UN Charter in 1945 and serves as the central forum for formulating policy recommendations regarding
international economic and social issues. NGO consultative status allows Krityanand UNESCO Club
Jamshedpur to make direct contributions to the programs and goals of the United Nations by accessing and
participating in the work of the ECOSOC, does support the research program for academic studies at various
levels in Economic and Social development sector.
Krityanand UNESCO Club, Jamshedpur conducts the research work and Internship/Summer/Winter Training
Program for the student of Graduates and Post Graduates Degree Program(B.Tech/M.SW/MBA/B.A.LL,B/
under the organizations chapters, Research projects are led by Scholars who elaborate the proposals before the
projects, each Research fellows and other student invites to write original research papers on the field report
basis, which are later presented and discussed at the organization.

Objectives of the Program

Our Goal is to strengthen our effort to become a Centre of excellence in social and economic research and build
capacity in policy analysis, development and management. The program will enhance the intern
educational/Social experience through research and/or practical work with supervision under the organization in
various fields. Krityanand UNESCO Club hopes that the internship/ research program represents a starting
point for interns involvement in social work. The internship/research program is intended to introduce avenues
for the acquisition of social work knowledge, opportunities for learning and networks for knowledge sharing &
to promote a better understanding of Development issues.

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The Internship/Research program is open to students who are enrolled in a graduate or

higher degree program with specialization in an area which directly relates to Krityanand
UNESCO Club substantive work program

The internship should not exceed three months, with a minimum period of 15 Days.

The intern will not be paid by organization, we offers unpaid Voluntary internship or Research
programme and will not be considered as a member.

The intern is expected to submit a passport-size photo at the time of internship.

All expenses connected with the Internship /Research program, such as travel costs to and from the
duty station, travel arrangements and living accommodation, are the responsibility of the intern or the
sponsoring institution.

The intern undertakes to conduct himself/herself at all times in a manner compatible with his/her
responsibilities as a participant in a Krityanand UNESCO Club internship program or research

The intern must keep confidential any and all unpublished information made known during the course
of the internship and not publish any reports or paper on the basis of information obtained with the
authorization of organization.

Intern submitted an internship Project report on his/her assignment to organization during the final
week of their internship in both Softcopy and Hardcopy in Front Page in Colour form with Hardcover
or Spiral Binding

After submission of Project Report all Inter will receive the Certificate of Internship or training
program from the Organization (Council on Economic and Social Research) .

Period of Application

The internship will be for a period of 15 days to 3 months.

Summer ( May-July)/Winter ( December-February)

How to apply
Interested and eligible students should fill out the application form attached herewith and submit to
knunesco@yahoo.com after reading the conditions of the Internship/Research programme. If you are interested
in an internship or volunteer assignment at Krityanand UNESCO Club, Jamshedpur, Please submit the
completed application form at 15 Days prior to the proposed start date of the internship programme

Note: at the time of joining submit following documents is must


Printed filled application form which is sent by first copy by e-mail and Hard Copy by Speed Post.
Reference letter from the concern Institutions/College/University
One Passport size Photograph
CV of the applicant

Summer Internship Application Form 2016*

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Section A

General Information
Mailing Address

Permanent Address

Face book:
Section B

Institutional Information
Please inform Purpose of Internship
Academic purpose
Social Experience
Others please specify
Internship Work Status
Work From Home
Place of Home Place
Or Others


Yes ( )

Dates proposed for the Internship

Preferred period of internship
From Starting date
End Date


Preferred Internship Assignment

To facilitate placement, please indicate in order of priority (maximum 3) the

preferred areas of activity within Krityanand UNESCO Club Jamshedpur for
which you wish to be considered for internship based on your educational
background and interests.

Social and Economic Development

Economy Policy and Planning
Human Resources
Information Technology
International Relations and Political Development
Legal Affairs
Research and Innovation
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Sustainable Development
United Nations Program
Strategic Planning and Policy
International Law and Trade

Current Educational Position

Name of the Course
Name of the Institute/College
Name of the University
Place of the University
Registration / Enrollment No
Specialization if any


Skill and experience



Academic achievements
Please indicate any academic published works
and other recognized achievements and/or any
previous practical experience you may have,
giving details of your duties.

Section C

I certify that my answers to the above questions are true, complete and correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief.

Passport size
Color photo
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Name and Signature

(when applying by e-mail, type your name)

Section D

Submission and Check list.

Please forward first the completed application form in by E-mail at knunesco@yahoo.com
Print your filled Application form and send it by Speed Post or submitted it at the joining time
personally To;
Krityanand UNESCO Club
102/A, Kalpanapuri
Adityapur Industrial Area
Jamshedpur 832109, India.
Tel: 91 657 210 1198
M : 91 9279502203


At the time of joining submit following documents is must
1. Printed filled application form which is sent by first copy by e-mail.
2. Reference letter from the concern Institutions/College/University
3. One Passport size Photograph
4. CV of the applicant

Please note that applications will not be reviewed unless all the required information has been provided and all the relevant
information have been fully completed.

Follow us on our Internship Program

* (All Information Contained in this form will be used for internal purpose only)
The application form is valid under the Council Decisions under the File Ref. KNUC/SG-IN-4086-04/2016(F) of
dated 14th April 2016. (Total no of Page contains in appl. 1-6). * Approved

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