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Teaching Seminar Lesson Plan (EDU431)

Rosanna Savonarota
Date: April 18th,

Grade: 2

Subject (s):
Strand: Geometry
and Spatial Sense

Lesson & Unit:

Properties /
Location and

Intended Student

Overall Expectations:
Compose and decompose two-dimensional shapes and threedimensional figures


Part 1(Before)
atory Set - Minds

Specific Expectations:
Locate the line of symmetry in a two-dimensional shape
Create and describe symmetrical designs using a variety of
Anecdotal notes
Symmetry creates patterns that help us organize our world
conceptually. It is important for students to grasp the concepts of
geometry and symmetry while at the elementary level as a
means of exposing them to things they see everyday that are not
obviously related to mathematics, but have a strong foundation
in it. By showing students that symmetry and its properties
surround us in the world we live in, it gives them a greater
appreciation for mathematics. Students will soon be pointing out
symmetry and visualizing how shapes move around in our world,
and will be able to identify lines of symmetry, congruent and
similar shapes, and positional relationships.
In previous lessons up until this point, students have briefly
been taught what symmetry and the line of symmetry are.
Today for our Symmetry lesson, we will begin by:
Recapping what symmetry is (Definition: Symmetry or a
symmetrical object is when an object can be divided so
that both parts are identical to one another, or are

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Part 2 (During)
Action On

Part 3 (After)

mirrored images of each other. The imaginary line that

divides the object is called the line of symmetry. Some
object may have more than one line of symmetry.)
Watching animated YouTube clips based on symmetry in
our world and its importance
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Class discussion on where we see symmetrical
objects/things in our everyday lives, as well as
objects/things that are not symmetrical (An object that is
not symmetrical is called asymmetrical. Symmetrical
objects are seen in nature, art, design, etc. Some
examples include faces, geometrical shapes, etc.)
Students will:
Identify where the line of symmetry is on photos of various
objects/animals displayed on the front board. Volunteers will
come up to the front board to demonstrate for their peers by
placing a long piece of masking tape (representing the line of
symmetry) onto the photo.
If the classroom is equipped with a Smart Board, the teacher
could display the images onto the Smart Board (rather than
printing and posting them on the chalkboard) and the students
could physically draw out the line(s) of symmetry using the Smart
Integrate dance/motion into our lesson by having students
mirror a partner (displaying symmetrical poses). Students (either
volunteers in pairs or the entire class divided into two lines) will
face a partner and use various poses, levels, and motions to
create a symmetrical dance.
Students will identify symmetry and the line of symmetry in
various objects
Students will differentiate between symmetrical and
asymmetrical objects
Students will engage in classroom discussion about examples
of symmetry in their everyday lives
Students will demonstrate their knowledge through
dance/motion integration
Independent Practice/Seatwork (Release of Responsibility)
Following the discussions, examples, and engaging activities,
students will create two-dimensional drawings highlighting their
line(s) of symmetry
Closure (Sharing)
Once their drawing and labeling is completed, students will be
asked to present their work to their classmates



For students who have learning disabilities, they will be given

a handout with photos of various objects on it, and will be asked
to draw the line(s) of symmetry on each, as opposed to being
asked to draw a two-dimensional picture and label its line(s) of
For those students who have physical impairments, they will
be appropriately guided through the dance/motion activity with
an EA or the teachers assistance
Chart paper and markers (written definitions of symmetry and
line of symmetry)
Smart Board or Laptop/projector to show animated YouTube
Printed photos of various objects/animals
Roll of masking tape

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