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1 collection of cm data
1. Export from Ericsson OSS via old CNAI dumps
Execute the following commands in OSS Shell
cna_export NW=all, MSC=all, MSC_REF=none, BSC=all, BSC_REF=none,
CELL=all, CELL_REF=all, OUTPUT=singleCNAI.txt
cna_export NW = all, FCELL = all, FCELL_REF = all, OUTPUT = fcell.txt

singleCNAI.txt and fcell.txt(foreign cells) files will be exported to the default

cnai export folder /var/opt/ericsson/cnai/data/export/

An log file of the export will also be created in /var/opt/ericsson/cnai/log/reports

NW=all may also be substituted by NW=AXE or the network ID used by operator

Export just for selected BSCs could also be obtained using BSC=bsclist.txt instead
of BSC=all
bsclist.txt is a text file list of BSC names separated by spaces by default
needs to be stored in /etc/opt/ericsson/cnai/data/ directory.

2.1 collection of cm data

2. Export from Ericsson OSS via new CNAI dumps
. This command exports all parameters for MOs in all domains of valid area to
cnai export valid -i --output singleCNAI_new.txt

. This command exports all parameters for MSCs and selected BSCs and also
recursively all MOs in domains under BSC
cnai export valid -i MSC, -ir BSC=BSC01,BSC02, --output singleCNAI_new.txt

If no path specified, file is stored in users home /home/[user]/ or in