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To Whom this may Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Andrew

Treffeisen. In the five months of our work together, Andrew has continually
impressed with me his diligent work ethic, his consideration of others and
their ideas, as well as his mature responses to difficult situations. These
skills have been integral to his success in our British Literature course, and,
on a larger scale, his flourishing within the community at Wildwood Catholic
High School. Andrew has become the quiet leader that many peers look to
for guidance; his personality will only grow with the challenging opportunities
you offer and that he so eagerly awaits to tackle. I have no reservations that
Andrew, at this higher level, will be a vital member that contributes and
benefits with ever more challenging circumstances. In the classroom, on the
basketball court, wherever he is, Andrew will not disappoint.
Andrew is the type of quiet, serious worker that never complains when
a new academic challenge comes his way. In our literature course, we are
writing intensive. When other students wavered under these demands,
Andrew simply went about his business. Did he make mistakes in the
process of his writing? Of course. Did Andrew ever complain when I
provided him with criticisms, when I made revision- suggestions? Not once.
Instead, being the genuine worker he is, Andrew has entertained all of my
criticisms, has even asked for more of my suggestions. Whether analyzing a
poem or writing an argumentative essay on the definition of fatherhood, I
knew Andrew would work until he, himself, was satisfied. Where others work
only to satisfy external demands, Andrew works to satisfy not only the
teacher but also his own standards, his very high standards. And Andrew
works, head down, to meet this challenge. Obviously, for a teacher, this is a
blessing. For Andrew, he is only starting to see the dividends, extrinsically
and intrinsically, of his work. This ethic, this pride in work, is perhaps the
most impressive quality one can find in a learner. Andrew possesses this
inner-drive; under your challenging yet fostering conditions, his work will
Andrew, the quiet and diligent worker, is also the quiet and diligent
listener. I do not mean to impress with quiet that he is reluctant to
participate. This is not true. Andrew, rather, can be seen constantly
attending to what others say. Andrew is unfailingly digesting what his peers
are contributing, is always paying full respect to what others say. So when
Andrew does respond or ask a question, his comments are always precise
and measured. It is easy to speak, but it is much more difficult to attend to
others, to courteously and seriously consider all those ideas to form a filtered
response. Andrew leads by example in this respect, and I am sure he
establishes this deliberative learning environment in his other classes. This
atmosphere, in which participants courteously entertain all the contributors
and all the contributions, is necessary for high-level learning; Andrew
creates and permeates this atmosphere.

It should be already clear, then, that Andrew is mature beyond his age,
and that with his maturity he does not shy away from challenging
circumstances that will inevitably deliver failed attempts. To arrive at a new
school -with new peers, with a new curriculum, with cultural differences- is
certainly a challenge that would force others to become guarded. Yet
Andrew has handled all of these pressures with great adaptation and without
complaint. Talking to students, teachers, and administration, I have only
heard glowing testimonies of how well Andrew has established himself within
the school. Andrew remains open to the opportunities presented here,
arriving each day ready to work and ready to learn something new.
For these major reasons, Andrew will be a stellar addition to your
educational community. When talking about the prospects of attending your
institution, Andrew beams with joy. He sees the potential of your offerings,
and the potential of what he can offer in return.
I so wish that you see the same merit in Andrew Treffeisen that I see
each day I have the pleasure to work with him.

Tim Carr