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Anna Carlson, Emily Huffman, Caterina Rosario,

Katie McFadden, Noah Osborn

May 13, 2015

Emily: Introduction/Background information
We are students from Austin, Texas attending Austin High School. Within Austin High, we are
part of a program called the Academy for Global Studies, which incorporates global learning into our
curriculum. AGS takes a trip every year, and for the junior trip we came to Washington, D.C. We wanted
to choose a significant event that we would be able to find organizations for that were right in the center
of the space research industry. Our group member, Noah, was fortunate enough to come across your
organization during his research, which is how we were able to present to yall today.For our project
today, we had to choose an event or a person that we feel should be memorialized after taking into
account several factors. We thought about national and global significance, cost, and emotional impact.
We wanted a memorial that would be significant to a lot of people, and thought that we should choose an
event that was scientifically significant so that the memorial would not, in theory, cause any controversy
(such as other memorials that have halted construction due to lack of support by the public.) After much
thought and consideration, we decided on the Mars Rover expedition that launched in 2003. We chose this
event because we felt that it had both national and global significance. It was the first space mission that
sent rovers of such sophistication such a long distance, and has proven very successful in allowing us, as
a global community, to learn more about space, and specifically the historical water activity on Mars. This
is very important research, and has given us more insight than any scientist on the project expected from
the beginning.

Noah: National significance

The Curiosity rover was the next big step for The United States in the space program. It
put the US back into the spotlight in terms of space exploration, although the US had landed an
on mars in the past, they were lacking in technology that would allow for groundbreaking
discoveries. The Curiosity, however, has the best technology available made by some of the best
engineers in the world. That new tech would allow the rover to answer the burning question on
everyones mind; was there ever life on Mars? The rover has found signs that show that there
may have been some type of life on mars at one point in time. This discovery along with several
others are credited to the US and NASA which gives the US government more reasons to
increase funding, as well as further establishing the US as the leading country on Space
The engineering team that designed the rover and its landing design won several awards
such as the webby award; the leading international honor for technical achievement and

creativity online. Curiosity also won the Peoples Voice award due to its online and social
presence. This has made the rover one of the most popular space mission to date. The rovers
social media personality has engaged people of all ages and all backgrounds. Curiosity has
become more than just a rover, it is a symbol of The United States ability to conquer the final
frontier. The United States government has reduced NASAs budget over the past few years and
the space shuttle program was shut down as well. This felt like the end to the push to get farther
into space. Fortunately, this didnt stop all space advancements. NASA made the most out of
their severely deprived budget and produced something that has set new records and uncovered
more mysteries about the red planet.
With the success of the rovers mission up to this point it could mean a re-invigorated
interest in the space program. With this kind of attention and progress, the US could re-gain the
global spotlight and land a man on mars, or possibly even set up a colony.

Anna: Global significance

The Mars Rover has made amazing contributions to science all across the world.
This machine is making contribution to the understanding of the atmosphere, climate, and soil.
With the access that the Mars Rover gives us to another environment, we are able to make
comparisons in the different aspects of the two planets, which will help us to understand our
climate in more complexity. The Mars Rover has also has the tools to study rocks and soils that
show there may have been a past water history on Mars. With the discovery of water on Mars,
the possibility of sustaining life there increases, and that would greatly affect our Earth as a
whole. Even if the idea of life on Mars is only a dream and not a reality, the existence of a
sustainable resource on a different planet is a sign that maybe there are other
planets out there fit for human life. Space exploration makes a huge impact on cultures all
around the world. It is a way to bring together countries that may otherwise have no common
goals. The Mars Rover is a symbol of hope and adventure. It represents a dream to accomplish
by people of all different backgrounds.
The technology used in the development of the Mars Rover and its functions while
traveling Mars were revolutionary to science, such as its long travel time, new transportation,
and highly reliable robotic and human relations. The abilities of the Mars Rover are innovative
and influential to developments in science around the world.
Katie: Where the memorial is and why
We plan for our memorial to be located outside of the Smithsonian Museum or another
important space organization. We would like our memorial to include hands on features with
which people can learn from. Our main purpose of memorializing the Mars Rover is the
importance of its impact on space exploration. The Mars Rover found possible evidence of
ancient environments that may have even been rich with water. The Mars Rover is also
responsible for opening up more possibilities for space travel and exploration on Mars and other

Cat: Materials of the memorial and why

We decided to make a less-detailed replica of the Mars Rover because we want to show
all the technological advances the Rover demonstrates. The Mars Rover is a very important
contribution to our world today and for this reason we need to memorialize it. People need to
know what the Rover has done, is doing and will do so they can admire and complement the
work of the scientists.
The Mars Rover itself has cameras, scoops, lasers, drills and so much more technology
that helps gather data about Mars for the world. This data helps us learn more about Mars and if
there is water on the surface, allowing sustainable life. This data is useful for the whole world
because if Mars is a sustainable place to live, than many people from all over would probably
have to move to the planet.
We will make the replica out of aluminum because this material is inexpensive (87 cents
per pound), is easy to manipulate into shape, and is lightweight. The model will be 10 x 9 x 7
just like the original. The wheels will be 20 in diameter and the whole design will cost about
We want to build the replica in a way in which people can interact with it and see faceto-face all the amazing things our scientists have been able to put into one rover. The model will
act as a learning device for people to see the rover first-hand and be able to look at it close-up.
Most people dont know about the Mars Rover so the replica will give them knowledge about the
original Rover itself.