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English Reflection Essay

After the reading of the ELA/Literacy framework there is definitely a lot of

information and knowledge that needs to be learned as a teacher. It is
important to me to be able to understand the standards and concepts of
each because I will be teaching that material to students. It is important to
know the standards and frameworks for each grade level because that will
be the foundation to teach students. If an educator doesnt know the
material or subject, it will be very difficult to have students understand what
is being taught to them. The ELA/Literacy knowledge that must to be taught
is writing, reading, speaking, listening skills because those are basic skills
that must be met in order to thrive and succeed with the English language.
Also having to know vocabulary, spelling, grammatical context, how to
construct writing, and pronunciation of words is important. Students first
start of learning small simple sight words like I, me, you, like etc. And those
words set students up for enhancing their knowledge as they grow older and
go to the next grade level.
All of my English classes have prepared very well in ordered to teach and
have knowledge in the ELA/Literacy standard. My English classes, fieldwork,
and job as a student college aide have prepared me to understand the ways
of English. It is not only about getting to know the facts and simple thing
about each core area of English. It is important to emphasize and put the
knowledge to use when it comes to learning further more about certain
topics. I took ENG 305, 308, 487, LBS 355, HUM 310, LBS 203, 300, 400 all

have helped critically think and become knowledgeable. Each class gave me
a different perspective of English, but at the end the areas intertwine with
one another. As for my field work and observations have also helped me
when it comes to preparing lesson plans for students to understand what
English area is being taught. Also working as a college aide in the classroom
has given me opportunities to increase my knowledge and get into more
detailed about how and what needs to be taught to students.
I feel very prepared in grammatical context, speaking, listening, writing,
and reading. The reason is because when I took these courses it was very
interesting and fun for me to learn about all of these incredible subjects.
Each subject played an important role for my educational knowledge. I was
taught not only look for the answer, but to seek other solutions and defend
my reasons with arguments and evidence when it came having people
understand certain English concepts. Being able to express my own thinking
was helpful, conduct observations, projects, and create my own ideas really
motivated me to keep learning and gaining knowledge, as well as applying in
life and my other classes.
I will say that I feel less prepared in the learning and teaching about
English learners. The reason being because I feel like I did not get a very in
depth learning experience from the classes I took during my school years. I
have not had the greatest opportunity to learn the many areas that English
learners must be knowledgeable about and myself included. It was a
challenge and I feel like I did not get a chance to explore a lot more and go in

deeper to learning about this subject. However, I know in the credential

program I will be taught the knowledge that must be known and taught to
students. It is crucial to understand this material and subject since I am
bilingual and Spanish is my option.
I plan to share my English note taking from my LBS 400 course and my
English reflection in my portfolio. Also, I will like to share my English projects,
assignments, experiments, grammar book projects, essays and research
papers regarding the knowledge I learned and experienced. I did a lot of fun
very valuable and fun projects/assignments in many of my English courses
and learned so much more about the language.
My work samples and artifacts are very important in order to demonstrate
the many things I learned regarding each subject/area. These samples show
exactly what I was being taught by my teachers. My teachers allowed me to
explore and have my own ideas when it came to learning about English. The
work samples and artifacts connect to my personal experience and learning
because the way I was taught is the way I want to teach. I want to engage
my students and not only teach the basics about English, but also have my
students put that knowledge to use. I want to prepare students for their
future, college, careers, and also show them that English is fun and can
change your life.