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IES N5 Jos Eugenio Tello

Profesorado de Ingls
Intercultural Studies
Burgos, Isaac
For this conclusion I will focus on the character Tom Hansen. Hes a L.A
police department officer and John Ryans squad car partner. While looking
for a stolen vehicle they find a similar one driven by a black man and his
wife. In the middle of this situation the drivers wife starts to argue about
the abusive attitude of the officer Ryan toward them. The officer Ryan starts
to molest the woman and tells her husband to apologize for being so
argumentative if they want to leave without causing any trouble. This is the
moment when Tom Hansen realizes the hate of his partner to black people
and how abusive you can be just because youre white and belong to the
police department. Then Tom Hansen asks his boss, a black man, to get a
new partner because he wasnt feeling cool being next to Officer Ryan but
again he can see how his boss doesnt really care about his situation
because if someone ever notice a case of discrimination in the police
department then it will affect his high position there because hes black too.
I think we are in presence of a high amount of intolerance and fear in the
society nowadays. Its not just about black and white people but anyone
different from you in any aspect. In the chapter 10 of the book we can see
different stories about how our fears stop us from being who we really are or
what we want to say. Finding courage to change what is wrong is a work still
in progress and needs our voice not to be silent because saying what we
think and expressing our opinions will lead a meaningful dialogue to change
our actions.