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UNITED NATIONS NATIONS UNIES United Nations Mission for the n des Nations Unies pour Referendum in organisation d'un référendum au ‘Western Sahara MINURSO Sahara occidental DMINURSOQ, LAAVOUNE, PO, BOX S46, NEW YORK,NY 116-5846, USA, ‘TAL: (1) 712-9195 ee IZ) 28-58 FAX: G12) 26-8028, tmMe Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General and Head of Mission Reference: SRSG/118/2015 Laayoune, 07 August 2015 Subject: Review of hotel meal invoices for the month of October 2014 Excellency, ‘MINURSO has finalized a detailed review of the hotel meal invoices for the month of October 2014. The findings indicate that a total of 3,962 meals in the amount of MAD 522,650.00: ‘currently donot meet the standards required by the organization for payment. Meals have been duplicated, erroneously recorded or falsely claimed by the hotel. ‘The attached “Comparison Chart” is a detailed breakdown ofall meals which either are rejected or require review by the Hotels. Information “shaded in blue” appears to be erroneously recorded. Information ‘shaded in green” appears to be duplicated. Information “shaded in light pink” indicates possible fraudulent use of MINURSO ID cards and is rejected. An electronic version can be provided if so requested. As earlier informed, I have reported this issue to our HQ which have entrusted the ease to the investigation department of the UN. This compiled information has already been forwarded to the investigators for further action. Needless to say, this review has absorbed a great amount of MINURSO resources so far with the positive results of providing to us enough evidence in the quality and quantity required by the investigators. For the future and as earlier discussed with you, we are implementing a new control system through which certification by MINURSO will impede this kind of situation repeating itself from our side. Asitis evident through the data collected, the respective Hotels havea large part of responsibility which as we understand is already being reviewed by the respective competent government authority. We trust that the amended system will yield the expected results and would appreciate being kept informed on any new developments. Kindly review and clarify this submission with the respective hotels and advise on the way forward. Please accept, Excellency, the assurance of my highest consideration, His Excellency Mr. Hamid Barez ‘Governor in-charge of Coordination with MINURSO