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3/15 Group Meeting

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Location: Loyola University Chicago, IC, Room 217
Time Convened: 7:00pm
Time Adjourned: 8:45pm
Recorded by: Samantha Happ

Samantha Happ
Jeremiah Johnson (arrived late)
Matti Moran (arrived late)
Emma Buchholz
Molly Tatosian
Jessie Staed

Last Meeting Follow-up
1. Deborahs Place
a. Contact & follow-up
b. Theme of Self-Esteem
2. Population: mental illness and learning disability

New Business
3. Project ideas
4. Project specifics

Emma and Sam mentioned that they had communicated with Meg, the contact at
Deborahs Place who spoke more on the population of women living there

Women, roughly 30-50, with mental illnesses and learning disabilities

Live full time in the living facility
Well be working in the Learning Center where the residents can come
and engage in activities
Activities in the past include: spa days, cooking class, arts & crafts, poetry
writing, yoga - women have reacted well to these activities, but sometimes
theres low turnout
Idea planning: what can we bring these women that will better them and that they
dont already have?
Focusing on self-esteem. Why? LOW SELF-ESTEEM is one of the most
common effects of homelessness, and is exacerbated by any type of
addiction, mental illness or learning disability
Low self esteem makes it harder for individuals - women, especially to want to rise from situations of dependence.
WHY is it a problem that they are dependent? We believe
justice is the empowerment of individuals to live free,
autonomous lives. If they choose to be dependent, thats ok but we want to make sure that anyone that doesnt want it
isnt forced to be.
How do we teach self-esteem?
Empowerment through storytelling
Power of choice in ones own life - how do we give them choice?
How do we feel good about ourselves? When do we feel as though
our self esteem is highest?
How does low v. high self esteem affect us?
IDEAS; instead of having it be a lecture, incorporate various elements that
are fun and promote dialogue and creativity and also positive
reinforcement that these women, their dreams and their bodies are of
value - that they have some sort of autonomy and power
Theme of individual storytelling, and giving power back to the individual to
determine how they want to be seen by the world

Action Items
1. Brainstorm ideas for storytelling for Sunday Meeting
a. Sam will send google doc post-meeting
b. Sam will send email updates
2. Research on self-esteem ideas for specific populations (disabilities, mental illness,
addiction/substance abuse, 30-50 y/o women experiencing homelessness)
a. Sam, Jeremiah and Matti
3. Further outreach to Deborahs Place and Meg to see what specifics she has
a. Emma will email
4. Molly will reserve room for Sunday

Next Meeting Agenda Items


Come up with idea for event

Solidify date/time with Deborahs Place
Divide roles for pre-event, event, post-event