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1) Which of the following statements is true?

Regarding incremental migration (1

a) The export of the bigger tables select by IMIG must be do offline - F
B) The IMIG migration make sense only when a few tables have the more data - T.
2) In the SAP versions 4.X which file is used to restart the export? (7-29)
-) file TOC;
3) Which must be the release of R3load for the request of the migration key, in
a system 4.6x ? (7-32)(9-15)- DB Server hostname. Check on GSI info
The release of the R3load must be the same of the SAP kernel released for the re
lease 4.6x
It compares source system information obtained against actual system info. When
R3load detects a difference in OS/DB, migration key is required.
4) Which programs create the CMD files ? (7-42)
5) Which of the following statements is true? TABART (6-4-7)
A) Every Table can be assigned to one TABART
B) TABART has the dimension of tables
Each tabart 1 str files
6) For verify if the existing objects in the *.STR files are on DB which control
must to be do?
Nametab to be first
7) Which things are questioned on Remote Audit Project? (2-10)
name migration partner
description of source/target